Slash and Family Rock Out at Mummy Premiere

07/28/2008 at 06:00 PM ET

Rocker Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson, 43, wife Perla Ferrar, her friend Monika, and sons London Emilio, 5 ½, and Cash Anthony, 4, posed on the red carpet at The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor premiere at Universal Studios on July 27th in Hollywood. Slash’s boys seem to have stage presence just like dad!



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Cee on

How cute is the little rocker in the front? I absolutely LOVE this family (almost an equal obsession with Will and Jada Courtney and Angela and Jen and Ben). They make different ok and quite cool!

HeatherR on

Those little boys are the cutest! Rock stars in the making! Lol. Perla has a great smile, she almost looks a little like Elle Macpherson in that picture.

Melissa White on

The boys are wearing KINGSLEY SHIRTS

jlove on

Slash looks almost hispanic…I forget sometimes that his mother is afican-america. What a beautiful combination between him and his wife w/ those boys!

Brittany on

London and Cash were Perla’s first children, so her as a daughter is a no-go. I believe it’s her sister.. they look enough alike, I’d say.

Barbara on

I thought that Slash had a daughter with his first wife Renée Suran. I could be wrong though.

gina on


Erica on

jlove, I’m not sure I understand your statement because a person can definitely be both black AND Hispanic–it doesn’t have to be either or.

I love the way the boys are dressed, they are cute.

steph on

those boys are adorable. How cute is the little rocker in front…lol


Lissette on

I’ve always said this family should do a reality show! The kids are cute especially London!

phoebe on

Yes, I also thought that Slash had another child, but I can’t say for sure that the girl in the photo is his because I can’t remember whether the other child (assuming I’m right that he had one) was even male or female. I’m thinking that the girl would be the right age to be his.

Bb on

whoever she is, she’s beautiful!

Sami on

What cute little kids. And Perla looks amazing!!

Hea on

As far as I know, Slash and Renee did not have any kids. He has his two sons. I’m pretty sure that woman is Perla’s sister or niece.

CTBmom on

These boys are absolutely adorable. I can’t get over the way Cash is posing, lol! Too cute!

Erica on

London looks really tall for his age! I know he’ll be 6 next month but looking at him compared to Slash, who is 5’10 or 11 I think, he seems quite tall!

Laura on

Maybe the woman on the left is the nanny? But she could also be Perla’s younger sister-the have a bit of the same look and taste in fashion.

barb on

This is a friend of Perla’s.

Jurnee on

I don’t think little kids making aggressive or adult poses is cute at all. Not impressed.

shan on

I do not believe those hand gestures are agressive or adult poses, his father is a rockstar what else do you expect.
they look great together and happy

Sara K. on

Little Cash cracks me up-and I love his long plaid shorts!!! So cute!

april on

Jurnee: Their kids of a rock star. They’re having fun!

Perla’s face is covered by theos giant sunglasses so I cant see te resemblence btwn her & the lady next to her.
Posted by: Jurnee at Jul 29, 2008 8:05:29 PM
I don’t think little kids making aggressive or adult poses is cute at all. Not impressed.

ariel on

the woman is Monika Angel. she’s a really good friend of Perla’s.

Hea on

Jurnee – What? Aggressive? That comment made me laugh out loud. \m/

K on

Awwwwww how awesome