Ryan Shawhughes Shows Off Clementine Jane

07/28/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

New mom Ryan Shawhughes smiled while out with 10-day-old daughter Clementine Jane in NYC on Saturday. Ryan, 28, and her mother had run out to pick up diapers; dad Ethan Hawke stayed home.


Photo by Humberto Carreno/StarTraks.

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Gigi on

notice how her facial expression is quite different than what weve seen in her last stages of pregnancy.
she is so happy!
beautiful pic!

estherpanda on

I think everybody will be happy to see her smile… 😉

Stéph on

The baby is beautiful! She has a lovely name!

I don’t really like all her tatoos. I think it’s really not sexy, big tatoos like that on a woman.

Erica on

That’s a GREAT picture. She looks so happy and Clementine is adorable. It’s nice to see another tattooed mama as well! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one!

Randi on

She looks so happy……

It’s so nice to see her smile

Hillary on

I’m not a fan of the tattoos either, but to each her own! And she looks fabulously happy, and that is what really matters!

Shana on

I am glad to see the baby and that she is out & so happy, but she should have left the baby @ home with Ethan. As a mother, I know I would only take my babies out to go to the doctor for check-ups and that was it. I was too worried my babies would get sick out & about so young.

facingdawn on

that’s the first time I have seen her without the big dark sunglasses and with a smile. She’s lovely when she smiles!

Shawna on

You’d think Dad could have went out to pick up the diapers when she is only 10 days postpartum. Or he could have kept the baby home with him if Mom wanted some time out of the house.

Erica on

I diagree Shana, I don’t think there’s an issue when baby is wrapped up and close to you like Ryan has her or in a sling. As long as it’s not easy for people to touch w/o your permission – that’s what my midwife told me anyway.

Shawna, then I bet people would complain that Ryan was without her newborn! You really can’t win.

suzanne on

Fresh air is good for all human beings, including newborns.
Considering that the baby was term, it’s not cold and flu season and that Mom is up to it, I think it is awesome that the Ryan was up to taking Clementine out.

phoebe on

Ryan is so beautiful and looks so different from how we normally see her! I didn’t think that was actually her at first. And I love her tattoos, they are great and I’m glad she’s showing them off along with her beautiful baby girl!

SH on

Yeah, this made me think of Nicole Kidman and everyone saying that *gasp* she was leaving her 2 week old baby at home to go out! What a bad parent!

Now we have people saying *gasp* she’s taking her 10 day old baby out?! What is she thinking?

Can’t win…they’ll get scrutinized for whatever they do by someone…

Stephany on

Look at that happy mommy! She looks great (although I cringed when I saw the tattooes!). It’s great to see a mom out and about only 10 days after giving birth with her baby!

lele on

i think newborns should stay at home for the first 6-8 weeks. walks outside are great but going to buy diapers… i would not do that with my brand new baby – a newborn… my doctor said 6 weeks stay at home regardless of what season it is because they are so little if they were to get a tiny cold it would be hard on their system. my daughter is 4 months saturday and she has only been a public place like a grocery store once! i am not sure how i have managed that but i have. she has been sick however – thanks to her sister. 🙂

was she really their nanny? not a fan of the tattoos myself either. a small one i can deal with but that is serious and i wonder what they will look like when she is 65? haha.

kendrajoi on

She probably has cabin fever- I remember just wandering the aisles of the supermarket aimlessly, I was so happy to be out of the house. Also, we took DS out as a really little newborn- he’s fine. I just wouldn’t have anybody touch him. Fresh air is GOOD!

Erica on

“i think newborns should stay at home for the first 6-8 weeks.”

That’s just not feasible for me and I assume a lot of moms, especially if this is your second, third, fourth child…

estherpanda on

Sometimes I really don’t understand some people on this website…
Glad to see some of the celebrity babies readers are such good parents, such good human beings… Unbelievable.

phoebe on

The reason people catch colds in the winter more than the summer is because they stay inside in the warm more and the germs multiply because of this, not because of the actual cold weather. A common misconception…. As for Ryan, I probably wouldn’t have done the same thing with my son and daughter, but that was a personal choice, not because I was afraid to do it.

meghan on

She looks radiant!

Beverley on

My doctor told me to go out of the house and often with the baby right away. He said that a young baby is working off the immunity he got from his mother, so he wasn’t at risk.

This may be the first time I’ve seen her smile, which is nice. And also nice to see a celebrity who isn’t putting their baby on a magazine cover for money.

skunknuggets on

That is a great pic – she looks so happy!

I ran into the store on the way home from the hospital the day after my second child was born and took him to Cotsco with me when he was three days old. I don’t really agree with the whole “stay home for x number of days/weeks” thing, but to each their own.

Maggie on

I have a two-week-old and he’s been to the grocery store, Starbucks, several dinner parties, and a number of walks. If you make sure to keep the kid away from the hands of strangers and folks with unwashed hands and dress him weather-appropriately, I don’t see the harm. A little Vitamin D production is good for all of us.

SH on

That staying home for 6-8 week thing is probably not effective anyway. There are germs and viruses everywhere. You don’t have to be in a public place – you can go to grammas house – who goes into public places -and there will be germs there too. You can leave the baby home and not bring the baby into public places…but you yourself can bring stuff home to the baby. Even hospitals are not safe. It’s unrealistic to think you can keep them at home and they’ll be healthier. You can’t keep them in a bubble. I guess you realize that the more kids you have.

The only case I could see to keep them at home for a while is if they’re premature or have health issues already.

Avery on

Beautiful mom and beautiful baby. Love the tattoos!

I agree that it seems like no parent can ever win. If she left the baby at home, people would’ve criticized her for abandonment and when she takes her with her, she’s endangering her life.

The first week my daughter came home from the hospital was extremely stressful and chaotic so I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house. I got her ready and the two of us went to Target when she was about five or six days old. It was simple trips outside and to the store that helped me keep my sanity for those first few weeks.

Emaline on

Love her smile, warms the heart! What a precious bundle she has there!

DLR on

Anyone ever stop and think their own homes are just as germ-riddled as being outdoors or at the grocery store or Starbucks?

Hello, look at your bathroom, the kitchen, the carpets, and the furniture, especially if there’s pets and other children in the house. Oh what if you have A/C? All that gunk in the filter? It is not like you all are running around with bottles of Clorox and paper towels 24/7.

So yeah, a 10-day old baby being out and about in the fresh air and sunshine is perfectly okay!

I didn’t even know she had tattoos. Interesting choices they are, that big tall ship and the two hearts.

Tracey on

I agree that she would not win either way (bad her for taking out baby or bad her for leaving without baby). I think she looks great and lovely now that she’s smiling! Nothing wrong with Mom and Baby taking a walk 😉

lele on

i am glad my doctor suggested keeping an infant in a BUBBLE for her first 6 weeks of life. i also have a daughter who is almost 4 and we managed just fine in our little isolated world here for 8 weeks with our new baby. keeping a brand new infant baby in your home for their first 6 weeks is by no means keeping them in a bubble….. i did the same for my first and she did great and has been doing great ever since. yes to each their own but when i see a new baby out i cringe. not only because of germs – what baby wants to be in a stuffy carseat or hot baby carrier in loud places with stranger gawking hoping to touch their little hands (that floored me how strangers approach babies!?). i love being at home with my babies – they have their entire lives to live outside a bubble, for now it is me and my babes.


Love her tattoos!!

I love how she just doesn’t care about the magazines and took the baby out so that “first shot” by the paps wasn’t taken because everyone got it. I think all celebs should do that…would make the frenzy way less.

Kate on

Does anyone know how old Ryan is?

SH on

lele- Do you have a husband who works? Do you stop to consider that he’s bringing home germs from work every day? Did you yourself go to the grocery store? Did your 4 year old have play dates with other kids? Are you saying no one left your house for 8 weeks?

Weather you like it or not there’s germs going in and out of your house all the time. It doesn’t matter if you keep your baby home.

All 4 of my babies loved to be in the sling when I’d go grocery shopping with the other kids…There’s nothing wrong with being close to mom’s warm body while being walked around in a baby sling listening to the white noise of a grocery store. They actually love it…They usually sleep the whole time.

Erica on

Kate – it says in the post that she is 28.

Chrystie Delancey on

As far as the comments about Ethan not being with Ryan and the baby or staying home with the baby:

I saw pictures of Ethan and Ryan walking their dog and Ethan was pushing the stroller. Ryan was smiling in that picture too. It looks to me like Ryan and her Mom might have just wanted some girl time or something.

Nevertheless, I am glad to see something on her face other than a scowl. I wonder if she just wasn’t happy being pregnant.

melanie on

She looks radiant! Yay for happy new moms. She can take the baby out- it’s totally fine, though I’m not a doctor (just a mom of 4) 🙂 I’m sure she was just dying to show off her little beauty to the world. About the tatoos- I love it when people express themselves. Diversity is beautiful.

carie on

Her smile, oh my gosh, she’s so much more beautiful than I was ever able to tell from all the earlier pics when she wasn’t smiling. It’s nice to see her more comfortable, happy and excited. Talk about getting away without wearing makeup….

Hea on

I would have guessed 38 but she looks GREAT! Truly happy.

lele on

obviously i realize germs are everywhere…. i chose not to take my delicate little infant girl out and about … if it is okay to take them out why isn’t it okay for me to keep her isolated for awhile? there will be two sides to this like every issue and i just stated mine and my doctors… it works for us! WHETHER you agree or not. my neighbor and i differ on this issue very much… she is pregnant with her 4th and the thought of germs never crosses her mind. she never washes hands. she simply does not get it when people consider the health of their child and thinks THEY WILL GET SICK. yes they will get sick, but if i can help a baby and young toddler from getting very ill i will and have done so… i am careful about hand washing and my little girl gets an average amount of easy colds a year and did great at school for the first time. my neighbors child has been sick constantly since birth RSV, rotavirus… he has a constant gross stream of snot and i do not think that is an accident. like i said there are two ways of thinking here and i prefer to live like i do and it has worked for us.

Jasmine C. on

Wow I didn’t realize she had so many tattoos!

iluvallbabies on

Kate, she is 28 🙂

Chrystie Delancey on

Erika, to answer your question, Ryan is 28. I found the answer but then saw that iluvallbabies beat me to it. 🙂

Erica on

And I beat iluvallbabies! It was in the post caption the whole time. Funny how we all answered.

Jess on

I don’t care if someone chooses to take their baby out or choose to keep them in, I do however dislike when people feel the need to act as if someone else is doing something wrong because they do something different. There is no right answer here, just what’s right for the parents & family. I had my son in December, he was less than 2 weeks old when we went out before Christmas to do some shopping for dinner. Funny enough, I almost forgot that less than a week after he was born we had pictures made for Christmas. It’s a personal decision & he was never sick until he had an ear infection this summer. We didn’t think it was good for any of us to be locked up in the house & with no friends or family where we lived at the time, it wasn’t like we had help & my husband worked full time. So even if I didn’t want to get out, there were a couple times I would have had to. But good for her for feeling up to being up & moving around & out & about. I think she looks great.

betsy on

I think in this photos she looks like Uma. Interesting choice of tatoos though – I guess she won’t be working in a traditional job.

iluvallbabies on

Hahaha- sorry Erica and Chrystie!

28 everyone, just for the 5th time :)!!!!

S.A.M on

I’m an Australian, just had a baby and I’m living in France.
I was not aware that a baby should be kept inside for the first 6-8 weeks..they do not tell you that here.
Since my mum came to visit for the birth, we took her travelling as well.
So in my baby’s first 6 weeks, he had been to St Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo, Antibes, Juan-La-Pins, Toulouse, Albi, Carcassone, Andorra, & Barcelona!
I had no idea that you were not “supposed” to even take them out of the house!
That’s so ridiculous..I now have a happy thriving healthy 3 month old and he has a fantastic Mum & Dad…oh yeah and his dad is covered in tattoo’s..lol

Jo on

children don´t get sick just being out! it´s good for them with fresh air! it´s inside with all the germs they get sick!And ofcourse if she puts the baby under someones nose,wich i don´t think she will! if you isolated your kids they never will be strong enought to fight germs!
I´m happy to see her out and that happy! =)

SouthernBelle on

It’s nice to finally see a picture with Ryan beaming and little Clementine is the reason. Celebs really can’t win…it’s darned if they do and darned if they don’t. That’s why everyone should do what they feel is right for themselves and their own. I don’t have any tatoos, but it’s some people’s form of self-expression. To each his own, as long as we respect each other’s differences.

K on

As soon as i saw this i knew there would tattoo comments 🙂

But tattoos and taking the baby out of the house?!?

Calm down everyone, what she does with her body and her baby is her choice. and as everybody looks happy and smiley here and its not affecting you why be so critical about it? why can’t we all be pleased for her and be supportive of her choices even though they may be different to our own.

Personally i think she looks fab and that getting some fresh air with her baby is a great idea!

Bel on

Well I think she looks great and as for this ‘keeping baby inside’ nonsense, I’ve had three and no-one’s ever mentioned it to me, sounds ridiculous.

tone on

Almost since the day my son was born I was taking him to stores, dinner parties, up to see my co-workers. And at 8 months now he has had one small cold. I enjoy spending time with just me and him especially doing the simple things like running to the store to grab diapers.

Hea on

It’s probably the tattoos that makes her an unfit parent, what with taking her 10 day old girl out and everything. At least the tattoo’s are a hint of juvenile and unfit behaviour. She’s probably injecting heroin into her eyeballs at home. *rolls eyes and goes back to picking out next tattoo*

nevena on

i also think that newborns should be kept in the house longer than 10 days

Cristi on

Why couldn’t she get a “traditional job” with all the tattoos? Tats are becoming the norm these days, and I’m guessing that being married to Ethan Hawke will allow her to not need a job! I love the tats – have two myself, same style. Rock on, Ryan!!!

Oh, and what a BEAUTIFUL baby!! OMG – gorgeous from that angle!!

Jamie on

Tattoos and taking her daughter out at 10 days makes her an unfit parent? Please I have a few tattoos? My son was barely a week old the firt time I went out with him..and I asked my mother if it was okay to take him out and she, my grandmother and my doctor all told me the same thing..it’s a old wives tale that you shouldn’t take the baby anywhere for a few weeks…I did with both my boys and they are both very healthy little boys

Angel on

She looks so happy! I don’t see anything at all wrong with taking the baby out. I took mine out immediately after giving birth. In fact, we stopped at the store on the way home from the hospital and I also went to church on Wednesday night after having my son Monday morning. He has always been healthy. This is in contrast to my husband’s cousin who kept her child away from EVERYONE because of germs and, lo and behold, her child stayed sick all the time. There’s nothing wrong with a little exposure, in my opinion. I just didn’t let everybody and his brother handle my child.

Magda on

There are other great photos because Ryan was along Ethan and Clementine.

Rebecca on

We were evacuated due to the fires in San Diego the day after my youngest was born in October, so we couldn’t stay inside for 6 weeks. We were holed up in a hotel, walking around malls, doing everything to keep from going nuts during those few days until we were allowed to go home. It’s ridiculous to stay inside for 6-8 weeks! It’s impossible to do that with older children!

Also, let’s not forget that Ryan was a nanny, it’s not her first trip to the picnic, she knows about kids and knows what they’re capable of handling. She’s not some dumb first time mom that needs the help of random strangers on the net.

grace on

seriously, it’s a personal choice. i took my daughter out when she was 2 weeks old and never heard the end of it, like i was a horrible mother. she was born in october, was breastfeed, and to this day has never had a cold or been sick at all. i think some germs are good for their immune system. one trick i did use when she was still really small was to leave her in the carseat when i went in places, if people asked to hold her i would just say it was too much of a hassle to take her out or it would disturb her sleep! that at least kept her from being passed around and touched by too many strangers:)if you have kids you know how sitting inside with a newborn 24/7 and being locked away from the outside world can make you feel depressed and lonely, getting fresh air is good for both mom and baby in my opinion.

Tabi on

Wow, I’m finding it hard to believe how the human race has survived at all! Because you know, in the “old days” women holed up in their houses and didn’t do anything for 6-8 weeks. NOPE. They took their babies out in the field, fed them when they were hungry, etc. Our world is so concerned now with preventing exposure to anything. Most scientists will tell you that that’s the WRONG thing to do – you need to build your immune system.

dickie on

the great thing about NYC is going to get diapers isnt a huge production. there is always a duane reade within 50 feet of your home!

CC on

Funny, no one thought it was odd when Keri Russell was out and about taking her son River to the laundromat and grocery shopping at 10 days old.

S.A.M – I am soooo jealous of your baby! I wish I have been too all those places 🙂

MaríaM2 on

She oddly enough resembles Uma to me. In a perfect world many of us would have loved the luxury of being a mom who could stay home even after our babies were “weened,” but in my world, that is an impossibility.

Sadly, people don’t realize that incubating a child is setting them up for easier susceptibility to those germs that most kids have usually built up an imunity to by the time they’ve hit daycare. Sniffles now and then are normal just like many other passed back and forth ickies kids who have regular contact share.

I’m a tat lover so I love em on her.

Carol on

She looks great and so does the baby. I had my 2 week old in the grocery store with me because I wanted some Diet Pepsi and had no pop in the house. I had taken him to work to show him off and stopped at the grocery store. He was fine and was perfectly healthy. The doctor told me that my immunity was being given to him in breast milk. Don’t know if that’s true but it worked for me.

Maybe her tatoos mean something special to her. I’m sure if they have significant meaning, it doesn’t matter to her what anybody else thinks. I’m not getting a tatoo because I want to be sexy, I want to look at it and remember my Grandmas every day and smile.

kellywinona on

who are these people who think newborns need to stay at home for 2 months?
tooooo funny.

She looks so happy for post partum!!
Great for her!

lele on

thought i would include this from DR SEARS website….

Whenever I send a newborn home from the hospital, I recommend that parents avoid crowded areas (like church) and other kids for few months. Most preschool age kids either have a cold, are just getting over a cold, or are about to come down with a cold! This is especially true during the school year. Now, your 23-month-old and her friends might be young enough to be avoiding the “snots” if they aren’t in day-care or preschool yet. I would just be a little bit picky about which friends come over – talk to their moms about your concern for “no germs”. Regarding going out in public: fresh air and walks in the park are great, just avoid the crowds. Get in the habit of washing your hands – a lot. A bottle of hand sanitizer is great for a quick hand-wash when you leave the grocery store or the mall.

Lola on

I’ve never heard such a thing as keeping a baby away from others for weeks. None of my doctors suggested it, and in most cases – mommy has to work, there are siblings, you want to get the baby baptized, it’s totally impractical. And Ryan was a nanny, so I’m sure she’s aware of the issues. Are those people suggesting it from the U.S.??? I’d be interested to know if someone really advised that for a full-term healthy baby.

L on

She looks great, I love the tattoos. I have that top too.

There’s absolutely no need to keep your (healthy, term) baby in for any length of time. Simply being in a public space in not a danger.
The fresh air is good for mom and baby, and I seriously don’t understand how anyone could stay in the house for weeks and not go crazy. why make adjusting to new motherhood harder than it has to be? Get out, live your life!

Erica on

“Also, let’s not forget that Ryan was a nanny, it’s not her first trip to the picnic, she knows about kids and knows what they’re capable of handling. She’s not some dumb first time mom that needs the help of random strangers on the net.”

So true. Thanks Rebecca.

carie on

well, lele, she is outdoors getting fresh air, and they’re not at a church or school. So looks fine to me!!

A.H. on

my mom took me on my first cross-country flight at 20 days. i turned out fine.

SH on

Wow, My 1st daughter was born on Dec. 19th and I brought her to Christmas Midnight Mass. I must be a bad parent according to Dr. Sears…Oh, yeah, and she was baptized when she was *gasp* a few weeks old! It’s a wonder she’s still living!

jsp81355 on

The baby looks precious but those tatoos have got to go.

Lisa on

Add me to the bad parent list. I took my son to target on the way home from the hospital.

What’s the big deal? I’m happy that she got out of the house with her baby. Good for her. Go Ryan!

Jen DC on

I think children are a lot more resilient that we give them credit for – infants included. Not to pile on, Lele, but being born in the hospital was probably the most dangerous thing Clementine has faced in her short 10 days on the planet, particularly from a germ standpoint. And I do think that Dr. Sears is being way overprotective with the whole 6 to 8 weeks internment. Of course, don’t let strangers hang over your newborn or hold him or her; but don’t just sit in the house for the sake of sitting in the house to avoid germs or contact. The only way an immune system gets stronger is through challenge; and I think a 10 day old’s walk to Duane Reed’s is probably just enough challenge for Clementine’s wee immune system.

The tatoos are going to look terrible later. But I think they are beautiful.

lele on

don’t worry about piling it on… i am chuckling at the response. my mom and some good friends have done the same as me so i am not alone and clearly if my doctor is advising me to do this it is considered good advice by him, a professional. everyone has to do what they feel is right for their children. i do what i feel is right and it has worked for me. my opinion is a new baby should be at home for their first months of life that’s all – not just because of germs! it is where they are most comfortable. i would not have taken my 4 month old to get diapers at 10 days. no biggie. i cringe seeing new babies out and about and you all cringe at my loving staying home and doing my part to protect her (in my own way) and so there is really nothing more to say. 🙂 i do not think anyone that takes their baby out is a bad parent i just said i would not do it myself and why.

dickie on

just to add another anecdotal story: my mother (on her mother’s advice)breastfed me and kept me home for two and a half months after I was born – she told me should would stare out the window like a prisoner waiting for the time to come that she could leave! Finally, I was about 2.5 months and it was time for my baptism. It was about 65 degrees outside and I caught pneumonia. I was hospitalized for two weeks.

I dont think the quarantine method helps.

april on

Pssht… of COURSE she had to take her newborn baby out to buy diapers while her husband stayed at home. Men, they are officially useless.

SH on

AMEN april!

By the time you explain to them what you need (while they look at you like you’re green) you might as well just do it yourself!
Sad, but very true…

Carol on

How does anybody know that Ethan stayed home and made her go to the store anyway. It says that but maybe he’s working…maybe he’s out with his other children. I think the caption just means that he’s not with her in the picture.

Anais on

I’m 99.9% sure that April and SH are messing around and are by no means attacking Ethan from staying home. But lets face it, men are pretty much useless most of the time, har har.

SH on

Thank you Anais!

Mostly a joke…

As a mother of 4 kids….husbands try but sometimes…you just want to slap them upside the head and say DO SOMETHING!!

phoebe on

I was going to stay out of this debate, but I have to make the point that by staying at home for months (I was stunned that people actually do this) is probably more dangerous in the long term than being out every day. As long as you have the baby wrapped up warm, going out into the fresh air is always going to benefit. When little ones that have been kept cooped up for ages go out, their systems won’t cope as well as if they’d been out from almost the beginning. And yes, this is coming from my own doctor. Each to their own, but I just isn’t going to do a child good to keep them shut away from the world. Craziness lol.

lele on

i never meant not taking them outside i do not take my babies in public places but they go “out” each day … had to clear that up. my doc said as well to take her outside but to avoid PUBLIC enclosed places.

ZBella on

Some women feel they are superior because they “take better care” of their children than the rest of us “neighbors”. Lele, I sure feel for your neighbor! Being judged by you every day.

I have 3 children. I would say better than average health, but my youngest had chronic ear infections. She was breast fed and slept on her back, so it’s hard to blame these on bad parenting.

I took each of them out at about 3 days old. I let people hold them, pass them around and touch them. Yes, I believe in washing hands several times a day, before/after cooking and using the toilet. Other than that, I’m not a clean freak or a germaphobe.

The baby is so cute and I support her mother is taking her anywhere she chooses.

SH on

Dr.’s aren’t God. They are people and they make bad judgement all the time. I’ve had several things misdiagnosed by all kids of Dr’s. You shouldn’t take everything they say as the scripture. Your kids are your kids and I feel a mother’s intuition is just as great as a Dr.’s knowledge most of the time.

The thing is that doctors are going to cover themselves. If they have a patient’s mother who is already seeming concerned about public places they’re not going to say “NO, you should take your baby into public places”…You know why they’re not gonna say that? Because then when your baby comes down with a cold you’re going to blame the Dr. and say it was his fault for telling you it was ok to take the baby out.

How on earth will a baby build an immune system if they’re not out? I just don’t get that…

Also, when phrases are used like “i am glad my doctor suggested keeping an infant in a BUBBLE for her first 6 weeks of life” and “we managed just fine in our little isolated world here for 8 weeks” and “keeping a brand new infant baby in your home for their first 6 weeks” and “why isn’t it okay for me to keep her isolated for awhile” and “you all cringe at my loving staying home and doing my part to protect her”…it all sounds like you’re inside your home for 8 weeks. Not that it matters…do what you think is best.

lele on

not even sure why i cam back to check this… i do not judge my neighbor that happens to be a best friend. i disagree with some aspects of her parenting and i am certain she disagrees with mine. i have never once said anything rude to all of you other than generalizations about taking children out in public. i have a healthy 4 month old and almost 4 year old. i stayed close to home with them as infants … we went outside daily for walks. no i would never pass them around or let people touch them or take them out. not just because of germs. what baby wants to be passed around or dragged around to the grocery store? that is what i feel and think. again why do i come back here to read? oh well… lost cause.