Marcia Cross' Twins Enjoy Pool Playtime

07/28/2008 at 09:30 AM ET

Marcia Cross and stockbroker husband Tom Mahoney took their fraternal twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, 17 months, for a swim at the public pool on Saturday in Santa Monica. Afterward, the Desperate Housewives star, 46, waited outside for Tom while the girls hung out in Silver Cross Dazzle strollers.


Photos by Kevin Perkins/Gaz Shirley/Pacific Coast News.

Click "Continue Reading; for another photo and info on getting the girls’ stylish strollers!


Dazzle_neonpink_bigThe girls ride in Silver Cross Dazzle strollers, Savannah in grape and Eden in cornflower blue ($299 each). Check out our Dazzle review at CBB Reviews!

Strideritedelmarfisherman Both girls wear Stride Rite’s Del Mar Fisherman sandal in Azalea/Print ($26).

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Lisette on

First, I love seeing how happy Marcia is with her girls! Second, big props to always wearing hats! How does she get the girls to not take them off? My goddaughter takes her hat off as soon as it touches her head. Oy!

Erica on

What sweeties! I think this is the first I have seen them dressed alike. Very cute, and I love those strollers.

Hannah on

I love how normal this family is.

And I LOVE those strollers. I wish they made it in a double.

Autumn on

Cute pics of the girls and their parents. Yeah I don’t know how Marcia can keep hats on her twin daughters. The floppy sun hats are typical, but I can’t believe they even got the twins to wear hats in the swimming pool!

(Although that reminds me now how between 5 and 8 yrs old I was almost OCD about wearing a hat myself as a child back in the early 80s. I think I even almost ruined a formal family portrait at my uncle’s wedding in 1983 because I didn’t want to go outside without a hat! I hope Marcia’s girls aren’t THAT contrary when they’re seven years old! lol!)

Sunny on

I, too, would like to know Marcia’s secret for keeping those hats on her daughters! I love that they are always wearing them.

trl on

i think its great that these girls alwyas wear hats, and I also agree with the comment made about Marcia having her kids live such normal lives. Although Marcia seems like such a down to earth person anyways so it doesnt surprise me that much.

Do you have any info on these hats? Are they made with the UVA/UVB protecting maerial that is so popular these days, because they look like they are kinda rubbery and not made from cloth.

Jacky on

I love seeing marcia with her girls, I know how much she wanted to be a mom!

Nikka on

I love the picture with the strollers. I watched DH last night again, the episode they were trying to get a contractor for the roof, and it was hilarous. I had to laugh out loud. She is definitely a great actress (i already liked her on MP) and very funny, too !!!! My favorite these days

mary on

Oh my goodness they are not babies anymore they totally look like little toddlers! 🙂
My how they have grown. I too am OCD when it comes to hats. My 7 year old was born with a rare cancer spot on his head. I was lucky my kids never took their hats off.

Emaline on

Ok I love how they’re at a public pool! I wouldn’t have pictured that since they’re wealthy but in a way it’s kinda cool of them! I love those strollers, do they hook together?

DLR on

I would like to know about those swim outfits the girls are wearing, esp. if they have SPF protection. Those would be fabulous for babies when it is so hard to keep the sunscreen on them in the water.

Such cute children! Marcia and Tom take good care to be “sun safe” as they sure have the fair skin of their mum.

Amy on

I love the girls swimsiuts ! I have a red head who needs lots of coverage in the sun. Does anyone know where these are from?

Katie on

Wow – usually Eden and Savannah look so different from one another to me, but in these pics I can’t tell them apart! They could be identical twins.

As a fair-skinned mommy of two fair-skinned girls, I too am so impressed with how serious Marcia seems to be about protecting her daughters’ skin.

amandamay on

what cute little girls!!

being a very pale redhead (and having a mom who had skin cancer when she was 23) i was raised to be covered (hats, shirts etc) at all times when outside – my brother, sister and i all wore hats from an early age. now that i have a son (fair, redhead) i’ve brought him up the same way – he LOVES hats…he even has a rather unique collection of vintage hats (at age 6! lol) but i have to admit that up until he was about 3 years old it was a major challenge and battle to get him to keep the hats on. now he won’t leave the house without one. you can see some “hat photos” of my cutie at:

Check out my photo and video albums on MyPhotoAlbum

Autumn on

That’s funny Mary about your hat obesseion, although that’s too bad about your son. Hopefully he’s doing better now.

Anyway my childhood hat obsession/phobia between the Spring of 1982 – Summer 1984, was so bad that I remember putting my hands over my head during elementary school fire drills, or any times I went outside without a hat. (There was nothing medically wrong with me that I needed a hat then…I guess I was just ahead of the curve in wanting sun protection. lol!)

And what didn’t help was that my last hat of choice was a dorky red & black, floppy, ployester sun hat probably left over from the 1970s, which definitely did not go with the dress I wore to my uncle’s wedding! Here’s the pic from that wedding, you can probably figure out which child was me: Wedding Pic 1983

Anyway I hope Marcia’s twins, or any other child, doesn’t have to become THAT obessesed with wearing a hat, especially in situations where it wouldn’t fit.

Tanya on

I don`t understand why the girls have to wear hats and clothes in the svimming pool! They are so young and should rather be wearing only a little shorts or something in the water. Maybe Marcia covers them up so much because of the paps always surrounding them, and they will be more difficult to identify when they`re not wearing hats together with friends,relatives or a nanny?

Liv on

Emmaline, I was thinking the same thing. It is so neat that they took there kids to a public pool because all celebrities have pools at there houses anyways. Tanya I have to disagree with you. I think its great that Marcia is so careful with the sun.

JM on

Tanya the girls are fair skinned. She’s only protecting them from the harmful sun rays! Hats are a great idea! The swimsuits are also a great idea. But I’d hate to have one on myself lol.

But if you start young with kids and hats they’ll wear them. My mom always said you take a hat off and I’d put it back on and we’d do this all day until finally you gave in and just wore it 🙂

Christine on

I love Marcia Cross and how down to earth and “normal” she is raising her girls.
A public pool? Can’t get much more normal than that!
As far as the hats – Marcia is sun-phobic with that red hair and snow white skin.
My daughter is 18mos old and must wear a hat anytime she’s in the sun (she has a large birthmark on her chin and neck that can’t get sun on it) and she will keep a hat on ONLY if it has a chin strap…go figure!

Anna on

I can’t help but notice that Marcia seems to favor Savannah.

I think it’s cute that the girls are always wearing hats. The long-sleeve swimsuits seem to be over-doing it, a little. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be wearing one of those in the pool, so why would a child want to?

Jason on

Wow those Silver Cross Dazzles look stunnning!

Lu on

I love the swimsuits, so cute. And the fact she manages to get them to keep a hat on is amazing. I am a childminder and trying to get them all to keep hats on is a challenge.

Macaki on

Your son is ADORABLE! He looks like a Finn! Thanks for sharing your photos. No wonder you are so proud of him. :o)

emily on

Amandamay, your son is gorgeous!

amandamay on

thanks macaki and emily! i think he’s a cutie but i’m a bit biased 🙂

MiB on

The key to making little children wear a sun hat outside is to always keep them in hats when they are outside and to wear one yourself. I used to do that when I was a childminder, and even the younger ones knew, that when they were out with me, they had to wear a hat. When the parents came, most kids would tear their hats off, except for their kids whos parents had the same hat policy. My problem was to explain my policy to the parents, since the avareness of sun damage was considerably lower 10 years ago than it is today, many parents thought I was over reacting! I think it’s great that Marcia keeps her adorable daughters covered up and hope that more parents follow her example.

JessicaT on

What happened to the Orbit strollers? I remember Marcia using the Orbits with the toddler seats.

Renee on

There are many companies that make “rash shirts” like the girls are wearing. Roxy and Billabong make some nice ones and the Cancer Council also has a large selection.

My daughter wears a swim shirt, as Australians we are taught to be sun smart. I’d prefer to have my daughter in a Rashie than have her developing skin cancer.

Catu on

If I ever have a daughter, I’ll buy her the shirt with the hearts.

Gosh, I think I’d even buy it for myself.

Amy on

I don’t understand all the comments about “How does she get her kids to wear hats.” It’s very simple, you put the hat on the baby, and when they try to take it off you say “No” and put it back on their head. It doesn’t take long for the baby to figure out that they’re not going ot get their way and then they leave the hat on. It seems to be a pretty common parenting practice today to take the approach of “if the baby won’t listen the first time I tell them no then I’m going to give up and let them have their way.” These things have to be taught.