Real World's Steven Hill and Wife Show Off Son Riley

07/25/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

Real World: Las VegasSteven Hill, 30, and his wife, designer Donna Katz-Hill, welcomed their first child, son Riley James David, back in April. Now three months old, Donna has emailed CBB an update on their little boy, along with some new photos for readers to enjoy. Calling him "an amazing bundle of joy," Donna says she and Steven have been "so blessed’ to have such a happy boy. Riley has been busy with his milestones — cooing and grabbing, especially mom’s hair! Since discovering his hands, Riley is no longer interested in pacifiers, preferring to shove his fingers into his mouth, so as you can see, Steven gets use out of them instead! Says Donna,

"He’s our little monkey and we can’t seemto break the habit of him sleeping with us in our bed — we love him toomuch!"


Photos courtesy Donna Katz-Hill for use exclusively on The Celebrity BabyBlog, Inc. Not for use elsewhere without express permission.

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Erica on

WOW what a cute baby! Nice to see Steven has grown up and settled down since Real World. Thank you for sharing Donna, your boy is gorgeous.

dlock on

I didn’t even realise he was married! The last time I heard anything bout stepehen, was when mtv had the real world las vegas reuinion last summer and heard nothing bout marriage or a baby on the way. I mean even Brynn has 3 small children and a husband. Brynn is the one that was jealous of Trishelle and wanted Stephen for herself and threw the fork at him. I know, I know way too much bout the show.

Doreen on

dlock, I know exactly what you’re saying!! πŸ™‚ I remember watching all of that!! Glad to see he’s growing up some now….:)

Nicole T. on

Cute baby! Their room is a mess though.

FC on

dlock, he did mention that he had someone back at home (fiancΓ©e) and he wasn’t trying to mess it up. It was a fly-by mention, but I do remember it.

Anyhow, I think Stephen could’ve used that Mute Button pacifier back when he was first on Real World: Las Vegas, though that wouldn’t have helped with everything, lmao. But it’s good to see him in a different light, in a familial light, per se. It works for him.

His son is adorable with those big blue eyes of his. πŸ™‚ And, I’d have to say he takes after his mom at the moment. I see no Stephen right now. Well, except for the nose. He definitely has his dad’s nose.

N.S on

Nice to hear he got himself off the paci before it became a problem. *Personally hate those things myself*

And there is no need for them to begin to think about stopping sleeping with him.
Safe co-sleeping is a wonderful thing, reduces the risks of SIDS and promotes a healthy breastfeeding relationship.
My 9.5 month old still shares our bed and it has very much strengthgened our relationship as a whole, Mom Dad and baby.

Portia on

The “mute button” pacifier in the picture is part of the “It’s my binky” pacifier line that just got recalled by the CPSC. Please discourage your readers from purchasing that pacifier!

CTBmom on

I didn’t watch the show, but I had to comment because little Riley looks so much like my son did as a baby. He was bald with big blue eyes too. πŸ™‚ Very cute.

tan on

Look at him.I love the pic of him with the airplane jammies on.I never heard about him getting married and having a baby.I don’t know how i missed it.I’m so happy for him.He was wild on Real World but that doesn’t matter because he looks as if he’s taken on fatherhood well.

b on

Whether or not you agree with co-sleeping – I don’t care for the way she worded that.

“He’s our little monkey and we can’t seem to break the habit of him sleeping with us in our bed — we love him too much!”

I mean it is not an un-loving parent or act to have your child sleep in their own crib.

I don’t really think she meant it – but it almost sounds like she thinks she loves her baby more than people who don’t have them baby in the bed with them. It’s like she saying, “Oh No, we love him TOO much to do something like that to him” . . . like it’s an awful thing to not co-sleep.

I’m not against co-sleeping. . . I just wish people would be more careful and respectful.

Megan on

Glad you posted that Portia. I was gonna say the same thing.

LisaB on

He’s our little monkey and we can’t seem to break the habit of him sleeping with us in our bed — we love him too much!

–I feel as if Donna is saying that she loves her kid more than others do simply because she is allowing a bad habit to continue. My son sleeps in his crib every night, has a routine and a bedtime and his own space. I’m not a horrible mother because I choose not to co-sleep. Personally, I find it dangerous..but that’s me. I realize that it does work for some, and that is their business. I just think her comment is a rather arrogant one.

Autumn on

Wow what a photo! lol! πŸ˜‰ Yeah I remember Steven and his infamous relationship with Trishelle. (I even remember Steven & Trishelle fearing their own bundle of joy was on its way during the show, though fortunately for them it was a false alarm. Although how’d you think MTV would handle it if someday a RW housemate couple DID get pregnant while filming the show?)

I’m glad he’s settled down enough to be married and the father to a beautiful baby boy like that. Congrats to Steven & Donna!

bren on

I was a co sleeper as a child but as an adult wouldn’t chose to do it. I work in a funeral home and my parents own it as well and have actually seen quite a bit of babies through the years in here because they were smothered when sleeping with their parents. N.S. I am not saying your info. isnt correct but if it reduces the risk of S.I.D.S. than be aware that you can roll over onto your child. I am not trying to start a fight just want people to be aware because it breaks my heart to see the parents after this has happened.

N.S on

Bren — I understand your concerns, of course — there are many parents who are stupid enough to co-sleep under the influence, or if they are very heavy sleepers or not breastfeeding.

I ONLY promote co-sleeping to a breastfeeding mother.

There have been 0 (and I mean nil) reported cases in history of a HEALTHY NURSING MOTHER ever suffocating/rolling over on her baby while co-sleeping.
Look it up, it’s a fact.

sarah on

Unfortunately N.S that is not a fact. my mum is a paramedic here in new zealand and two years ago was called to a baby who’s perfectly healthy, breastfeeding mother rolled onto her in the night. the mum wasn’t a heavy sleeper, wasn’t overtired, wasn’t overweight, didn’t smoke, hadn’t been drinking and had successfully co-slept with her other two children.
she did everything right and it still happened. if there are no recorded cases that you can find then it must be extremely rare but my mum can unfortunately tell you that it has happened.

mimi on

Autumn, a RW housemate did get pregnant in the Venice Beach season, Tammy.

heather on

Even *if* it does happen occasionally, the ratio still PALES in comparison with the number of babies who die — from SIDS or from other accidents — in cribs. Babies die in cribs, babies die in beds, but in terms of the actual proportions, there are manyfold more babies dying in cribs.

When babies die in cribs, authorities say “cribs are still the safest place for babies, please follow these precautions to reduce the risks.” When babies die in beds, authorities say “BEDS ARE DEADLY! GET THEM OUT!”… quite the double-standard.

Any baby dying is a tragedy. But for every harrowing tale of the co-sleeping death, there are a hundred tales of tragic SIDS death in cribs… or babies found drowned in their own vomit in the morning after being left to cry in their cribs… or a multitude of other accidents that would not have happened if there was a parent present while they were sleeping. It’s just a faulty argument to say “I heard of a baby who died while co-sleeping therefore it’s more dangerous than cribs” – you have to actually properly compare the risks with the risks of crib sleeping, which (IMO at least) are actually much greater.

Kudos to these guys.

Jennifer Jacobs on

when did season’s past real world cast members become considered celebrities?

sarah on

thats very true heather. i just object to people saying

‘There have been 0 (and I mean nil) reported cases in history of a HEALTHY NURSING MOTHER ever suffocating/rolling over on her baby while co-sleeping.
Look it up, it’s a fact.’

it is rare and SIDs is much more prevalent but there have been deaths from co-sleeping. thats all i was getting at.