With Three Sons, Joshua Morrow Hopes Next Will Be Girl

07/25/2008 at 07:00 PM ET


Some women are meant to be mothers, and actor Joshua Morrow believes that is how it is with his wife Tobe. After watching her with their sons Cooper Jacob, 5 ½, Crew James, 3, and Cash Joshua, 3 months, the actor claimed his wife is a "champion" and was "put on this Earth to be a mother."

So much in fact, that The Young and the Restless star is willing to add another to their brood, because he knows Tobe "wants a daughter" and that it won’t be long before "she gives me ‘The Look’ and it’ll be time to try again." The couple loves their sons more than anything, but Joshua, 33, does "wish there is something more I could do to make sure we have a girl." He added,

I did all the secret things last time, like keep the lights on, then the socks on and then there were times she would call me and say, ‘Come home right now!’ I know the sex of the baby is my fault, but the running argument is I make great boys.

Source: Soap Opera Digest, August 4th issue; Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.com.

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Emaline on

This is such a cute family. She could try following a certain diet that would make her more acidic which would ward off those Y-carrying sperm…lol or something like that. I hope they get their girl eventually! Either way, they make amazingly beautiful kids!

Jennifer on

I’m a huge Y&R fan, and I just love Joshua! He’s just gorgeous, and he’s got a great sense of humor. His wife is absolutely beautiful, and she’s right – they do make great boys – at least from all the pictures I’ve ever seen, they’re just adorable! I hope they get their girl, I’ve got no doubt she’d have Joshua wrapped right around her little finger probably before she’s even born LOL!

SouthernBelle on

Awww, you can tell they’re thrilled with their boys, but I hope they get their baby girl. They are beautiful people who make beautiful kids!

bethany on

There is just no perfect solution, huh? So being more acidic makes you more likely to have a girl, but it also makes you more un-healthy over all. I think it would be neat to have a reliable way to choose the sex, but at the same time, it just seems so un-natural and would definitely take some of the mystery and fun out of it. They are such a pretty family!

Candace on

I know Josh’s family, mainly his father & his little half sister, & I know he has a lovely neice as well, & I’m sure that if he ever has a girl she would be just as cute as his sister Kelsey, who I wish I could see more 🙂 But I’ve since moved & I don’t get a chance to see her or her father as much. I do know if he learned anything from his father, he has to be a amazing father. I remember when his father learned of Josh’s his first son, he was so excited & even shared more info than needed lol! (also my 9th grade teacher as well as my neighbor)

Tanya on

The only way to guarantee they will have a baby girl next time around is to adopt a little girl from China

Shaun on

That was such an unnecessary and ignorant comment!

casey on

They should be satisfied to have healthy children and that they can conceive without a problem.

kelly. on

People need to just stop taking advantage of fertility, and he happy they can have at least 1 healthy child with no complications in the pregnancy or toward the baby.

Erica on

I’m sure they are grateful. I also am sure that for many people, it’s a natural inclination to want what they don’t have. I have two sons, and we are going to start trying for our third in about six months. Heck yes, I hope it’s a girl, and I’m willing to admit it. I will be more than happy if I have another boy, but I definitely have a yearning for a girl.

Nicole on

Taking advantage of fertility??? What the heck does that mean? Apparently they want a big family. I don’t think this is about getting a girl, as he seems to be content with his boys, yk? But I think this is about wanting a girl because he knows his wife would love one. Just because someone wants the opposite gender of what they currently have doesn’t mean they’re ungrateful or anything like that… it simply means they would like to experience both sides of the parenting card. People should really lighten up when it comes to this subject. People have a right to wish for whatever they want… I’m sure they won’t love another boy any less than do they do the current ones, and I’m sure if they have a girl they won’t love her anymore than their boys.

carrieB on

i think the poster was implying that X-carrying sperm can live in a more acidic uterine enviroment than the Y, not like the woman is acidic.

Sarah on

nicole, i agree 100%. how could his comments be so misconstrued?? he and his wife are thinking of a fourth child and all of a sudden he’s being accused of taking advantage of fertility and being ungrateful? given that there are families in this country that have a dozen kids (or 18 like the duggars) those accusations are beyond ridiculous. his kids are obviously loved and a fourth child (boy or girl) would be equally loved. people on this really need to relax.

Becky on

My boss was telling me there is a way now that they can make sure you get impregnanted with the sex you want. Him and his wife did it because they had 2 boys and were going to have just one more and wanted a girl. I am sure it cost a lot and here in WA I guess they will only do it to the age of 40 (and she was 41) but in CA they go higher than that, so they went to CA…had it done (not sure exactly what the process is, didn’t really want to get into the details with him) but they got their little girl two years ago. Kind of weird to me, but thats just my opinion. I guess if you really wanted a certain sex and can afford it, it is available, but I believe that everything is in god’s plan and I wouldn’t want to mess with that.

nosoupforyou on

Relax. Josh has said that his wife has such a great relationship with her mother that he wants her to have that with her own daughter.

Their next will be loved and cared for no matter what..boy or girl.

I have a feeling he just shoots boys. lol..

Josh is a great looking guy, I just think he’d look better with a shave and a hair cut. He looks homeless.

J.J. on

Josh and wife are those who wants to have both gendered children. I remember him saying that he wanted a little boy and a little girl. Now they have three little boys and they love them to death, but they just want to complete their family with a girl and I hope it happens some day. So don’t mock them.

J.L.B. on

He adores his boys, and I don’t think there was anything wrong with what he said…knowing his sense of humor that I’ve seen on TV, I wouldn’t doubt that he probably had a joking tone in his voice when he was even saying what he said.

I remember seeing interviews with Josh around the time that Camryn Grimes, who played his daughter on Y&R, was leaving the show. She had grown up on the show and he said she prepared him for fatherhood with his own kids. He said he hoped he was able to have a relationship with his own daughter, if they ever had one, like he had with her.

Carol on

I believe Becky is referring to a procedure where a man’s sperm is separated, and the specific sperm wanted is placed back into the woman’s body for fertilization right at the time of ovulation. About five years ago there was an extensive article about this in the Detroit Free Press; about couples who had children of one sex who were paying about $50,000 for each procedure. Couples were successful in having the child they wanted. All of the couples said they were happy to have gone through the lab procedure and implantation and some said they would do it a second time.

Heather on

I love their choice of names for their sons. My friend choose to have a girl and had a girl with no procedure, just timing of her ovalution and life span of the sperms. I went by this and had my baby boy who turned 10 months 3 days ago. This really works.

Here is an explanation:
It is generally believed in the medical reproductive community that once an egg is released and enters the fallopian tube that it is able to be fertilized for approximately 24 hours. Research has shown that sperm also has a “shelf life”, however it is different for the male and female sperm. Female sperm swims slower but is stronger and lives longer, while male sperm is faster but weaker and will die earlier than female sperm.

Per theory, if the results of research is true and the female sperm lives longer but is slower moving than the male, then if a couple wants a girl they should have intercourse at 3-5 days prior to ovulation, but then stop till after the woman ovulates. This will increase the chance of ONLY female sperm being alive when the sperm comes in contact with the egg. On the other hand, if a couple wants to have a boy they should refrain from having intercourse until 2 days prior to ovulation and then have intercourse daily until ovulation has occurred.

darla on

They could adopt. There are plenty of little girls who need a home.

They seem like a fantastic,beautiful family. I wish them only the best.

Lynn on

Lighten up people!!!!

SeanJay on

Why should they be satisfied? If they want a girl then good for them. They’re not being ungrateful at all.

I agree %100 with Nicole too.

Kourtney on

Josh And His Wife Could Adopt
Or Do It The Way They Had Planned


Candice on

They could try a chinese fertility chart – I used it when my husband and I wanted our first child to be a boy and it worked. Of all the women I have asked, it was only wrong one time and I have lost count on how many women have used this.