Bindi Irwin Turns Ten, Celebrates at Australia Zoo

07/24/2008 at 06:00 PM ET

Bindi Irwin celebrated her tenth birthday at the Australia Zoo earlier today with mom Terri Irwin and brother Bob, 4 ½. Wearing a sweatshirt from her clothing line, Bindi blew out the candles — decorated with an image of herself as a baby with Terri and late dad Steve Irwin — and then cut the cake. She recently told the Courier-Mail, "Double digits means double the fun which is so exciting."


Photo by SNAPPER/Bauer-Griffin.

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Godiva on

Those kids sure look like their father!

Penny on

This family seems so normal.

Grace on

I really don’t like the amount of exposure Bindi gets. It’s weird to me, especially with the amount of Steve stuff constantly looming over everything — I mean, on her cake? And whenever she speaks, she’s soundbite-perfect. Not in the “articulate child” way, but in a prepackaged, spooky way.

I know Bindi was sort of headed along this path before Steve died, but I am not a fan of the way her dad’s death has become such a public totem for her. The whole thing just strikes me as off-kilter.

kimk on

Nice to see a picture of Bob, never get to see any of him..

Catherine on

Happy birthday, Bindi! They look like such a lovely family!

Carol on

Good for Bindi. It’s nice to see they’re doing alright.

MB on

i don’t see anything weird about having a family picture on the birthday cake. everyone deals with death in a diff. way. my younger sister keeps pictures of my dad and some of his old things all around her room. i just think bindi is an extremely articulate girl. her mom has said before she is very cautious about the endeavors bindi undertakes, and that everything is directed by bindi. they seem like a really great family!

Kim B on

I feel that this family has suffered a great loss and it is so nice to see the mom keep it together for her kids and herself. I think Bindi is doing what she loves to do and I think that is great. I hope Terri keeps up the good work in raising her kids.

liz on

i love this family. bob is adorable he looks just like steve!

J.J. on

Happy Birthday Bindi!!

Nikka on

I like Bindi but i feel that she got so popular because of her dad’s death. Before he died, i dont even recall ever seeing her anywhere except on his show

Happy Birthday, anyway

purpleb20 on

Bindi and Bob look alot alike now. Before they didnt look like each other.

sil on

Happy birthday Bindi!
wow Bob looks just like Steve! he is so cute!

Sanne on

Congrats for Bindi! Nice family picture 🙂 and Steve is still and always will be a part of their family so I don’t see the harm…

phoebe on

Grace – I totally agree and I made a comment along the same lines on the last story on here about Bindi. To me, it seems a little like she’s growing up before her time. Now, this is somewhat to be expected of a little girl when she loses a parent so early in life, but every time I look at her, I see a child who is trying to be an adult waaaaaaaay before her time, and I just hope that she is allowed to be a little girl and play with toys and not just do her work the whole time. If she is being pushed and manufactured as much as it seems to be coming off, then the people who are doing this to her (and by the way, I don’t necessarily mean Terri, I mean the corporate suit types who are making money from the child) need to understand that as she grows up, she may not appreciate the control. We all know what happened to Michael Jackson when he worked so much as a child, and although this is an extreme example, I feel that the principle is the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Bindi and her brother are lovely kids who look (especially in Bindi’s case) just like their daddy, but now that it’s just mummy around, things are different, and I hope that no one takes advantage of the family simply because they want to remember their father and husband.

SJ on

I said right from the start that the exposure this little girl is getting from the media, with her mother’s blessing, is incredibly disturbing.

Bindi might think she knows what she wants out of her childhood. To preserve conservation, to honour her father, to be a TV star, to have a clothing line but the amount of money this little girl is making for her mother, her manager and others breaks my heart.

Let this girl go to school, let her be a child without a camera around.

I’m sort of disappointed in Teri Irwin, if I can be honest with you. Her whole life is consumed by the media.

Kelly on

Happy Birthday Bindi! That is a very nice family picture. Bob seems to be getting so big. Never really seen a picture of him in so long. I love Bindi’s sweatshirt.

Alisha on

I met Bindi Irwin after Steve’s death. She was an incredibly articulate girl and was also very polite. I took my 6 year old cousin up to meet her and they had a short conversation about Tigers and Koalas. Bindi also mentioned that she liked my cousin’s dress and hair. I thought that was cute of her. She (Bindi) was standing with two older ladies, one was a security guard. When a young boy asked for a photo with her, Bindi politely said she wasn’t allowed any photos.

Marie on

Happy birthday Bindi!

SweetDiva on

To me, I love to see an articulate child. Since when did that become verboten? Why should a child be encouraged to less than she is when she has this potential inside her? Because it makes a few adults feel uncomfortable?
The child lost her father at a young age to a sudden tragic death that was publicized across the world. That matures a child quite a bit.
I would think it would more productive to praise her positive attitude and her well-spoken nature.
Happy Birthday Bindi! Keep doing what you do!

Ang on

Happy Birthday Bindi!

I understand the concern for all media attention Bindi is getting, however I think that before we state our opinions, I think we should ask ourselves as to wether or not she is ASKING for the attention or if the media is just really “attracted” to her and her family. I think we can agree that we ALL grieved when Steve died and I think the media’s fascination with her and her family is because we are just impressed with how they have gracefully handled the tragic passing of their father. IMO I REALLY think that she is a breath of fresh air and I enjoy the way she handles herself (how she dresses appropriately for her age, her amazing articulation, etc.). Happy double digit b-day Bindi!

Mia on

Bindi has always been very articulate from an incredibly young age. You can see a few little “essays” that she’s written from, I think, the age of five or four on Steve’s official website. The page is called “Bindi’s Say” and the content was continuously published and updated whenever Bindi wrote (obviously long before Steve died). If anyone wants me to post the link, please ask.

Jen on

I have serious fears for this child’s future. I hope I’m wrong. She seems like a sweet kid but she’s been placed up as some sort of symbol of her father and it’s just not cool. Yes she’s articulate, blah blah, let’s not forget she’s 10. I really hope we’re not reading about how she slipped into a self destructive lifestyle 10 years from now. I dunno, I just don’t see the shadow of her father being hammered over everything she does, at the age of 10, a good thing. People seem to be looking for Steve incarnate in her and at her age, her mother should be protecting her, not feeding her to the wolves.

Jennifer on

Bindi and Bob are starting to look more and more alike. They both look so much like their Daddy.

Happy 10th Birthday, Bindi! 🙂

kristen on

Happy Birthday Bindi!

And I can’t help it, but every time I see a picture of the two or three of them, it makes me sad. The family seems so incomplete without Steve.

It’s amazing how they’ve persevered through such tough times. What an amazing family.

kait on

Bob got Steve’s hair and Terri’s face, Bindi got Terri’s hair but Steve’s face!

Carrie on

I think Bindi should follow her dad foot step
he is soooooooo proud of his daghter and she shouldent quit of beeing her self let her be her dad if she wants to.Sometimes pepole say that she shouldent be her dad and that isent nice she has her own life and her family should live thare own way.

and .P.S. HAPPY 10TH

Anonymous on

Where is kira

Aleyla on

Where is kira