Thalía's Post-Baby Bliss (And Her Diet Secrets)

07/18/2008 at 07:00 PM ET

Thalia_082707_240_2From her days as a member of the popular singing group Timbiriche to her expanding solo music career — and more recently her marriage to music producer Tommy MottolaThalía has worn several different hats. Her favorite? That of motherhood, she tells Ocean Drive Espanol. After giving birth to the couples first child — daughter Sabrina Sakaë — nine months ago, the singer has put her efforts into getting back in shape and promoting her new album Lunada, all while making it home every night to "bathe [Sabrina], put on her pajamas, give her her milk, sing to her, [and] lay her down."

While Thalía admits that life in the music industry has not been easy, much of the happiness she searched for began with her marriage to Tommy, in December of 2000. Praising her husband and his dedication to their relationship, Thalía "found love" with a man who "has responded to me in every way; he loves me ugly, pretty, mad, happy, sick, healthy, he loves me the way I am." However, she felt life was still not quite complete. Looking back, Thalía says she now realizes what was missing was the need "for me to feel fertile" and "to feel like I was the earth where God put a seed and the seed germinates."

Once Sabrina was born, Thalía wasted no time in shedding her baby weight, saying that everyone is "the result of what they think and what they eat." Using a "detox diet to eliminate all of the toxins" from her body, the 36-year-old singer ate daily portions made up of 60 percent vegetables, 40 percent proteins and absolutely "nothing with carbs." According to Thalía, the hard work paid off as she "immediately felt lighter," and recently amazed fans who were on the set of her new music video Ten Paciencia in South Beach, Florida.

Click below to read about Sabrinas "ideal father," Thalías take on nannies, and whether or not the couple will have more babies!

While some mothers experience the baby blues, Thalía said the birth of her daughter had the exact opposite effect on her. Attributing her attitude to a change in diet, she says the only tears that ran down her cheeks were those of happiness, as she looked at her "clone" who had "Daddy’s little eyes and forehead."

While Thalía is experiencing parenthood for the first time, Tommy already has two children from his previous relationship with Lisa Clark. But Thalía hopes that this time around, he will truly enjoy the responsibilities and memories of his new daughter. Saying that "he made many mistakes with his other children because he was so involved with his work," Thalía proudly shares that so far, history is not repeating itself, calling Tommy "an ideal father." Instead of concentrating solely on his career, "he spends his time with [Sabrina], does everything possible to make her laugh, to take her out, to talk to her…he sits hours playing with her."

Finally achieving her dream of having a family, Thalía was confident that she wouldn’t be another famous mother who hands her kids off to nannies — only to find out that an extra set of hands can be very helpful! While she still swears that "I am the one who is one-hundred percent of the time with my daughter," she also reveals that "I understand how important someone’s help is…at least so you have time to go take a shower!" Instead of turning to an agency to hire a nanny, the singer has gone no further than her own mother and "a person who has worked with me for thirteen years," but insists that she waited "many years for this moment and the priorities are very clear."

Thalía is certain she was born to be a mother, but whether or not more babies arrive to the Mottola household is in God’s hands. While the couple dreamed of having a large family, the moment baby Sabrina made her entrance into the world, Thalía says her first thought was "that’s it…what else could there be after you!" For now, Thalía says that if more babies "don’t come, I already have what I needed," but of course, "I’d love if God gave me the blessing of more kids."

Source: Ocean Drive Español; Photo by Splash News.

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lovemygirl! on

I love the name they chose, Sabrina, really classic and pretty. You dont here it very often at all. We have not seen to many pictures of the baby. I wonder what she looks like?

Harley on

Sounds like a woman with a level head on her shoulders with great support from her family 🙂

brooke on

I like thalia, she’s pretty, sweet, and classy. I saw her on christina this week, she’s very thin and fit. I wish we would se pics of sabrina, she was so cute in her first pics and I wanna see if she still favors tommy or thalia now.

carie on

I think her neice or cousin, not sure, is the woman that Diego Luna is having a baby with, and is possibly married to now. Does anyone know if they had their baby? I love Diego Luna and would love to see this couple and their new baby. Any news on that?

Molly on

I wonder if there is an info of her diet, or a similar one, like a sample menu?

Agnes on

Molly, I think that she was on the master cleanse diet.

Gigi on

Of course all that she says is so appealing and brilliant, but if she really had to struggle to make money like many of us, she wouldn’t be soooo cheerful and happy. I saw her first article when her daughter was born and the Mottola’s have a cook, maids and even a butler. Do you really think she doesn’t have a nanny. I saw the show she came out in and she has a body of a 12 year old, she should eat something!

SweetDiva on

I don’t think it was Master Cleanse. Master Cleanse is a lemonade diet – cayenne pepper, lemon juice, water, and molasses.

This diet probably isn’t the healthiest for a nursing mom. Eliminating carbs only is great for weight loss, but nursing moms need balanced diets.