Jessica Alba introduces daughter Honor Marie

07/16/2008 at 03:00 AM ET

2671379923_16703ea111_o Motherhood "hasn’t totally sunk in" for actress Jessica Alba, who gave birth to daughter Honor Marie Warren almost six weeks ago. Honor "dreams, she smiles … coos and does all these things …There’s no other way to explain it. It’s a miracle." Introducing her and husband Cash Warren’s little girl in OK! this week, Jessica, 27, opens up about her hypnobirth-driven delivery experience, calling it "very Zen."

I didn’t scream. I wanted to do it naturally. The labor was more like meditation — I did yoga breathing. I was focused.

For his part, Cash is in awe of his wife, who "didn’t make a sound. It was amazing. It’s still amazing that [Honor] was living inside of Jessica." The couple agree that Honor is a mixture of both parents, but leaning heavily towards the daddy-side at the moment — which is no problem for Cash. He jokes, "I want her to look like me,because a daughter looking like Jessica, I’d kill myself!"

He explains, "Right now, she looks like a girl version of me. She has my nose, my eyebrows." "[And his] forehead and dimples," Jessica interjects, adding, "She has my mouth when I was a baby.  And my ears."

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Since their daughter’s name is a bit off the beaten path, Jessica and Cash know people are curious about how they settled on the moniker. The answer? A friend suggested it. "We were having a girl’s night, and one of my friends said, ‘If I ever had a girl — but I’m not having any more kids — I will name her Honor,’ Jessica shares. "I said, ‘That’s a great name for a boy or a girl.’ And my middle name is Marie." It also fulfilled a requirement for both parents — that the name be somewhat different from the norm.

C: I liked growing up with a unique name.

J: I was always irritated that my name was Jessica. Come on, it’s a very ’80s name, because there were tons of Jessicas in every school I went to.

As Jessica has previously mentioned, she and Cash believe it’s important for their daughter to be exposed to at least two languages. Jessica is of Danish, French-Canadian, and Mexican descent; however, her immediate family does not speak the languages. Instead, she hopes Spanish will be something Honor "can speak to my grandmother and my aunties." Dad Cash explained his personal reasons for why being bilingual is a positive.

I speak French. Growing up with two languages just helps; it broadens you and gives you some perspective.

Having enjoyed a lot of "soul food" in recent weeks, Jessica is being careful to eat better, saying, "Now I’m starting to eat morehealthy. Because after working out, having fried chicken and mashedpotatoes is a little counteractive!" She began post-baby workouts on July 10th — but only for 20 minutes ata time, and just doing cardio on her own.

I’m doing it slow. I lost the tummy just breastfeeding. I wear a band that my girlfriend wore after she gave birth. People wear it for their backs. I saw my friend six weeks after she gave birth and her tummy was right back to where it was before. I was like, "I gotta do that!" [laughs]

As far as splitting up parenting duties, Jessica and Cash try to keep things equal, and Cash has some advice for new dads — change the diapers!

C: I change the diapers…

J: Because I’m the food source! [laughs]

C: That would be my advice to any new dad: Be that diaper changer because it’s really not that hard! I’m sure it’ll be different in a year.

Becoming parents together has been quite the experience, the couple shares. Jessica explains, "Cash is such a good husband and father. I’m so proud of him. He’s really gone above and beyond. The more things we’ve gone through with each other, it’s gotten better." As for Jessica, Cash is equally complimentary, revealing that she’s "always had a motherly quality."

It doesn’t really come out in the press a lot, which is fine because they focus on one thing only. But with people that she’s close to or any of the people she’s worked with, they recognize that she’s always had this great motherly quality.


Source: OK! Magazine; Cover courtesy OK!

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Bancie1031 on

She’s gorgeous which I knew she would be! And look at that head FULL of hair (I wonder if Jessica had a lot of heartburn while pregnant?)!!!! Honor does look like Cash. We’ll be able to tell more the older she gets.

looika on

A beautiful baby. I think she looks like Cash.

Vanessa on

Absolutely gorgeous.

Sandra on

So adorable…

Kelly on

so pretty!! & i agree she looks like her daddy but maybe its just the hair lol i like that comment about if she looks like Jessica but beautiful little girl no matter who she looks like!!

Sylvana on

Honor is beautiful. Jessica looks great.

sam on

cute baby but didnt jessica say in an interview a few weeks before she had the her that she wouldnt be doing some sort of magazine shoot to introdude the baby?

iluvallbabies on

Oh wow, what a gorgeous baby!! She is the spitting image of her daddy!

Erica on

No sam, she said back in June that they hadn’t gotten any offers to do baby photos yet. I guess they did! Here is the post where she says it –

I definitely think Honor is looking just like daddy right now! I’m glad Jessica got the hypnobirth experience that she wanted.

stephanie on

BABY HAIR! Beautiful. Anyone else notice OK! being sly, putting Brad and Angelina and Matthew’s name on the cover, all under the exclusive banner? Subtle.

The weeklies are going to be all about the new babies this month!

Mari on

Oh she’s beautiful! And the baby is too! 😉 😀

tink1217 on

what a gorgeous baby girl!!!! I am so happy to finally see some pics of her! She does look like daddy, but I can see Jessica too. Just precious!

Lindsay on

My gosh she is such a beautiful baby, really gorgeous. Congrats to the new parents.

Crystal on

Looks like Cash…she is an adorable baby!

Brianne on

Bancie- you never know. My daughter was born in january and had more hair than Honor ( I know, you wouldn’t think it possible) and I had heartburn radiating in my kneecaps. No matter what I ate, 24/7 I had it. So did one of my friends, and her son was BALD! I guess it’s one of the wives tales that just happens to be more right than not most of the time.

I’m not a fan of JA, but her daughter is beautiful. Congrats to them

Sarah on

She looks just like Jessica!

Simone on

OMG,she is absolutly beautiful…just like I had expected!!!!

They are going to be wonderful parents

JR on

Congratulations! What a beautiful photo of them both. So glad to hear too that she had a good birth.

FC on

Honor does look like Cash, even kind of has his spiky hairstyle, lmao. But she’s definitely a beautiful little girl. I think I’ll be picking up this issue when I see it. 🙂

Congrats to her and Cash again! 🙂

Amanda on

She does look like daddy! VERY cute baby.. and I love the little smirk she’s giving. So cute =) on

Oh, she’s a cutie…and she looks a lot like her daddy!

Nicole on

She’s a gorgeous baby!! I love her hair, and she definitely looks like Cash!

kara on

Oh my goodness!! She is SO gorgeous! I melted when I saw this picture! :]

Jay on

Looks just like her Daddy…pretty baby.

Melissa on

I thought I read that Jessica’s family were saying that she looked exactly like Jessica. When I saw this picture, my first thought was that they had blinders on because this kid looks exactly like daddy, lol.

k on

You know, I think I *did* read Jessica complaining about heartburn – I’d never heard that old wives tale, though! How funny!

Namesake Treasures Personalized Gifts on

Oh my gosh, she has to be one of the prettiest celeb babies I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe how much hair she has….so so cute!!

Grayson's Girl on

I’m VERY happy to go along with the consensus and “awwwww!” over such a gorgeous baby! All that hair too! She may be like Suri Cruise and get a full mop of beautiful Chestnut hair early on! Many congrats to Jessica and Cash!

On a side note, what’s with OK! Mag and photoshopping these ladies to death? LOL I’ve been noticing that -to me- the new moms they’ve debuted recently seem to all look a little manequinn like on the covers. Still beautiful, just, unnatural.

dee on

Melissa, it’s quite possible that when she was born she looked a lot like Jessica. In my newborn pics I looked exactly like my dad, same coloring and everything, then a few weeks later you would of thought he had nothing to do with me.

Gorgeous baby! I’ve never had a bald baby in my family so when people make a deal out of it I find it amusing, in a good way ofcourse.

Donna -Spring TX on

HONOR is such a beautiful name that is why I picked it for my daughter 4 years ago….I hope you name the next one Freedom!!!!!
Congratulations she looks beautiful and you look radiant.

Philippa on

wow she’s beautiful, so much hair! and jessica looks great too…

Wonfifty on

Beautiful! Definitely looks more like the father at this point.

Ashley on

Yay!!!! She is so beautiful!!! Im so glad to hear that her natural childbirth went so well!! I am also studying Hypnobabies and couldnt be more excited!!!! Congrats to the lucky mommy and daddy!!

Chicki on

I sure hope the baby turned out to be the exact color she wanted :-)! She’s beautiful and definitiely looks just like daddy!

Stephany on

Honor is beautiful! The first thing that popped into my head when I saw her was CASH! She looks so much like her daddy. I love her full head of dark hair. She’s gorgeous.

Grayson’s Girl, TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Gosh, Jessica doesn’t even look real in that picture. She looks great but I’d have like to see before-photoshop photo’s! 🙂

Lena on

OMG she is so beautiful…… I reaqlly think she will be just the perfect mix of her beautiful parents…… stunning, really!!!!!!

Dounia on

Beautiful baby. Shame about the Photoshop on Jessica’s face…

Bb on


Jessica on

she’s absolutely gorgeous, she looks like a doll, so beautiful, and i love her hair =)

brooke on

The baby is cute and looks just like cash, especially the nose. I like babies with dark hair like that and a lot of hair. I thought jessica wouldn’t sell baby pics either, she seems to hate the media and while pregnant implied she wouldn’t but I guess most celebrities when offered it, jump at the chance. So far only halle and salma, have been the only few not to get millions for their baby pics.

lucy80 on

i think she looks exactly like cash!!! dont know what her brother said was all about! a mini cash for sure, girls mostly look like their dads…

Silvana on

Oh my God! Can I say Cash? She looks just like daddy! Beautiful little girl!

Melanie F. on

Awwh what a beautiful little girl and so far she looks exactly like her dad. =)

kiley on

Stephnay- I couldn’t agree more and so glad you said that! I was wondering if I was the only one who thought Jessica was overly photo-shopped. She looks a little plastic; like a Barbie Doll in that photo.
It’s a shame bc she’s sooo naturally photogenic she always looks gorgeous in the everyday paparazzi shots I see of her.
What an adorable little girl 🙂 So happy for them:)
It really seems that OK! is becoming competitive with People in the baby celeb photo market.

tan on

She is adorable.It sounds like she had a sweet delivery.Congrats to Cash,her and their familys!

erica alayne on

You know, I’ll admit; normally I am not a huge fan of hers, but from what I have read so far, I have more respect for her. It sounds like she is doing wonderfully with her daughter, who is so darn adorable!

I actually think I might buy this issue rather than read it online, just because I am dying to hear more about her birthing experience!

JM on

Honor def. looks like Cash. Such a cutie! I can’t wait to see her in a few months to see who she really resembles!

Jana on

I love Honor’s unique name! However, I really don’t believe she is the “prettiest celeb baby” as some have mentioned. She isn’t even in the same ball park as Suri & Shiloh. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be rude – just an opinion. She’s a cute baby – as all babies are. I just don’t think she is as “beautiful” as everyone keeps saying she is.

brannon on

Not sure if it’s a wives tale or not but I can tell you that I nearly died from heartburn while pregnant and my son had so much hair they had to cut it to free him at birth! Baby Honor looks bald compared to my hairy little baby 🙂 Everybody kept saying it will fall out but it never did – had to be cut at 4 weeks because it was in his eyes 🙂 Guess I’m a little biased towards furry babies but she really is cute 🙂

Serenity on

So Cute, love her name and looks like her dad

Shirelle on

She is so cute! She looks just like Jessica


What a beautiful baby!!! I think she looks like Cash also…i wonder why her family to said otherwise.

Aya on

I don’t like this picture of Jessica. She’s already such a pretty woman, and they photoshopped her too much.Her mouth and chin look weird. I’ve seen prettier pictures of her buying groceries. The baby on the other hand is very cute,I wish they left her hair all feathery and soft.And kudos to Jessica for talking about belly bands 🙂

Molly on

I dont understand this sentence:

It’s still amazing that [Honor] was living instead of Jessica.”

Since both are living, shouldn’t it be rather “inside”?

Marta on

Hi! ^^ Spanish OK has a different cover! With Jessica, Cash and Honor ^^ I prefer this one:

melanie on

wow shes pretty looking EXACTLY like her daddy!

Rachael on

how cute is she, when i had ny son he had a head full of hair like that i didn’t have any heart burn at all

Molly on

Oh wow Marta, thanks for sharing thats a gorgeous spanish cover !!!! the baby there looks like she has Shiloh’s lips too cute !!!

Hannah on

It seems like Ok! is getting more and more first baby photos. I wonder if People just passed or if Ok! offered more money.

Either way, I am loving how much Honor looks like her papa!

zaraB on

Wow – Honor is absolutely stunning!!! So glad to hear that Jessica used hypnobirthing techniques during labour. I’m planning on doing a hypnobirthing course before my first baby’s due in January. I hope she speaks more about this in the interview.

Luisa on

Hey you’re right Molly— Honor does kind of resemble Shiloh in the Spanish Ok! cover. Right down to the “pose” and everything!

Elyse on

OOh, she is so beautiful! I can’t wai to go buy this issue!

m-dot on

Wow, sher really does look just like her father. Lucky for her, she has two great-looking parents. She couldn’t miss!

Daniela on

She’s beautiful! But personally I think she’s too young to tell who she looks like right now. Regardless, she’s a gorgeous baby! My daughter had a lot of hair just like her! And yes I had heartburn from day one! LOL!

t, on

The name still hasn’t grown on me but that is one BEAUTIFUL baby!

Paige on

Honor is beautiful. Of course, with her two gorgeous parents, why wouldn’t she be?

Joe on

Im not sure why these celebrities need to make cash out of their babies,i can understand z-listers like kerry katona,but Jessica Alba,does she really need that extra money?

Sheila on

She looks like her daddy!! It was so disappointing for me when both of my girls came out looking exactly like their daddy!! I baked them for 9 months!! LOL Now my 2yo looks just like me so I’m happy.

Mary-Helen on

What a beautiful girl! My husband jokes that if she grows to look more like Jessica, then Cash will need to invest in many guns to keep boys @ bay.


I purchased the OK magazine. The pics on the inside of the magazine show a baby that does look more like her mom, than her dad.

She’s got the most beautiful fingers, of any child that I’ve seen. She looks to also have blue eyes.

julie on

i am a 26 year old with two kids a 3 year old and a 4 month old and honestly these magazine covers are really starting to get to me i have always had body issues and seeing these stars after birth makes me feel bad like why dont i look like that and then people have to remind me that these are movie stars and they have so much help and money anyway i would like to know if there are any readers that feel the same way please responed.

julie on

i am a 26 year old with two kids a 3 year old and a 4 month old and honestly these magazine covers are really starting to get to me i have always had body issues and seeing these stars after birth makes me feel bad like why dont i look like that and then people have to remind me that these are movie stars and they have so much help and money anyway i would like to know if there are any readers that feel the same way please responed.

Anne on

I had horrible heartburn during pregnancy…and my daughter had barely any hair. I had never had heartburn before I was pregnant, and I remember my first experience with it, I was at work and I called my mother because I thought I was dying or was having a heart attack!

Mia on

I saw all the OK! pics and the baby looks like “all daddy” to me. Cute baby.

Sarita on

Julie, these photos are icredibly photoshopped. You should not look to photos in magazines as examples in real life, because they are not real.

Also yea they have money and help but they do have to lose the weight themselves, no one does it for them (except if they do a tummy tuck!). It takes hard work and excercise daily for hours.

Rene Campbell on

I’m also a new mom so i kno wat it feels like. Jessica and Cash, u two have a beautiful baby girl and i kno Honor will make u proud.

Lisa on

Congrats on your beautiful daughter. Just remember no matter who she looks like just that with the right teaching she can be smart and attractive.


damn…. look at this beeeeottchhh,
couldnt wait to sell out the lil mut…FANTASTIC 4 to FANTASTIC whore in under 2yrs damn……..

Tarrah on

OMG HOnor is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a pretty little girl.

ellen on

that’s one gorgeaus baby 🙂