Pigtailed Violet Affleck enjoys a bagel

07/15/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

Violet Anne Affleck, 2 ½, munched on a bagel after visiting Color Me Mine with actress mom Jennifer Garner on Monday. Dad is Ben Affleck.


Photo by LA-TOM/Flynet.

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a on

is jennifer pregnant

tink1217 on

there are rumors all the time that Jen is pregnant and I usually don’t listen, but lately it looks suspicious!

Jacky on

She’s such a Mommy’s girl, always out with her, hanging out, laughing, all that fun stuff! They seem to have such a strong bond 🙂

Lisette on

A, I was going to ask the same thing 🙂

Chloe on

Wow, Violet is a big girl now isn’t she? She’s a lovely little girl and a real credit to Jen and Ben, always so happy!

carie on

she has been seen a lot covering her stomach, but then again, she has always carried Violet a lot. And for all we know, there are a ton of pics out there recently with her not covering her stomach, but the media is just putting these out to fuel the speculation. if she is, congratulations to them! but for now it’s just a rumor.

Philippa on

I reckon she is! 🙂

Ash on

I think Jen is pregnant.

And I think its either those shoes or Violet has really big feet – a sign that that girl is gonna be TALL! Shes so cute.

April on

I love that her pigtail holders don’t match I sent my daughter to daycare today the same way! She is such a normal mom.

Stef on

She has to be one of my favorite celebrity babies. She looks just like her mommy. 🙂 What a beautiful girl.

Jen on

I totally think she’s pg. Too many reasons: 1. she was not out and about for awhile (until recently) which could be caused by morning sickness.
2. She’s been carrying big purses…something she never did before.
3. The loose tops and dresses she’s been wearing is different from the typical t-shirts she usually wears.
4. How she’s been carrying violet with violet’s leg covering her belly.

andrea on

well if she is pg, this should put an end to the “Ben and Jen are on the rocks” rumours!

Rosy J on

I think Jen is pregnant. Her breast are fuller. Violet gets to do a lot of fun stuff with her mon. Jen, if you need a babysitter. I’m here.

Nicole on

I usually try not to assume when someone is pregnant, but I really think she is!
I I hope so. Violet is an adorable child and I admire them so.

Risa on

I’ll be bowled over if everyone else is right (about her being pregnant), cause I honestly can’t see it in this pic! If she is, I highly doubt she positioned Violet’s leg in front of her stomach for that very reason. I know my son’s leg goes there too when I’m holding him on my hip!

Violet is too cute! Love the pigtails!

FC on

Violet just seems to be sprouting up there in height and size. And more pigtails. I love girls in pigtails. They just look adorable on any girl, I think. 🙂

sharon on

there are pics of them from last night with ben and you can see she’s pregnant. congrats to them I hope it’s a boy this time 🙂

anita bee on

i love these two but really, does violet ever walk anywhere? every single picture of her is of her being held. i’ve got an almost 3-year-old who’s relatively light but there’s no way i could carry her to that extent!

Chloe on

And no, I still don’t think she’s pregnant. I’m sure she said in an interview recently she’s not even sure about having any more kids, let alone soon.

Kate on

Anita, you also probably aren’t followed around by paparazzi, and since we don’t see them unless the paparazzi is near, well then…

There are videos of Angelina Jolie walking with her children and as soon as she sees the photographers, she picks two of them up. I imagine it’s the same situation here.

Bancie1031 on

Look how big Violet IS!!! She is so pretty. And far as is Jennifer pregnant IDK, she doesn’t look like it to me, I guess we will have to wait until the announcement if she is ….. and if she is I wish her, Ben and Violet the best of luck 😀

Angel on

Chloe, Jennifer has stated on plenty of occasions that she wants to have more children. What she would deny in interviews that she is pregnant or that she was trying. But I highly doubt she would announce she was trying for another baby to the press. Personally, I think she is pregnant for many of the reasons other people have stated. The big teller, to me anyway, is that her rep is refusing to comment on the rumors. In the past, her rep would issue denials when a false pregnancy rumor surfaced. Now? Silence.

Devon on

Jen is probably holding Violet because she wants to get out there as quickly as she can. 3 year olds can take their time…it took me and my mum about 20 minutes to get home once (usually only about a 5 minute walk) when we were with my 3 year old cousin. They stop and look at everything, and want to dawdled.

I dunno if Jen is pregnant or not, but when there is this much speculation, there is usually cause for it.

slm on

A report out of Boston is stating that she is expecting. Quoting friends of the family.

Only time will truly tell on this one.

Laura on

check out this photo from the website pop sugar. jen looks about 4-5 months pregnant.

Snow on

I don’t normally comment on the pg rumors, but if you look at the pics from popsugar she sure does look like shes expecting! I hope she is, they seem to be a great happy family! I just hope the paps leave her alone either way! Who would want to spend most of their childs life with strange camera people in their faces!

Stacy on

She is totally pregnant, check out the water that is what gives it away. Also, there are pictures of Violet walking, christ we are going to give her crap for holding her child?????

CelebBabyLover on

sim- If that report is true…That’s awful that her friends are outing her pregnancy! Why can’t they respect her wish to keep it private for awhile?

Anyway, does anyone remember how far along she was before she confirmed her pregnancy with Violet? Or did she ever confirm it? I’m curious! Oh, and I just want to point out that her drinking water doesn’t mean a thing! I drink water all the time, and I’m certainly not pregnant!

suuu on

is she not wearing a bra in this pic?

IG on

Violet is wearing Oscar and Elmo Sesame Street ponytail holders from Target. They were out around Easter in the $1 bins 🙂 You can’t find them in Target anymore, but I have seen them on EBay.