Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcome twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline

07/13/2008 at 01:30 AM ET

Angelinajoliebradpitt_51958371_max_Actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, 44, are parents again, for the fifth and sixth time! Angelina, 33, delivered fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, by c-section on Saturday, July 12th in Nice, France. Son Knox Léon arrived first at 6:27 p.m., weighing in at 5.3 lbs, while daughter Vivienne Marcheline was born at 6:28 p.m., weighing 5 lbs.

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Ob/gyn Dr. Michel Sussmann told PEOPLE,

The babies are doing well. The operation went just perfectly. Angelina is in very good spirits.Brad Pitt was at her side. He was there and all was well.

Jokingly calling Brad "my assistant," the ob/gyn revealedthat the new dad cut Knox and Vivienne’s umbilical cords after theirdeliveries,  saying, "He was … perfectly calm, totally determined,very pleased to be at the birth of his children, very moved and veryemotional."

Dr. Sussmann explained that the date for the scheduled cesarean wasmoved forward 10 days "for reasons of comfort for the mom," citing a need for the babies to beborn into "the best conditions." Angelina will remain hospitalized formuch of the week, the doctor believes.

She will stay for a few days. You know, in Europe it isn’t like in theUnited States, where the patients go home after three days. They willstay a bit longer until everything is okay.

The couple never formally announced the pregnancy; instead, Angelina debuted a belly at the Independent Spirit Awards. In May, rumors of twins were confirmed by an accidental slip-of-the-tongue from co-star Jack Black — but no worries, Angelina and Brad didn’t mind. The couple preferred not to share the twins’ due date, and said they would keep the sexes private as well.

Knox and Vivienne join older siblings Maddox Chivan, 6 ½, Pax Thien, 4 ½, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, and Shiloh Nouvel, 2.

Source: People; Photo by Tony Barson/WireImage.

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ila on

splendid news!
LOVE the names… Maddox, Pax and Knox!

Lilly on

Those are beautiful names! Brad’s grandfather’s name was Knox, I believe. Congratulations!

Judy on

I was hoping they would have one of each. Congratulations to the entire J-P family! The parents and grandparents must be ecstatic.

auntyamber on

Congratulations, so very happy for them all, how lovely 3 boys and 3 girls. I knew if they had a girl there was bound to be Marcheline included which is lovely

Sandra and Carina on


I love the names – especially Vivienne Marcheline.

Aahley on

Yahhhh!! Congrats to the whole Jolie-Pitt clan!!! Love the names!!!!! Can’t wait to see pics, I wonder if they have angie’s lips lol??!!

evie on

Congrats to both of them!! Some people have it all. 3 boys and 3 girls! How perfect!
If think they are premature….
Love there names.

alex on

Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Knox & Vivienne…

not a massive fan of the sibling’s names all together, a little confusing too!

tippy on

lol-I was checking this site all night to see when you would post this!!!

I was hoping for two girls–but at least they will have 3 of each.

I can’t wait to see how much money the pic’s of these babies go for–I hope they include the whole family like last time!!

I’m proud that they always give the money to charity!

Congrats to them!!

Namesake Treasures Personalized Gifts on

Woohoo!! Congratulations to Brad & Angie on their new bundles of joy. I love their names…especially Vivienne Marcheline. It’s such an elegant, classic name. I cannot wait to see pictures of these little angels.

legemc on

I thought this was still a rumor but it’s not posted as such. I know there was said to be a statement from the doctor but I wouldn’t thought it would have been confirmed by their reps before a statement from a doctor (seems to violate patient confidentiality rules to me, but then again I thought the same thing when the hospital confirmed she had been admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago).

If it’s true though, congratulations to the happy family! I was hoping at least one of the twins would be a boy. I find it odd that if the name that was released is correct, all 3 of their boys’ names end in “X”. I’m curious to find out why they chose the name Knox (especially since I live in Knoxville/Knox County). Vivienne is a pretty name though I can see her being called Vivie/Vivey for short. They seem to like to shorten their kids names (Mad, Z, etc.). Can’t wait to see these babies!

Coco on

Wow! That’s awesome. I wonder how far along she was. I had my twins at 31 weeks and they weighed about the same as hers.
I just can’t wait to see the little buggers.

karine on

Congratulations, here in France all media are talking about it 🙂 I checked Knox is a old english name too
Vivienne is so sweet

Ali on

I just knew there was a reason I was up surfing the web at 3am…now it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Assuming they look something like Shiloh, I just can’t picture a blue-eyed, blond-hair boy named Knox Leon…maybe he will end up with more exotic looks like Angelina…

Also, I never noticed that Maddox and Pax were matchy until they added Knox into the mix…

Megan on

I’m glad to hear that the babies are doing well. I love the names that they pick! They are out of the ordinary, and hip. Not the typical Tom, and Jane! I love it! She is such an insperational lady. I can’t wait to see if her children turn out like her.

legemc on

Lilly, thanks for the explanation of the name Knox. I looked it up and you are right….it was the middle name of Brad’s maternal grandfather, Hal Knox Hillhouse, who died in 1976.

gina on

good to know lilly. thought maybe there was some obsession with “x”: maddoX, paX, and now knoX

Robin on

“The babies are here! The babies are here!” I am so excited that they have one of each and of course they will be beautiful…remember Jack Black said that Angie would have a literal Brady Bunch! Now we know that he wasn’t kidding…three of each! Glad to know that the press didn’t pick up that secret for all along most reports said twin girls. Congrats to the Jolie Pitt bunch and hey I hear that you are looking for a nanny! I’m packing my bags and heading to France right now!

Shana on

I love the name Knox, but not sure about Vivienne. I wonder if she will be called Vivi? Rosie O’Donnel’s daughter is named Vivienne & they call her Vivi. Just a thought. I’m pretty sure the middle names are after relatives, Vivienne’s middle name is def after her mother. I think all of her sons’ names are cute but the girls’ names are not. But, that’s her!

Micaki on

Congratulations Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Pax, Zahara & Shiloh!
Three boys & three girls!
I can’t wait to see pictures! :o)
The family portrait of all 8 of them will be gorgeous!

nessa on

so happy for them!!
i was up all night waiting for you to confirm it.
just have a question would vivienne
be pronounced like the regular vivian
or is it pronounced diffrently

mumof2 on

Love the names espcially Vivienne, probably because its also my name and spelt the same way, It has rarely only a couple of friends and relatives shorten it to Vivey, i am 9/10 called Viv

gina on

AAW!!! how adorable is that! 3 girls and 3 boys!!!! TRUELY THEY ARE THE BRADY BUNCH!!!! BRANGY BUNCH!!! HE HE !!!

Judy on

I can’t wait to see the pics — especially Brad’s little mini-me!

lady t on

Congratulations Brad and Angie!!! I can’t believe it…The twins are finally here and I am so excited…May God continue to bless the Jolie-Pitts!

Corkylu on

I was totally expecting twin girls since all media was reporting such…But Knox is going to be one handsome boy thats for sure. Congratulations to the family and; welcome Vivienne and Knox…Can’t wait to see you!!

Teena on

Thats such joyous news – I am so happy for both of them. They deserve the very best for the birth of their twins. Such beautiful names and obviously meaningful to them, which is nice to hear.
Welcome to the world Knox and Vivienne!

Jade on

Wow I’m shocked I didn’t believe it at first yesterday but it seems true this time. I’m so happy I was hoping for a boy and a girl. I don’t like the names though. Congratulations to the whole family !

Grayson's Girl on

Yay for the Jolie-Pitt family! I was hoping they would end up with one each! Congrats to them! Their house is certainly full with 3 boys and 3 girls! Mazel Tov to the happy crew!

I love Vivienne’s name! I wonder of it’s pronounced the French(it would flow so beautifully with Marcheline if it is)or the English way? Knox Leon is a strong name (I keep thinking Fort Knox lol) that apparently comes from Brad’s grandfather and I’m sure is very fitting to the baby. These two are just as stunning as their siblings no doubt!

I wonder if Brad and Angie have made peace with never sleeping again? LOL Six kids under 7 is…..WOW!

stephanie on

knox and viv. LOVE the names!

Natalie S. on

OMG fantastic news!!! A boy and a girl!! Loved the rumors that it was going to be two girls. Congrats to Angelina and Brad! LOL can’t wait to see those lil’ darlings!

LisaB on

So happy for them all!!! Wonderful news, now lets just hope that the comments don’t get out of control on here over every little tiny detail.

sam on

amazing couple


In the challenge of who has the best name.
1. Zahara Marley (fits her, she has so much sass like her name)
2. Shiloh Nouvel (cute and pretty, just like her)
3. Maddox Chivan (spunky like him)
$. Vivenne Marcheline (elegant, classy)
5. Pax Thien and Knox Leon (sound like funny and troublesome boys)
Wish everyone well

Faye on

Congratulations Brad & Angelina!!!! I’m so happy the delivery went smoothly and that the babies are healthy. I’m also looking forward to seeing photos of the new additions. Best wishes to the family.

phoebe on

Congrats to the couple, I’m sure the babies, like all four others, will be breathtakingly beautiful. Really REALLY don’t like the names, but I guess it’s each to their own lol. I absolutely admire their family philosophies and the way they raise their international family.

J.J. on

It’s a boy and a girl just like I was hoping for!!! Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt clan!! I love the names of the new arrivals, but to be honest, I’m not much of a fan of Vivienne, I like Isla better like the rumors had it. But I hope the mom and babies are doing well and can’t wait to get more info!

Kirrily on

Yes, Knox is a family name for Brad, and Angelina has a Great Great Grandfather called Léon.

Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitt’s!

lady t on

Love the names…Wasn’t quite sure about Knox but it grows on ya…

Michelle on

So happy for them and I think it’s adorable they now have 3 of each! Congrats to the whole family!

scout allegra on

I have no doubt that those babies will be just as gorgeous as their beautiful siblings, but personally I am really not a big fan of the names at all. Actually, Leon and Marcheline are quite nice, but the first names just don’t do it for me. But it’s just my humble opinion, and they have every right to choose whichever names they love for their babies. They’ll grow into them I’m sure. Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitts, I am so looking forward to seeing some photos, especially of all of them together! XXX

Tanya Steele on

Was so looking forward to seeing two identical little angels running around, but I guess this evens things out,sex wise! Really not a fan of the names though.

Steffie on

I am so happy for them! The names are lovely. I can’t wait to see the photograph. I hope they have a lovely time together.

Maddie on

This is great news! However, not so sure about the names, but so glad their finally here!

sigh on

YAY!! Congrats to them 🙂

Sylvana on

Congrats to Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Pax. Zahara and Shiloh.

I’m glad they are doing wel.

I love the girls name, Vivienne Marcheline

karine on

For grayson’s girl in French Vivienne is pronounced “Veeveeain”
Knox means “round top hill” is old english origin

LindaLou on

awwww. congrats to them! love the names!

M on

Wow, several high-profile celebrity births in one week! Imagine if all the families released photos of their babies within days of each other as well.

@ legemc: I used to live very close to Knoxville (Farragut, specifically), and I also thought of Knox. Co. when I saw the name. It does conjure up thoughts of strength and fortitude.

I have a strong weakness for French names, especially for girls, so I think Vivienne’s name is absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful, elegant name for who I’m sure will be a beautiful child.

amber on

yay! gorgeous names too, as i always expect from brad and angelina. i love their taste in baby names–especially zahara and shiloh, so pretty. congrats to brad and angie, and the new big sibs of course!

Charity on

For some odd reason, I was hoping they’d have a boy and a girl, rather than the rumored girl/girl twins – yay ! The names are, at least for celebrities, just fine (though Leon sounds grandpa-ish, but family names often do !), but the girl name, I love it, especially if it’s pronounced the French way.

Congratulations to the new parents, as well as the new big brothers and sisters !

Emz on

AWWWW Congrats to all Jolies and all Pitts!! Fantastic news – and one of each evens things up nicely … no one’s outnumbered hehe

I wish Knox and Vivienne (gorgeous names!!!) a very long and happy life

Laura on

I love the names they have chosen… what a beautiful little family 🙂

Cassie on

Congrats to them all. The names are starting to grow on me the more u say them with the other kids names.

Faith on

Congratulations to Brad & Angie. I’m not thrilled with the names but I do like how they honor kin on both sides of the family. I think that’s very sweet. I have to say I can’t wait for the pictures of the new additions with their brothers and sisters. The ones taken for Shiloh’s birth were absolutely beautiful.

SeanJay on

6 kids in 6 years, YIKES!! Goodluck to them.

carolina on

congrats to brad and angie, and the rest of the family!
love the name vivienne (planning to use it for my own day!) i wonder if they will pronounce it like the english variant (vi-vi-un) or french (vee-vee-yen)? since the spelling is french, and they are now in france, my guess is the latter!
the name knox is growing on me, i think it’s cute that the three brothers are all bonded by an ‘x’ in their first name and ‘n’ in their second name!

sinclair on

Congrats to Angie and Brad!

Which twin was born first, Viv or Knox???

Tracy on

YAY!! I’m so happy for them!! Congrats to the whole entire family!! I love the names because they have special meaning behind them. I can’t wait to see the babies. Shiloh looks so much like Brad but those lips are all Angelina’s, lol, so, can you imagine the boy!!?? OMG, I can’t wait to see what these babies look like in a year!! WOW!!

carie on

great news for the Jolie-Pitts! can’t wait to see the pictures! I really did believe it would be two girls, and was totally surprised to hear it was boy/girl. Love the names, too!

blue_butterfly on

What amazing news, I’m so pleased for Brad & Angelina on their healthy twins!

Name wise I expected something a bit “out there”, after all Maddox, Zahara. Pax & Shiloh are hardly John & Sarah type names – I was surprised to see Vivienne as it is more well known than any of the others but it is a beautiful name and I love that the middle name is after Angelinas beloved mother. Does anyone know if Vivienne is also a family name, as we’ve established both Knox & Leon are for Brad?

Lovely names though – here’s to their health and happiness!

Marianne on

Does anyone remember when the first photos of Shiloh were released? I’m wondering when we’ll have photos of little Knox anc Vivienne 🙂

iluvallbabies on

“Really REALLY don’t like the names, I cant stand those names” is what one poster has said above.

Im 100% for people having opinions- Im just confused by the CBB policy. It states the below:

Bottom line: Ask yourself, “Would I be comfortable saying this to the person’s face?”

So, just double checking- would you actually be comfortable walking up to someone and saying “I cant stand those names of your newborns” ?

Personally I love them. And I love this family….cant wait to see the photos (word on Australian news websites is they fetched 11 million to go to charity for the first pics!).

Lynsey on

Not really so sure about Knox…there are a lot of boys names ending in X they could have used. Alex Leon, for example, but I guess it’s a family name. I don’t like Vivienne either. Their middle names are cute, though. I really like the name Leon, so that’s cool.

Vivian on

Love the name Vivienne but I am biased since my name is Vivian! Glad to have another Viv/Vivi in the world!

Love this big little family (6 kids under 7!) and love the unique but not crazy baby names!

Congrats to all the Jolie-Pitts!

Kim on

Congrats I had a feeling they’d be one of each and not the twin girls the media kept reporting. Not a fan of the name Knox but I guess it fits in to their boys names as well as Brad’s family, really like the name Vivienne, its really pretty, prob get the nickname ‘Vivi’ which is cute as. At 5 pounds I’d be pretty happy, thats not really premmy, I was born a week early and was the same weight so its really pretty good and my son was 3 pounds at 32 weeks so I doubt theyd stay in hospital for too long.

DLR on

I knew the babies would be born within a couple weeks after Angelina was admitted. A “medical concern” always means an earlier than expected birth. It is wonderful there was both a boy and a girl, and that it sounds like everyone is healthy and on the road to recovery after the births. Now the genders are evened out, but not for long!

So in 10 months can we expect the announcement Angelina has adopted a girl like Zahara? Now that Shiloh has not one, but two siblings like her, I am betting there’ll be a new addition to the family within ten months based on when Pax arrived in the family after Shiloh’s birth.

Philippa on

wow, i did not expect that. i was guessing that they would have two girls.
congrats to them!
can’t say i’m a big fan of the name knox though, it’s the only one of their children’s name that i don’t like…
i love the name vivienne marcheline though, sounds classy

Dannielle on

I’m glad they had a boy & a girl! If it were twin girls it wouldn’t be even! Besides, Brad needs a little mini me.

(LOVE- aJ ) on

Congrats to Them !

kiki on

Congratulations !!!!

Now, if that isn’t perfect lol 3 boys and 3 girls !

Marianne on

I think Vivienne Marcheline is gorgeous. “Vivienne” means “life”, “live”, “alive”. Together with Marcheline it means “live Marcheline”, which I think is very touching.

SAR on

Congrats to the ever-growing Jolie-Pitt clan! A boy and a girl, that’s wonderful. I’m sure they’re beautiful; with Brangelina for parents, they could scarcely be otherwise.

As for the Jolie-Pitt boys’ names all ending in the letter x, that could be a bit confusing. However, both Brad and Angelina hve referred to their kids by nicknames during interviews: Maddox is “Mad,” Zahara is “Z,” Shiloh is “Shi” (pronounced “shy”). If they have a nickname for Pax, I haven’t heard it. But anyway…maybe they’ll call Knox “K,” and Vivienne “Viv.”

Laura on

I always had that hunch that they would be a boy and a girl giving them 3 boys and 3 girls. There family is just so perfect so the feeling was just there that they would get one of each.

The names aren’t to bad, I couldn;t even have guessed names like that if I tried. I like the name Knox, a little iffy on Vivienne. Name wise I think they are good compared to what some names have been, I think once I get used to it like I did with Shiloh and calling her Shi, im sure I will find a comfortable name setting for Vivienne and then just not think of it right now its more like any name to get used to cause well its not a name I hear alot.

Congratz Angie, Brad, Maddie, Pax, Z and Shi and Welcome to the family Knox and Vi *ha found my comfort name by the end of the post!* And now it fits with the kids I think. Knox like Pax and Maddox. Then Vi, like Shi nawww

Lilybett on

I wonder if Leon will be pronounced in the English/American or the French way? I think the French is much more elegant but we’ll see!

Lena on

WOW I was so exited to read the good news. I wish them all the best with their Brady Bunch like Jack Black said…
The names are so cute and they really match with all the other names of their kids……

I cannot wait to finally see how beautiful they probably will be….

Love Lena

Linda on

Congratulations to the most beautiful couple on the face of this plant. God bless the Jolie-Pitts clan. Welcome to the world, two little angels.

Donna on

Very very happy for them! Everybody’s going to be fine. What a wonderful day for the family.

blackrose on

omg!! thats just perfect!! 3 boys and 3 girls!!hehe they were born on the same day as my sister!(shes 11 now)… and Nichole and matthews babies were born on my other sister’s birthday!! i wonder who will be born on my special day!! anyway congrats to the jolie pitts! cant wait to see pics!

Chicki on

I’m surprised by the boy-girl birth, but I’m very happy that she didn’t use Isla – I’d love to use that myself one day 🙂

Tanya on

Congratulations on the birth of twins! I love that one of them is a boy! Personally I don`t like the name Knox, and think it would be better if he go by his middle name Leon.
I wonder why all the boys names sound similar: Maddox, Pax and Knox, while all the girls names are totally different: Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne. Of all their kids names I love Shiloh and Maddox the most.
Can`t wait to see the first photos of the twins and hope for a family photo with all the kids as well.

Aimee on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt clan!~ A boy and a girl. I love that twin combo! Cute names. I like Knox.

melissa on

Aw, cute names. A boy and a girl is perfect as well. It evens out the family nicely.

Kirsty on

I knew there was a boy in there!

I like the name, but not sure that Vivienne fits with the other siblings names.

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family though. I hope one of the kids has dark features like Angelina.

Colette on

Oh perfect a boy and girl! I love the name Knox but not so keen on Vivienne – I love that they normally pick quirky names.

Amanda on

I love that however unconventional the names for their children seem, there is deep meaning behind them. I think that’s wonderful.

I must admit to not being keen on Vivienne although I’ve warmed to it slightly. The news report I saw on TV was pronouncing both Leon and Vivienne in the French way. I think they both sound a lot nicer this way.

Anyways, congratulations, not only to Brad and Angelina but also to Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. I hope everything goes well for them all, in the coming weeks and the future.

Irishgal on

Congrats to Angelina and Brad! I am delighted for them. I was hoping that they would have a boy and a girl.

Arlz on

Awww Congrats Angelina and Brad!! – ive been checking loads to see whats been going on with the babies. I knew they would have unique names and its so sweet they have 3 of each!!

I think its awasome and i think she is a geat mother 😛

i bet her babies are georgous!!

tink1217 on

Congrats!!!! I love the name Vivienne!!! Knox is not my style, but it seems to go along with the other boys names! So glad all are well, healthy, and happy!

loveliason65 on

Yay congratulations to Angelina and Brad as well as Maddox, Zahara, Pax and Shiloh. A boy and a girl! How awesome and what a nice refutation of the paparazzi’s specuation that they were have 2 girls. So please that all are doing well!

@udrey on

I am so happy for them !!
A boy and a girl …wow thats so nice!
Welcome to the babies and Congrat’ to the happy and proud parents, sis and bros! 🙂

Heather on

Yay!!!! I’m so glad they had one of each. I don’t really like either of the names but oh well! I’m really happy for the family.

Ashton on

Yay! I love the Jolie-Pitt family. Two new beautiful babies!

Congrats to Angelina, Brad, and the whole clan!

MaríaM2 on

I am so jazzed about it all and I love the name Leon since it is also mine but with a slight difference. Mine is with an accent over the O. In french it’s pronounced “lee-OWN”, in español it’s “lay-OWN.” I love all the names their children have, but I think Vivienne Marcheline, Zahara Marley, and Maddox Chivan are my fav’s.

I cannot wait to get a look at them and overjoyed that they got one of each.

Kelly on

Yay Congrats to the whole family!!! At first I wasn’t totally fond of the names but I’m sure they’ll grow on me. Vivienne is very cute for a girls name. I wasn’t expecting a boy and a girl but I’m happy that they had one of each! I was expecting prehaps 2 girls or 2 boys. And they were born on my Dad’s birthday. What a surprise! I can’t wait to see pics of their newest addition!

Natasha on

I am so happy that the twins are finally here. Congratulations to the Jolie- Pitt family and I absolutely love the names they picked out !! Congrats

Heather on

Congrats to the new family of 8! LOVE the names. Vivienne Marcheline, just gorgeous! I can just picture Knox being a little spitfire! I hope they are enjoying their two new little bundles.

Hollie on

Congrats to all of them!
The names are lovely, especially calling Vivienne after Angie’s mum, (Marcheline I mean :D)


alero on

“Vivienne” means “life”, “live”, “alive”. Together with Marcheline it means “live Marcheline”, which I think is very touching.

Posted by: Marianne at Jul 13, 2008 6:53:13 AM

I love that too. Thanks.

All God’s Blessing to the Jolie Pitts

Sarah F on

Just love them…. I would have a huge family too if we could afford it.

JLM on

I think Knox, Pax and Maddox are a little too “much”, too close together for me but Knox definitely goes with their style. I love Vivienne.

chickling on

Congratulations to Brad and Angie and their entire family. I really love the names and love that Knox honors Brad’s grandfather and of course Marcheline. Wishing the Jolie-Pitt family all the best. 🙂

Shelly on

Yay! Congrats to Brad amd Angie! I love the name Vivienne!

Gen on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitts! I’m glad the babies are healthy, that is the most NB thing. In my humble opinion, I’m not particularly keen on Knox Leon, does anyone know where “Leon” comes from? And Vivienne? Compared to Zahara and Shiloh, which are pretty unique and uncommon names, Vivienne seems pretty mainstream. No offence to anyone named Vivienne/Vivian. I am so glad Brad and Angie have welcomed a little girl and a BOY! He’ll protect his lil sisters! I wonder who Knox will look like!

I am just so glad those babies and mummy are doing well 🙂 Congrats to the whole family.

kelly on

Fantastic news and great names – glad all are happy and healthy.

emma on

I’m really happy they’ve had one of each – the names are great – it would be interesting to know if they have chosen Leon & Vivienne just because they like the names or for another reason? They seem quite “normal” for the J-P’s! If Knox has been named after Brad’s dad and obviously Marcheline was Angelina’s mom’s name I think that’s lovely. My eldest son was named after my dad too.

Amanda on

Yay!!! My fav celeb family has grown by 2 and I’m sure they are just as gorgeous as their big siblings! Love the names, just what I’d expect from Brad and Angelina, a twist on unique and classic.
I hope the twins are doing well, those weights say preemie to me, my girls were born ~35 weeks weighing about the same and needed some special care. I don’t doubt the August due date with them.

Carol on

That’s great news. I love their names. Congratulations to the family. It doesn’t look like they were too early with their weights right around 5 pounds. I hope they are all well.

Autumn on

Congratulations to them! A baby boy and a girl, how cool! (And now a ‘mini-Brad’ too!) lol!) Plus they now have 3 boys and 3 girls, which is really sweet too! Their babies’s weights, at 5 lbs and a bit more isn’t bad for twins. Perhaps she was only within 2 or 3 wks of her due date?

The twins’ names are okay too, a real ecclectic mixture of names, which is cool since they have 6 kids now. Good luck to the Jolie-Pitt family.

lilly on

Wow!!! Congratulations to the whole family! I love the names, though I was thinking if Gwen Stefani had a girl she would name her Vivienne–after Vivienne Westwood–but still, I love it!

Sarah on

i’m thrilled for them!

michelleanne on

Congrats to the whole family , I was watching a show yesterday on bad girls gone good and she was number 6 out of 10 ,I cannot believe it now that she was ever “bad” as they say and how far she has come she is a loving mother and seems to have it all together and Brad seems so content, they make a lovely family .
Welcome to the world Vivienne and Knox

facingdawn on

I didn’t realize til I saw the post that not only do the boys 1st names all end in X but Chivan, Thien and Leon all flow similarly as well. I wonder if this is a trend they will continue with any other boys. They don’t seem to have the same philosophy of naming the girls. Congratulations to a wonderful big family.

brooke on

Congrats to them, I was hoping they would have girl/boy so that we can see how a son of their’s looks. I don’t like the name knox, but it’s nice it’s after brad’s grandpa, and the girl’s name is pretty and in honor of angelina’s mom. Can’t wait to see the pics

Cassandra on

THERE IS A GOD! Brad Pitt had a boy! Hopefully Knox will look like Brad with Angelina’s coloring. Either way, they will be beautiful!

Congrats! I love the names as well. Knox is a great name and Vivienne is beautiful.

Mia on

Its a BOY and a Girl!! That’s so exciting.

I guess the original rumor was true.

Congrats to the family. I can’t wait to hear more information about the names/pictures 🙂

Mia on

Also, an extra comment, I think Knox seems appropriate being Brad Pitt is from the Midwest and it keeps the “x” tradition of their sons names Maddonx, Pax, and Knox.

and the “e/i” sound in the girls names-Z, Shi, Vi.

Jasmine C. on

Oh! I am so happy they had a boy and a girl! I can’t wait to see what they look like. So exciting!

chatty cricket on

Marianne, is that so about Vivienne’s name? How touching!

Nelle on

I have loved all the Jolie Pitt children’s names til now. Really not a fan of Vivienne, it seems too ordinary and out of place.

t. on

ok I see the link in the boys names first names ending with “x” and middle name ending with “n” but I don’t see any links in the girls names. Am I missing it?

Emaline on

I’m not a fan of hers and now she went and took my fave girl name, aah! LOL! I thought she was having two girls so what a surprise! I actually don’t mind the name Knox.

JM on

I feel like I just gave birth to my own babies!! Love the names. The boy is fitting considering the names of their other sons and the daughter’s name is beautiful and I knew it would have her mothers name if there was a little girl!

UGH so the perfect hollywood couple have a perfect little family BOOO haha!! *sarcasm of course*

Congrats! Can’t wait to see pictures of the new babies!!!

kim on

congrats to them and i love the names they make a great couple

Sasha on

THERE IS A GOD! Brad Pitt had a boy! Hopefully Knox will look like Brad with Angelina’s coloring. Either way, they will be beautiful!

Congrats! I love the names as well. Knox is a great name and Vivienne is beautiful.

Posted by: Cassandra at Jul 13, 2008 10:28:08 AM

He already has 2 boys before Knox!! Pax and Maddox.

Lisa on

Congrats! How wonderful that they had a boy and girl especially after all the rumors that they were having girls. Love the names as well!

Jessica on

oOo I kind of like the names! I can’t wait to see pictures of them! I bet they are beautiful! =) Congrats to the Pitt Family!

Shelly on

Not sure if my first comment got through, but I’ll say it again…Congrats to Brad and Angelina! I love the name Vivienne and I’m starting to warm up to Knox.

Kell on

I was waiting for you to be the first to break the news and was a little disappointed that I heard it from everywhere else first. Oh well.

Love the little girl’s name, but do not like Knox at all.

HardCandy on

Well I guess the original rumors were true, now at least they have it split right down the middle.
SAR they call Pax, Pax and I’m pretty sure they will call Knox, Knox. “K” or even “P” is not really a suitable nickname for a child at least to me anyway.
Cassandra, Brad already has 2 sons, and the whole family had a boy not just Brad, in fact Angie deserves most of the credit. I’m sorry I just hate the comments that make it seem like men are never satisfied until they have a biological boy. I sure you didn’t mean any harm but I hate those types of comments.
This means my dreams are pretty accurate when it comes to celeb babies, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if I’m right about Gwen.

Dierna on

Yay!!! Normal names!! Love the names! Knox means Round Hill, which fits with Brad’s name, Broad clearing. *lol*

But they seemed to have the French theme going with Leon and Vivienne (St. Vivian is a patron saint who helped France).

Kym on

Congrats!! Love the names! I bet Brad & Ang let the kids (esp. Mad) have some say about the names….
I have a question…the babies were born in France, so is their bday 7-13, or 7-12(America’s time is @ 8 hours before)? Sounds silly, but their bday would be July 13, not July 12….

Rebecca on

The names are definitely not my style. I think the “X” theme with the boys is cute though. I’m so glad they had a boy and a girl. They have such a cute family.

Julia A on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt clan!
I was surprised by the name Vivienne since the other kids’ names are all more unusual. Other people mentioned above that Knox, Leon, and Marcheline are all family names, made me wonder if Vivienne is a family name too and we just don’t know about the connection.
I would like to see a photo with the entire family too, but I doubt Mad, Pax, Z, and Shi would all sit still long enough for a photo shoot. lol.

Erica on

I love the name Knox, but I think I liked the rumored girl’s name Isla Marcheline better than Vivienne Marcheline. I’m also surprised it wasn’t twin girls, but I congratulate the family!

G on

Kym, Nice is 6 hours ahead of US eastern time. If they were born on 7-12 in France (I’ve heard at night/late afternoon) they were born on 7-12 in the US as well. Birth time is recorded in whatever time zone the babies are born in.

Erica on

I love the name Knox, but I think I liked the rumored girl’s name Isla Marcheline better than Vivienne Marcheline. I’m also surprised it wasn’t twin girls, but I congratulate the family!

brannon on

Wow – my favorite family is now even more perfect!!! 3 of each!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the names! I never really liked that maddox and pax sounded alike but now that they are doing the whole “x” thing – kind of cute 🙂 LOVE the name Knox and Vivienne is very very sweet. SO exciting!!!!

Sabrina on

I am surprised and how subdued the names are compared to their other childrens’. They are BEAUTIFUL names though!!

Becki on

Congratulations to Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. I love the names!

Doreen on

Wahooooo!!! I’m soooo excited for them and GLAD to hear that they have a biological boy now! Awesome! ;)It will be great to see the little girl too! How wonderful!!!

LolaCola on

I was hoping twin girls too, but I’m glad they now have 3 of each, but I’m sure like DLR said that within a year or year & 1/2 they will adopt an African girl for Zahara. Didn’t they say they wanted 7, so maybe after that they will be done?

legemc on

HardCandy/Sasha: I think maybe you’re reading too much into Cassandra’s comment. Of course I can’t speak for her, but I took it to mean that she was glad that there would be another male in this world with Brad’s genes. As other people have said, a Brad mini-me. I don’t think she meant to say that Maddox and Pax were less important, or that the family wasn’t complete without a male heir. I think she was just making a joke about hoping Brad’s son would be as smoking hot as his dad. Maybe in 25 years little Knox will be People’s Sexiest Man Alive just like his dad! 🙂

Marianne on

Marianne, is that so about Vivienne’s name? How touching!

Posted by: chatty cricket at Jul 13, 2008 10:42:33 AM

Yes, it is!

It’s true that Vivienne means “alive” and “live”, so the meaning of Vivienne Marcheline, would mean “live Marcheline”. I doubt that it’s a coincidence 🙂 It’s a beautiful way of honouring Angies mother.

Sasha on

HardCandy/Sasha: I think maybe you’re reading too much into Cassandra’s comment. Of course I can’t speak for her, but I took it to mean that she was glad that there would be another male in this world with Brad’s genes. As other people have said, a Brad mini-me. I don’t think she meant to say that Maddox and Pax were less important, or that the family wasn’t complete without a male heir. I think she was just making a joke about hoping Brad’s son would be as smoking hot as his dad. Maybe in 25 years little Knox will be People’s Sexiest Man Alive just like his dad! 🙂

Posted by: legemc at Jul 13, 2008 1:20:02 PM

I know what I read, her most has nothing to do with Knox’s features.

iluvperfectparents on

Awwwh Congratulations, I can’t wait to see this two. I bet they are just as adorable as the other ones.

umma a on

thank goodness! no more waiting!!!(for me to find out! haha)!

i’m glad they got another boy instead of two more girls so it’s even now!

i like how knox sounds and how it matches the X in mad and pax. they’ll call him KNOX, they won’t need to shorten it.

viveinne like the other post said means LIFE/LIVE to it is a tribute to angie’s mom. they will call her VIV i’m sure!

next i’m waiting to hear about Gwen’s baby and i’ll be done waiting! thank goodness 🙂

Danyelle on

Awwwww! Congrats Brad and Angie! I bet these babies are just as beautiful as their other four siblings! I love the names (and their meanings), especially since my mom is named Vivian and I’ve always loved the name. 🙂

anya on

Sasha I don’t think there is a need for hostility i took it as a looks comment a mini brad future sexiest man alive Cassandra even noted that she wished the baby looked like brad she didn’t say anything against the other children.

Kim on

6 kids under 7, respect!

Gena on

WOW ! what a great way to end the week of babies.. Angelina.Nicole and Matthew can it get any better. Not sure if any celebritys can top this week in the future.

anyways i’m not found of the names. But i’m happy that there honoring there familys. Hey isn’t Leon a Jewish name? Christina son’s middle name isn’t it?. either way i do like that name.

ang on

Congrats – but I am so ticked off about the boy name! My 11 month old is named Knox, and everyone always comments on how unique and cool it is…I guess that’s totally OVER now. Every baby boy in America is going to be named Knox!

SS on

I tried to be open to Knox but it just doesn’t work for me. Some people have said it is a family name so that makes it a little better. Vivienne is a beautiful name….it is nice that they honored family.

Congrats to them!

MaríaM2 on

I’m just imagining the Missouri family when all these kids are together. I don’t know what Brad’s siblings have in total of children but I think this may bring the count total up to maybe 10 or 12. I also believe I read once that one of Brads sib’s has twins too.

Erin on

I had a feeling they had been born last night and surprise, surprise! LOL =P SO thrilled for them!!! LOVE the names and am just over the moon for them! Can’t wait to see pics, of course! hehe ♥


anonumos on

oh my got!!!!!!!!!!! that is beautiful for them they are so happy…. i love them i admire them ……they have a great big family and they are lovely……….now they have 6 kids ….it’s super..

Danyelle on

Gena, Christina’s son’s middle name is Liron. 🙂 I think it means something along the lines of ‘my song’. 🙂

Melanie on

I think Angelina will have a beautiful son! But Knox Pitt? I don’t know have to consider how the first name will fit with the last name.

Chana on

I can’t wait to see these two!

And Melanie, it will be Knox Jolie-Pitt, not Knox Pitt. 🙂

crabby Golightly on

Why wait until they make headlines in the tabloids? Crabby’s checked the stars to see what the future holds for Viv and Knox Jolie-Pitt, and if they are to be believed, these two will live their lives atop Status Mountain. (But we don’t need astrology to tell us that!)… Read more of what their astrological charts reveal about the twosome at!

Jay on

How cute is that!!! So happy for them…thought they were going to have 2 girls. Love the names!!! Congrats!!

Kelly on

yayayayayay!!!!!!! ive been checking every day for this news! i love her daughters name its so pretty & i like how the boys names all sound a little bit alike without being all matchy but congrats to the whole family i guess the tabs were wrong its not two daughters

Ash on

Ah this is awesome! Really thought it would be two girls! Wonder how that became such a rumour, to the point where everyone took it virtually as fact. Such a cool surprize and so very Brangelina to keep that to themselves and let everyone else just talk.

So welcome to the world little Knox and Vivvie, you’re two very lucky little babies and I hope you enjoy your amazing blessed world and all that it has to offer!

Congratulations Brad, Angie, and the new big brothers and sisters Mad, Pax, Zee and Shi! Lovely little family and I can’t wait to see the pics! xxxxxxx

LisaB on

Melanie–Knox Pitt is funny. I know it will be Knox Jolie-Pitt, but that is too funny.

I agree with Melanie, you do have to consider how the first name will sound with the last, and I like the names but Knox Pitt does sound funny.

Léa on

Rosie O’Donnell’s youngest daughter is named Vivienne too. Angelina’s mother’s name was Marcia Lynn, and her stage-name was Marcheline to make “Marcia Lynn” sound more exotic.

Morgan on

Pax and Maddox are super cuties and I hope Bad has some STRONG genes, the world could use a few more Brads.

These kids are all so close in age, and so cute, trouble is going to come knocking at the door when they are in their teens…..with looks like Shiloh and Z and the spunk of Maddox thats going to be a wild household!

Robin on

I guess Angelina likes “x” at the end of kids’ names, lol! As long as everyone is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. :o)

GroundRules on

But his name is NOT Knox Pitt… It will always be Knox Jolie-Pitt. That’s the family’s name.

Morgan on

I like the names. Now its Brad, Angelina, Maddox,Pax, Zhara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

Daniela on

I’ve been waiting for this day for months!!!! Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family! I KNEW it would be a boy and a girl – usually I’m partial to same gender twins but I REALLY wanted to see a mini-Brad! LOL!

Love the name Knox…not too keen on Vivienne but I’m sure it will grow on me. I absolutely love that they honored family names which I plan to do if I ever am lucky enough to have another child.

Again, congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family! I’m happy the babies are healthy and can’t wait to see pics of them! 🙂

steph on

i saw on people that the mayor of nice presented the twins a birth certific from nice. does that usually happen in france that a baby will get their B.C before leaving the hospital?


bogota on

Posted by: Melanie at Jul 13, 2008 3:57:34 PM

They go by Jolie-Pitt

skips on

Love the names!
but how do you pronouce knox?
is it
or like

Liv on

Congrats to the family!! Love how it also goes boy-girl-boy-girl in age order… Mad, Z, Pax, Shi, Knox and Vivienne (by 1 minute!)

Laura on

Knox is not my cup of tea… i think Leon or Leo would have been so much better. Vivienne is very cute. Funny thing is: all the boys names match, but the names of the girls are very different!

emmajlh on

Do you suppose she’ll get the grid references tattooed on her arm twice or once with a x2 at the end? 🙂

adore the names, wonder how many more they’ll have? they’ve often said they’ll stop when they don’t have enough 1 on 1 time with each child each day.

Serenity on

Congrats on the twins

cant wait to see the picture premire of the jolie-pitt twins all the best in with them and i love how all the bys names end in “x” very cute love Vivienne names love the fact that the names are so rare..all the best with the ever expanding Jolie-pitt children Congrats to the older brothers (Maddox and Pax) and older sisters (Zahara and Shiloh) they well be very much loved…Congrats Anglina and Brad on two more wonderful kids

disko2k on


What an obknoxious name…hideous!. At least the kid will be good looking.

Ellia on

Gena, Christina’s son’s middle name is Liron. 🙂 I think it means something along the lines of ‘my song’. 🙂
Posted by: Danyelle at Jul 13, 2008 3:55:16 PM

and Max means ‘Best’. Max Liron = My Best Song.
I think that is SO cute.

I love all the Jolie-Pitts kids names. Vivienne has always been a favorite of mine, I hope it doesn’t jump in popularity now :p
It’s definitely a little mainstream compared to their other kids names, but the meaning for them is beautiful. Zee, Shi, and Vivi is very cute for sisters!
I love that Pax’ name means Peace.

Next is Gwen! Excited to see what name they will put next to Kingston.

Natasha on

Congratulations to Angelina & Brad! I bet they’re just beautiful! I’m not surprised Brad was emotional either, I read he cried when Shiloh was born too.

I wonder if they’ll continue to expand the family? I’m sure they weren’t expecting twins for this pregnancy so I wonder if they’ll still adopt from Africa? Whatever they do I’m sure they will be so happy, so congratulations again 🙂

mysticriver on

Congrats to the whole extended Jolie/Pitt/Jolie-Pitt clans!

So happy to hear that mom & babies are well. I’ve done the bedrest & preemie thing and was worried as soon as I heard Angelina was hospitalized early. I hope everybody is healthy and hope the whole family is all cozily together at home soon.

Love both names. Tickled to hear a midwestern/southern name like Knox – a great tip to Brad’s roots – and Vivienne Marcheline is so sophisticated – very Angie. Marianne, thank you for the background on the “live Marcheline” meaning, that makes it all the more beatiful.

All the best to the whole family!

mayflur on

Blessings to the little babies. Love the names.I can’t wait to see the pictures.May they be Bless with health and happiness.Congratulations to the whole Jolie-Pitt Family.

lacrosse on

omg i was so exited to hear of this news !
i love the name vivienne, that is simply adorable !
knox is an interesting name as well !, i am wondering if it is pronounced as it sounds?

anyways, i am sure that these babies are AMAZINGLY beautiful, just like the rest of their siblings. I cant wait for pictures to be released, and i think it is great how they will be giving the picture money to charity!

Stéph on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt Family!
So happy for them! I’m not too found on the names though. Knox is a really strong name so it makes me imagine a really strong man, really muscular man. Leon is a really old name and here in French-Canada would be really weird on a baby, but it’s okay since it’s probably in honor of somebody in Brad’s family. And for Vivienne, well I never liked that, neither Vivianne, the Vivi part is strange to me, I don’t like it. And Marcheline, well, it’s in honor of her mom so it’s really nice.

Tough I like the idea of the tradition in their sons names, ending with ”X” and ”N”

Welcome Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt and
Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt!!

Rayan on

Wow congratulations!

I think its really cool!

My neighbor just had twins July 11 2008
Boy and a girl!


T on


terri on

I love of all of their children’s names. I think the Knox name was in part chosen to rhyme with the other boys’ names, besides being a tribute to Brad’s grandfather. Leon is in honor of Angelina’s great great-grandfather. Love both names. Vivienne reminds me of Vivian Leigh, such a beautiful lady.

Bashayer on

Congratulations to the most wonderfull magical family Angelina and Brad for their new born.

I love you all

carrie on

Twins–a boy and a girl! Who could ask for anything better!! The best of both worlds! Congratulations!

MommyB on

Congratulations to the whole Jolie-Pitt clan!! It is a given that they will be gorgeous children!! I love that she gave them original names combined with family names!! I think that they are amazing parents and will take the birth of the twins in stride with everything else!!

Ella on

Congratulations to them, I love the name Knox!
Vivienne, on the other hand, is more like a name someone would choose because it sounds French, but I really don’t like it, maybe because I’m French myself. Here, the name is generally not very appreciated (by me included), and it’s mostly elderly people that wear it. It seems like there are so many much more pretty French names than this. Besides, I also think the mix with Knox is pretty weird.
However, that’s only my opinion, so good for them if they like it, and I wish them the best of luck!

Frances on

HardCandy… Why shouldn’t males want a biological son? I’m guessing the majority of people who regularly check this website are female and I’d guess everytime someone is pregnant 2/3 of people would guess girl and when it’s not they say ‘oh he would’ve been so cute with a little girl’

A baby is a baby.

Rachel on

I’m sure these babies will be ADORABLE, but i have to question Angelina and Brad’s taste in names. I respect the fact that Marcheline was used in some way, however, what child wants to grow up with the name Knox? I’m sorry, but it is simply not a name! And having to spell that his whole life, poor kid. Also, Vivienne was a beautiful name about 80 years ago. But now, it is just a little dated! I just can’t understand why celebrities name their children in such ways. I know that Chris Martin said the other day (about Apple and Moses), that if you like your child’s name then that is all that matters, but I sincerely disagree! It is the child who has to grow up with such a name. Kids are very taunting these days, and plus, having to spell a name like Knox your whole life! Well…
Anyways, that said, these children will no doubt grow up to be gorgeous. I just thought I’d comment about the celebrity baby naming trend.

Gena on

I hate how that docter took a shot at America. Umm hello docter not after a c-section the women stays about a week or longer depending on situation. That 3 day thing is for a regular single or non c-section birth.

Maybe i shouldn’t comment on stuff like this because i havn’t had a baby yet. but i have watched plenty of programs on that sutff and have had a friend or two have kids. So i do know a little something.

Sara on

Gena- In Mississippi and Tennessee, (where I live), mothers who have uncomplicated vaginal births are booted out after 24 hours. Mothers with uncomplicated c-sections (I’ve had one in MS and one in TN) Are told to leave after 3 days. My first daughter was a preemie and I stayed for a week because of complications. But my second daughter? Nope, they were trying to push me out after 2 days, my doctor had to order an extra day. It may be different in other states, but that is how it is here.

jj on

Angelina and I must have the same taste in names b/c I have 2 little boys and their middle names are Paxton and Knox. I also have a dog named Maddox (she had Maddox first, but I had my boys first). I too wanted both to have names with X.

Cora on

In the picture of Knox’s birth certificate it appears that his middle name has an accented ‘e’ in Leon. That would seem to confirm the French pronunciation (Le-own).

Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline. How perfect. What a beautiful addition to their already beautiful family. Welcome to the world, little angels!

Jack Tech on

congrats on the twins. What a big family they have now!

Easybake on

@ legemc – I live in Knoxville too (Cedar Bluff area) and when I first read the names, for a brief second I thought he had been named after Knox county.

Obviously he wasn’t, but it definitely crossed my mind ; )

Anyway congrats to the entire Jolie-Pitt clan!

aaron on

To Gina–It’s the same in MN and AK as it is in Mississippi and TN. 24 hours for Vaginal birth that is uncomplicated, 3 days for uncomplicated c-section. And it’s not actually the state that determines it…it’s insurance providers, and most simply won’t cover anything longer than that. It wasn’t so very long ago that it was a week long stay for a C-section (ten-15 years ago), but that has all changed. I’m sure if someone was private pay they could stay longer if they were willing to foot the bill…particularly in a private maternity clinic, but most Dr.s don’t see a pressing medical reason to keep you in hospital for longer than that, either. So what the French Dr. was saying is true! The US isn’t particularly friendly to new moms in a lot of ways…most European countries also give paid maternity leave to new moms (for varying periods of time). We live in a country where the bottom line is numero uno!

Mia on

I think a lot of people are very excited that one of the babies was a boy. Not because of the whole idea that “all men want boys” espeically because Brad had said (before he had any kids) that he would be happy with all daughters, but the excitement is because everyone is curious what a mini-brad would look like. Mostly because of how beautiful Shi is.

Cathleen on

Sara, your hospital stay depends on how much your insurance is willing to cover. If you’ve had an uncomplicated birth (vaginal or Caesarean) then your insurance is more than likely unwilling to pay for any extra time in the hospital. Knowing this, doctors and hospital administration encourage you to leave so you don’t incur these costs out of pocket. Why would you even want to stay in the hospital for longer anyway? When it comes to Medicaid, they like to cover only the minimum, therefore you’re encouraged to get out and on your own so the state/government isn’t footing the bill.

And I live in Mississippi – you’re not necessarily kicked out after 24 hours. My hospital stay after a normal, vaginal birth lasted two days. Even that seemed too long as I was ready to go home with my new little family!

That being said, congratulations to the Jolie-Pitt clan!

CelebBabyLover on

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it just me, or does it seem like Angie was pregnant forever? I stumbled across the news of the birth late last night, when it was still pretty much a rumor. I then spent the next few hours (I’m not kidding!) scouring the Internet for more information and an offical confirmation! 🙂 I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the offical confirmation on PEOPLE! Honestly, it felt like one of my family members or friends had given birth!

I actually like both the names. Knox fits perfectly with Maddox and Pax! The name I was the most surprised by was Marcheline. The reason being that Angie and Brad have done what her own parents did, given their children middle names that can be used as last names should they choose to drop Jolie-Pitt as their surname in the future. Leon fits that theme perfectly, but I have trouble picturing Marcheline as a last name. That said, I did fully expect them to use Marcheline. I actually sort of thought they might use it as a first name!

All of that said, I, too, fully expected the twins to be two girls. I was even hoping they were. However, now that Knox and Vivienne are here, I have to admit that I am indeed very anxious to see what their biological son looks like!

As far as them adopting from Africa….I think they still will. Angie has stressed that they want each of their kids to have someone who looks like them (or something along those lines). Since Maddox has Pax and Shi has both Knox and Vivienne, I’m guessing that they will definently adopt an African sister for Z! 🙂

Anyway, congrats Angie, Brad, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh, and welcome to the world Knox and Vivienne! May God bless all of you!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I want to add that 5 lbs definently doesn’t equal a premature baby. I was just a little over 5 lbs at birth, but I wasn’t premature.

CelebBabyLover on

I was just re-reading my previous comments, and I discovered this: “However, now that Knox and Vivienne are here, I have to admit that I am indeed very anxious to see what their biological son looks like!”

Naturally I meant Angie and Brad’s biological son, NOT Knox and Vivienne’s biological son! LOL!

carolina on

I really like the names Brad and Angelina choose for all their children!
And CelebBabyLover, it had never occurred to me that all their children could use their middle names as last names (like Angie did), but it makes sense!
Also, I think Léon may also be a reference to his grandmother Marcheline. I remember in an interview Angelina described her mother as (and don’t quote me directly on this!) a very peaceful woman, but when it came to her children, she was a lion. Since Léon means lion, this could be another nodd to Marcheline! Haha, maybe I’m looking to much into this 😛

Alana on

Congratulation to big family! Welcome twins! All the best to J-Ps and much health and patience!!! Wish you’ll have as much peace and quite as all your family need, especially for the little ones!
P.S. 5lb is not big not small, my mom me and my twin brother less that 4,5 lb both. In the hospital they said that we need a constant medical attendance and long stay in and also that we won’t survive probably. My mom took us home right away and said if we ought to live we will, she will make sure we will and as healthy as we are know, i’m already a mom to gorgeous baby girl and SOOOOO greatful to my mother to making it to the big life!!!! Love you mom the most!

PG on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitts family…..

Wow 4 + a set of twins…. is the start of sleep deprivation for months to come. LOL!

Knox is growing on me and adding Marchilene is a loving tribute to Angie’s mom.

Aside from the boys name that has their first names end with X and their middle name with N, there seems to be something in common with the girls names that has yet to be mentioned here. The three girls middle names has an L: MarLey, NouveL, MarchiLene. I think the girls first names signifies places that means something to them. Zahara is her Ethiopian & African roots. Shiloh is a place in history and it also a favorite pseudo name that both Marchilene and Angie uses when trying to be incognito(Shiloh Baptist) and Vivienne is a tribute to her French connection.

Cora on

Yay thanks for adding the accented Léon into the title! It’s still being reported as Leon everywhere else. I like the name much more when it is spelled that way – it seems to have more character and the pronunciation flows better.

Céline on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family !
So happy she finally had her twins!
Love the babies’ names.

I can’t believe she had her twins this week-end: I was also in Nice this week-end (near Nice actually). I arrived on Friday by train, and while in front of the train station, I thought Angelina was in the city too, maybe not so far, in the Lenval Hospital!

Really happy for them!
Looking forward to seeing the whole family too!
And I wish them a lot of joy and happiness!

~ Beth ~ on

@ Gena: I agree that the doctor made it sound like the US pushes you out the door, but I can’t say that he’s wrong. I had my son on a Wednesday (9:38am) & was hoome watching tv by Saturday afternoon. My 2 big girls the same (but all vaginal delieveries). I had my twins on a Sunday morning by scheduled c-section & was home Wednesday in time for lunch. So we was right that we don’t stay long after babies…BUT I couldn’t imagine having to stay longer. Then again, I’m not a celebrity who can have whatever I want either!!!

As for the names – not really a fan of either, but I don’t have to be because they aren’y my children. And as far as 6 kids under 7 – they knew what they were doing. Maybe they didn’t plan on twins, but when she got pregnant they knew that they would have 5 under 7…what’s one more??? (saying this as a mom of 5 under 8!!)

Leslie on

Beautiful names 🙂 I was guessing 2 girls as well – what a nice surprise!

lisa on

Awww, congrats to Angelina and Brad on their latest arrivals, I bet they’ll be gorgeous.

zaoli on

Oh my gosh! I didn’t check the computer all day yesterday and can’t believe I missed the news of this birth. I knew I felt the world stop spinning for a moment, but figured I was mistaken. Now I realize I missed the single greatest moment of mankind. Sad for me.

hug on

I saw it on the news….congrats…i am really happy for them.

Althea on

Congrats to the happy couple and the growing family! 🙂

I love the babies’ names!!I bet they’ll call Vivienne V,as they call Zahara Z, and I am curious to see what the pet name for her brother will be!

Can’t wait to see the little ones,too!

Leah123 on

I love the names and am glad everybody is healthy and happy! As much as I was excited to hear the news, I think that her obgyn, the hospital and the mayor of Nice are sharing a bit too much (conference, birth certificate, updates to the media…) and seem a little “star struck.” I wish they kept it more private.

kelly on

When our twins were born at 36 weeks, they were 4 and 5 pounds. Most newborns lose a little after birth, so our babies were watched pretty carefully. Our daughter had a trip to NICU three days after birth because her temperature was not regulating well. This is very common for multiples, especially those born at about 35-36 weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were kept for a week or so, just for monitoring.

Jen on

I think that it’s cute that Shiloh and Suri Cruise are close in age and now Vivienne and Knox are the same age as Sunday Urban. 🙂

sheba on

I really like that names. I’m so digging Knox. I have a friend who’s son is named Knox. I think they took the name from a famous Jazz musician. To the woman above whose son’s name is Knox, I think you’re right. It’s was quite a unique name, but now I think we’ll see a jump in its popularity.

Vivienne is just divine and the name of one of my favorite actresses.

For a while Leon was so common in the Black community that it was like “John” to me, but then Madonna cast that beautiful, fine Black actor Leon in her Like A Prayer video and I fell in love with the name all over again.

Congrats to AJ and BP and the older siblings!!!!

JR on

Lovely names. Congratulations Angelina & Brad! Hoping for a speedy and uneventful recovery for mom & babies.

Judy on

Leah123: I think that her obgyn, the hospital and the mayor of Nice are sharing a bit too much (conference, birth certificate, updates to the media…) and seem a little “star struck.” I wish they kept it more private.

I agree. I’m ecstatic about the arrival of the twins, but this is turning into a carnival event.

Does anybody know if the older kids have seen their new siblings yet?

(It just occurred to me that Shiloh is now one of the “older kids”!)

SouthernBelle on

Vivienne reminds me Viviane (Vivi) of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood! Brad and Angie did a lot of humanitarian work in New Orleans, LA, the setting of the book and movie. The culture there is steeped in French history. I have no idea if this might have been an inspiration, but I couldn’t help but wonder!

FC on

I was wondering all weekend if she’d had the babies. And she has. Congrats to her and Brad on the new twins, Knox and Viv! I love that she was another who had boy/girl combo, giving them three of each. Cute! I’m glad all went well, too.

I can’t wait to hear more details and possibly see pics in the near future!

loris on

I’m so happy for them, I can’t stop smiling. A girl and a boy..PERFECT! Excited to see the baby pics.

Nicole on

There were a few women that commented about TN being a state where they boot you after 24 hours. That’s not true, at least here in Nashville. I had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery and stayed 48 hours. I had him Thursday morning at 10:36a and didn’t go home until after lunch on Saturday. So, it must just depend on where you’re at.

annie on

Congrats to my favorite celeb family. I love that they had a boy and a girl. Three boys and three girls, wow!! Love the names too. Can’t wait to see them.

Americola on

Congratulations to the Pitt-Jolie family. Can’t wait to see the pictures that rumour has were sold for $11 million (which will be donated to charity of course) 🙂

Lisa on

chiming in with my own twin experience, had our boys on a Wed.afternoon, went home Friday afternoon. I had a drug free,fast vaginal birth with them. Baby A was 6 lbs 1oz. and his fraternal brother was 5 lbs. 11 ozs. Oh and I was 35 wks,4days so good weights. And we live in North Carolina, but really it’s not your state that dictates your hospital state but your insurance company.

ma74 on

I’m soooo happy for them.I love the names.Especially Knox Leon.They are so lucky.Congratulation!!

jasmine on

I really like the names. I love Vivienne Marcheline – it’s BEAUTIFUL, and I love how it honors Angelina’s mother. And I always thought Knox had a cool sound. Congrats. =]

kris on

Congrats on the new additions! They will be very busy parents!

RE: length of hospital stay – If you go to the Dept. of Labor’s web site it states a 48 hour minimum after vaginal birth and 96 for c-section. More than that depends on your insurance. I stayed 5 days for my c-section and 2 for my vaginal.

Denise on

Congrats! Can’t wait to see first pics of them, I bet they are beautiful babies….Shiloh is gorgeous like her mom.

finnaryn on

Kris, when I had my first child (two days before my work insurance would cover it) we entered the hosptial on Medicaid. They kicked us out less than 24 hours later. Maybe Health and Human Services should talk with the Dept. of Labor. 🙂

Amy on

First of all, congratulations to the Jolie-Pitt family. As a former teacher of French, I believe the name Vivienne is very elegant and classy, not to be confused in pronounciation with the name Vivian.Marcelline is beautiful too.
I was also sure that at least someone would be offended by the doctor’s comment regarding the hospital stay in US for mothers with C-section or vaginal delivery.
The care and the doctors that you have access to in the US are some of the best in the wholewide world. I come from Eastern Europe, and I have nothing but glorious words to utter about USA regarding the wonderful technology and the highly competent American doctors. USA is one of the most prosperous and comfort oriented country in the whole wide world. Here, the sky is the limit.
But I must say, please forgive me for saying this, but what the French doc is saying is 100% true.
Most countries would keep you for a whole week for a vaginal delivery, without complications, and up to two weeks for a C-section.
Germany gives you a PAID maternity leave of 1 year, my former country gives you a PAID maternity leave of 2 years.
In the US things happen so fast because of the damn, pardon my expression, insurance companies, which are nothing but a nuissance and a headache, that is why the healthcare system gets criticized in the US.It all happens because of the $$$,$$$,$$$, “It’s a rich man’s world”.
It has nothing to do with the competence of the doctors per se, or with the health care provided.
Monday I had my C-section in a US hospital, due to medical reasons, and Wednesday I was out of the door.
However, they gave me an immunization shoot,
a vaccine,which I did not have during my childhood, due to my country’s lax legislation regarding vaccines. I don’t usually get any complications, but Wednesday night I felt so bad and feverish, probably because of the shot, that I really wished I stayed for a couple more days.
Now, could someone please explain to me why people get so personal when it comes to someone saying something critical about US?
I come from a former Communist country, where if you dared to critize the regime, you would go to prison, so critizing and using sarcasm and self-directed irony was a tool nec. for survival.
I really love USA, but I can’t deny that Europe is classy, elegant, has a certain level of culture: I am talking about the educational system, books read per capita, foreign languages spoken in Europe, that may be a little, just a little bit amiss here…
So while financially, politically, and constitutionally, techonologically, as well as comfort wise, USA may be the best country in the wholewide world, just my opinion,please don’t get offended, that’s all, we must confess that wearing flip flops ( as a mom, I am a fan of these, LOL) and T shirts and jeans is a tad less elegant than wearing shirts and skirts, flats and high heels , even for grocery shopping, mes cheres amies (can’t find the stress/accent signs on my computer for the word “cheres” LOL).
Each country has their own beauty and each continent their advantages and disadvantages.
Far from me, not seeing the haughtiness and the coldness coming from the European continent, ahem, as compared to the open and friendly American spirit… But far also from me, not seeing all the merits and the gifts that Europe has.
My question is though:”Why can’t Americans accept criticism and move on? Why can’t it be a live and learn experience?
Why people get upset and become personal?”
I can certainly see my flaws and my former country’s flaws and Europe’s flaws.
Does the fact that Americans don’t like self-irony and don’t use sarcasm in general mean that they think they have no flaws at all?
Or is it just a matter of accepting, respecting and loving without criticizing?
As a loving mom, I do it all with my daughter, just because I want her to grow beautifully, love, respect but I also criticize her, she is my daughter, but she makes mistakes, too.
Just a genuine question, that is all, no harm intended whatsoever.

CeeCee on

Vivienne can’t be considered as a French name because it has never been used in the whole country but only given to babies born in overseas territories.
The real French name is Viviane, outdated too.

As for the comments about the hospital, Dr. and mayor being “starstruck”, they are not: it was definitely Brad and Angelina’s decision to let know about the birth that exact way! Just like they had an agreement with the local newspaper to give them the exclusive news.

LisaB on

I don’t really know if there is a specific amount of time to sty in the hospital following a birth, but I stayed in for a week after my vaginal birth, 4 days after my first c-section and 2 days after my second. I think it just all depends what the patient and doctor is comfortable with and insurance company’s.

taegan on

CONGRATULATIONS to Brad and Angie!

Great to hear the babies are fine and that Angie is recovering well!

5lbs each is a great weight for twins.

Babi on

Dr Sussman was either misquoted or simply wrong when referring to the European vs American procedure for dimissions from hospital after birth. Dimissions on 3rd day after birth is a standard procedure in Europe as well for vaginal delivery without complications. When a c-section has been operated dimissions are customarily delayed at least until the 5th day after birth. That being said, if Brad and Angelina treat this hospital as they did the Namibian resort where Shiloh was born, Angelina will not go to their rented estate shortly. Once again, that being said I assume the media are pressuring the poor doctor fellow for statements, which (I am also assuming, being that no contrary statement has been issued by the couple) he has been given the geenlight to release. I would think it a wise move, if they trust the doctor and the hospital authotities, to let them handle the publicity pressure, so they don’t have to go through the pain of coordinating communications with their reps and pubs.

Fritz Holznagel on

Thanks for the posting — love the blog. The birth weights you have are not quite right: the kids were 5.0 and 5.03 pounds, not 5.3 pounds. Also, according to the French reports, at least, Vivienne was the larger child:

“Knox Léon Jolie-Pitt, un petit garçon de 2 kg 270 et Vivienne Marcheline, une petite fille de 2 kg 280.”

We’ve done the conversions on our own Who2 blog post here:

debbie on

Many congratulations to both on the birth of their twins. I hope all goes well with the family.

Many Congratulations xx

Autumn on

Amy’s comments are an interesting and probably true observation about society around the world, so its good she said it.

Anyway, as far as lengths of stay in the hospital, back in the 1970s, she stayed several days after her natural/vag birth of me, which was fine (although then I became ill, but thats another story).

But when she had my brothers and sister via c-section in 1979, 1981, and 1986 she stayed at least a week each time. Even so, after my sister’s birth her c-section scar (which was vertical) didn’t heal right, and so when my sister was 15 or 18 months old, my mom had to go back to the hospital to repair the incision and the slight hernia that had developed. Scary stuff, but crazy things do happen.

Carol on

The doctor’s and hospital can’t release the information without Brad and Angie’s consent so I’m sure we’re not learning too much. Amy, I agree with you…people need to get over it. I’ve got to get my Angelina Sim to have twins now!

Judy on

Glad the insurance companies are finally getting their heads on straight about the length of stay after delivery, although IMO two days is still too short. But it’s definitely an improvement over the situation a few years ago, where many hospitals were discharging the mother and the baby after 24 hours, and some places were actually discharging them 12 hours after the baby was born. This was absolutely putting the mother’s and the baby’s life at risk, since many post-natal problems don’t show up until the second or third day after the baby comes. I was in the hospital 4 days after my son was born after a normal vaginal delivery, but that was back in the good old days in the late 1960s when the main priority was the mother’s and baby’s health rather than the hospital’s and the insurance company’s bottom line.

Amy on

Vivien and Vivian are the French original versions of the name. Vivienne is an adapted version, but still French though. I googled the name on and at the “Recherchez section”(research section) they specify the origins of the name Vivienne from Vivien and Vivian. So it’s still French, but it’s a different version from the original. Like Elise, being a version of Eliza, Elizabeth etc.
I personally like it, even if it’s not the original French name and think that the two names together have a nice ring, without being strange, like some names might sound today.
Congrats again, every child is a joy!

kiley on

Congrats to them! I am so happy for them. I can’t imagine having twins or multiples…I had a hard enough time with one baby!
That being said, I had my son Jan of ’07 and I left the next day-he was born at 5 am with a normal vaginal birth and i left at 2 p.m. the next day. I HATE hospitals and could not wait to get home…My obgyn signed my discharge papers that that morning but we waited for the pediatrician to discharge my son.
Also per hospital policy I (my husband came too) had to attend a short “class” to learn what complications to look for with me and my newborn before we could be discharged, DID ANYONE else have to do that? There were about 7 other mothers/couples in the class some had vaginagl births and some c-sections.-this was in illinois ao it might be a state thing.?

Vivienne on

hi im really pleased for them and i love their choice in names my sons name is Leon and my name is Vivienne and im happy to see they are being used for two beautiful babies belonging to two beautiful people well done Brangelina!!!

louise on

Here in the UK the very MOST you would expect to stay in hospital after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery is 24 hours, and that is usually only if you are a first time mum needing breastfeeding support. For subsequent babies it can be as little as six hours. For a c-section you would usually stay for 3 days, in the absence of further complications. But then you do get home visits from midwives for between 10 and 28 days after the birth. I see no reason for lengthy hospital stays after a healthy pregnancy and birth, where the result is a healthy baby. But I do know they take a very different approach to maternity care in France.

I love the name Vivienne, but Knox? Really not so sure about that one!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitts! I’m sure these babies are just as handsome and beautiful as the rest of their clan. I also love the way they included Knox and Marcheline in their babies names but I have to be honest in saying that Vivienne and Leon haven’t grown on me and I think I would have personally like Knox better as a middle name to match Marcheline (both middle names being named after family members) but it’s their choice not mine and I’m sure it will grow on me like Suri’s name did, and they had their reasonings behind it. Either way CONGRATULATIONS once again and I can’t wait to see pictures of them. I wonder what Mad, Pax, Z and Shi think of them? And I will always remember their birthday’s because they were born the day after my first nephew (Sorry I just had to included that)!!!

Anthony on

Wow, I love it. this is one nice and beautiful family of kids. I saw the popular video clip on ZoogaTV and i shared it with all my friends. Again this is just great for them and America…:-)

Donna -Spring TX on

Congratuations on the new babies….Good luck with the sleepless nights.

ANGIE, next time adopt from GUATEMALA there is a child there that could really be saved from your “angel arms” Please visit that country and you can see what a life you can give that child from such a poor country. You are the worlds best humanitarian WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!!!!!!


alana on

I am very happy for extremely sexi Brad and very beautiful Angelina. I think the kids are going to be very beautiful just like shilo. CONGRATS!

Alana on

Im very happy for the Jolie-Pitt family. Im sure Knox and Vivienne are going to be just as beautiful as their big sister Shiloh. One more thing Brad Pitt is a very sexi man no matter what age he is gorgeous.

Lorrie on

congrats….to the family they have now 3 of each girls and boys, they have picked unusual names for the twins but I am sure they will fit right in with the other children. SO happy for them all, and I know these babies will have a happy and joyfull life. The twins will have a special bond as they grow through life and I can;t think of a more happier couple than Brad and Angelina for bringing them into the world,I know they will bring them so much joy.I have a sister who has twins boys and they have made such a difference and blessing to our family. Good luck to them both as well as all 6 children. I am sure this may not be the end to their family can’t wait to see pics of them all.

MiaDaly on

Congratulations! To The Jolie-Pitt Family Im so happy for theam im 14 and currentley expecting twins to im due on 10th august
i cant wait to see pics of theam!!!

Chloe on

u didnt just say ur 14 did you?
im so shocked if u are!

Benigna Marko on

Congratulations to the Jolie Pitt family. Another two. Wow, family is such an important aspect of belonging. The eight family will have lots to talk about through the years. Congratulations and lots of love.
Benigna Marko

taegan on

CONGRATULATIONS to Brad and Angie. Very happy that Angie had a safe delivery and the twins are well.

Am ecstatic the tabs were not hundred percentage right.

Bonnie Mandell on

With all the charities both Brad and Angelina has contributed to…God has truely blessed both of them… and I pray it continues…Sincerely, Bonnie from Santee California

Jasmine on

I was actually looking forward to seeing the rumored girl/girl twins due to the fact that my mother just gave birth to twin girls . shiloh is beautiful, and two more little girls looking gorgeous just like her mom would have been awesome but still many congrats to them ! & from the photos that people magazine put out – they both look like angelina . don’t ask me why but when i first heard the names of the twins i thought charlies angels villians! lol – my mistake . i actually really like the names . and about the doctor’s comment and all the discussion on the length of hopsital stay – get over it . it’s not a big deal , and for the record – the length of stay depends on [vaginal delivery] how the woman is feeling after birth and ensuring nothing has gone wrong (i.e fever & infection) – it is usually 48-72 hours after the birth . for [c-section] , it depends on healing of scar , mom’s health , and whether or not mom has any bowel movement . if mom has bowel movement the first day and can walk a few steps on her own , with doctor’s consent she can get right up and leave . hope that clarify’s the problem . again, congrats to the jolie-pitt clan ! xoxoxo <3

Skipsie on




CBB, how was that comment allowed to be posted? I know it was a long time ago now, but does calling the jolie pitt’s names “ugly” not come under name calling?


When we switched to WordPress in Dec. 08, any comments on Typepad that were unpublished (the nasty ones) unfortunately went live with the transfer. We delete them as we find them but don’t have time to go through 2004-2008 posts to delete each of them, unfortunately. Will take care of that one now.

– CBB Staff