Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and kids celebrate Sunday Rose

07/11/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

70619j2_cruise_t_b_gr_08_cbbAfter giving birth to daughter Sunday Rose on Monday morning, Nicole Kidman received a delivery surprise — a congratulatory gift from the Cruise family. Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes, two-year-old Suri and older siblings Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13 (Tom’s children with Nicole), sent the proud mom and husband Keith Urban a baby basket containing chenille Little Giraffe baby blankets, items from the Hermès baby line and other high-end newborn necessities.

Of their new baby, Nicole and Keith told this week’s PEOPLE magazine, "We feel immensely blessed and grateful to be given this beautiful baby girl. She’s an absolute delight."

Source:; Photo by Bauer Griffin.

Thanks to CBB Reader Mary Beth.

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Bancie1031 on

That’s sweet …. I wonder if Isabella and Connor went up to the hospital and met their new little half sister?

Natalie S. on

Awe how sweet was that! That’s very kind of all of them to do.

Kate on

That’s very sweet of Tom and Katie, but I can’t help but feel like it’s sort of distant from the kids. I couldn’t imagine just sending my mom a congratulatory basket for my new baby sister. Have Nicole or Keith mentioned anything about Conor/Isabelle being elated about the baby in any of their press releases?

sleekraven on

What is CBB talking about? Celebrate? Sweet?

What is sweet about 2 kids sending gift baskets to their mother who just had a baby when they could have been there or even should have been there. What is Cruise and Holmes business in Kidman’s baby? This is not a family that is blended or get together. This is Cruise letting the public know what he did.

Tom, instead of sending the Urbans a gift basket, why not send Kidman’s older kids to go and be with their mother at this time? I reckon she would appreciate her older kids meeting their sibling than whatever you bought and while you are at it, try not to hitch your PR to your very ex-wife’s happy event, PEOPLE didn’t have to know about it. This has nothing to do with you. Send her kids home to her in Nashville instead of having them clap David Beckham at a soccer game or do whatever they are doing in Telluride or LA.

You enjoyed having them with you when your wife had your baby, let their mother enjoy this time with them, too.

There is nothing sweet about this gesture, it shows a lot of selfishness on behalf of all of them or a certain amount of obliviousness.

Sunday is now 5 days old, it will be nice for the older kids to see her and Nashville is less than 5 hours from where you are. Send them to Nashville.

This is the issue that must be addressed, not the fact that they “celebrated” Sunday by sending gifts her parents will probably donate. It is not for Cruise or Holmes to celebrate. It is for Conor and Bella.

Kate on

Sleekraven, I couldn’t have worded it better myself.

Morgan on

Sleekraven, you seem to be making an awful lot of unfair assumptions. Do you really know that the families do not get together, or that there isn’t a reason why the kids are not with their mother and new sister? Perhaps they have plans to visit her soon. Is there really any proof that the kids aren’t with their mother right now? I think it makes sense that the gift is from the entire Cruise family, kids included. I think it would be more selfish not to include them, seeing that they are a part of the family. Somebody would be complaining if the gift had just been from Tom, Katie, and Suri. I personally don’t know how I feel about information like this being posted on this site. I just don’t see how it does anyone any good to know that Nicole received a gift from the Cruise family. I don’t know, it’s possible that I’m missing something.

Tracey on

I have to agree with Sleekraven on this one. IF the Cruises wanted to send something there is no reason why it had to be public knowledge and while I’m sure it was thought to be a nice gesture, this is a child who will be without nothing material. A true gift would have been a trip for the older two kids (it is summer after all!) to visit their Mom and new baby sister. Now that would have made me think “good for you”.

Heather on

Wow, Tom and Katie are just regular ol’ saints, aren’t they?

I find this kind of obnoxious, pretentious almost. Let’s tell everyone about the high-end present we sent. Whoop-de-do.

steph on

i must agree nicole’s relationship with her kids is werid. I dont know if its Tom keeping them away or she is ok with them not being around.


martina on

Nicole’s kids with Tom send her a GIFT BASKET??? It’s their mother, not a 3rd cousin’s friend’s neighbor. Sounds very distant and odd.

Kitty on

Bravo sleekraven !

annie on

The really sad thing is that Cruise and Holmes see the birth of Kidman’s child as nothing more than a publicity stunt. The only way this information becomes public is because Cruise makes it public. Sad reflection on them.

eva on

Was this information facilitated by Tom Cruise’s people or it leaked? If it was made public by Cruise then I can’t help to think that it was done for the publicity.

Jen on

We now nothing more on this story than what we’ve read here. It’s sad that they had to be bashed for this, it doesn’t state that they bragged about their gift giving. Maybe the kids and Nicole have plans to meet later that we don’t know about.

I agree with what someone said regarding this type of thing on another board a few days ago. I hope these people who make these unfair assumptions about the Cruises aren’t the same people who are quick to scold others for doing the same thing to the Jolie-Pitts and other celeb families who are well known.

Molly on

Steph, I agree, i also have a feeling that she is not close to them anymore, like if she just moved on. I dont know what the story is, or if Tom keeps them away from her, but they are just not around at all so far we know

I would though instead of a basket suggest that the kids visit their mom in person, if they are still her kids (I wondered if Katie adopted them so now she is their legal mom), again I dont know, i dont want to speculate, maybe someone knows more?

Molly on

I can’t believe you people are so judgmental over this? What do you think Tom should have done? I wonder if your opinions are based on your hatred against him?
I think what they did was an okay thing and shouldn’t be judged.

DLR on

Well, I don’t know if those facts are true, but I do know is it is only a couple hour’s plane ride from Telluride to Nashville. I would have thought Isabella and Connor would be in Nashville visiting their mum and new sister instead of sending some gift basket.


I’m trying not to judge because who really knows they the older kids weren’t with Nicole in Nashville already or why they haven’t visited. It does seem to be a pattern though that Isabella and Connor seem strangely absent from Nicole’s life and I’ve never gotten the impression that it was her choice. She always speaks affectionately of them and I remember Isabella right there with her at the Oscars when she won her award. Hopefully they will make the trip to see their little sister soon.

NicoleMarie on

I find this kind of weird. I wish stuff like this wouldn’t be made public. But maybe the kids are with their mom? All I know is that if I was in Isabella and Conners situation I would be with my mom and new baby sister.

HardCandy on

Morgan I agree with you,

How does anyone know that Tom and Katie told the world about this. It may just be that the store they bought the gifts from called People and told them so they could get their name in the magazine and increase potential sales. The fact is we don’t know the whole story and if Tom and Nicole are on good terms I think it is nice he sent her a gift.

Ava on

How do we know? Because Tom doesn’t do anything unless he gets publicity over it.

Jessica T on

Oh my! Are we all serious here? A gift was sent. Doubt there are in “hidden messages” in the basket. What a very nice a respectful thing to do. I admire Tom and Katie. I’m sure Nicole sent a gift for Suri when she was born. Let’s stop assuming the worst and if anything….assume the best.

Janna on

Isn’t it possible that someone ASKED Cruise/Holmes their reaction to the birth of Kidman/Urban’s baby?

And isn’t possible that someone ASKED them if they had sent anything?

Sarah on

wow! how do we get from a gift basket to wondering if katie has adopted bella and connor??

i agree with the poster who pointed out that it would be more odd to send a gift that excluded bella and connor’s names. would everyone feel better if the gift had just been from tom, kate, and suri? maybe the kids are in nashville or are headed there soon. we don’t know what goes on their personal lives.

Avery on

Nobody knows what Tom and Nicole’s parenting arrangement is so let’s leave it at that and stop with the ridiculous assumptions.

I’m not a fan of Tom by any means, but I’ll never deny the fact that he seems like a good father to all three of his children. Isabella and Connor aren’t infants anymore and as they grow up, they have plenty of reasons to remain in L.A. (school, friends, activities). It’s been their home since birth so it was probably evident to Tom and Nicole that when the divorced went through, they’d keep the kids in L.A. to try and maintain some sort of stability.

I highly doubt that Nicole is forbidden to see her children. If that was really the case or she didn’t feel comfortable with the arrangement, she, as a legal parent, could’ve gone to court and changed that.

That said, no one knows the children’s whereabouts at the moment. They could be visiting their mother or they could still be in California. Maybe Nicole wanted to wait a week or two until she got settled in a little better with the baby. Who knows? Making such outrageous comments is just adding fuel to an already blazing, media fire.

I think the gift basket was a kind gesture from the entire Cruise family. If they didn’t send her anything, the same people chastizing them for the basket would be jumping down their throat for being “selfish” and “bitter”.

It’s time to give it a rest.

Taylor on

Hmm. . .well, if you read the original story, ppl thought that Cruise showered her room w/ flowers. So maybe they weren’t going to say anything, but were just clearing up yet another lie that made it’s way into the press. You guys are mighty hard on people you know nothing about.

@ndie on

isabella & connor have a half sister called suri via tom & katie(their dad & step mum)and they now have a half sister called sunday via nicole & keith(their mum & stepdad)
its just a nice gesture from the kids(via tom,Kate & suri)that little sunday got a gift from her half siblings.
lets be “adult” about this because i’m sure tom & kate are doing their fair share of looking after isabella & connor the same as nicole & keith did when suri was born…..

J-Lin on

Considering Isabella and Conner are teens, has anyone considered that maybe they have chosen their living arrangement? At that age, you can’t force kids to do what they don’t want to do.

Jennifer on

As per People:
Originally posted Wednesday November 21, 2001 11:05 AM EST
Kidman and Cruise agreed to joint legal and physical custody of daughter Isabella, 8, and son Connor, 6. The children will live alternately with both parents, and Cruise and Kidman will make joint decisions about their lives, including their education and religious upbringing. (Kidman, who was raised Catholic, has previously expressed her concern to friends that Cruise would want to raise the children as Scientologists.) Under the agreement Kidman will be able to take the children to her native Australia anytime, and they will continue to be educated via the private schools they have been attending while in Sydney, their homeschooling arrangement in Los Angeles and the tutoring they always receive while their parents are on location.

Obviously she is involved in their lives but on a much less public standing than Cruise/Holmes. It may have been a nice gesture, but no mother wants to get a gift basket from her kids, her ex and his new wife just after she’s given birth. It makes it sound like they are a unit and she is on the outside rather than she is still part of the unit because the kids are still hers.

Devon on

Has anyone thought that maybe, if Connor and Isabella aren’t with the Urban’s right now, that Nicole didn’t want her kids there right away? Having a baby is physically and emotionally taxing and maybe, pure speculation, Nicole wanted a few days/weeks alone with her, Sunday and Keith? We don’t know their family dynamics so who are we to say “OMG, why isn’t Nicole’s other kids there?!?!?!,” “Tom and Katie are selfish for sending a gift and wanting their name attached to this baby!,” “It’s only a couple of hours away, Tom should send the kids there to be with their mother!” I find it really sad that a sweet gesture can be twisted in so many ways. So much speculation seems so wrong.

Judy on

“…the Hermès baby line and other high-end newborn necessities.”

What kind of “high-end necessities”? An 18-karat pacifier? Thousand-dollar onesies? Sable carriage blanket?

Sorry, but I think the most meaningful gift Tom could have sent was his children on a visit to their mom and their baby sister. Nicole doesn’t need any “high-end newborn necessities” from Tom; she can buy her own.

And I very much doubt that the store called People with this tidbit. The call to People almost certainly came from Tom’s publicist. “Let everyone see how nice I am to Nicole”, etc. etc.

LisaB on

This is a ridiculous debate and I doubt that any members of this family even care what the CBB comments say about them. Get a life people! You will all bitch about the weather if given the chance!

Jen on

LisaB, LOL! Nice! 😀

It certainly seems that way anymore. :/

Sasha on


Robin on

Amen Lisa B! Enough said end of subject! Can’t wait to hear about Sunday and Suri’s future playdate!:)

lisa on

I normally don’t comment but enjoy reading them…though I have to give props to sleekraven. When I read this story and sort of observed what I could from my little position in this world, I can’t help but notice that those adoptive kids must feel odd with their divorced parents new babies. Not odd in a bad way, just more left out. And now that Nicole’s had the baby, they should have been there for that. There is definitely a weird family dynamic to all of it. Another controlling factor of Tom Cruise….he sure has gone down in the public opinion polls for the last few years. Too bad for him, worse for Nicole and her exciting times right now.

Nichi on

I hope the family photos of Sunday Rose Urban will include Connor and Bella, as they were included in the Vanity Fair mag of suri’s debut. I hope Kidman does not forget to include her two kids in the photo shoot of Sunday Rose!

SAR on

And if Tom and Katie had NOT included Connor and Isabella’s names on the gift, you’d all be castigating them for that. Had they not sent anything at all, you’d be slamming them for their “selfishness.”

I might add that Nicole said her new baby was “something she’d always wanted.” (It was up to “People” magazine to point out that motherhood was not new for her, she had two adopted children.) Now, if Tom had said Suri was “something he’d always wanted,” you’d all have torn him to shreds for “treating Suri like she was more special to him than his adopted children.” But since Nicole said it, it’s perfectly okay.

Nicole sent some lovely presents to Tom and Katie when Suri was born. Did anyone snipe at her for that — or for sending presents rather than sending Connor and Isabella to visit their new half-sister? No, of course not.

I am well and truly tired of all the sniping at Tom and/or Katie. I don’t disagree that Tom has done and said more than his share of stupid, insensitive things. But it seems no matter WHAT he does or says these days, people bash him and try to find sinister ulterior motives. If you truly despise the man that much, just ignore him.

Bri on

Wow. The vast majority of posters really make some unfounded and downright vicious assumptions. Can someone please point out where in the article it says “Tom and Katie want everyone in the world to know how much money they spent on gifts for the Nicole and Keith’s new bundle of joy.” – because I am not seeing it. CBB, along with many other celebrity sites, always list gifts given by friends and families. What’s the big deal here? The hatred for Tom is really coming back full force, huh? Give it a rest. Big deal, they sent gifts. I’d be willing to bet some nice gifts were sent by Nicole after Suri was born. NONE of you know what the deal is with Connor and Isabella visting/not visiting, so why bother giving your nasty opinion on their situation? Unless you know the workings of their family life intimately and personally, you shouldn’t offer up a negative opinion just for the sake of being mean.

That said, sounds like some very nice gifts for Sunday and I hope Keith and Nicole are cherishing every new moment with their daughter.

Sarita on

Sleekraven, you act as if you actually know these people and you don’t.

I wish everyone would stop their assumptions about this family. Maybe Nicole thought it would be too much to have her older children there right away? Maybe they are already there?

Nothing wrong with sending a basket.

sleekraven on

For people suggesting those of us calling this into question are making assumptions, perhaps you should venture out a bit and see what is out there. What exactly did PEOPLE magazine mean when they wrote that Cruise and HIS family sent the gift? His family, is PEOPLE serious? If the kids were or had been in Nashville then you better believe that someone in his camp would have ensures PEOPLE heard it first.

And put it like this, if you are on your nth marriage and have a new baby and your kids from your previous marriage send you a gift basket while having a BBQ with the “friends” or sitting in a stadium watching a soccer match then please let us know how you will feel about that.

Regardless of where the kids choose to live, at this particular time, they should be in Nashville with their mom, stepdad and baby sister. If they didn’t want to go then they should be persuaded to go, even their grandmother and aunt are there.

This is ridiculous. As for people saying we are accusing Cruise of a lot of things, it is because there is a picture that he, himself, is painting and has been painting for about 3 years since the kids went to live in LA and because of what he and this family of “his” are involved in. There is a reason why people are asking if these teenagers have disconnected from Kidman and that means if they have been urged by scientology to write a letter to her that they do not want anything to do with her because she is not one.

At least, no cult is going to be taking Sunday away from Kidman, she is as safe as safe can be. As for playdates with Suri, they are not sisters in any way. I think Kidman will stick with playdates with Sunday’s counsins in Oz and Sasha.

The writing is on the wall folks and no gift basket is going to make people look away.

Avery on

I understand that Tom has made some poor decisions with his actions and words over the past few years, but it amazes me how a simple gesture can be blown out of proportion.

Sleekraven, your comment doesn’t change the fact that you know nothing about this family’s personal agenda. I know I don’t and I just think it’s unfair to assume that you do.

People, although a more reliable source, is still just a tabloid and not a reflection of celebrities day to day lives. People said, “the actor and his family- INCLUDING Cruise’s children WITH Kidman…” I see nothing wrong with that statement. Isabella and Connor are his family just as they are Nicole’s.

And again, if Nicole wanted them there for the birth, I’m sure Nashville is where they would’ve been. Some people would be comfortable with their children at the birth while others, not so much. That’s a personal decision. As I and others have said before, maybe Keith and Nicole wanted to get settled in with Sunday before Isabella and Connor arrived. Having a new baby in the house is stressful and it’ll take some time to adjust.

I have never heard ANYTHING about the kids being urged to cut ties with their mother for her unwillingness to join the Scientology community. I’m sorry, but if that was being forced upon them and they were being “brain-washed”, Nicole should’ve went to court to get custody of them. If she was so distraught over not being able to see them, there were and are things that she could’ve done considering that as a married couple, they made a joint decision to adopt the both of them and are their legal parents.

I can guarantee you though that if the tables had been turned and we were talking about Nicole gifting Tom and Katie on the birth of Suri or another child, people would deem her as a saint.

Jen on

< <<>>>

They meant that the Cruises sent Nicole and family a gift. There wasn’t any hidden agenda or anything.

You’re right Sleekraven, this IS ridiculous. I can’t figure out how you took a nice gesture from one family to another and made it seem so underhanded and horrible.

Erica on

I’ve got to admit, I think Tom is a great father and that the kids seem (the operative word being “seem”) much more comfortable and natural with him than Nicole. On the rare occasion Nicole Kidman is photographed/seen with her kids the three of them do not look close at all–it’s just a certain vibe and apparently not one I’m imagining because Katie has even stated that Connor and Isabella call her mom. I don’t think she’s got any reason to lie about that and frankly she probably has spent more time with them than Nicole who is either in Australia with her husband or in Nashville with her husband.

I don’t for a second begrudge Nicole or Keith (or Tom and Katie) their happiness with their babies. But I’ll just say this–I think the fact that Connor and Isabella were not with their mom before and immediately after she gave birth speaks volumes, especially since she had the baby in the States.

Erica on

Sorry, one more thing:

Sarita, how is it an assumption that Connor and Isabella weren’t with Nicole for the birth? It clearly states in the article summary that the gift basket was sent TO Nicole FROM the Cruise family with Connor and Isabella included. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were with their mom now, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t either considering how often Nicole is seen with or speaks of being with her first two kids.

CelebBabyLover on

sleekraven- Scientology is a religion, not a cult. A minority religion (even Tom has apparently said so), yes, but not a cult. I certainly don’t agree with a lot of things about Scientology. However, I’m not about to put down people who chose it as their religion and call it a cult just because I don’t agree with it!

I am the daugher of a minister, and I believe that all religions should be respected. Does that mean you have to agree with them? No. Heck, there are people who don’t agree with everything about their own religion (for example, I know quite a few Catholics who don’t agree with everything the Catholic Church does)! However, just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect it!

Devon and Sar- Very well said! I also want to point out that Nicole and Tom ARE on friendly terms. Tom has said so, and it was mentioned in the article about Sunday’s birth in this week’s People. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that Tom, Katie, and the kids sent the gift basket.

As for the kids hardly being seen with Nicole, Nicole is a very private person. She has even said that she goes out of her way to avoid having the paps take pictures of Connor and Bella when they are with her. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing too much of Sunday either.

Just because we don’t see her with Connor and Bella very often doesn’t mean they never see her! We see Lily Sheen with her mother more than with her father, and Emerson Tenny with her mother (Teri Hatcher) more than with her father, and no one questions if those kids see their fathers very often.

All of that said, why is everyone blaming Tom for Bella and Connor not being in Nashville? How in the world do you know that it wasn’t NICOLE’s decision not have the kids visit her right away? Also, they very well could have visited. Because Nicole is very private, I can very easily see the press not knowing about Connor and Bella visiting.

Finally, in terms of the gift basket itself: I remember a rumor going around right after Angie and Brad adopted Pax that Jen Aniston had sent them a gift basket….and Angie refused to accept it (the rumor, as far as I know, turned out to be totally untrue). Everyone was bashing Angie for not accepting it (not on this blog, as CBB posted a link to the story on MamaPop and didn’t allow comments on that post, but on other blogs). However, if Nicole had refused to accept the basket Tom sent her, I’d bet you anything people would be saying things like, “Good for you, Nicole!” or “I don’t blame her!” Why the double-standard?

Sorry for the extremly long post! I just had to get my venting out!

jo.ann on

Bravo sleekraven on both your posts!

LisaB on

What the hell??!??!! This is stupid. Stop making something out of nothing.
Sar, Bri and Sarita said it the best. Nobody knows, so move on. Seriously..move on. Sleekraven, sweetheart, you don’t even make sence..

stephanie on

Reading the comments here made me sad. I’m hurt reading such hateful statements and I’m not even that big of a fan of Tom and Katie.

Nicole and Tom have always said what a great parent the other is, she even went as far as saying that she still loves him. You always see in the media that so-and-so gifted so-and-so this and that and they never get anything beyond, “Aww, that’s nice of them.” Not that you’ll believe it, but X17 Online contacted Tom’s publicist and got this response: “We are not going to release a statement, this is a private matter. Tom will express his wishes to Nicole and Keith personally and not in the media.”

Regardless of your opinion of his personal life after reading tabloids, Tom Cruise is an actor. An opinionated public figure, yes, but still just an actor. Not a criminal, nor a politician who have the power to make decisions that will affect your life. I seriously doubt any of you would be comfortable saying this to his face. What did this man ever do to you?

SeanJay on

I 100% with SAR. Judy you are being naive if you think there is noway the store tipped the press off. Stores do it all the time w/ celebs. The free PR is t good to pass up.

sleekraven maybe you need to venture outhere ‘ look at facts NOT hate filled assumptions. What PEOPLE ment by HIS family was that the gift was from his family witch they are.

Stop acting like Tom stole Nicole:s kids since there is ZERO proof of that. If Nicole is distant from her kids ever think it*s her choice?? If Tom broke their agreement and is keeping the kids from her, Nicole isn*t fighting it so she*s just as much to blame.

Tom and Katie don*t need to attach their names to Sunday*s birth for attention since they get plenty from themselves.

Nicole sent gifts for Suri:s birth and it became public, were you attacking her for having evil motives? Stop talking like you are Nicole and you know her feelings.

M on

I’m not a fan of Tom (and I reserve judgement on Katie) by any stretch, but after having read all the comments on this post, I’m going to come to his defense. This kind gesture is necessary and appropriate (though the revelation of what’s in the gift basket may not have been) because it’s good for their respective public images (as well as their kids) that he and Nic maintain an amicable post-divorce relationship. Tom needs to improve his image, anyway.

I agree with those of you who’ve said that no matter what Tom does or says these days, public opinion tends to say that it’s never sincere or it’s always for PR purposes. Sending a gift to his ex-wife for the birth of her baby is sincere, in my opinion. She may donate the gifts or keep them, but regardless, it’s the gesture that counts. It’s somewhat like taking a friend out for dinner and footing the bill, or buying him/her a little gift for doing one a favor. Since likely none of us know Tom or Katie on anything but a very superficial level, who are we to think that it’s a foregone conclusion that whatever they do is insincere?

As for when their older children will visit their mother, that’s really not something the public needs to know, as much as many of us may want to know. Celebs can’t get any slack nowadays, and we may want to help the situation by quitting the speculating on this particular story. Speculating no doubt has irreversibly harmed many celebrity relationships.

LisaB on

There is NO PROOF that her kids were not with her, and are not with her now. There is NO PROOF that they were not with her AT the birth!
Erica, Sar is right, it IS only an assumption. NOBODY knows for sure. You people are acting like you live with them and you know all the facts. And so what if they wre not with her! Who in the hell cares?! And as far as your defense of the basket being sent FROM and TO, that in NO WAY says that those kids weren’t wit her. ALL IT IMPLIES IS THAT THEIR NAMES WERE INCLUDED ON THE CARD, AND THAT IS VERY NORMAL TO DO.

eva on

Normally I don’t read a thread where I’ve already made a coment but since this one grew quite a bit I was curious. I’m one of the persons (or bitches)who said that this gift might have been made out of publicity.I still think it was,but I’m not complaining.Let’s be realistic,a good reputation and on-going publicity is of great importance for celebrities.Being a good parent and having an exemplary marriage is awesome publicity,and I’m not saying that’s the only reason why actors,singers or athletes have families, some might in fact resent the atention given to their loved ones (like Jody Foster IMO) but it doesn’t hurt Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to publicize how beautiful their daughter is (because she is!),how perfect their romance is (it might in fact be,don’t question that) and why not?how generous they are with former wife Nicole Kidman. The gift might have been made out of honesty and sincere joy for the baby,but the publicity is an extra for their reputations.
By the way,I’m amazed at how defensive and angry some readers get about what others think of celebrities.Just as some critical people don’t know if they are “the bad guys” in person, others don’t know as a fact how awesome they are.Put that strenght onto defending other things,not people who don’t care and don’t know you.

Susan on

On June 20th, Just Jared posted that Katie Holmes had sent Nicole Kidman a “deluxe gift basket filled with onesies, stuffed toys, a baby blanket and more from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.

So… is this really a new story? Or are there two gift baskets? Also, it was reported to Star by an “insider.” To me, that translates store employee.


Elizabeth on

I think it was appropriate of Tom and Katie to send a gift. Everything else is speculation.
Nicole is pretty open in her interviews and has been even more so since her divorce from Cruise, so it’s always possible that when Bella and Connor become legal adults that she will share more about the custody arrangement.
On the other hand, if Katie ever gets out in one piece, she may well explain enough that Nicole wouldn’t have to!!

sammy on

The kids are not with Nicole I just saw a pic on of Conner and Tome at David Beckham’soccer game……,,20212124_4,00.html

Sarah on

eva, sorry but your statement was one big contradiction. if you think that people are wasting their energy defending people they don’t know, aren’t you wasting your energy criticizing people you also don’t know? quite frankly, the former is far more positive/productive than the latter.

i fail to understand how this whole post got so out of hand. it’s just a gift basket.

Erica on

Eva, I also don’t understand why a few commentators on this site are so defensive/angry/hurt by comments they don’t agree with. I’m not saying that everyone should or will always agree (because seriously, how much fun would that be? 🙂 but at the same time I think it’s good to remember that it’s nothing personal if someone feels differently about a celebrity than you do. Just because a person is famous doesn’t mean they are above reproach, and similarly doesn’t mean that they are always selfish or bad. I happen to think Tom Cruise is a great father who engages in a questionable religion, but I would never be angry or hurt by anyone on this site who disagrees with me. But I also feel it’s unnecessary to personally attack or belittle someone who holds a differing opinion because that kills a fun discussion! I have a huge amount of free time on my job so I find myself on this site a lot, so one thing I would hate to see is the comments section further restricted or disabled because people are personally attacking others just because they disagree.

eva on

Sarah, I don’t think I was wasting time being overly critical of Tom Cruise and his family. I am not passionate about criticism and slander,I just said what was on my mind:this could be publicity,either pure publicity or a mix of sincere joy for Nicole Kidman and the child AND the bonuss of getting mentioned on magazines or online? Am I condemning them for it? no,it’s a comment.Unlike many of the ladies here who have used strong words (at least for my taste)for a comment that didn’t really hurt anyone…except the abundant Tom Cruise fans who go overboard sometimes I guess.I don’t mind people seeing it as a nice, genuine gesture, not trying to convince you and turn you to the bitchy side of it all.

Natalie S. on

Oooo people are Bitter…LOL I still think it’s a sweet and kind gesture for ANY family member current or ex ~ spouse to give a gift to a newborn.. People just deal.

Melanie on

You know what? It IS weird, no matter which way you look at it. But most things surrounding Tom Cruise are weird. He’s knee deep in it and one day everything about him will come out and the world will know. Secrets can’t stay hidden forever and people won’t keep their mouths shut forever.

Stephanie on

I am not a fan of Tom Cruise or anything. However I have to say in his defense…… When my sister was born I was 14 (my dads only child ) and my step mom had 3 kids 18 ,14 and 10. My step mom did not want us at the hospital. She sent them to there dads and me to my moms.So it could just be Nicole wanted it to be just her and Keith……. who knows. I think it was nice of them to sennd a gift. My mom did it for my sister. She said my sister was part of me and she knew how much I loved her and how excited I was…..

mary on

Tom Cruise won’t let her see the kids – only as little as possible. He controls Nicole’s life still. Scientology demands you share ‘secrets’ as a way of detoxing – and now he can blackmail Nicole.

You want proof? Go look at the Oprah interview. Oprah asked him (politely) if he and Nicole shared the kids. Tom was uncomfortable and after stammering said, “she can see them when she wants”. SHE CAN SEE THEM WHEN SHE WANTS???? THANKS TOM!! They don’t spend summers with Nicole – they are not in “school” (they are home schooled) so they can be with her – and yet they aren’t. So you have to ask WHY. The answer is Tom is controlling the kids and Nicole – and destroying their relationship with their mother.

Benigna Marko on

This is so incredible, awesome to see the couple so happy with child in hand. They are so hollywood. Surviving all the talks and gossip. Benigna Marko is proud to see even in hollywood people can love and respect one another and achieve wonderful things. Good luck guys.
Benigna Marko

Beca on

Yes I agree nobody knows what the parenting plan is between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. We all need to stop making these silly things up and just assuming that Nicole is a bad parent. Maybe she is doing what the rest of celebrities should be doing, trying to keep her kids out of the lime light so that they can try and lead a regular life. These two children are NOT celebrities and they deserve to live a normal life just as much as the next kid does! Perhaps the reason that they have remained in California with their mother is because they have always lived there and it would not be fair to suddenly up root them and take them away from their friends and home town, in which they have lived in since the day of their birth.

Beca on

sorry i did mean to say with their father and without their mother

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