Rachael Ray "enjoys kids" but has no time for her own

07/11/2008 at 07:00 AM ET

Rachel_rayCelebrity cook and talk show host Rachael Ray is one busy woman.  Not only is she constantly on the go with her television shows and cookbooks, but she also formed Yum-o, a non-profit charity to help children develop healthy relationships with food.  Through her charity, the 39-year-old is able to "work with kids at every age" which is good for Rachael as she feels so has no time to have children of her own.

I enjoy kids so much but I don’t have time to physically have them.  I’m going to be on the air for another three or four years, so I may not have the opportunity. 

Rachael and her husband John Cusimano were married in 2005.

Source: Ladies’ Home Journal, August issue; Photo by Stephen Lovekin/ Getty Images.

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kaitlyn on

It sounds like she just doesn’t want them. It’s too bad she can’t say that or she would be attacked…

FC on

Her work is her biggest child, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down! Until that does, I don’t see her having a child. And maybe she doesn’t want any, and that’s fine! If she ever changes her mind, she could have one or even adopt.

I just like how she’s honest about it.

Like her, I wouldn’t want to subject a child to my life when I know I wouldn’t have the time for them that I wanted to give them.

sinclair on

hmm…giada had a baby girl–and she’s on the air, Rach. Just be honest, already!! ok, j/k…just saying. The Food Network would not have a cow if she had a baby–or MAYBE they would? (Too much pressure on Rach?)

Marianne on

Kaitlyn, That makes more sense… I was about to comment that I wonder if she will regret not making time for kids in about 10 years when she’s slowed down a bit. But maybe not wanting them at all is a better assumption. I think her response would be different if she really wanted them. I agree with you!

Laurie on

There are tons of women with highly busy and successful careers who balance their homelife with kids and jobs, and many of them are fantastic mothers, but i bet they have a lot of help from family and their husbands, since i work in the health field and i see many female doctors who work 70 hours a week with 2-5 children.

A sucessful career is great and feels extremely rewarding, but in my opinion as you age and get older, i know others think differently, but someday you will retire and you know having a family and being involved in your kids lives, for example weddings and grandchildren, advice.. feels even more rewarding.

Kids require a lot of love, time, personal attention, security, and many other things, if a person can’t offer all of those things to raise a child, no matter who the person is, celebrity or not, they may be better off not having children. In the end its about they keys to your happiness, if one of those keys is not having children, then thats fine.

Randi on

I feel that she may really want children I know that there are women out there that just don’t want them but she doesn’t seem like the type. I feel really bad for her I mean I think it’s very honorable of her to not have any children since she wouldn’t have time to commit to them. Maybe one day her and John will be blessed with a little one. We will just have to all wait and see.

Ruth on

quote’ I enjoy kids so much but I don’t have time to physically have them’ end quote

I know she’s a busy lady but I can’t see how a pregnancy would impact on her career that much,it’s not an illness after all and many women work and have high powered jobs while they are pregnant

It’s a shame though if they have decided children aren’t for them but she can’t be honest and say that,they could of course be trying to get pregnant but she doesn’t want to let the world know!

Rebecca on

Rachael Ray is not a Chef. She is a cook. She did not attend culinary school.

ang on

Holy cow! The lady doesn’t want to have a kid – leave her alone! Who cares what reason she gives…why are we sitting here trying to analyze it???

I’m sure she gets asked in every interview when is she going to have a baby…I personally applaud her for being honest and real. Now everyone please…get over it!!!!

chris on

Her comment doesn’t make sense. She can’t have children because she’s on TV? She’s on a cooking show. I’m sure you can still cook while pregnant. I agree that she probably just doesn’t want to (or can’t) have children so she’s making this her excuse. Too bad she can’t be more forthcoming or simply say no comment.

Anne on

You know, she may just not want to have to leave an infant with a babysitter for long hours every day. She knows she can ride this success a bit longer and she’s obviously not as worried about not having kids or she’d do it. She doesn’t seem like the type to forgo being a mom if she really wanted to have a child. BTW, Giada said it was a surprise when she got pregnant and hadn’t planned on it.

anonymous on

What do you mean by “a pregnancy wouldn’t impact her career that much”? Her statement indicates that she has career goals (which are admirable) and that she wouldn’t have enough time to give as a parent if she maintains that path. If you can’t be the parent you think is right, you shouldn’t be a parent. And, she shouldn’t have to adapt her career path to be a parent. If she’s not happy, then the family wouldn’t be either.

As for not wanting children, but just saying that she’s nor ready now – how many times have we seen on this site “I’d love another, but (fill in the blank – expenses, time, space, etc.) keep me from doing that.)

Let the woman lead her life without judgement. If she doesn’t want babies now, if she doesn’t want them at all – it doesn’t affect any one else.

Jeanne on

I just find it kind of sad that the reproductive choices of women are matters for public debate. I personally think it’s just beyond rude to even ask that question of any woman, regardless of if they’re famous or not. The only people who have any right to care about whether or not Rachel Ray wants to have kids are Rachel Ray and her husband.

christina on

Has anyone stopped to consider that maybe they’re having trouble having children and don’t feel like discussing the state of their infertility treatments with us all??

I’ve known a lot of people struggling with infertility who’ve said almost the exact same things whenever people kept asking them about having kids.

I agree with Jeanne that it’s rude to ask.

lis on

She’s said repeatedly that children aren’t in the cards for her.

I think it’s sad she still has to say it.

Michelle on

What she says makes PERFECT sense to me, I read before she said it wouldn’t be fair to a child because she is always so busy, there are A LOT of people who LOVE kids but just don’t want any of their own. That is great if that is what THEY want. At least she knows that and isn’t saying let’s have all these kids and let the nannies raise them!

JM on

Yeah I def. don’t think Racheal wants children and I think it’s okay to say that. However I think sometimes back in your mind you wish not to say those things because you never know. Like Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson have expressed that they too would one day like to have children but lets face it they’re not getting any younger and I think that they’re content not being mothers to biological children…it’s fine and nobody should jump on them for it. They probably just wish to not really say anything for fear they may change their mind someday or maybe jinx themselves. We don’t really know for sure.
But I think it’s great that if people really want to focus on career and don’t think they’ll have the time atleast they think about not bringing a baby into the world if they’re not really interested.

Sasha on

Agreed, if she says she doesn’t have time, she doesn’t have time. She has lots of pots in the fire (no pun intended πŸ™‚ It sounds like she wants the public to focus on her work (esp. the charity work) not her personal life.

Molly on

Please, don’t analyze why she doesn’t have children. What about if she can’t? I was struggling with infertility for so long and everyone was asking me, when we will have kids and that we should have them. rather then explaining all of the people our struggle, we were just telling that we don’t want them for now as we want to travel first. So if Rachael cannot have children, it would really be easier for her to say she doesn’t have time, then explain the struggles, cause you cannot imagine how hard it is, and for people to start discussing and look at you with pity and that has nothing to do with honesty, but with the privacy so maybe leave her alone …??

Stef on

So, this would be a half-dozen times this story has been covered?

Rachel isn’t going to have kids. She’s too busy. OKAY. End of story. Just cos you’re famous doesn’t make this any more interesting.

Molly on

“I know she’s a busy lady but I can’t see how a pregnancy would impact on her career that much,it’s not an illness after all and many women work and have high powered jobs while they are pregnant”

While I see your point, these days actually lots of women have complicated pregnancies, especially when you are older. I dont know if you’ve heard about nausea, tiredness, and there are also some who have to be on bed rest for majority of her pregnancy. My cousin was on bedrest from 3rd month till the end with her first child. So pregnancy, while not illness, can definitelly affect your job if the illness happens

Autumn on

Rachel may change her tune if she ended up with a surprise like Giada did, but unless that happens, I don’t know if she’ll become a mother or not.

Most TV chefs have kids I think. Giada just had her baby daughter, Mario Batali has two kids, Jamie Oliver has 2 or 3 kids, Nigella Lawson has two kids (and had to raise them solo for awhile when simulateneously her fame increased and her first husband died of cancer in 2001), Bobby Flay has a daughter, Paula Deen has two sons (yeah I know they’re adults now), Cat Cora has a son, Kelly Ripa has three kids (I know Kelly’s not a chef, but like Rachel is comparible on the talk show angle.) so Rachel could be a mother if she wanted to be. It’s not unpresidented in her industry, obviously. πŸ˜‰

Kristie on

You know, for numerous reasons, my husband and I have chosen to remain childless. And I CONSTANTLY have to defend this decision. Just saying “We’re not having children” is not enough for people, as they will speculate and assume and judge on their own anyways…It is exhausting and infuriating,

You people are doing the exact same thing in a manner. For whatever reason, this woman is saying that she may or may not have children. Period. Don’t read more into it than is there. It’s not up for speculation or debate. And largely, it’s not really your business.

And I’m sure Rachel Ray is quite tired and hurt by all the constant badgering about having children, even though it seems she has addressed this issue a thousand times.

Jennifer on

I don’t think Rachael or anyone else owes an explaination about why they do or don’t want kids. I think she’s answered this question about 100 times and I think it’s time for CBB to stop covering it.

ang on

I think by now we all get the message with Ray-Ray (as my 3-year-old likes to call her). Hey, CBB, how about just not posting these stories on her anymore??? It’s not exactly “new” news! Let her be, already!!

Lauren on

Kristie, I totally agree with you. Well said. Why, why, why do people not just accept that for whatever reason, she seems not to want kids? Does there have to be a secret behind not wanting kids (infertility, high-stress job, being single, etc.)? Some people, including people who’ve had them, do not want children. It’s just a shame some have to attribute motives to that choice beyond, you know, I’m not in love with the idea of raising children.

Allie on

I personally enjoyed reading this and am glad the site covered it. I have only been reading CBB for about 4 months so previous stories must have been before my time.

I agree that if she doesn’t want kids, it’s good for her to admit it, but people should stop asking if she’s been clear.

Anne01 on

I don’t think her marriage is that sound, so why bring children into an unhappy marriage if that is true, besides the fact that he would get half of her mega fortune if they divorce. Whatever her reason, it’s her business as not every married woman wants children.

Diane on

As a mother to 5 children, I can’t imagine my life without my kids. I always knew from a very young age, that I wanted to have kids. Some women have a very strong maternal drive, and other’s don’t. I heard Rachel comment that she can’t even take care of her dog, let alone a baby.

If she’s meant to be a mom, someday it will happen either by way of her giving birth, or adoption. I also sort of feel, that she has a very selfish attitude towards children, and having no time for them. As busy as her life is, she is being responsible about it, by not bringing a child into the world under the circumstances. I sometimes wonder what her husbands thoughts and feelings are towards this subject. Did they talk about it before they got married?

I think Rachel’s success in the industry and all the money she’s making may be clouding her thoughts on the matter.

She just may flat out not want children. Again, I just can’t imagine life without children. They are a gift.

Courtney on

I haven;t read all the comments yet, just a few. I think that there are people in this world who truely can not find the time or have the right situation for a child.

I have a very close friend who would love to have children but can’t really fit it into her life. She also understands how much strain a baby can be. On a marriage, on a career, on finances, on friendships. She looks at it and feels that it just wouldnt be the right thing to do for her and her husband. In the end she would still love to have kids.

Kitty on

I wish that people could accept the fact that there are some women who just do not want children and not judge these women harshly or analyze/scrutinize their choice. I happen to be a happily married women in my mid-thirties who has never wanted children. I love my nieces and nephew and work with children in the education field, but I personally don’t want to be a mother. I don’t like having to constantly hear “When are you going to have children?” Heaven help me when I honestly tell someone that I just don’t want them! I usually just say, “Maybe someday” to avoid a personal discussion. Such a personal question is nobody’s business but my own and my hubby’s. Intentionally childless women are so often made to feel that society sees them as cold or selfish if they choose to remain childless!

Kristie on

Very well said, Kitty.

It gets so tiresome hearing, “Children are a blessing.” “Children are a gift.” Maybe to YOU. But I am NOT YOU.

The way that people judge and make assumptions about each other amazes me.

terri on

That photo looks like she’s exposing her chest. Awkward angle.

I hope that if Rachael and her husband want kids that they make time for it. I don’t see why or who would attack anyone for not wanting kids. I applaud those that know what they do or don’t want in their lives and stick with their convictions. They don’t have to explain their decisions to me or anyone else.

Pencils on

Rachel Ray has a perky, friendly persona that has made her a lot of money and she can’t come out and say she doesn’t want kids even if it’s the truth, because then a lot of people will no longer like her. And her ratings and book & magazine sales will drop. It’s ridiculous but true. Women who don’t want kids are seen as less sympathetic, when she would still be the same person she was before. Just look at the comments here saying that they don’t understand because “kids are a gift” and because she could be pregnant on her show and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I would have never been able to be on a TV show through this pregnancy: was really sick, especially around food, for the first couple of months, and since then I’ve been so tired I fall asleep at my desk nearly every day. How could she do a cooking show if the very sight of raw food made her vomit? I’m just lucky my husband is a good cook!

Some women just don’t want children. Period. It’s too bad that you can’t admit it in this society. And the truth is that children should be wanted and born into loving homes. They shouldn’t be born because “women are supposed to have kids.”

mind your own business on

It is NONE of anyone’s business why she does or doesn’t have kids – and she’s probably sick to death of having to explain it!

Personally, I had a very difficult time getting pregnant. I don’t have any tubes, they were damaged and had to be removed, so we went through IVF 5 times over the span of 3 years. For those adding up the dollars – it’s about $100K. We tried and tried and tried… all the while getting negative test after negative test. All the money in the world though doesn’t buy you a positive test. In the meanwhile, everyone always asked – WHEN ARE YOU GONNA HAVE KIDS!? And then they’d make jokes or scold us for waiting so long. I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it was. Like a knife in the heart because we WERE TRYING so hard and the doctors were saying it would probably never happen … but we kept trying over and over. It was the saddest time of my whole life. I just didn’t feel I needed to explain to everyone on the planet why it was taking so long.

By the grace of God, we finally ended up with a daughter – a total miracle because we were told we only had a 5% chance. The doctors were amazed.

So the next time you start judging people who don’t have kids – you need to consider that maybe there is a medical reason, and they just don’t feel comfortable telling everyone. Would you feel OK telling the entire world you were sterile?

Treat others as you’d want to be treated.

KT on


robin m. on

Mind Your Own Business:

I totally agree with your comments. As a childless woman married 5 years, I often wonder when and how it became socially acceptable to inquire about another’s plans to reproduce!

Your story was touching, and I’m glad your efforts proved to be worthwhile!

iluvallbabies on

Totally agree with “mind your own business” post above. What a sad day when you have to explain why or when you are going to have kids. I cant ever imagine putting someone on the spot with SUCH a personnal (and often painful) question.

Congratulations on your daughter- a true miracle πŸ™‚

SeanJay on

Autumn I see you listed quite a few male chefs. They don:t have to deal with the potential troubles pregnancy brings.
Ray has a lot of things going besides her cooking show. We don*t even know how much time those chefs even spend with their kids.

eve on

Read thru the lines- She is not interested in getting pregnant. I give this marriage one more year……she has enough money now, to not ever work again if she chose to stop doing her shows.

Emaline on

She would make such a good mom! Hopefully they’ll adopt someday!

asherzarakaif on

If Rachael Ray cannot or does not have children, it’s really nobody’s business but her own. If her priorities are such that a child or children don’t rate, then why should strangers keep asking her this question? I, like many others, had a strong maternal drive, but to be fair, there are many who don’t. Just as there are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, so too are there people who have children–by whatever means–and those who don’t–for whatever reason. We are not all the same, nor will we ever be. We won’t all regret not having kids just we won’t all be grateful that we did.

In public at least, RR has never indicated being against children or a dislike of them, which is quite nice of her. There are those who refer to kids in the most negative ways possible. There are those who choose not to interact in any meaningfully positive way with any of the world’s children. RR hasn’t done any of that. Leave her alone.

zelda on

Could this poor woman be left alone regarding the kids issue? I think she’s made it very, very clear that for whatever reason, she is not planning on having children. She’s said it, and I suppose if it changes, we’ll find out about it.

Male celebrities never have to discuss this issue as much. Ridiculous.

Molly on

Mind your own business and Robin M, we are in the very same boat and you worded the issue very nicely, the way i always wanted but couldnt

Samantha on

That’s a shame that she enjoys them but won’t have them. I think it’s a cop out. She has more than enough money. I don’t like kids and that’s why I don’t have them.

Mackenzie on

“Most TV chefs have kids I think.”

Autumn: Rachael is more than just a t.v. chef. She has four (maybe 5) different t.v. shows, plus several product lines, she’s a cookbook author and she has a magazine. I don’t think it would even be healthy to attempt a pregnancy when a person has 7-8 jobs. So I don’t think it’s an accurate comparison to compare her to people who have 1 t.v. show.

“I think it’s a cop out. She has more than enough money.”

Samantha: It takes way more than just money to successfully raise a child. I think it’s ridiculous that Rachael’s reasons are being held up to scrutiny. I doubt that you would like it if someone told you that your reasons for not wanting children are a cop out, so I think Rachael deserves the same consideration in return.