Peter Gabriel welcomes fourth child

07/11/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

Peter_gabrielMusician Peter Gabriel, 58, and his wife Meabh, 37, have welcomed their second son together. Luc Gabriel arrived on Saturday, July 5th, weighing in at 7 lbs, 2 oz. Luc joins older brother Isaac, 6, and sisters Melanie, 31, and Anna-Marie, 34, from Peter’s marriage to Jill Moore. In a statement on his website, Peter shared,

Big brother Isaac reports that mother, father and baby brother are all doing well, and requests that any congratulatory flowers people may contemplate sending be left to grow in the ground for all to enjoy.

Source:; Photo by Bauer-Griffin.

Thanks to CBB reader Catherine.

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Kelly on

is it just me that finds it a little weird that his oldest daughter is only 3 years younger than his wife? i think its kind of creepy honestly but its his choice to do what he wants

Mari on

Well, families do come in all different configurations. And I think that it is a good thing. Sameness is boring.

Congrats to the family on the arrival of Luc 🙂

Linda on

It’s not just you. I also feel he is a bit old to become a father again.

Tomas on

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And I’m sorry to say, but meabh is one of the ugliest celebs i’ve seen.

Laura on

Oh, I love the names Luc and Gabriel for a little boy. 🙂

I’ve seen some very happy relationships with an age gap. To be honest, if both parties concerned are adults, it really doesn’t bother me. You (hopefully) fall in love with someone because you share interests, and appreciate their thoughts and their behaviour, are attracted to them and want them around you. I don’t see age as that great of a factor and if they’re lucky enough to be mutually in love and are good parents, all the best to them! If he was having a relationship with his *daughter*, I would find *that* disturbing! I agree that it might be difficult for his adult children, but I don’t think it’s creepy, no disrespect to Kelly! I’m sure others would share your feelings.

Molly on

Congrats to Peter. I didn’t even realize he had young kids. I knew he had two daughters my age (his oldest is a year younger than me). I honestly don’t think it’s creepy. If they are in love, who cares about the age?

Risa on

To each their own. I wish them all the best. And I love, love, the name ‘Luc Gabriel’. But personally, if I was 34 (I’m 24 now) and my parents had another child I’d flip out. That’s quite an age gap. Then again, I don’t forsee my mom having a child at 59 (the age she’d be when I’m 34)!

S on

Does anyone know how to pronounce his wife’s name?

Carol on

Wow I never would have recognized that as Peter Gabriel that I remember from the 80’s and 90’s. Hopefully he’s still really energetic. I agree it would feel weird to have a younger sibling that’s 30+ years younger but my father had kids with his first marriage that he didn’t let anybody know about and I found them a few years ago. My oldest sister is 70, another sister is 63 and my brother is 66 while I’m 40 so I guess it happens more than people realize.

lizzielui on

Well my parents married when my father was 54 and my mom was 34. He had three kids from a previous marriage. The got married, had three kids and were together for 25 years until my dad passed away. I loved my father and all of his maturity, chivalry, and wisdom. There was never anything creepy about it for either me or my siblings except for the fact that others seemed to frown their noses at it from time to time. I mean, two consenting adults falling in love… where is the crime? Love, respect, and adoration comes in all colors, sizes and age groups for adults and should be respected.

nona on

I believe her name is pronounced MAEVE…its just the Irish spelling…that’s all…Congrats to the family on the new arrival…

Anocas on

Laura and Lizzielui you said it.

Besides, and this may sound a bit corney, but one has no power over his/her heart. When you fall in love with a person it doesn’t matter the age of that person (although if that person is underage might well get into trouble LOL), but how that person thinks, treats you and blahblahblah. But come on, we’re in 2008 and we give more and more importance to what other people say or think about us, when it should be the other side around. Relationships are like everything else, it’s not what they look to others (outside) that matter but what they’re really in the inside, for the people who take part on the relationship.
If I had a sibling at the age of 30+ I wouldn’t flip out or freak out! It would be my dad or mom’s choice. Kids cannot rule parents lives, it’s their lives and they must live them as they want, as kids must live theirs. Doing so you’d be hurting your parents feelings, and the child’s. I would love that sibling just as I love all the others (well, the other one) I have. Oh people you need to chill out and live life, it is already too short so why complicate it even more?!

Gabriel is on my TOP 5 names for a boy!