Diaper Dékor Plus: A Hands-free Diaper Pail That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

07/11/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

DekorxlcompareI feel like the Goldilocks of diaper pails. I’ve tried so many since I became a parent, but I think I’ve found a winner — the Diaper Dékor Plus ($39.99). It’s a hands-free diaper disposal system (which means no touching dirty diapers) and it uses biodegradable refills.

The first system we tried when my son was born two years ago was a very popular one, but you had to push the diapers in. It broke after the lid cracked. The second one was the same kind and broke a few months later when that lid twisted off, this time for good. The third system was so top heavy that it fell over often — and yes, you also had to stick your hand in that one too. Now, we are on our fourth system, the Diaper Dékor Plus, imported by Regal+Lager.  For the first time, I can actually say I love a diaper disposal system — because I don’t have to stick my darn hand in!! Just push a foot pedal and drop it in! Buh-Bye smelly diaper!

The Diaper Dékor Plus even came fully assembled with itsfirst bag installed, which was great. I imagine that the folks whocreated this probably thought about parents like me, who weren’t goingto want to have to put a diaper pail together or install the bagsbefore use. They even went a step further and actually posted theinstructions inside the unit on a sticker. 

The refills are biodegradable and will break down faster thanplastic for a greener disposal of disposable diapers. I was alsoimpressed that you can use either type of Diaper Dékor (there is the Diaper Dékor and the Diaper Dékor Plus)as a garbage pail when you are done with diapers– by taking out thetop insert. Which brings me to my next challenge — cloth diapering.I’m going to be testing out cloth diapers from Kushies, so I will use the Diaper Dékor Plus to hold the soiled ones.

Verdict: I recommend this product. It disposed of our diapersneatly and cleanly and is a better choice than the other pails I’vetried. I was very pleased to keep my hands out of the diaper pail! Ialso liked that the refills are biodegradable — less plastic to breakdown in our landfills.

— Nancy

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Jennifer on

I had this with my son and it is THE BEST-Hands down!!!

Patricia on

I totally agree, the best disposable diaper pail on the market. We love it and it was worth every penny spent on it! It works great as a smell keeper as well and looks very cool and modern. We bought the newest one which looks little different from model on this picture above. I also like green bags idea.I highly recommend this product.