Featured Review: Diaper Dékor Plus: A hands-free diaper pail that will bring a smile to your face

07/11/2008 at 05:00 PM ET

by Nancy:

DekorxlcompareI feel like the Goldilocks of diaper pails. I’ve tried so many since I became a parent, but I think I’ve found a winner — the Diaper Dékor Plus ($39.99). It’s a hands-free diaper disposal system (which means no touching dirty diapers) and it uses biodegradable refills.

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KT on

I’m going to have to disagree with this post about the Diaper Dekor. I got this for both of my kids and let me tell you…both of their rooms stink whenever I put a dirty diaper in there. JUST ONE diaper and it stinks!!! I’ve now resorted to using those deodorized bags and then throwing them out and that doesn’t even solve the problem. I’ve thought about sticking an air freshener under the lid, also. It’s a waste of money! The refills are a pretty penny and they only sell them at a handful of stores (one of which is NOT Target). I have to drive 25 mins to Babies R Us anytime I need refills.

H on

I have to agree with KT. I registered for two of these disposal systems when I was pregnant with my twins. It worked great when the kids were little, I will say. Once they got onto solids and really started expanding their palates (and therefore having much stinkier diapers) the Dekor Plus was utterly useless. Even if I sprayed the entire unit down with air freshener, removing the bag once it was full left the entire area stinky.

We, too, have resorted to using the scented bags and immediately throwing the dirty diapers out. I’ve often wondered if the Dekor Plus offered scented liners if that would prevent some of the stink issue, but still, this product ended up being a waste of money.

Ava on

I had this as well. I used the regular bags, not the biodegradables (they were not available). I liked this diaper pail because it is easy to dispose of the diapers, you don’t have to twist or flip or whatever. I did use those blue bags to put poopie diapers in and then put them in the diaper dekor. This helped with the smell. You can buy a bag of 100 for a couple bucks. You can also sit this out in the sun to help with the smell that soaks in. It does soak in after a while-I used it for well over 2 1/2 years. It took a while to get stinky into the plastic. I sprayed it with lysol and let it sit in the sun a short while.
The refills are not easy to find so I always had to order them. I hear the new ones only come two to a pack. I wish it was three like before. WHen I got desperate at the end and DD was not potty trained yet and I ran out of refills, I used regular garbage bags. I just put them inside and put the top down. Worked fine.

tammy l on

We just used old bags from the grocery store and brought them out to out garbage bin right away. As parents we try to keep the junk and clutter down to a minimum and making trip not only declutters but gives me some excerise during the day.

Heather on

I have the diaper dekor plus- last years model. It works very well for us. I do not have a problem with the pail stinking or having any odor whatsoever. Once a week, I clean it with a Clorox wipe. I assume that this prevents any smells that would cause it to stink. I love how there is no twisting, pulling or whatever to dispose of the diaper. I just recently ordered the powder scented bio-degradeable refills. I highly recommend this product.

erika on

This is one diaper pail i dislike bc how much it stinks! I work at Babies R Us and we had these in the mothers room and oh my did it smell. This is even after multiple changes during the day because it smelled so bad. A regular trash can works better than this!