50 Cent says separation from son is "tough"

07/11/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

50_centIn years past, 50 Cent has enjoyed spending his summers on the road with his 11-year-old son Marquis. But this summer, with the 33-year-old rapper embroiled in a lawsuit with Marquis’ mother Shaniqua Tompkins, 50 Cent says he’s been cut off from all contact with his son. The breakdown in communication is "tough," he tells MTV, and the relationship between father and son "is changing."

I really don’t wanna talk about it, because my son at some point will have the opportunity to see the tapes. She’s still his mother, and I’m still his father, regardless. He’s gonna love both of us.

Shaniqua recently obtained a restraining order against 50 Cent, after her Long Island home was destroyed in a fire officials deemed "suspicious." She later filed a defamation lawsuit against the rapper. 50 Cent clarified, however, that he’s "not going through a custody battle, just a transition," adding, "I’d like to be able to just see my baby."

Source: MTV; Photo by Elizabeth Lippman/Splash News.


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Stefanie on

I feel so sorry for 50 and Marquise. When you see them together, you can see their love. I am sure they miss each other a lot. I hope they will be back together soon.

Jacky on

That’s really nice of him, I do respect him for saying that. Some other divorced celebrities could learn a lesson or two about that issue.

Grayson's Girl on

I really respect him for that. Considering the way the young man’s mother has been carrying on in the press, it’s amazing that 50 can still choose to be an adult about it and not lash out. It can’t be easy to have her accusing him of trying to kill her and the boy and then shutting him out of his son’s life. I hope the court intervenes soon and allows him time with his son. It’s obvious he loves him and the same in reverse. Sad situation all around.

Katie on

I do not think that 50Cent is a positive role model for kids, but a few divorcing celebrity couples could learn a thing or two from him about how to raise children in the midst of a painful and bitter divorce.

Mary on

Whatever is happening btwn the parents has nothing to do with the child and it’s really sad when they use the child like that. They shouldn’t have to suffer. She is clearly using the child to get back at him, but it’s wrong. No matter what, that man should not be denied the right to see his own child. He may look back at this whole incident and perhaps resent his mother. Some ppl don’t even have fathers who are involved in their lives and would do anything to have a father who really wanted to see them.

Anne on

50’s “statement” was HEAVILY practiced and given to him by his public relations team. 50 may have set fire to his “baby mama’s” house! 50 glorifies violence, murder and drugs, not only in his music or in interviews, but in his real life. 50 released this statement to promote his “gang’s” new CD called “Terminate on Service” aka Kill people. 50 has songs called “Still Kill,” “Don’t Push Me” and “F*** that B*****.”

Anne on

Also, 50 Cent was never married to Shaniqua. So, they are not getting divorced. 50 Cent slept with Shaniqua, she got pregnant and they are not a couple and have never been married to anyone. They have been in the news because 50 stopped paying Shaniqua’s child support and was trying to have her kicked out of her house (that 50 owned). Then, after 50 threatened Shaniqua, that house they were fighting over burned down! It was set on fire in the middle of the night while Shaniqua and her son, Marquis were sleeping inside!

Heather on

Well, considering he cannot see his son right now and what has happened to the mother, I am willing to bet this is all a facade to look like the better parent. Sorry “Fiddy” I am not buying this for one second.

eve on

Could you save the ghetto gossip trash for the Ebony website please?

Sarah on

i’m a little shocked that a couple of the posters are accusing 50 of burning down his OWN house with his child sleeping inside. that is a serious accusation and one that has no basis. have you read interviews with him? he gushes about his son and how he has changed his life for the better. i find it hard to believe that he would risk his child’s life that.

Sarah on

sorry, one more thing. what exactly happened to marquis’s mother? she was living in 50’s house with her new boyfriend and was not paying rent. he went to court and had her evicted legally. sounds like she had a pretty sweet deal up until he wisened up and went to court.

Stefanie on

@Anne: You are rights in parts but most you say is just wrong.

50 and Shaniqua never were married, yes. Well, shortly after they became a couple ages ago, she got pregnant. They tried to get along for Marquise but werent not even a real couple anymore when Marquise was born. When Marquise was not even 6 month old, Shaniqua left and 50 raised him on his own. When 50 got shot in 2000, they moved into the apartment of Shaniquas mom for a couple of weeks but then she kicked Shaniqua out and later 50. So 50 got his own place with Marquise. Since then, 50 and Shaniqua didnt live together anymore. In the beginning when 50 became famous, he still was raising his son, but after some time Shaniqua came back around and wanted to have her son. So Marquise was living with his mom for around 3 years now and was spending holidays and summer break with his dad. They didnt went to court for child support before, 50 just paid her a nice amount, gave her a car, a house and lots of other stuff. She, Marquise, her daughter, mother, stepdad and bf had a really nice life. But at some point, Shaniqua got more and more demanding, so 50 took HIMSELF to court over child support. The judge told him how much to pay (25,000) while he was checking her expenses, later on the judge reduced it to 6,300 a month. 50 was still paying all the expenses for the house, even so the judge had ordered Shaniqua to pay rent for the house. Shaniqua also was trying to make the house her own one, even so she never paid one Cent for it. So 50 went to court and tried to kick her out. The judge told her that she has to leave when the school year is over. On May 30th, the house burned down. There isnt any prove, that there was a threat from 50 or anyone affiliated to him. 50 is still paying child support, even so he wasnt allowed to see his son since April. Now he is taking her to court because he wants to see his son and also for defamation because she keeps saying he burned down the house. She is trying to get 50 Million because she think they had a common-law marriage.

So get your facts straight before talking about that.

Grayson's Girl on

Anne, what he does in his music is his choice of profession and it’s ENTERTAINMENT. I don’t agree with his music and I don’t like it, so I don’t buy it. I don’t buy it for anyone else and I wouldn’t let my underaged siblings or children (if I had them) buy it. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s ENTERTAINMENT and doesn’t reflect on him as a parent in anyway. As long as he isn’t out killing people himself and he isn’t a danger to Marquis, there’s no earthly reason the man shouldn’t have contact with his son. Stefanie aready cleared up the child support issue and who was raising whom so I won’t go back into it.

As for the fire, Shaniqua hasn’t been able to explain to police what motive 50 would have for burning down a house he JUST WON from the courts and she had to leave with 48 hours of the fire starting. She also hasn’t been able to explain why she gave conflicting statements and why the start point of the fire is different from where she said she heard the window break.

I hope you hold the same parenting and human standard to people like Quinten Tarrantino (who I happen to like) who does nothing but make films that drip with stylized and glorified violence. If 50 can’t be a good parent or must be a suspected murderer because he raps about killing people then Tarrantino must pose the same danger. Same for every director, actor, and producer who sells gratuitous violence to the general populous as entertainment. It doesn’t work, does it?

Natasha on

Anne, I do not believe a word you said purely because its obvious you don’t like 50. Your opinion is incredibly biased.

Loren on

I believe 50. I always saw him with his son even on 106th and park. Totally agree with Stephanie. I became aware of 50 through my grandchildren, (In da club) so I can’t call myself a real fan of any Rap music. But he did seem close to his son. Shaniqua has been trying to get more money from 50, I guess she feels entitled to it because she has his son.