Mariah Carey talks about the responsibilities of parenthood

07/10/2008 at 04:30 PM ET

Mariah_careyBeing a mom means "you have to take a backseat" — something celebrities are often hesitant to do, Mariah Carey says in a new interview with Elle. That’s why the 38-year-old songstress shares that if she and husband Nick Cannon do have children someday, they’re prepared to take the focus off themselves and instead put it on their child.

You can get caught up in Hollywood-land or celebrity-land, and that’s maybe not the best thing for kids, ’cause they didn’t ask for it. I really feel like it’s very important to be responsible and to think, ‘Well, maybe if I do this it’s not the best thing for my child.’

Mariah added that she has no qualms about the kind of parent Nick will make, telling Elle "I couldn’t imagine anybody that I’ve ever met being a better dad."

Source: US via Elle; Photo by Mathew Imaging/WireImage.

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emma on

posted in april:
The biological clock may be ticking for everyone else, but songstress Mariah Carey, 38, isn’t afraid of it.
Instead, she’s convinced she won’t be having children because it would leave her feeling “violated… I know that’s a kind of weird thing to say, but that’s how I am.” She feels that she wouldn’t be able to take care of a child.

I guess a lot changes in 3 months!!

Badaboum on

I love Mariah Carey, she seems to be a great person to be around, a very funny woman: But it is difficult for me to think of her as a mother, and definitly not think of her with a baby bump! She looks to me like a very high maintenance person (I am one too, so it’s not a bad thing!): I think her Diva antics are a part of her personality so it is difficult for me to see her as a parent.

I don’t mean to be negative at all, I really hope she will become a mother if this is her wish, but it is odd for to picture her taking care of someone else than her, it is still actualy difficult for me to realize she’s married!!!
I wish her well, she deserves the best life!

Molly on

I thought she didnt want to have children at all

mom on

you know, it seems like it’s more PC for stars to say “maybe we’ll have kids someday in the future” than to say “i don’t want kids”. when they’re dating someone, the media is asking “when’s the wedding?” as soon as they get married, the media is down their necks about babies, as soon as they’re divorced, the media is looking to see who they’re dating now. rush rush rush. “older” women like mariah have a smaller window in which to bear children & we know it, so saying “someday in the future” is a total cop-out. like when? you gonna have babies when you’re 50? bull. so she doesn’t want kids! big deal! that’s fine. i completely support women’s decision to not have kids. i think it’s wonderful that she is true to herself & not giving in to outside pressure.

nina on

I Love MC always have but this marriage thing seems so crazy, IT’S ALL SO SUDDEN. She seems to have done a complete 180. I never thought she would get married again or have kids. I want to be positive so I hope it truly is love and I wish her all the best.

tammy l on

i can understand why mariah doenst want to rush into having children. from what
I have hear her own childhod wasnt all the fabulous and she probably wants to be a very selfles mother which is an aspiration more mothers should have. i do think this relationship is a little strange though…what does anyone else think?

CelebBabyLover on

mom- I’m sure Mariah isn’t thinking of having kids at 50. However, as we’ve seen, plenty of celebrities have gotten pregnant in their 40s (Nicole Kidman, Marcia Cross, and Halle Berry are just a few examples). Perhaps Mariah will, too. Or perhaps she and Nick are considering adoption.

Sarah on

I honestly don’t see her as the maternal type…but I could be wrong!

Maddie on

Given her first marriage, getting married within 6 weeks of knowing someone is NOT something i’d expect Mariah to do. In fact, she would be the last person I’d think of. Despite her fears, I think she’d make a great mom, and being preggers might encourage her to wear more clothes? dress more conservatively? we can only hope. Can you imagine a child with her vocal talent?

Chicki on

My personal opinion is that Mariah ONLY married Nick so that she can have a baby. She wouldn’t really have any other reason to actually marry someone – she has all the money in the world and she has made a point to say that she hasn’t slept with more than 5 men in her life, so I think the signs are pretty clear that we’ll be hearing news any day now that she’s expecting!

Mimi on

Actually, I think she will wait awhile before having kids. She is loving her fit body as it is on the covers of every other magazine. I say that maybe in two years she will aim to have a kid. She didn’t marry him just to father her kid. She wanted a partner.

asm1976 on

I’m not sure she is mature enough to have children. She behaves and dresses as if she is a preteen girl most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I have always admired Mariah. I think she has a huge, kind heart and she really cares about others. But, I honestly still can’t believe this shenanigan to be that reputable. I don’t think she will ever have kids either.

Anon on

Actually, I believe Mariah is already pregnant since she has basically cleared most of her appearance schedule until March 2009. Furthermore, I believe during the Mini-Concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live (July 31st) she’ll fess up and confirm her pregnancy (or she’ll drop by either Oprah or The View before the 31st and announce it). I also believe when she shot those photos and did the interview for Elle Magazine (May 2008) she was already pregnant and knew the magazine (Aug 2008) would hit the stands in mid to late July. My prediction: Look for a “Baby Cannonball” in late January

Tricia on

My husband and I married after 3mos of dating, We having been married 11yrs but, we did have problems like all marriages. I am happy for my sister Mariah Carey.

SJ on

I think she’s too selfish and self-indulgant to have a child.