Isaac Hanson Welcomes Son James Monroe

07/10/2008 at 09:26 AM ET

Isaac_hansonGuitarist Isaac Hanson, 27, and his wife, Nicole Dufresne Hanson, 24, have welcomed their second child, another boy. Son James Monroe Hanson arrived on Tuesday, July 1st in Tulsa, OK. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 11 oz.

Monroe joins big brother Clarke Everett, 15 months, who also goes by his middle name. In a statement to, Isaac shared,

The addition of Monroe to our family is incredible and exciting. WithMonroe and Everett being so close in age, it will be great to watchthem grow up together.

The pregnancy was announced in February.

Source: People; Photo by Alexandra Wyman/WireImage.

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Maddy on

I have been waiting FOREVER to hear this news!!! I just had checked and nothing was there – so I was very surprised to see it here! Yay!!!

James Monroe is SUCH a cute name. I love James, and Monroe is cute too.

I see that they are sticking with the middle name tradition (I like Monroe much better than Zac’s Shepherd though)

But I love them all and am so happy for them!!

The next baby should be a girl for poor Penelope! She’s very outnumbered!

Congrats Ike & Nikki!!! 😀

ruby on

Congrats. I like the name James.
I’m not that fond of the trend of people calling their kids by their middle names though (a la David Duchoveney’s kids)… seems like it would cause unneccessary confusion with school, etc..
IMO, just make your child’s first name the name you want them to go by.

Jaime on

I love the name James and the name Monroe. Makes me kinda think of James Dean & Marilyn Monroe…

And, their first names are probably family names and the middle names are the names they would have liked to name their sons.

I like what they have done! Very cute!

Lisa on

Finally! Fans have been talking about little James Monroe for the past week and a half. I’m so glad they confirmed the news. Haha!

I love the name! Congratulations to Isaac and Nikki! on

James is great, Monroe is good, but together, all I can think of is President James Monroe!

Congrats, though!

Gena on

Wow! what a baby week. keep the babies coming. they havn’t had a baby week like this since the of Harlow’s birth in Jan.

James Monroe. It’s cute name. can’t wait to see the beautiful baby.

Rebecca on

It is a trend in that family to go by middle names =) such as Clarke Isaac and Jordan Taylor.. Congrats to them!

Cortney on

I think its cool that they are passing on the family tradition of going by middle names. Taylor, Ike and their brother Mackenzie does it. Now Ezra, Shepard, Everett and Monroe can keep it going; River goes by his first name and not Samuel right?

There is more than enough little Hansons to get Hanson:The Next Generation started. In about 10 years the oldest three boys will be as old (young) as their daddy’s were when they hit it big.

Colette on

Congrats to them, but with the use of the middle names they’ve now got two larger cities that are near each other in Washington State.

Becky on

Haha Collette! I live in WA (Bellevue) and that didn’t even click until I read your post. I had to go back and look at their names again to realize that yes, we have both Everett and Monroe…and they are pretty big cities. I cannot believe I didn’t catch that! 🙂

Megan on

Finally an announcement. Not crazy about the name, but I’m sure he’s gorgeous.

Caitlin on

I agree, Ruby! When it comes to naming my kid, if I like a name best, that’s going to be his or her first name!

Congrats to them though! Maybe give that poor woman’s uterus a break for a few years now?

Cait on

It is a family tradition and yes, Cortney, River goes by River, not Samuel, the same with Tay and Nat’s daughter Penelope. They all call her Penny. But Ezra is Jordan Ezra, after his father, and goes by his middle name, Ike’s two boys now and Zac’s son.

Congrats to Ike, Nikki, Everett, Tay, Nat, Ezra, Penny, River, Zac, Kate, and Shephard on your new family member! Just saw pictures of Shephard for the first time yesterday and I’m sure Monroe will be just as cute as his cousin!

Cait on

Oops! Shepherd, not Shephard, my bad! 😦

Laura on

ANOTHER Hanson baby?! Wow! Congrats Ike & Nicole… I completely missed the pregnancy announcement but congratulations to the Hansons on their new arrival!

Heather on

I really like the name too, but Monroe makes me think of Jim J Bullock on Too Close for Comfort. Wow, I just aged myself!

Kelly on

good for them but i was wondering why the babies go by there middle names?

Amanda on

Congrats to them! And ironically, Mmmbop just came on my iPod a few minutes ago!

Does anyone know why they prefer their sons to be referred to by their middle names? Why not just swap the names around so the preferred name is first?

Mia on

I think its just tradition since Isaac and Taylor are both called by their middle names (Issac’s first name is Clarke, and Taylor’s first name is Jordan).

And yeah my first thought was “James Monroe, like the president?” lol.

Congrats to them though.

Veronica on

Awww, I love the name. But, I love the name James anyway. It does make me think of the president James Monroe, though. LOL I was so excited when I heard Nikki was pregnant, and I was waiting for the announcement. I just heard it this afternoon, when I got home from work. I am so happy for them! Congratulations to the expanding Hanson family! 🙂 And, yes, it is a tradition in the Hanson family for the men to go by their middle names. Isaac, Taylor, and their younger brother Mackie did it. Zac didn’t. Now, Ezra, Everett, Shepherd, and Monroe are carrying on that tradition. River does go by his first name. Poor Penny! There needs to be another girl at some point, maybe by Taylor and Natalie again. LOL

Sandra on

most people don’t know this, but some relatives of theirs put the family tree online at a genealogy website. Anyway, their great great grandmother apparently went by her middle name too, which wasn’t all that common back in the 1800s. I thought that was interesting

Marta on

Congratulatios!! I love hearing about these guys, they are my favourite band ever 🙂

I don’t think Nikki will have a break, I bet they will have at least one more before they think of stopping…

And I heard Taylor and Nat’s Penelope goes by Ellie, not Penny (although fans keep calling her Penny, because of the song).

As I said in previous posts about Zac, I love they are keeping the ‘middle name’ tradition, they are a really sweet family and this might be special for them, so I love they keep doing it.

Love the name, by the way!
Hanson rocks 🙂

Veronica on

I’ve actually heard that Penelope does go by Penny. She might go by both Ellie and Penny, because fans have heard her be referred to both by Taylor, Natalie, and relatives. It’s not that uncommon for her to have two nicknames, but I’ve always heard them call her Penny myself.

Karin on

that’s funny there someone else from WA here – I am in Seattle – The two cities mentioned (Everett and Monroe) are very different – Good names but Everett = ghetto and Monroe = country. I love the name James Monroe – it made me want to name my son Thomas Jefferson lol jk but yeah they just need to tour here after naming 2 sons after cities! They havent been here since `03.

steph on

I know for a fact little penelope does go by ellie…she is called penny by the fans…marta is 100% right.

veronica from chile on

congratulations to them.

I bet the baby is a cutie!

Kristina on

woohoo Congratulations Isaac and Nikki,
many blessings, Everett is so adorable
I bet Monroe is just as adorable as his big brother.

Jax on

5 bucks says Taylor and Natalie are next!

Bobbi on

Many congratulations to Isaac and Nikki =] That’s six Hanson kids to the three Hanson brothers! They definitely need two tour buses!

*AJ* on

They actually pick names from both families for first and middle names, most of the time. and the middle name has been a tradition except for River and Zac which are both reffered to by their first names. Can’t wait to see if the next baby is a girl.

Veronica on

I’m not saying your wrong, steph. But, I have heard them call her Penny before with my own ears. A bunch of people I’ve talked to have heard Taylor and Natalie refer to her as Penny too, so I’m pretty sure she goes by both. When talking to a friend of mine at a concert, he referred to her as Penny. She just has 2 nicknames.