Amanda Peet is Not Concerned by Vaccines

07/10/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

Amanda_peet_cbbjpg Amanda Peet says that one of the hardest lessons of motherhood for her since welcoming daughter Frances ‘Frankie’ Pen, 16 ½-months, has been learning to let go. "I thought it would be an extended, blissful romance with me at the helm, cuddling this little creature to life," the 36-year-old actress admits in the June/July issue of Cookie, "It’s been bittersweet and humbling to let her lead, and to not try to be perfect myself."  In video footage of the mother-daughter duo’s cover shoot for the magazine, Amanda called Frankie a "beautiful little creature" she’s fallen completely "in love with."  There is no conflict for Amanda when it comes to balancing her home life with her professional life, however; She says that she’s happier when she’s working, and a better mom for it.

When you’re able to identify your passions, then your child will be able to identify hers. It’s a great template.

Another thing Amanda is clearly passionate about is the ongoing discussion of autism and childhood vaccines. After talking with her sister’s husband, a pediatrician, as well as an infectious disease expert at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Amanda said she’s convinced that not only is there no link between the two and that "vaccines do not concern me." She also commented that parents who opt not to vaccinate their children "are parasites." In the video footage, she delved deeper into her beliefs.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the dangers of vaccinations… I found it to just be really sad that so much of the energy is being redirected to the association with vaccinations and autism and it’s taking away the money and the research that needs to go towards the real causes of autism.

Click continue reading to hear about why Amanda has followed the CDC schedule for Frankie’s vaccinations, and why she’s a "narcissistic consumer."

By choosing not to vaccinate their children or by staggering the administration of vaccines, parents put the children of other parents at risk, Amanda feels."In the ’50s, hundreds of thousands of children were dying from preventable diseases and vaccinations saved so many lives," she said, "it’s only because you don’t see as many children dying (today) that we don’t worry, but that’s really sad." To that end, Frankie is up-to-date with all her vaccines, and Amanda will soon tape a series of public service announcements for the group Every Child By Two, which seeks to aim parental awareness of the need for timely infant immunizations.  She adds,

I buy 99 percent organic food for Frankie, and I don’t like to give her medicine or put sunscreen on her. But now that I’ve done my research, vaccines do not concern me. 

In the meantime, Amanda says she’ll go on — happily — being a "narcissistic consumer." That was her official diagnosis per the book Parenting, Inc. ($16.50), which Amanda recently finished reading. Ironically, as she was perusing a passage on the night-light known as the Twilight Turtle, she decided she needed it for Frankie. "Here I was reading about all the suckers," Amanda said, "and I was a sucker!"

I’m the target market for the onslaught of baby products: this sling, that sling, Baby Einstein, the idea that your baby will be smarter if she uses these learning toys at this milestone.

Frankie is the first child for Amanda and her husband, writer David Benioff.


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Jenny on

I completely agree with Amanda’s views on vaccines….but man, she’s going to make a lot of people angry.

heava on

I could not disagree more…Vaccinations can be harmful and are harmful. You have to do your research on both sides of the coin. Not just meet with two people who are pro-vaccines. There is a ton of literature out there to the contrary. It amazes me how during pregnancy a lot of women won’t have a glass of wine, eat tuna fish, or anything with salt because they don’t want to harm the fetus. Then as soon as they are born, they pump the kids full of aluminum and mercury during their most formative years. I commend the organic food she is feeding her daughter…and I respect her choice to vaccinate…but to call someone a parasite because they are trying to give their children the healthiest life is not right.

Katherine on

Wow! Im a parasite eh?? Nice Amanda. Really charming. Name calling is up there with sarcasm as the lowest form of intelligence. If her beloved vaccines are so wonderful how are children who aren’t vaccinated placing her precious child at risk? This judgment of hers is based on talking to doctors who have a vested financial interest in vaccines. Yep good researching. *Pat Pat* It’s people like Ms Peet who should be given a warning about their comments. In the next paragraph she admits she’s a narcissistic consumer?? Yep she’s all class. WhatEver.

Serena on

So she spoke to two groups, pediatricians and the CDC who have a vested interest in squashing fears about vaccinations and now she thinks she’s an expert who can tell other parents what to do? And not only that, she calls parents concerned about vaccinations “parasites”? What a crock. She’s a new mom who knows nothing more than what people TELL her and yet she’s passionate about an issue that has not touched her. I have two autistic sons and I know my second son was perfectly normal until his vaccinations at a year old. My youngest son was not vaccinated until he was over the age of two and he does not have autism. Can I scientifically prove those shots caused my older boys’ autism? No. Can this woman scientifically prove they didn’t cause it? No. Until they can prove what does cause autism, no one can say what doesn’t cause it.

This is a perfect example of why celebrities should keep their mouths shut. I don’t go around telling her how to look pretty and read lines that other people wrote for her so maybe she should stop going around telling parents how to raise their children when she’s clearly clueless. And she calls herself humbled by parenthood? Like I said, clueless.

Jacky on

Jenny that’s true. I believe what Amanda wants to do with her daughter is her business. All I know is that I had my vaccines and I’m still alive. I also eat non-organic food and my doctor says I’m in good health.

Lisa on

Wow – I am really offended by her use of the term “parasite”. I am the mother of a 9 year old son with autism. Do I believe that vaccinations “caused” my son’s autism – no I do not believe that will happen in an otherwise healthy child, but I do believe they triggered some pre-existing immune system breakdown, as he was a totally normal 12 month old, until the MMR vaccination at that time. That is where the attention should be focused – how to determine the risk potential for certain children. I do not trust the medical establishment’s opinion much, as they pooh-poohed the intense, alternative, biomedical treatments we ended up using for the last 7 years to undo the damage, which has led to 90% recovery for my son. He is in Grade 4, and flourishing in a regular school, talking like crazy, sociable and smart as can be. We will never vaccinate him again – period. That is our choice not to do so – at least for now. Don’t you dare judge our decision until you have walked the road we have walked. There is simply not enough proof yet, and all the “proof” that exists comes from those who approved all of these vaccinations in the first place.

Jacky on

Wow I’m reading some of your comments and jeeze some of need to CALM down. She has an opinion and so do you, that’s that.

Grayson's Girl on

Did she really call parents who choose not to vaccinate parasites? So let me get this straight, because she, in all her non Medical/Epidemiology degree holding glory, has decided to do what she deems best for her child, everyone who does the opposite is parasitic? Parasitic to what exactly? I don’t care either way what other parents choose to do with their own kids, to each his own, but WOW, that statement seems inordinately and unnecessarily harsh.

As for the link to Autism, I wonder if she chose to speak to the parents of children who weren’t symptomatic of the disorder until they were administered vaccinations? Speaking to her BIL and a CDC expert only presented her with one side of the spectrum and certainly isn’t enough for her to draw such a broad and incredibly rude generalization.

While I respect the cause and the issue, her statement and gross disrespect of varying parenting choices doesn’t do much for her or what she’s pushing. To me, it would have been better for her to present a more comprehensive review of the issue and THEN make her preference for her own child and children around the country known. As is, she comes off as arrogant and benighted.

Kim on

I am so proud that my 9 month old is not vaccinated. My husband and I choose to vaccinate ourselves, and make sure those around us and in close contact with her(grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.) choose to be vaccinated. We choose to only have one income so that I can stay home with our daughter, we do not take her to places where she can be exposed to diseases and viruses. Do people honestly think we can pump our children with all of these “dead” viruses and chemicals and not have any fallout? How many toxins do you honestly believe a 2 month old, 4 month old, 6 month old etc… can handle?? OUR adult bodies couldnt even handle the amount of vaccinations we give our children.



And children get 4 shots per appointment. That’s like 28 vaccines in one sitting for our adult bodies.

Parents need to inform themselves, and not only look into one side.

Sarah on

Wow, what a thing to say. We are “parasites”? Well that is very interesting Ms. Peet since my decision not to vaccinate my two daughters had nothing to do with so-called “herd immunity” and in fact we do travel the world and visit countries with much lower vaccine rates than the U.S., so no, we are hardly parasites. Ms. Peet needs to mind her own business and understand that this a personal decision up to the parents to make. Is she aware of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund that pays out millions annually to the families of VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN? I am guessing since she gets her info only from people for whom vaccines are their bread and butter, no she has not adequately examined the other side nor will she recieve such facts from the vaccinators. The truth about vaccines will continue to be suppressed because of the sheer magnitude of damage incurred, Can you imagine the lawsuits and chaos if the truth were ever to be revealed?

Callie on

What a horribly ignorant thing for her to say. And I agree with others; she talks to 2 people who’s livelyhoods depend on vaccines continuing and suddenly she’s a “well researched expert”. Not hardly.

PS. Both of my kids were vaccinated with no harmful side effects, however if I knew then what I know now about vaccines, I would have certainly hesitated and probably would have never gone through with them.

Serena on


I’m glad you had your vaccinations and you’re fine. I had mine too and I’m fine. My two oldest sons had theirs on schedule just like Ms. Peet wants as a way to protect her daughter and they have autism. While having your child vaccinated and choosing the schedule for the vaccinations is a personal choice, people should be aware that there are possible consequences to each of these choices.

Besides, just because you had your vaccinations and turned out fine doesn’t prove they’re safe anymore than my sons having their vaccinations and getting autism proves they’re dangerous. The government HAS admitted that mercury in vaccinations could cause autism. Ms. Peet’s research doesn’t seem to have picked up on that which indicates that she does not have Internet access.

Oh, and as one of the parasites she detests so much, I would definitely say all this to her face. It might help her to hear an opposing viewpoint, but that would never happen.

Courtney on

Vaccinations are among the first decisions parents are required to make on behalf of their children. I find it a challenge, as a new mom, to make informed decisions especially when a hard line for or against anything is taken. Let’s converse, not condemn. Let’s get beyond the “it’s what we should do” comment and get answers to honest questions of why and when.

Vaccines can be used effectively, but that doesn’t mean they are all eqally necessary, wise, or helpful.

Parents, no matter where they are on this issue, need to READ READ READ all they can, from every side. The history of vaccines is interesting and will help frame the issue and its relevancy to today. It will also reveal that formulas of vaccines have changed, a shift in schedule, and multiple new vaccines that we did not have as children. It is worth investigating the changes.

facingdawn on

Oh gosh, this should set off some sparks! Personally I agree to an extent with Amanda. My age group- I’m 30- were vaccinated and you don’t see near the #’s of people with autism that you see now in young kids. What has changed is what intrigues me. I am not a parent yet but look forward to researching more once I become one. Ultimately all anyone wants to do is what is best for their child. And what that is is different for everyone.

eve on

Maybe if Amanda had a son like mine who did a complete 360 after he had his cluster of vaccines and lost all his ability to communicate and lost his learned skills she wouldnt open her mouth.

Ellen on

“That is where the attention should be focused – how to determine the risk potential for certain children.”

I’m with Lisa on this one.

I was in the Amanda Peet camp until my daughter developed an auto-immune condition called alopecia areata very shortly after getting her second Gardasil shot. The doctor pooh-poohed any relationship between the shot and her hair starting to fall out but I insisted that it be reported. If all doctors respond as this one did the CDC is not getting a real sense of the possible reactions to all of these vaccines.

It is very possible that it was just a coincidence that the condition developed shortly after the vaccination but I believe that it could have been a triggering mechanism.

Jennifer on

Wow. ‘Parasites’. That’s disappointing. Gosh, I hope after loading her child with vaccinations that she doesn’t regret it…and have to publicly eat her words later.

Melody on

If her child IS vaccinated against so many diseases, why would a non-vaccinated child be a risk to hers? She shouldn’t prepetuate an attitude of fear of these diseases amongst the population who are “protected” by the vaccine. She is grossly malinformed…but we all have the right to live in ignorant bliss, don’t we.

Renee on

I knew her comments would cause some people to be upset but I do agree with her that parents should vaccinate their children. i would not feel comfortable with a child that has not been vaccinated around my children. Also, alot of you aren’t medical experts. Please don’t attack people who do vaccinate their kids which some of you are doing

D on

Jacky, telling someone to calm down usually has the opposite effect. Celebrity Baby Blog would have disabled commenting if they didn’t want some passionate comments from readers.

All the comments so far against Amanda’s parasite statement have been very well thought out and valid. I hope they do not calm down.

Ekaterina on

I’d just like to say how sad it is to see people get so riled up and go back and forth on the vaccine issue when children die every single day in parts of the undeveloped world because they do not have access to life-saving vaccines for diseases we over here have no worries about. Thank you lucky stars that you can debate whether or not to get your kids vaccinated against measles, mumps, polio, and smallpox and that even if you don’t vaccinate, that you have a healthcare system that can handle and treat the disease appropriately. Having spent significant time in a place where vaccines are scant to be seen, I’m a little dismayed to see how much people take that for granted. I am no way advocating either side, but step back and see how sad this is that parents in other countries don’t even get the chance to debate this.
Personally and this is in no way scientifically backed up and just my opinion and observation, but I was vaccinated as a child and so were many kids in my generation and a majority of us do not have autism or autism-related disorders. It seems to be on the rise in the last few years. Which leads me to believe that it might be something else. Not to mention that there are plenty of kids who get vaccinated and show no sign of abnormalities.
Bottom line: do the research and make the educated choice on your own.

Jacky on

Good argument, D. Well then, I hope everyone carries on. I’d get involved if I had children…

Liz on


Vaccines HAVE changed…they’ve undergone serious molecular changes to make them longer-lasting on the “shelf” (makes them more money) as well as stronger, drop for drop. (also makes them more money and by “them”, I mean the manufacturers, of course) It’s not that WE have changed so much in one generation; the vaccines, foods, teaching curriculum, and so many other things that shape young people are what has changed.


I know I’m just echoing what others have said on here, but WOW! I can’t believe that Amanda Peet spoke with all of TWO people- both of whom are probably very wealthy due to the administration of multiple vaccines per child per pediatric visit- and she not only forms this ill-conceived “expert opinion” but deems anyone who disagrees with her a PARASITE?

Wow, I am *SO* not a fan anymore.

I don’t have kids myself, but I AM a person who thoroughly researches and documents every major life decision and will do the same with the vaccine issue when I do have children.

As I have known several people whose children were right on or above the physical and intellectual curve pre-vaccination and then literally RIGHT after vaccination descended into unexplainable self-retreat and backpedaled socially, verbally, and emotionally…I would definitely think that this issue bears more research than talking to ONE relative and ONE so-called expert who makes his millions with every needle-stick a child receives.

I am just appalled by her selfishly narrowminded rhetoric! I really hope her reputation suffers because of this…it’s the only thing I can think of that would make her snap to and realize “maybe I should do a little research personally before making offensive blanket statements that demean the parenting choices of so many people…”

God forbid she learn the hard way about vaccines and have to watch Autism envelope her child, like so many parents of recently vaccinated children have had to do…I would hate to hear that her beautiful daughter suddenly stopped verbalizing and making emotional demonstrations after her vaccines…because now that Ms Peet has made SUCH an inflammatory, archaic statement…her pride may keep her from aggressive and early treatment.

tink1217 on

wow. all i can say is wow. I used to love Amanda. Now, not so sure. I agree with many people here…she talked to 2 people who have a vested interest in vaccines and that is enough? How about spending time with my son or thousands of others children who had no signs or symptoms of autism in any way….until they had certain vaccines…in my son’s case (in 1991)…the MMR. People have to realize kids are given many many more vaccines now than we were when we were children back in the 70’s and 80’s. Bottom line is…parents make the best decision for their children based on research and intuition. But resorting to calling parents of a certain mindset “parasites”???? Totally uncalled for. Completely ignorant. And…very very sad!

Carrie on

What a rude and degrading comment to make, espically to mothers of austic children.

it’s fine for her to have an opinion, we all are, but to degrade someone else because she’s only looking at one side of the argument is offensive.

I just lost all respect for her.

Risa on

If there is a link between autism and vaccinations, how come a gross majority of children who are vaccinated do not develop the disease?

I am not trying to start a debate or anger anyone, I’m just curious (& seeking information/research) since I’m the mother of an infant son. So far he has been vaccinated, but I’m wondering if I should discontinue.

Erica on

I totally respect the right of parents to make their own decision for their children–what I can’t stand is when the other side of the spectrum is deemed to “wrong” or, in Amanda’s opinion “parasitic”. I don’t even know how I feel about vaccinations, but I think Amanda’s comments are extremely ignorant (and I would say that to her in a conversation. 🙂

carrie on

She calls us parasites for NOT vaccinating our kids but she boats that she doesn’t give her daughter medicine or sunscreen?!?!?!?!?

anyone else find this a bit hypocritical…

Jenna on

I’m going to steer clear of the autism debate (my cousin has autism so I do understand everyone’s concerns about the link between vaccines and autism). However, as a Floridian, I’m a little confused by her comments on sunscreen. Amanda says she doesn’t like to put sunscreen on Frankie, which is something I don’t understand. I’m not a medical expert, but I think the benefits of sunscreen far outweigh the risks.

tink1217 on

Risa, in my honest opinion…I believe certain children are genetically pre disposed to develop autism and that vaccines can trigger a response in these children. Many many people share this belief. This is why some children develop autism and some don’t. But, in my son’s case, he went a perfectly normal 15 month old who met all his milestones and was developing beautifully…to a shell of his former self. He started having seizures, lost many of his abilities, and regressed immensely. This was all within the month after receiving his MMR. The seizures within a few days of the shot. How could I NOT think there was a correlation between the events? I have heard so many parents with the same story.

facingdawn on

Thanks Liz. yeah, I could see that. The drug co’s amping the vaccines up and saying that it is making them “better”. when i have kids i will make myself much more knowledgable.

iluvallbabies on

Whether she agrees with vaccinations or not, she should have never called anyone a parasite! Im not sure what she was thinking there- maybe she wasnt thinking 🙂

Alysha on

Do you think that it might be helpful to quote more of the sentence in which Amanda called such parents “parasites”? In the present context, it is not clear why she considers them parasitic.

mamma7 on

Wow, what an ignorant thing to say!! I cannot believe she called us parents parisites! I mean, her child isn’t even old enough for her to know if she has Autism yet. And if she does, will she vaccinate her next child too? Knowing it might be the cause of Autism? Or will she join the ranks of us “parisites” and spare her future children? Jenny Mcarthey and Jim Carey should totally KICK HER ASS!! I wouldn’t be suprised to hear some strong resposes about what she’s said here. I wonder if anyone’s told her about the loads of toxins, murcury, aluminum, either, and animal products in those shot’s she’s so proudly injecting into her first born child. I wonder how she’ll feel if her precious daughter stops looking her in the eye and speaking to her after being dosed with thirty or so shots and the MMR around her first birthday? Or if she see’s a friends child spinning and screaming for hours or not responding to thier own names after one of those lovely docter’s visits? We need to understand that when we we’re children we only had few immunizations, I believe it was something like 6 in 1985, now it’s something like 36 total. And some children are clearly predisposed to severe reactions and intolerance to these toxins. My older son has autism and youngest son doesn’t, guess who had shot and who will never have them! Kids are being overloaded with toxic chemicals and it is causing brain and organ damage! Period! We need to GREEN OUR VACINNES!

shesaidWHAT? on


FRS on

I’ve never commented here before, but I am outraged at her ignorance and lack of education on the subject. Especially at those who chose to delay and/or stagger vaccines.

Not every vaccine that is recommended is for a deadly disease (hello chickenpox). And hundreds of thousands of people were not dying here during the 50s. Where the heck did she get those numbers? What are her sources? It’s ridiculous fear mongering.

At birth, most infants are now routinely vaccinated for Hepatitis B. I do not have HepB so I did not see the need to assault my newborn’s immune system with a vaccine for a blood born, STD that she has no chance of getting in the near future. But that makes me a parasite? Unreal.

The reason some parents opt out and some delay or selectively vaccinate is because the dangers are very real. Our government set up the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for the families of children who died or were severely injured as a result of being vaccinated. Could your child die from one of these diseases? Yes, that is a real risk. The chance is slim, but it’s there. Could your child die as a result of receiving immunizations? Again the risk is small, but yes, they could die. As parents it’s up to us to research on our own and decide which path presents the least risk to our kids. It’s utterly wrong for anyone, including fool celebrities who obviously have no idea what they’re talking about, to minimize the risks of either position.

Allie on

Alysha there is not more. I read the story at Cookie and the whole sentence is “Frankly, I feel that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.” There is a link in the article here or at the bottom too if you want to see it and there’s cute pics of Frankie too.

I wholeheartedly disagree with Amanda but don’t feel like getting into a discussion on it right now.

Molly on

I agree with Amanda, and the reason that she is referring to people who do not vaccinate is because of something called “herd immunity.” When I vaccinate my child, I’m not only protecting her. I’m protecting other children who might otherwise catch the disease from her. So far, choosing not to vaccinate hasn’t had many terrible consequences because most people do vaccinate, and so once-common childhood diseases are now rare and it is unlikely that an unvaccinated child will be exposed to them. Vaccines do have risks (although the evidences demonstrates that autism is not one of them), and people who don’t vaccinate are reaping the rewards of living in a society where most people do vaccinate without bearing any of the risk. That is parasitic.

xena on

I was watching her interview. And despite being 36 or 37 years old, this lady seems VERY imature and she talks like she is 19.

I know people are focusing in the vacination.. but every single thing she said in this interview sounds wrong to me.

Lisa on

Wow. I used to like Amanda Peet, but now that my kids and I are parasites, not so much anymore.
Facingdawn- The number of vaccines that children get has increased by a lot since we were kids. I think they get 36 by 18 months now and according to my vax records, I got about 6 before kindergarten.
Ekaterina- You must take into account that the people in 3rd world countries do not have access to clean water or sanitation like we do making it much easier for disease to spread.
Do some research and you’ll find that vaccines were not responsible for wiping out diseases and they were actually already on the decline before the vaccines were introduced.

Des on

I’m proud to be a parasite. 🙂

I have two healthy non-vaxed kids who’ve never had to have ANY type of medicine or ANY medical problems at all. An occasional cold and they are 6 and 3. My “student of the year” early reader parasite children.

I am curious as to why people only equate vaccines to “austim?” Even if autism has nothing to do with vaccines, many of the ingredients are nuerotoxins, carcinogenic, blood toxicants….the list goes on and on and on.

As more people start to learn about vaccines I think we’ll see a real dividing line as our kids grow into adults (healthwise.) I’d love to see a cancer study done on the two different groups personally. I’d also love to see a difference in speech and learning. I look at so many kids at my son’s school and wonder…….

Maria on

Here is why I vax myself and my kids. Working in the health profession as an RN I see ALOT. You wouldnt even believe the number of patients with MRSA I’ve encountered this summer alone.

This was just posted TODAY on It’s out there, it’s scary, and when people choose not to vaccinate they give the virus and bacteria the opportunity to mutate, risking a huge epidemic. While parasite is not the best choice of words, it really sums it up pretty well as those who choose not to vaccinate put everyone else at risk.,2933,379388,00.html

Ashley on

There is some misinformation being given on this side too-there is aluminum in some vaccines still, but no vaccines still contain mercury. While I think it’s responsible to do research and possibly use a delayed vaccine program if your children aren’t in daycare, I do still vaccinate my child on a slightly delayed schedule. We’ve just learned that several new friends of ours do not vaccinate, and we are considering not allowing our 17 month old daughter to play with them until she receives all of her immunizations on her delayed schedule. We want her to be protected on both sides-having vaccines that are on a more appropriate schedule and not all on one day, and not being around children who may be carrying a serious virus or disease because their parents have chosen no vaccines for them. While I understand that parents may not want their child vaccinated, I’ll expect that they’ll understand why my child can’t play with theirs.

toni on

I seem to have read that autism could be gentic. In the “old days” people hid their children. Some time you can find out about a uncle or aunt that was put in a instution. Also I read that it might be because of older fathers. Who knows.

rachelsun on

Good for her! She is completely right. you people who chose to believe the lies will not accept any scientific proof. You would rather believe that all medical researchers, scientist and the CDC are in a conspiracy to cause autism in the general population. Have you ever stop to think why they would do that? How would they benefit? Vaccines cost nothing compared to other drugs so that kind of logic makes no sense. There have been numerous studies that found no link but to all of you every ones lying. This is what happens when something does not have a clear cause so all kinds of myths and bogeymans can make people feel better as to why their children have a condition. They have an “answer” and something to fight against. Bravo for you Amanda you are a very brave woman to speak up in the “dark ages” we are presently living in. Where people would rather believe anecdotal stories rather than scientific proof.

FRS on

But Maria, that doesn’t make sense. Why would a virus or bacteria mutate in an immune system free from vaccines. If anything, the mass vaccination policy would encourage the viruses to mutate and get stronger because we’re tampering with our immune systems. Sort of like how antibiotics resistant strains of bacteria are now so prevalent from the overuse and abuse of antibiotics. If a person is unvaccinated, there would be no need for the virus to mutate to ensure it’s survival.

I’m not downplaying the measles, but what the article fails to mention is that the kids that are dying from measles are in poor, underdeveloped countries. In places like that, a simple case of diarrhea or the flu could kill someone. Here, the measles will make you uncomfortable for 2 weeks. If you look up the disease through you’ll note that even they admit the disease is typically mild (their terminology, not mine.

FRS on

Ashley, there are several vaccines still routinely given that contain mercury. You can look them up on the FDAs website. The flu shot is the biggest offender on that one.

Lauren on

First, to any parent or loved one with an autistic child, my awe and admiration for the love and dedication that you show your children in the face of incredible challenges. I know a few parents with autistic kids and I’m just in floored by their patience, love and bravery. That said, I am totally in favor of childhood vaccinations. The “link” between vaccination and autism onset seems to be that the symptoms of the latter show up right after the vaccinations. To make a hard case that one thus causes the other is like saying I got the flu after eating Chinese food therefore Chinese food made me sick. The phenomenon of higher autism rates seems to coincide with a more willing population of parents to highlight their child’s plight, whereas in say the late ’40s when my uncle was born, parents just did not speak out. My uncle was clearly autistic. Back then they said he was mentally retarded, and my grandparents sent him to a state-run institution. Society at large didn’t want to talk about it, and that was that. So some of the “spike” might be merely be better diagnosing. I understand that medical professionsals are in many ways “in bed” with pharmecutical companies but, logically, they have to be. I highly doubt people who dedicate their lives to helping others would willingly allow even a small possibility of a child being harmed by a drug would advise the parents to allow said drug to be given. There’s overwhelming scientific evidence to support the safety of vaccinations. Let’s not allow our fear of autism to overrule our knowledge. As for Amanda Peet, she said what she said in a most unsensitive manner. I almost feel queasy being on her side. But like Ekaterina said, it’s baffling to me that we take for granted the great benefit we’ve have the past several generations to not worry about polio, measles,etc. They killed millions of children in our country. Please let’s not fall back into a dark age.

anna on

Fragile X syndrom is what causes Autism, NOT vaccines.

Fragile X is a genetic disorder, almost always coming from the mom and almost always affecting only boys.

To claim that vaccines causes autism is ludacris.

Anne on

I find it somewhat hypocritical that many of you are rebuffing Amanda for her lack of a medical or scientific degree, and yet, none of you have claimed such a degree yourselves. Your “opinions” would then seem to be equally passionate and uneducated. The source of one’s information is vital. You can find an “expert” who will say exactly what you want to hear.

I am a scientist, one with a PhD, and I am telling you that simply because someone has autism AND was vaccinated DOES NOT mean that the vaccinations caused the autism. Those same autistic children have likely been exposed to hormones in dairy and meat products or pesticides in their fruits and veggies, pollutants from car exhaust, fumes from household cleaners, etc. By that logic, anyone of these dangers could also be to blame for autism.

Autism is a VERY complex disease, and inconveniently rears its ugly head during the same early years during which children are vaccinated. Untangling the two will be critical. Autism may quite possibly be caused by both a genetic predisposition for the disease (meaning it is inherited) and environmental exposure to some risk factor(meaning things outside of our body contributed). But as of yet, no legitimate PROOF that vaccines are that risk factor has been shown.

Molly is correct; it is EASY to choose to not vaccinate your children in first-world countries where the risk of exposure is small and because others have given your child protection because they ARE vaccinated. But many parents of unvaccinated children would likely never travel with their children to developing nations where children remain unvaccinated because the KNOWN risk of sickness is REAL. Many diseases that once killed thousands have been wiped out because of vaccines. For that there IS proof. Those who choose not to vaccinate are greatly benefitting from the fact that others are.

Heather on

While I certainly don’t agree with Ms. Peet’s degrading comments, I do agree that new moms should consult with their peditricans about questions and concerns about vaccines. Who else do you go to??? So much of the information on the internet is false.

I’m college educated, but I didn’t go to Harvard Medical School and study pediatrics like my son’s doctor did. I really feel like he’s the one with the best information on this than me and my policitcal science degree and my new mommy brain swimming with conflicting information.

Renee on

Molly , you have good point. Really talk about this issue with doctors not anonymous people on the Internet when it comes to your family health which is what Amanda did which was a smart thing to do

Jenn on

I rarely post replies to the stories here but this one made me very angry. It’s all well and good for celebrities and the medical community, even ordinary people, to make sweeping statements about others choices when they have no idea why those choices were made. I was hesitant to give my oldest daughter any vaccines but as a first time mother I allowed them to be given because I didn’t really have more than a “feeling” that they shouldn’t be given and my husband saw no reason why they should be avoided. We followed the CDC path even after she spiked a high fever following her first HepB shot in the hospital. At 6 months she got all shots she was supposed to get and the next day she had her first seizure. My perfectly developing baby was soon ravaged by over 100 seizures a day and has a rare seizure disorder. After 7 long months of trial and error we finally found a medication that has controlled her seizures and allowed her to begin the catch up process with the help of early intervention.

The info sheets clearly state that the DTaP can cause myoclonic seizures yet our DR refused to report it because the seizures were not confirmed for over a month (took that long for her to have one while also having an EEG). We also did not get the info sheets until AFTER the shots were given. As a result of her seizure disorder she can never have the MMR or DTaP again as they can exacerbate seizure disorders and for this reason my husband and I are deemed “parasites.”

Needless to say we did our research and decided that our children will not receive any vaccines until absolutely necessary and even then we’re going to be picky, do them one at a time and avoid combo shots at all costs.

For everybody who thinks that all children should be vaccinated, please remember that there are some children who truly cannot receive vaccines for various reasons.

Stacie on

I’m not gonna comment about the vaccinations cause I guess I just believe that each parent should do what they feel is best for their own children, however I just have to say that her daughter is adorable!! Those big blue eyes are so cute!!

tink1217 on

toni, please…give me a break…there is no history of mental illness or autism or mental handicap in my family…at all…and both me and my husband were 21 when my son was born.

anna, you have nothing back that up…I do…my son was tested for Fragile X…he is autistic…he DOES NOT have Fragile X. Both my husband and I were also tested to see if we are carriers since we want to have more children…neither of us do.

I think I have heard just about everything now.

Merideth on

I chose to vaccinate my daughter because I know how devastating some of these diseases can be. I work with a colleague who contracted Polio as a young child before the vaccine became available. She hasn’t been able to walk since she was young and requires the help of a nurse every day to get ready in the mornings. I’m sure she would have appreciated the opportunity to get the vaccine had it been available to her.

Also, while these diseases may be rare in the U.S., I would think it would be easy for them to see a resurgence if more and more people stop getting vaccinated. We don’t live in a quarantine here in the U.S.–what’s to prevent these diseases from becoming widespread here if our population isn’t vaccinated?

Finally, I’m not sure about the link between autism and vaccinations (I’m not a scientist) but I do wonder why boys are so much more prone to autism than girls–I’ve read 4:1. If vaccinations are causing autism, why do they seem to affect boys so much more frequently? I really am curious about this and wonder what research has discovered about it. Anyone know?

Stacie on

I am going to stay clear in commenting about the vaccinations cause i believe that each parent will do what they think is best for their children and thats perfectly ok. I just have to say that her little girl is completely adorable. Those big blue eyes are SO cute!! She seems to be very loved by her parents and is very lucky.

Nicole R. on

You can get a mercury-free flu vaccine. They’re easy to find. My toddler had one last fall, and so did I because I was breastfeeding him. The flu can kill, you know.

Amanda Peet probably meant people who don’t vaccinate are “parasites,” as one other poster theorized, because non-vaccinated children (and adults) benefit from the others who are vaccinated — just like parasites live off other creatures. It’s not exactly a gentle way to describe herd immunity, but I think she was trying to be controversial. I don’t think she’s going to make a very good spokesperson for vaccines with an aggressive attitude like that … although I do agree with her.

Some people *can’t* be immunized, due to their age (infants) or due to their weakened immune systems. Those people truly deserve the benefit of herd immunity. I feel like everyone else should get on board with vaccines for the benefit of society.

Many of my fellow attachment parenting friends don’t vaccinate their kids, and I’m considering keeping my as-yet unborn daughter away from them until she is old enough to be vaccinated. I would never forgive myself if she, a tiny innocent baby, caught a deadly disease from one of them.

Rebe on

FRS, you seem to think you know alot about vaccines, are you “college educated”. If you were you would know its better to listen to your doctor or the cdc than to think for yourself.

Katherine on

So many things to say, so little space. To all the people who think vaccines have been the sole cause of the decline in contagious diseases – go and have a look at the government records that show that all of the diseases people vaccinate against were well and truly on the decline BEFORE the introduction of vaccines! Hygiene and sanitation played a much larger role than any vaccine ever did. (The only trick is to look at graphs that contain centuries of statistics, not the little snippets the vaccine proponents want you to read!) Not one single person has ever been able to provide an argument to explain those statistics. Not one.

Those statistics should also help people understand that children in third world countries need clean drinking water, hygienic living conditions, adequate food and the appropriate removal of waste rather than chemicals injected into their little bodies!!

To all those people who say things like “I’m protecting other children who might otherwise catch the disease from her” – how does it feel up in your special ivory tower? Do you feel special, important and extremely righteous?? You certainly come across as sounding that way!! The herd immunity argument just makes me laugh. I dont want you to inject chemicals into your child’s body for the sake of mine thank you very much! My child is incredibly healthy and doesnt need your “charity”. The times that my child has come into contact with contagious diseases her body has coped brilliantly. She has never had an ear infection or gastro in her life. She has never been hospitalised. We have never had to use drugs to treat her – she recovers from illness (by illness I mean the 3 colds and 1 bout of chicken pox she has had in her 4 years) well before drugs were necessary. How many of you vaccine users can say that? Again I ask, if your beloved vaccines work the way you say they do why on earth should the children who arent vaccinated matter. If you have vaccinated your child why on earth would you need to stop them from being around children who arent vaccinated?? Surely they couldnt catch the disease they are vaccinated against because vaccines work dont they? haha

Why dont people do research that hasnt been funded by people who make MILLIONS from vaccines every year at the expense of children and their families? I dont call people who vaccinate child abusers so why should I put up with being called parasites by a celebrity?

Anne on

An outbreak of measles affecting 127 people has been reported in the US. Looks like primarily unvaccinated individuals contracted the illness and spread it to other unvaccinated individuals. The few paragraphs from the NBC article:

“WASHINGTON – The biggest U.S. outbreak of measles since 1997 has sickened 127 people in 15 states, most of whom were not vaccinated against the highly contagious viral illness, federal health officials said.

The outbreak was driven by travelers who became infected overseas — 10 countries are implicated — then returned to the United States ill and infected others, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday.

Thanks to a vaccination program dating to 1963, measles is no longer endemic in the United States, with ongoing transmission of the virus declared eliminated in 2000.

Public health officials have been stressing the importance of immunizing children amid increasingly vocal vaccine opponents who object to them for religious or other reasons or because they fear the shots may cause autism or other harm.

British health officials said last month that measles had again become endemic in that country for the first time since the mid-1990s due to parents declining to get their children vaccinated.”

Milly on

I think part of the problem stems from the internet – when people say they have ‘researched’ a question, hey often simply mean they have typed something into google. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, not all opinions are equal and it’s a shame that the internet enables people to feel knowledgeable in areas that they have no real experience in. Unless you are a doctor, or are getting your information from a doctor (a real one, who can show you her/his diploma – not an internet one who could be anyone!) then you don’t really have anything to contribute to the debate – that includes Ms Peet and the people here.

I think it’s a trifle daft to say ‘I didn’t vaccinate my kid and its six and fine’ – as if that had any bearing on anything in the absence of, e.g. a measles outbreak in your area.

Katherine on

Oh pppft give me a break. White coat syndrome abound. So you have a degree Anne. So what? I have one too. Although granted I am clearly not as intelligent as you because I dont have a PhD. *roll eyes*. Are you aware that most people who deliberately dont vaccinate their child are college educated and do so having thoroughly researched that decision. On the other hand most (not all) people who vaccinate do it simply because it’s what everyone else does. Baa baa It’s not an EASY choice to make at all!! Its an incredibly difficult one if you take into account the horrible judgments that are regularly heaped upon people who do not vaccinate. We are seen as being on society’s loony fringe all too often, even though we are the ones doing the research!

Do you even realise how offensive you are being to parents who have said that within DAYS, sometimes HOURS, of a vaccine their child has disappeared into a black hole?? Do you even stop to think about how ridiculously uninformed you sound?

For the record I would happily travel OS with my unvaccinated child! I would do so because I know her immune system has not been overloaded with chemicals and therefore functions brilliantly!

Kate on


I just took Microbiology
and from what I learned there are several types of immunizations and vaccinations. Most cases you’re injected w/ an inactive/weakened virus so your body can build up antibodies. As its using your first line of defense your second line of defense is slower but its making the antibodies/antigens to be stored as your ‘memory’ so god forbid the virus should come back or a similar version your body goes ‘Hey I recognize this’ and it’ll come back stronger and faster to kill it and wipe it out. Thats why vaccinations are encouraged bc while you may not vaccinate you may get the actual full blown virus and your body can’t regulate its defenses. The first line of defense is weak so it has no problem killing the weak virus the 2nd line is the best and that one takes time and previous experience in order to attack.

According to my professor, the problem if any from the vaccinations may have been the needle they were using not the actual vaccine. But now those needles are non existent and they use ones free of metal

that wasn’t supposed to be an attack or anything its just from what I learned 🙂

CTBmom on

My 11 year-old son was vaccinated on schedule. He was talking in sentences by 2 years-old, reading by 4 years old, and has been in gifted classes since 1st grade and has an IQ in the 140’s. He’s also very rarely ever been sick. I don’t think the fact that we both have smart, healthy kids is because we did or did not have them vaccinated.

lulululu on

To those who question the “no medicine or sunscreen” line: there are studies out now that show many sunscreens might not be effective at best, and may be harmful at worst, when they are chemical sunscreens vs physical blocks. Skin is our largest organ and absorbs into the bloodstream. So even physical blocks that use nanoparticles (so they don’t look so white) are being questioned right now. In trying to keep our kids free of skin cancer, are we putting something on them that may cause another? That is how the thinking goes.

Medicine could just mean not to dose Baby Tylenol for every little thing, or antibiotics for every ear infection. That is usually what people I know mean when they say something like that.

Mememe on

Wow, Anna…Fragile X Syndrome is what causes autism?

Perhaps you should inform the medical community, as they don’t seem to know that.

The fact that the cause of autism is NOT known is what makes this such a fierce debate. Unfortunately, it will probably take years to figure out the causes (because I wouldn’t be surprised to find that there are a multitude/combination of causes.)

Lisa on

I find it interesting that a site such as this that CENSORS its readers’ responses if they say ANYTHING that opposes any celebrity in any way, is allowing these negative comments. I guess it’s called hypocrisy.

melanie on

A parasite, huh?? I have absolutely no respect for a person that says things like that. What a fool!! She can have her opinion just like everyone is entitled to but to put others down for their choices, what a mother she is going to turn out to be. I hope her child agrees with everything she says and does or else who knows what she will call her.

auroramia on

I have to tell you what a fine line this is for me. I think we all want what is best for our children. I worked in a group home a few years ago and startling revelation. One of the women who lived in the home was a perfectly fine baby girl. Once vaccinated, she suffered a reaction that cause her a brain injury. She wound up living in group homes for the rest of time. So this one is near and dear to my heart. With my new son at just 2 weeks old, how do prevent and protect our little ones??

dickie on

That is really an awful thing for her to say. I know she is entitled to her opinion, but that is something way beyond opinion. That is ugly.

sinclair on

“This was just posted TODAY on It’s out there, it’s scary, and when people choose not to vaccinate they give the virus and bacteria the opportunity to mutate, risking a huge epidemic. While parasite is not the best choice of words, it really sums it up pretty well as those who choose not to vaccinate put everyone else at risk.,2933,379388,00.html

ah yes, the fear-mongering, misogynistic, conservative, “pro-values,” anti-progress FauxNews. Right, they are the source I’ll seek when I need info on an impending “epidemic.”

Kristin on

Perhaps a better style of decision making would be to listen to both sides of the argument. You’ve taken on board the medical perspective, now you need to take on board the perspective of those who advocate healthy bodies through healthy choices. The only way to make an informed decision is to avail yourself of all the information available. Otherwise it’s a bit like a judge just listening to one party in the court room.
I find the name calling personally offensive and unkind. We are all making the best decisions that we can based on the information available to us. The decision to not vaccinate is not an easy one, it requires many many hours of research and consideration. I often wonder if this is true of those who choose to vaccinate. Are they making a considered decision based on the facts available? I think not.
Open your mind, start thinking for yourself Amanda.

LisaB on

I just want to scream!!! I had to stop reading the comments b/c they are stupid. I sympathize with parents who have children that are autistic, I really do, but autism IS hereditary. Parents feel betrayed and hurt and want to put blame on something or someone when things go bad. Blame the doctor, blame the shots, blame the government. There is NO blame. Autism happens, just as cancer happens and car accidents. They are tragic and serious and can be devestating. There are children dying EVERYDAY from lack of vaccinations. Thank your lucky stars that we live in a world and a country where vaccinations are available.

And I don’t enroll my baby in a playgroup unless it is mandatory that ALL the children are vaccinated. There is a risk letting your kids play with those that aren’t up to date with their shots and why would you ever choose to risk that? Also, organic is no better than regular food. It has a different taste, but it isn’t hamful. Another myth that people WANT to believe.

I find it disturbing that CBB has posted this, and all the comments KNOWING that this type of reaction was going to unfold.

Megan on

Wow! That is some statement.

I do agree that there isn’t a proven link between vaccines and autism but there are many other strong reasons why I do not believe that vaccines are in the best interest of children.

I think way too much focus is put on autism as a reason to not vaccinate and all the other important reasons are not discussed enough.

Kirstin on

Please all of you simmer down. Everyone has
their own opinions and I highly doubt she meant any harm. She prob just said it and then realized “oops that was an interview, shit” and it was to late. Obviously her brother has told her his views as a pediatrician and she is sticking with that as she probably doesnt know much more about the other side of things. I am very concerned about my daughter’s upcoming 1st vaccinations and am not sure what to do myself and the appt is tomorrow. I appreciate all views to help make the right decision and I am not freaking out that she said parasites. I do respect everyone for their personal choices though for sure! It’s so commendable all of you and really am in awe at your strength and sorry some have had experiences with heart is with you all 🙂

steph on

My children were vaccinated long time ago before the debate of does it cause autism or not. I am wondering however, those who chose not to vaccinate.. is it b/c of the age and then when they are older you will vaccinate them or will you not vaccinate them at all. also when they goto school and some kids are vaccinated and others arent, how do you know your child wont develop the disease the vaccination was suppose to protect them from? I am not trying to cause a debate, I am just wondering b/c like i say my kids were vaccinated long before the autism thoughts came out. steph

toni on

Re: tink
I don’t know you or your son. What I was saying is that Autism isn’t new. As you know many children who were diagnois “mentally retarded” were put in institutions. Many were misdiagnoised, some were Autistic. The parents never talked about the son they put away. That’s all I was saying. Thank God, we have advanced in this society.

Kirstin on

Sorry…I just read the article and yes that was horrible that she said that! Why would she say that…for the public to read? Big mistake on her part! Sorry for that last message! Wow, controversial big time…I am reading all your comments and I am REALLY rethinking my daughters vaccinations now…thank you for all your help!

Caroline on

Wow. I’m not sure that I want to set foot in this fire but … It’s every parent’s choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate their child. However, many of us are too young to have experienced the dreadful, awful diseases these vaccines were developed to prevent. Personally, I would rather live with a child with autism than lose a child to one of those diseases. But it’s your child, your choice.

Emily on

Katherine: I’m sorry to see you sinking to her level of condescension.


It is true that children who are not vaccinated against diseases put other children at risk. They put alot of people at risk. If they get sick, having completely no protection from the diseases means they have a higher chance of getting sick and the strains becoming strong enough to mutate- thus putting people immune to the original strains at risk.

I’m so torn on the immunization idea. But not having them does put other children at risk.

Misty on

I don’t mean to be mean in any way, shape or form. I think that people that think that vaccines are the only reason that autism exists need to step back. If the thimerosal in vaccines were the only thing that caused it, then it would have been greatly reduced by the use of preservative free vaccines. The truth is that it hasn’t decreased at all. I firmly believe that it is a combination of many factors that we just haven’t figured out yet. And I think that by focusing ONLY on vaccines, we are missing something. Could they be a factor? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t think they are the “cause”. There have to be other environmental and/or genetic factors. I just wish that we could find out exactly what it is.

Katherine on

So no one has a response about the government records showing these diseases were well and truly on the decline before vaccinations?? Gee how surprising.

“Thank your lucky stars that we live in a world and a country where vaccinations are available.”

I will never “thank my lucky stars” that vaccines exist! You can but please dont tell me what to think. If you want to exclude your vaccinated child from being around unvaccinated children that speaks volumes to me about how much faith you actually put in vaccines.

Funny how this discussion parallels many in real life. The pro-vaccine people seem to love telling people that they HAVE to do this and they SHOULD do that. I havent seen one anti-vaccine person on here say that people who do vaccinate shouldnt do it. Its a personal choice for goodness sakes. Stop with all this moralising about how wonderful you are as a parent if you vaccinate and those who dont are evil..ooga booga

What exactly do you find so disturbing about the fact that CBB posted this article? The fact that you are hearing opinions that contradict your own? It can be a bit confronting if you arent 100% secure in your decisions hey…

Katherine on

Im sorry if I offended you Emily.

“They put alot of people at risk. If they get sick, having completely no protection from the diseases means they have a higher chance of getting sick and the strains becoming strong enough to mutate- thus putting people immune to the original strains at risk.”

Thats a nice theory you’ve got going there. Shame there’s no substance to it though…

Courtney on

Autism is an existing condition that is TRIGGERED in the body. That trigger can be vaccines. It isn’t always, but it can be. We don’t currently have a way to know who is at risk and we need to know.

Do you know what can be in vaccines? Let me read you a short list: formaldehyde, egg proteins, hydrocortisone, mercury, aluminum, human fetal cells, cow serum, MSG…

Would you EAT most of those things? Then let’s have a reasonable discussion of injecting them into our children.

It doesn’t take a medical degree or a rocket scientist to realize that injecting living and/or dead organism that the body must ATTACK and DEFEAT in order to develop immunity is asking a lot of little bodies. When the traditional schedule is followed, those little bodies are fighting like mad. Do that repeatedly for years on end and some children are going to be negatively impacted.

Don’t just smile and nod and let it happen. But don’t stand your ground and not know why!

Do I trust the government do to what is best for our children? I trust that it is made up of falliable human beings who don’t have all the answers.

My experience is that we vaccinate for CONVENIENCE (fewer sick days for parents, for example) in addition to health. The schedule for vaccines is also partially driven by the schedule insurance companies will cover for well-baby visits. In other words, if the doctor won’t see the baby between 2 and 4 months, they want the baby to be fully vaccinated and don’t offer parents to split the vaccines and come in at month 3.

Whatever your stance–vaccines are about a lot more than autism!

Allie on

“Name calling is up there with sarcasm as the lowest form of intelligence.”

Pot, please meet kettle.

Anyway, I stopped reading after I read Ms. Brillant’s comment. On to the point at hand…. My friend had a child a few years back who actually DIED from having the same vaccination TWICE. She had it done at the hospital when she was born, and then again at 2 months. My friend informed the doctor, who in turn told her IT WAS COMPLETELY SAFE. 2 days later she died from unknown causes, per an autopsy. After doing EXTENSIVE research, she found that something in the vaccinations triggered a reaction. There have been HUNDREDS of cases like this. She has since had 2 more children, and both of them also have been vaccinated. Both of them are fine and dandy. Doctors are NOT always right, and neither are those who hold the “ALL MIGHTY” status of telling people they’re a “parasite” because they didn’t have their children vaccinated. It’s a parents CHOICE to get their child vaccinated. THEIR choice. I’m sure they weigh the pros and cons of both situations quite throughly. If you don’t like it, OH FRIGGIN WELL.

Amy on

Caroline, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each vaccine. You don’t have to do all or nothing; some vaccines may be more beneficial in some situations than others. Some of the vaccines protect against diseases that are either not that troublesome or that can be prevented in safer ways.

LisaB, in my research on autism 2 years ago, I never came across anything about it being hereditary. Did I miss some new development? Where did you get that information?

And to the “I was vaccinated and I was fine” comments: Sure, maybe you were. So was I. But this isn’t just about personal experiences, this is about our health as a whole. As vaccine use increased, so have allergies and neurological disorders like autism. Just because Bob smokes and is “fine” doesn’t mean I’m going to go smoke. Just because Bill fell off a bridge and is “fine” doesn’t mean I’m going to throw myself off one. The risk is not worth it. (Yes, yes… I know jumping off a bridge is not the same thing as getting vaccinated, but the point is just because someone else lived through an experience doesn’t make it safe.)

Anne on

Wow, Katherine, I am the one that sounds uneducated? You sound like you have no idea what you are talking about. For my PhD, I did research in a lab that was researching autism…so yes, I think that does make me smarter on the topic than you. Is this where I “roll my eyes”.

And I would suggest that you keep your children in the US…the recent outbreak of measles here in the US stemmed from unvaccinated individuals travelling overseas and bringing it back here.

I am truly sorry for families who have children with autism. I can not even begin to feel their pain or concern for their child’s future. I can certainly understand wanting to know why it happened and what is to “blame”. But just because some want to blame vaccines, and they seem like an easy target, does not make it true.

Also, it is not children who are vaccinated that need to worry about spending time with unvaccinated kids. It is unvaccinated children who might want to steer clear of eachother. Glad to see someone who is so “smart” making decisions for her kids.

Why don’t you keep your eye rolling to yourself, Katherine. Seems like you are the one up there on the Ivory Tower…and you might want to stay there if you don’t want your kids getting the measles.

Cait on

FRS – the reason they immunize babies against HepB, even if the parents do not have it, is because HepB is a VERY hardy virus. It can live for a very long time on surfaces and it’s a blood borne pathogen. It’s so that if she were ever to come in contact with the virus, and she could come in contact with it innocently and you wouldn’t even know it had happened, this way she’s protected and safe.

At least, this is what I’ve been learning in my Clincial Medical Assitant classes. It’s why we, as students, are made sure our vaccinations on HepB are up to date before we go out into the medical field to do our practicals. Because the virus is so hardy and can live almost anywhere for long periods of time and you’d never know you came in contact with it.

As far as the correlation between autism and vaccinations? I think it’s every parent’s choice individually and it’s up to them whether or not they want to take that risk, especially since no one DOES have a definitive answer as to whether or not they cause it or not. I don’t see how one unvaccinated child among children who are vaccinated is considered parasitic and if you’re worried about your vaccinated child getting sick … doesn’t that defeat the purpose of vaccinating your children? Isn’t the point of vaccinating them to KEEP them safe and healthy? Just a thought.

Becky on

Courtney – I do not get my children vaccinated for conveinience and to avoid missing work for sick days. I get them vaccinated to protect them from getting DEADLY diseases. I personally feel the risk of my children getting a disease is greater than getting autism. But that is my choice. Everyone has their choice to do this or not.

chris on

Wow these comments are certainly thought provoking! Thank goodness I’m a medical researcher and have access to information from sources other than a few people and the Internet. I won’t state or argue my perspective because much of it has already been posted. I will say that many of the comments on here (on both sides) are based on emotion and propaganda instead of facts. Please pray on it, learn what you can, and do what you think is best for your child. As a parent that’s all you can do.

finnaryn on

To Kim, you said “we do not take her to places where she can be exposed to diseases and viruses.” If I am reading this correctly, you are saying that you never take your child out of the house! When my oldest child was 13 months old (7 years ago) there was an outbreak of measles in Seattle. One of the exposed zones was the Starbucks down the street. This means that whoever had been at that Starbucks could have also showed up at the grocery store. Do you take your child to the grocery store? I am sure you do.

And I am also sure that you love your child very much but the truth is that regardless of how careful you are, there is a chance that your child could be exposed to diseases and viruses. And the more parents who do not vaccinate their kids increase that risk. My child had her first MMR at 13 months because of the outbreak. Her second was at 15 months because at the time they did not feel that anything before 15 months would last long term. She had her third before Kindergarten. And you know what? She is just fine.

Amanda has an opinion, which I whole-heartedly agree with. Yet she is critized for it. I did not jump on the boards and scream about what Jenni McCarthy when she makes statements that I feel are harmful to the general public. I choose to vaccinate all three of my children per my doctors’ suggestion and I don’t feel that they made those suggestions because of money. All three of the pedis that we have seen over the years have children of their own and have also vaccinated them.

And for those questioning how an unvaccinated child can affect children who have been vaccinated. Well they can’t, but the certainly can cause extreme harm to a younger sibling who is not yet old enough to have the vaccines. Thankfully all three of my children have had all of their vaccines, but since my husband and I would like to have a fourth, I am now constantly worried about that baby being exposed during a playdate or school event for the older children. While these diseases may not be common anymore in the US, with the increasing globalization of our society and the fact that these diseases are still very common in other parts of the world, how long until we see US children dieing from them again?

Katherine on

Why does doing research in a lab make you an authority Anne? Can I ask who funded that research? You are more than welcome to roll your eyes at me, in fact I expect it 😉

Just FYI we dont live in America, thank goodness! We dont have archaic laws that require mandatory vaccination here. Im happy to travel OS with my children, it really doesnt bother me at all.

I dont doubt that you do feel sympathy towards children who develop Autism and their families. I think we all do. You just seem to be doing what most associated with the medical profession do which is completely discount what parents know to be real. It’s the deny deny deny attitude and it frustrates me. There are enough children out there who have experienced almost immediate, disturbing responses to vaccines. In fact many of them in America have been paid large amounts of money. But still its deny deny deny.

Oh and for the record I dont believe vaccines are the only thing contributing to the large rise in the instance of Autism.

You have proven that you really dont have a clue where Im coming from Anne (Im not really expecting you to though, we are all coming at these things from our own perspectives). I have absolutely no problem with my child coming into contact with measles. Nor any other normal childhood disease for that matter. In fact I want my children to come into contact with what I consider to be normal childhood diseases. Im sure some of you may consider me crazy for even saying that but my research and experience suggests that if I assist my child to be healthy in mind and body her immune system will do what it was designed to do which is fight off illness.

You havent responded to my question relating to the government statistics either Anne 😉

(Just in case people have failed to notice Im doing my best to not be sarcastic. I have taken on board the comments. Its no fun being a pot ;-))

Cara on

eek! she sure did jump head first into one of the top 3 touchiest subjects on earth. if she would have mentioned breast feeding and circumcision – she would’ve hit the trifecta! i won’t jump into the debate – but i will agree that name calling is never the way to support your argument.

finnaryn on

To the person wondering if vaccines cause delays in speech and learning… My daughter has been fully vaccinated and as I mentioned in my previous post, has had three MMRs because of an outbreak in Seattle. She is in the top levels in both math and reading at her school and is reading three grade levels above her peers. So no, vaccines are not making our children stupid!

LisaB on

I think that people need to take a look at the situation..take a step back, stop thinking about YOUR feelings and take emotion out of this.

Katherine, I think you are trying to prove something. Don’t vaccinate your child..but don’t whine about others that do the right thing and DO. And please disclose to others that you have chosen to go against the vaccination schedule so that our children and families aren’t around yours.

jessica on

Obviously Ms. Peet and her doctor friends have not researched enough to notice that the CDC schedule puts thousands of micrograms of aluminum simultaneously into a person with less than a liter of blood. Thats kind of a lot considering the fact that Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and the FDA has strictly limited the amount given to Pre-term infants to an amount not more than 25 micrograms. Why would thousands of micrograms be okay for a baby that weighs a few pounds more? And show me one study that was done to establish these levels of aluminum as safe for our childrens brains in vaccines?

stéph on

I bet this is just a misunderstanding, maybe something that a journalist posted the way he wanted it to sound. I has already happened, with Melissa Etheridge for example, saying that she let her partner Tammy tell her kids about homosexuality or something like that.

Christine on

Hmmm…I just lost a tremendous amount of respect for this woman.
I hope to God that she never has to hear the news that her child has autism.
Perhaps if she does though – she will recant her “parasite” statement.

Heather on

Everyone is getting so worked up over this debate and rightfully so! I believe in the importance of vaccines and my children have been vaccinated, we all have our opinions and feelings. BUT the fact that it was Amanda Pete that spewed these words and caused so many here to get into it really irks me! Have any of you ever heard her in an interview? I would never in a million years listen to any advise from her or for that matter could care less about any of her opinions. Ignore her!

Lisa on

finnaryn: ” no, vaccines are not making our children stupid!”

I am floored at the insensitivity of your comment. I am truly beyond words to formulate how horrid of a statement that is to make in this discussion.

Christine on


My son has autism and does not have Fragile X….can you back up your comment?

I am raising 3 children. My middle has Autism Spectrum Disorder. All of my children are vax’d – but we did separate and stagger them.

For her to refer to people who believe they are making a decision in the best interest of their children “parasites” is completely unnacceptable.

I wonder if Jenny McCarthy will respond to her article…

Katherine on

Lisa B all Im trying to prove is that there is another side to the story 😉 I do like engaging in debates of this kind as there are many people who havent put a lot of thought into whether they should vaccinate their children or not. The majority of the information you can find relating to vaccinating is very pro (and Im not just talking about searching the internet either – medical professionals assume they have a monopoly on reading scientific literature for some reason). I think it’s helpful to look into both sides of any story 😉 It’s not going to keep me awake at night if you dont agree with me though. I know my child is as healthy as she possibly can be. If it makes you feel better to call yourself right and me wrong, go right ahead 🙂

Alicia on

Does anyone else think it’s funny that someone would direct others to ‘take the emotion out of it’ and then in the same breath call people whiners and insist that their way is the ‘right’ way?

Sorry, LisaB, but for someone that was on the fence on this issue your approach (and that of Ms. Peet) is a total turn-off. If Every Child By Two has any sense at all, they’ll distance themselves from Ms. Peet’s comments at once. Think what you will about people who opt not to vaccinate their children, but name-calling usually fails to persuade the masses that your message is the correct one. If anything, it makes Ms. Peet in this instance seem shrill and hysterical.

As the mom of a son with autism, we’ve continued to vaccinate our second son but on a delayed schedule. For us it’s a happy medium and — yes — I’m complete at ease with the notion of him not being able to ‘play’ with your fully-vaccinated children. As a general rule in our household, we only pursue playdates with people who refrain from histrionics and fear-mongering to make their point. We also like to spend our time with people who actually have a clue about what it’s like to live with someone with autism (which I suspect includes very few of you). They’re far less judgmental about and far more accepting of the incredibly difficult decisions we make for BOTH boys on a daily basis.

marla on

my heart is sick from some of these comments. finnaryn, my autistic child is not stupid. there is a huge difference between autism and “stupid.” this kills me that you and others use such ignorant, flippant language (amanda peet included).

i am vaccinating my 2nd son(my first is on the autism spectrum), but i am using a delayed schedule (to moms who wonder, check out dr.sears’ book on the subject). i am college-educated and well-researched (and not on google research), yet have no real conclusion about all of this.

what i do know is that i am TERRIFIED of having another child with this (and honestly, i’d take measles, etc. over this any day). so this means that i have chosen to delay and spread out his vaccinations. i am separating the MMR at a great expense but feel comfortable with this. i do not in any way condemn those who vaccinate normally. nor do i condemn those who don’t vaccinate at all. i wish others would do the same.

we all love our children and would walk over hot coals for them. no one should question our motives. why can’t we support and respectfully disagree without condemnation and hateful words?

christina on

finnaryn: “So no, vaccines are not making our children stupid!”

Autism = stupid?

Many autistic children & adults have above-average to genius-level intelligence.

Far from *stupid*, indeed.

amy on

You go Amanda. If autism was triggered by the mercury in vaccines, why are autism rates still rising when mercury was removed from all vaccines except some flu? And don’t even get me started on people who say there is a conspiracy and it wasn’t really removed..I mean, give me a break – is this a tv drama or reality!

Study after study confirms that autism is not triggered by vaccines and in fact that it is genetic, yet those who seek financial restitution for their children’s autism will stop at nothing. Children are not poker chips and spreading lies about vaccines will only result in children dying or being permanently damaged from diseases. Thank you Amanda for having the guts to stand up for all the children our there whose parents are being confused by misinformation about vaccines!

LisaB on


I am so glad that you aren’t going to stay awake at night because I think your statements are ridiculous:) And I am glad that your unvaccinated child is my 3 vaccinated children are also healthy:)

iluvperfectparents on

Wow forget her rude comment. I am shocked that people proclaiming to be adults and parents can’t have a debate without being condescending, and/or calling people names, and questioning other peoples personal opinions like yours is any better.

You have doctors that will state that vaccines should not be used and some that will state they should be used. Some doctors/scientists that say that vaccines can trigger autism and some that say that vaccines have nothing to do with the cause of autism. It’s a matter of who you believe and your personal beliefs. To put down or question someones beliefs who can back them with a doctor’s opinion and/or personal experiences that differs from yours and your backed beliefs from another doctor’s opinion and/or personal experiences is juvenile and ludicrous.

What can you possibly be teaching your children about debating and supporting what they believe in? If someone has facts supporting and not supporting on either side of their debate/beliefs and they don’t agree with them, that it’s okay to resort to acting like a hot-headed pre-teen who can’t control their emotions?

JMO: For someone to state different degrees of education only to resort to acting juvenile should be an embarrassment. Sad! Sad! Sad!

Lily on

Most people who are against infant vaccinations are not against immunizations straight across the board, from what I have witnessed. The concern primarily is the number of vaccines administered at what age and in what dosage? Those of you who are alive and well and have long entered into adulthood received a tiny fraction of the antigenic’s we now pump into developing young humans. Your body in infancy was not forced to constantly fight extreme doses of both synthetic and natural immunogens on top of receiving countless growth hormones, stress hormones, carcinogens, and goitrogens with the things you consumed. In the name of convenience we are poisoning today’s babies in nearly all areas of their existence: the air they breath, the foods they eat, the medications they are given. This is largely unprecedented, so no one can claim to know exactly what’s causing what. But one thing on which mothers of autistic children and those in the medical profession and the field of psychology can agree is that something -is- wrong.

As a psych student, something that has given me complete and total pause is that the rates in which we record autism today are not documented by my predecessors. Neither vaccines nor human developmental studies are new, yet history simply does not show such extreme rates of children exhibiting autistic behaviors. Studies completely unrelated to autism documenting every step of a child’s development do not in any way support the idea that one in every 150 children suffered from manifestations of this disorder just fifty years ago. So what is going on today? I’m not saying the problem is definitively vaccines, not by a long shot (no pun intended), but it’s thoroughly against the scientific mind to write off the possibility when studies in this specific area, that is, present vaccination regimes for the infant child, are not even complete let alone available for exhaustive scrutiny.

I’m bothered by Ms. Peet’s use of ‘bully science’, and hope her words truly were taken out of context. We better society by opening up an empathetic dialogue, not insulting other viewpoints; no one has the right to be demeaning or judgmental with regard to the decisions made by other parents who most likely put as much consideration into every aspect of their child’s health as you do. Always question your doctor, always question the experiences of other people, and always give both consideration in accompaniment with your own gut instincts. That’s the best you can do.

Alexandra on

I don’t want to enter this debate but I did want to comment on Katherine’s reference to government statistics indicating that sanititation and public health measures contributed more to the decline of infectious diseases than vaccines. I can provide a source for this … somewhat. I read it two years ago in a PRO-VACCINE publication funded by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I forget the author but it was a fairly standard guide for new parents and I found it on the bookshelves of my local library. I found it interesting that a book that advocated strict adherence to a vaccination schedule also acknowledged that vaccines only played one role in a greater movement. The thing is that if you read the pages of even pro-vaccine publications cover to cover, you will likely find more concessions in there than you think. I know this because I read no less than a dozen books all with different opinions and funding sources when deciding whether to vaccinate my daughter and if so, on what schedule. It really does not matter what I ultimately decided. What matters is that I did as much research as a non-expert can possibly do and reached a decision with which I was comfortable. And yes, I did talk to a doctor. Three of them! And all three had remarkably different positions in the debate… Good luck to all of you – parenthood certainly isn’t easy!

Sasha on

I think the reason for the anger expressed here is because autism is a really, really tough card to be dealt. My mom taught a severely autistic boy in her 4th grade class, he was an angel at heart but was unable to talk, relate to the other kids or ‘properly’ express his emotions. It is absolutely no joke to deal with, for the child affected and their entire family. The novel “Daniel’s not speaking” profoundly affected me, highly recommended reading. I think the people who have developed the only known (to me, a layperson) effective treatments of intensive behavior and diet changes are godsends. We really need to find out what causes this disorder because it is growing and resulting in lifelong care needs for our children.

Nina on

I think Amanda Peet needs to get her ego in check…..motherhood is humbling for her….calling people parasites…uh not!!!!!! Who does she think she is….she plays pretend/dress up for a living, what qualifies her to make such judgments?

Whether she agrees or not with other people’s choices, she needs to hold off with the judgmental name calling. She very well may have excellent points but she completely turns me off to anything she has to say.

Krista on

I have to agree with LisaB in that I am disturbed that CBB did not close or block some of the comments on here. In many, many other situations with celebrities such as bottle vs. breast, pacifiers, attachment parenting, etc., CBB editors actually warn commenters NOT to be degrading or NOT to comment on whose baby is STILL using a bottle at over 2 years old. It’s not okay on here to question or comment about breastfeeding or start a debate about other personal parenting choices when the subject is perfectly appropriate because it was said or initiated by a celebrity through a quote, article, or picture that was posted on CBB. Yet, CBB editors allow this degrading, name calling, sarcastic, rude debate by readers regarding this issue? There are many, many personal attacks by parent readers aimed at other parent readers. As parents, don’t you think every parent wants the best for their child? Why would we start name calling because some celebrity, whom we don’t even personally know, used poor word choices? How shameful. Supporting each other in the parenting community is one of the ways in which more research and funding to find a cause and a cure for autism and many other diseases can happen. What educated, professional lawmakers, doctors, and healthcare companies are going to take this bunch of arguing, name-calling bunch seriously?

Parent positively, be present, love your children, and do your best. That is all anyone can really ask a parent to do and be.

Sarita on

Frankie is so beautiful and I love her name too!

Vaccines are important, all people that are denying them now should think how the world would be if they had never been invented. Your children would be dying from terrible diseases and become paralyzed from polio etc. It seems people seems to forget that these vaccines are given for a reason, not just because.

Courtney on

Hi Becky–the “we” I was referring to was a general statement not a particular person or group. Sorry if I portrayed convenience as a positive reason to get vaccines. I certainly wasn’t tauting it as my reason.

I had this reaction of “is this for convenience?” with the rotavirus on the schedule. It is not meant to prevent a deadly disease but lessen the severity of the typical contagious childhood illness. (Of course it can become deadly if not treated but most things fall into this category!) I struggled with the decision to include it in my daughter’s delayed vaccine schedule or not. I had to weigh the odds of her getting it, passing it, and her needs if she got a severe case. Chicken pox is another example. Lifetime immunity from catching it or shots to prevent it followed by boosters?

LisaB on

Alicia..I am not saying that MY way is the RIGHT way (read what I said, carefully!) I am saying that my husband and I choose to vaccinate our children and not get sucked into the latest discussion of vaccine=autism.

Another subject that gets an awful lot of attention and ridicule is whether to breastfeed or not. I breastfed my first two and was devestated I couldn’t BF my third. I was hormonal and thought I was giving my son a death sentence b/c I had to give him formula. Guess what..he hasn’t been sick and is JUST as bright and happy as his brothers.

This is a controversal subject and someone will always disagree and bash those who go against their opinions.

I think the real reason people are delaying and just not giving the vaccines is a financial issue. Vaccines are expensive and for those who can’t afford it are probably relieved that there is an excuse for them to use now.

Erica on

Krista there have been slight changes I noticed since CBB became a part of and I just assumed a laxer commenting policy was one of them. I don’t mind because I’ve always been someone who likes the back and forth discussion here and I never feel that it gets into Perez Hilton or DListed territory.

We have our two sons on a staggered vax schedule, because after doing research and asking the advice of our midwife and pediatrician, that was what was recommended. I do realize most pediatrician’s are not as accommodating, so we feel lucky to have someone who offers advice but is also open to our concerns.

Amanda may have points to make, but name-calling is not the way to get them across.

Sarah on

I would like to add that my two children, 4 and 20 months, are unvaccinated and they are the healthiest kids I know. They have never had any medicine except Tylenol when teething, they never needed antibiotics, I let their immune systems do their jobs whenever they got a cold and they have also never had an ear infection. Not vaccinated has been the best thing I have ever done for them.

My parents both had measles and mumps, and we had chickenpox. These are all mild childhood illnesses that perhaps serve the purpose of strengthening the young immune system. Why people think the body needs help via countless injections of lab created viruses incubated in foreign animal tissue and then blended with a cocktail of chemicals in order to be “healthy” truly baffles me. Educate yourself, folks. Get a copy of “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor” by Robert Mendelsohn, a pediatrician for 30 years. The book has been my childrearing bible, and he dedicates a whole chapter to why you should not vaccinate.

Remember that those of us born in the 70s and 80s got FAR fewer vaccines than today’s poor kiddos. Our parents got even fewer than us. Understanding how many baby boomers and old timers are running out around out there totally unvaxed or waned immunity shows how many holes there are in the herd immunity theory. They just didn’t get the modern day vaxes and I don’t know any who are getting caught up! Lucky for most of them, they already had all the childhood illnesses for which we now vax and have stronger immune systems to boot. The reason why autism is so prevalent these days is plain and simple – kids get bombarded with vaccines from day one and they keep getting bombarded until their tiny immune systems can’t take anymore.

I have seen unvaccinated and vaccinated kids. The difference is clear. I have dedicated a lot of time top trying to get parents not to vaccinate. Read the above mentioned book for starters, and yes, thinking for yourself when it comes to health matters is a VERY wise thing to do in this age of corruption, safety coverups, pharmaceuticals’ greed, and the relationship between the pharmas and the doctors, among other reasons, not the least of which medically-caused deaths are the number ONE cause of death in this country. So keep being blind and putting the almighty doctors on pedestals but you might pay dearly for it.

Heather on

I knew, the moment I read this, that Ms. Peet’s comments would trigger a firestorm.

Personally, I am for vaccination for the simple reason that I’ve lived overseas in second and third world countries where deadly diseases run rampant. I moved to the Middle East at the age of five (And I am by no means stating that the Middle East is 2nd/3rd world) and received numerous vaccines. I practically grew up on airplanes in the 1990s and received double the vaccinations of many people my age and even many children born today.

Did the needle sting? Yep.

Would malaria, typhoid, measles, mumps, rubella and the countless other diseases I could’ve recieved hurt more? Absolutely.

finnaryn on

I did not say that I think that autism = stupid. I know for a fact that people with autism are not stupid because my daughter’s best friend is autistic.

I was commenting on Des’s remark of:

As more people start to learn about vaccines I think we’ll see a real dividing line as our kids grow into adults (healthwise.) I’d love to see a cancer study done on the two different groups personally. I’d also love to see a difference in speech and learning. I look at so many kids at my son’s school and wonder…….

Des implied that the ingredients in vaccines could be harming the learning abilities of children and I was pointing out that they do not. At least not in every case. My children are fully vaccinated and have no problems. They also have many fewer cases of colds and fevers than the other children in our playgroup who have gone vaccine free.

I am sorry for my choice of words. I did not mean to offend any parents of autistic children. But the fact is that the vaccines alone do not cause autism. Trigger? Perhaps, and I hope that some day there is a screening process so that children who are predisposed can avoid the vaccines that can trigger the onset. But I stand by my choice to fully vaccinate my children according to the CDC recommendations.

Alisa on

The issue is not so much that she is entitled to her opnion so much that she very openly insulted parents. She could have expressed her concerns without being derogatory.

I challenge everyone here to actually read a package insert for vaccines, right from the horse’s mouth. Then you can say whether or not non-vaccinating or selective vaccinating parents have made a mistake.

LisaB on

Sarah–You sound arrogant saying that the difference is clear with vaccinated and un-vaccinated children. You are implying tht your children are smarter and healthier then all the children who are vaccinated and that is total bull. For the record, NONE of my children have ever been sick or on antibiotics and they are healthy as can be. Sounds to me like you want to be different and stand out even if that is at the sake of your children possibly getting an illness that could kill them. So sad..

CelebBabyLover on

LisaB- I agree with you 100 percent! I have an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I truly think it is hereditary. In my case, my dad also has several mild ASD symptoms. Therefore, there is no doubt in my mind that my ASD came from my dad, not from some vaccine. Would I vaccinate my kids if I ever have any? Absolutly!

I also want to point out that what Annie said about Fragile X syndrome is both true and not true. It’s true that Fragile X can cause Autism….But it is NOT true that Fragile X is ALWAYS the cause of Autism. I can tell you that, although I have an ASD, I do not have Fragile X Syndrome (I know this for a fact, as I was put through just about every genetic test in the book when I was a toddler.).

sil on

maybe i’m ignorant…but i really don’t understand why children shouldn’t be vaccinate??? here in Italy your child NEEDS to have all the vaccines to be able to go to school.
So I really don’t get it….maybe in U.S.A is different, I will get some information.

brooklyn on

I wonder if there are any statistics available for the number of autistic children in third world countries where children are not vaccinated as they are in more developed countries. I know there is probably no possible way to find out these numbers, but it would be interesting to know.

K on

“To the person wondering if vaccines cause delays in speech and learning… My daughter has been fully vaccinated and as I mentioned in my previous post, has had three MMRs because of an outbreak in Seattle. She is in the top levels in both math and reading at her school and is reading three grade levels above her peers. So no, vaccines are not making our children stupid!”
I smoke and I am fine. I guess smoking DOESN’T cause cancer.

“I think the real reason people are delaying and just not giving the vaccines is a financial issue. Vaccines are expensive and for those who can’t afford it are probably relieved that there is an excuse for them to use now. “
THAT is funny. Vaccines are free in Australia, and there is a growing number of non-vaxxers here too 🙂

carie on

Wow. The rates of autism in this country really scare me. And right now, I’m not sold on either side’s arguments…I still think there’s a lot of research to be done to determine what causes it, why some kids get it, why some don’t. To me, there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer, so I am not on any side yet. But….her words, to describe her opinion on the subject… Those are some divisive words. Obviously she knows how big a subject is, because she took the time to speak with people about it….She could have stated her opinion, and been a tad bit nicer about it. 😉

Erin on

People who’ve done research both ways knows that more research must be done. But coming out and saying that you know for sure vaccinations are causing Autism is ignorant and dangerous.

What about the families of four with three Autistic kids? Is there nothing to be said about genetics? And yes, I know of a family like that.

There are too many factors that may contribute to the cause of so many diseases and disorders that are on the rise. What about pollution? What about hormones in food? I find it odd that many parents who won’t vaccinate also have no problem taking their kids to a park and sitting near a smoker.

For a celebrity to say that we shouldn’t vaccinate our kids is just…stupid. Same goes for the celebrity who says if we don’t, we’re stupid. Celebrities (and people) need to do what they feel is right for themselves and their families and shut up about ours.

Jen on

I’m a bit confused on the to vaccinate or not to vaccinate debate aroudn the world right now.

Are the non-vaccinators saying they don’t want their kids to have ANY vaccinations or are there a choice few that they are trying to avoid? I’m not even going to bother telling which side of the fence I am on, there’s enough tension and such. 😦

My mom kept a baby book of the vaccinations me and my sisters had when we were very small. I wonder if she still has it so I can see what vaccinations we had 20-30 years ago compared to the list I’m sure there is today.

After reading a lot of the emotional argumentative comments, the vaccination debate is scary enough. I wish the angrier people would calm down and discuss it in a more mature manner so us who don’t have kids and plan on it soon, and aren’t in the know could get a better idea of what the heck is exactly going on in the vaccination world.

Paula on

At first I wasn’t going to add a comment here because I think that the ground has been covered pretty thoroughly. But I want to point out that implying that doctors, scientists and CDC administrators are engaged in unethical behavior by pushing vaccines so they they will make more money is just as offensive as calling someone a parasite. The pediatricians and family physicians I know are not “getting rich” from giving vaccinations and they have had to make the same choices for their own children.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the debate I think the following is a balanced overview of the issues:

KAM on

I work in perdiatric healthcare, and have seen probably a thousand kids with autism .

I work at 2 different pediatric practices, both caucasion populations in a major metropolitan city. One practice is mostly very affluent, well educated, parents mostly college educated, and a lot with Masters and phd’s.

The other practice is working class, and the parent’s have high school diplomas or GED’s.

I start looking for signs of autism at 2 months, and continue screening with checklists, observations, etc, until they are school aged.

Here are my observations.

1)They get vaccinated with the same vaccines. Both practices have about the same percentage of children vaccinated. Children at both practices get multiple vaccines at the same time.

2)Maternal age is different, with the affluent practice being on average about 8 years older than the working class practice

3) Both kids in each practice get the same screening for autism (I am a stickler for looking for any ounce of autism)

4) I have had 2 healthy patients in the affluent practice die from not being vaccinated int eh last 2 years. Both got pertussis.

And, after sitting down and doing a little math, here are my conclusions:

***There are 10 times as many autistic children in the affluent practice***

I used to be scared te get my kids vaccinated, but after 10 years of experience, I have changed my mind. If vaccinces play any role, it is very limited, and it is certainly not the big picture. I think there is too much focus on vaccines, and not enough on many other possible causes.

Just my 2 cents!

Elisa on

Seriously I don´t understand why there´s such a big deal avout vaccination!! here in Brazil almost all children are vaccinated (even the poor ones because our public health system gives it for free) and there´s no such thing of getting autism… they just get protected from all kind of typical children´s illness… diseases like Poliomyelitis don´t exist anymore… the problem isn´t the vaccine itself… for example… here there´s the flu vaccine for people older than 65. many don´t take it because they say it makes them get the flu which is not always correct… what happens is that the person already have some kind of illness inside of her body that starts to act when the imune system is ativated by the vaccine… this year Rio de Janeiro had a huge dengue fever problem… why?? because there is no vaccine for it… here people get vaccinated all the time and I have never heard of anyone getting autism because of it…when I was 16 I was vaccinated for Rubella and had no problem with it nor did anyone I know…

Michelle on

K how can you say that smoking doesnt cause cancer when medical research says that it can. There are even warnings on cigarette packets which say “warning may cause cancer”.

I seriously hope that you dont get lung cancer because my grandfather did and watching him die from this was heartbreaking.

In respect to the topic, Amanda Peet needs to learn that just because you are a celebrity and a parent does not give you the right to make comments on which she has no clue about.

Vaccination is a parental choice, everyone has their own opinions and it should be down to the idividual as to whether they wish their child to be vaccinated or not. To call them “parasites” is unacceptable and she should apologise for this.

I wouldnt call her a “parasite” for not putting sun cream on her child, irresponsible yes. I have not heard of anyone saying that sun cream is harmful. Surely not putting it on and causing the child to get burnt, sore and at risk from skin cancer is more harmful!

tink1217 on

some people are wondering about us parents with autistic children and our views on whether to vaccinate…as I have said before…I have a 17 yr old son with autism, amongst a myriad of other problems. Do I believe the MMR caused his autism…no, do I believe it triggered something within him to develop autism…you bet I do. Especially since my son was vaccinated BEFORE thimersol was removed from the MMR. Do I believe in vaccines…of course I do…at a slower pace. Do I believe there can be something done to make vaccines more “green” as Jenny McCarthy would say? YES I DO! There needs to be LOTS more research done. I DO NOT believe we have even scratched the surface of what actually causes autism. I do not believe autism is hereditary or we should have some instance of it throughout my family and my ex husband’s family and we do not. Not at all. I also do not believe the argument about Fragile X.

All most of us are trying to say is we NEED RESEARCH! Much more than is being done right now. Why is it so ridiculous to want to vaccinate at a slower pace? And make vaccines like Hep B an option and not a requirement…until later on? I mean giving a baby a vaccine against an STD?? Come on. There is nothing wrong with pushing reasearch and awareness. Amanda was wrong in her comments and completely insensitive to the millions of parents out there who deal with autism every day. I hope she never has to deal with that herself.

paula on

Katherine – can you please provide a reference to the records you mention?

CTBmom on

Not that I am saying that I agree with Amanda using the term “parasite”….but MY TAKE on that is she is saying that those who don’t vaccinate their kids, are “using” the fact that most of the other kids are vaccinated, to not to have theirs vaccinated. In essence, if the majority of the kids were not vaccinated, would most of those parents who chose not to have their children vaccinated, still make that same decision? My personal belief, is no they wouldn’t….so while I think she was kind of harsh, I can see where she is coming from. ***Please note, I am just stating my opinion. I am not saying I am right or that anyone else is wrong***

Elizabeth on

Um, for all the talk of “herd immunity” – there is little such thing. Both the pertussis and polio vaccines do nothing to prevent transmission, only to possibly (since the pertussis vaccine has such a high failure rate) reduce the chance of infection in the individual. So if wild polio were to come back to this country, Amanda Peet’s daughter isn’t protecting any of us “parasites” – she can pass it right on along to the next child.

Since we use IPV in this country – the oral polio vaccine was giving people paralytic polio. OOPS.

Why are parents of vaccinated children so concerned with unvaccinated children around them? If you’re a believer in the miracle cure of vaccination, why should you worry? How many adults are 100% up to date on all boosters? Probably not many…you’re just as much a “parasite” as my daughter.

The majority of these diseases were innocuous rites of passage for the majority of children in this country prior to the development of cash-cow vaccines. Even Amanda Peet’s “source”, Paul Offitt, is a patent-holder on the new Rotateq vaccine. That’s not a vested interest or anything. I’d rather my daughter had measles and developed natural, lifelong immunity (that would passively protect her breastfed babies, too) than risking neurological harm from toxins in a vaccine.

Do your research. The conjugate vaccines are a huge cause of antibiotic resistance and serotype replacement in the population at large. I used to have respect for Amanda Peet…but her rude comments based on no real research paint her as she really is. My heart goes out to all of the families of vaccine-damaged children who sacrificed their babies in the name of doing what’s “right”. The government owes all of you compensation and therapy for your little ones.

It’s the medical industry’s burden to prove vaccines DON’T cause underlying damage, no that they do. There have been NO long-term safety studies of vaccines, particularly at the volume children receive them today (quadruple the # we received in the seventies – 36 shots before it’s all said and done).

christina on

” I have not heard of anyone saying that sun cream is harmful. Surely not putting it on and causing the child to get burnt, sore and at risk from skin cancer is more harmful!

There is a growing population that believes the chemicals contained in sunscreen is what actually cause cancer, and that is why the skin cancer rates are increasing, rather than sun exposure/sunburn itself. This has lead to a lot of people completely eschewing sunblock, for their children and themselves.

Controversial physician Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh are two proponents of this belief.

Elisa on

oral polio vaccine was giving people paralytic polio?? that´s weird… the only person I have met with polio was a man on his 40´s… here the vaccine for Polio is oral and no children developed the illness…

to be honest, I don´t think I actually met an autistic person… only heard of one case… and the town here isn´t small…

the problem of the unvaccinated children is that they may die for something that could have been prevented by some vaccines… no one feels happy when a child dies… at least that´s my main concern… specially for someone who is in med school… the worst kind of death is that one that could have been prevented… specially in kids…

and if the problem really is in the vaccines that´s really weird, after all aren´t most of it done by the same labs?? so how can in one country like Brazil it works well and save lots of children and even adults (after all not only children are vaccinated) and not in United States?? or maybe it can be a ledgend like the autism problem… I know that many will think “but it happened with my children” so why it doesn´t happens with ours here?? and Brazil isn´t the only country in the whole world where children are vaccinated with no problems…

Elizabeth life long immunity is only acquired when the person gets in touch with the antigen (or in vaccines or with the actual disease)… passive immnunity doesn´t last much… breastfed babies have their mother´s for only the period of time that they are being fed with breast milk… while people that receive the antibodies artificially (like after a snake biting) elimintate the antibodies received along with the antigen)… for example…someone can be biten by the same snake twice and will die if not receive the antibodies both times… that´s why vaccines are important… only they and the the actual illness can provide an umminity that can last a life time…it´s not 100% safe (nothing in this life is) but in lots of times much better than facing the actual illness…

Ben'sMom on

chatty cricket on

LOL Jenny, I thought the same thing.

Elizabeth on

Elisa, I know passive immunity isn’t permanent. However, vaccinated individuals don’t pass on passive immunity for the disease. I was vaccinated with the MMR, I breastfed my baby, she doesn’t have passive immunity for the measles. Hence the young infants developing measles during these outbreaks as they’re too young to be vaccinated.

If I’d had and recovered from wild measles, my infant would be protected during the most vulnerable time to catch the measles. Vaccines have shifed the epidemiology of diseases – instead of acquiring them in childhood and gaining permanent immunity, they create no passive immunity leaving infants vulnerable – and immunity that wears off without boosters, leaving adults vulnerable (measles/chicken pox/mumps, etc. is much, much more severe in adults). Understand?

Vaccines don’t provide lifelong immunity – you are wrong. In fact, with many of the newer vaccines the actual length of immunity is unknown. The chicken pox vaccine may wear off just in time for a young adult to come down with a life-threatening case, something that could have been avoided had nature just run it’s course with the natural disease. The chicken pox vaccine was developed to protect the immunocompromised, not the population at large…it was only marketed so the workforce would stop missing productivity with children who were sick at home. Instead, you’re messing with immune systems without any knowledge of what it will mean down the road.

The oral polio vaccine isn’t given in the US because it was causing paralytic polio in individuals each year, either the vaccinated person or by shedding through fecal matter/diaper changes. Only IPV is given here. The OPV is given in areas where polio is still endemic, as it creates a live infection and STOPS transmission.

The children in the USA are the most vaccinated and SICKEST children in the world. Asthma, diabetes, guillain-barre – all of these are in the vaccine inserts as possible side effects of these “innocuous” shots. It sounds like a lot of you haven’t done real, genuine reading and research into this issue. PubMed is free. It isn’t hysteria. Try reading about serotype replacement, prevnar and how preventing carriage of strep may increase the chances of developing MRSA.

It isn’t just about autism, either. One in less than 100 children is diagnosed autistic. What will happen when these beloved children are 1 in 100 adults, unable to be productive in society? How can families cope with the ongoing interventive care severely autistic children require?

I’m not taking my chances injecting my child with pathogens, metals, etc. For all those microbio PH-experts up there, please explain the ramifications of bypassing a normal means of infection. Measles isn’t normal injected directly into the bloodstream…it normally has to pass (and stregthen) several different immune responses natural to the body. What are the consequences of eradicating bacteria that has co-existed with mankind for millenia such as HIB? Environmental niches freed up by vaccines create perfect breeding grounds for new, stronger, unknown bacteria.

Katherine on

“Katherine – can you please provide a reference to the records you mention?”

I can certainly try Paula 🙂 I say try because for some unknown reason (call me cynical but I think its because the “powers that be” dont want you to know this information) the official data seems to be a lot harder to find in the US than it is in my country. I have included some links that report data as being from the “Vital Statistics of the United States” (if you google vital statistics US you will see that this data is provided through the CDC). Unfortunately the CDC does not include any data from prior to the introduction of vaccines (that I could find anyway!) on their webpages available to the general public (in my country that kind of data is available ;). Again call me cynical…

Because the CDC does not provide this data directly (would be great if one of you US folks could follow it up and double check with the CDC) I have included links to sites that include this data in graph or statistical form:

Here’s a little snippet:
“In 1900 there were 13.3 measles deaths per 100,000 population. By 1955, the death rate was 0.03 deaths per 100,000, a decline of 97.7%, eight years before the first measles shot. 5 The death rate from measles in the mid-1970’s (post-vaccine) remained exactly the same as in the early 1960’s (pre-vaccine).”

I am totally willing to stand corrected on these statistics it’s just that no one I know has even tried to provide an explanation!

Oh and just to refute your assumption CTBmom (at least as far as my family is concerned) if the majority of the population was not vaccinated would I still choose not to vaccinate…you betcha! Almost all the non-vaxxers I know feel exactly the same way too 😉

Katherine on

Whoops! Completely forgot to add…here is the graph the CDC provide in an attempt to counter some “common misconceptions”. Note that they only provide data for 13 years before the introduction of the measles vaccine. It doesnt give you the whole picture 😉

Sarah on

Amanda reminds me of myself–she’s trying really hard to be educated and involved as a working mom, and is also a recovering perfectionist. It was refreshing to this interview. As for the vaccine issue, since it seemed to dominate the discussion board, I can say as that as a research librarian (meaning I am paid to find the best information available), I too am fine with vaccines. The CDC is not one of my sources, but rather reliable and methodologically sound studies from peer-reviewed medical journals–studies that analyze the number of pathogens per vaccine rather than the number of vaccines, that isolate the exact type of mercury found in vaccines before 2001 and do not extrapolate conclusions erroneously from other types of mercury. Be careful of using the Internet as your sole source of information people; even if the website says copyright 2008, the data can be 10 or 20 years old. Good luck everyone–peace!!

Allie on

Tink!! I always LOVE reading your comments. You’re a VERY rational person with what seems to be a heart of gold!! I 100% agree with you about vaccinations triggering something inside of kids, not with just autism, but in other aspects as well. Every person is different, and just because the vaccinations are perfectly fine for Joe Blow, doesn’t mean little Sally Sue won’t feel it’s negative side effects. Instead of blasting our kids with these drugs right when they are born, why not take our time with vaccinations? Like I stated before, my friend lost one of her kids at 2 months old due to being vaccinated. It triggered something inside of her, and she died of unknown causes (per an autopsy). Her other two children were also vaccinated, and they are perfectly healthy. People just talk out of their butts, because they “KNOW” what’s right. Like I said, DOCTOR’S ARE NOT ALWAYS CORRECT. Research, research, and more research!!! Find out WHAT in those vaccinations causes these different reactions (autism, death, etc), and WHY it only happens to certain kids.

Veronique on


Apologize, Amanda Peet. You were unkind, and you must say you are sorry. It is the right thing to do. I hope you are reading this.

leslie on

im pretty sure everything we use or eat someone could find a way of sayin its bad for us or could potentially be bad for us. bottom line is we are all doing the best that we can for ourselves and our children. amanda should no thave name called while making her proclamation but doing the same back isnt any better. lets all just know we are doing our best.

leslie on

we are doing our best as parents and indivuduals to do what is right and sometimes we are going to be wrong….we all have that in common. i have had several discussions and done readings online and decided to vaccinate and things are good.
lets all hav e abit compassion we are all parents in the same boat making different decisions.

brittany on

I agree completely with PhD Anne!
Thanks so much for putting a legitimate comment on here.

Janis on

I wonder if Amanda Peet will apologize for this statement. I don’t think people would have such strong reactions to her being in favor of vaccinations if she hadn’t used the word “parasite,” which comes across as negative. I was somewhat surprised to see how many readers are saying they are no longer fans. . .

I think most moms would totally forgive her if she said she poorly chose her words. She could so easily blame it on “mombrain.”

Allison on

Seriously, is anyone moderating these comments?

lccep on

i read this occasionally because i am a mom of a toddler and a baby…but dont get the chance to read leisurely all that often for that reason, however i just have to add something. I too was a new, scared, inexperienced mother trusting the pediatrician’s advice during those “convenient” well baby visits. i didnt read up or listen to the talk about the autism-vaccine connections. i didnt know the odds and i simply trusted the dr. when my son developed eczema as an infant he said oh its nothing, here’s some cream. When he had projectile vomiting, spit up, and some reflux, he said oh, just add cereal and put pillow under mattress. when he was 1 and not walking yet he said oh hell catch up, heres the mmr. when he starting drinking cows milk and eating a variety of new foods and cried all through the nights he said leave him to cry to sleep in his crib. When he was almost 2 and his language was developing too slowly, he said, oh he’s a boy and they all talk late. fast foward– when my newborn 2nd son was 2 months old and injected with a preservative containing 5 vaccine combo in addition to 2 others, my older son was given the preservative containing flu shot to “protect” the baby. From that point on he was never the same. Because as the old saying goes “had i known then what i know now” oh boy is it ever true! Luckily at that moment i quickly researched and changed doctors!! THe only reason I am writing this is to inform new indecisive, scared, uninformed mothers who want the best for their children. Not to argue or debate. I have several points: my son was overvaccinated! there is a difference between being vaccinated appropriately and overvaccination. To answer the ? why some kids get vaccinated and are fine while others are not. 2 reasons- some kids have pre-existing conditions in thier immune,gastro,& digestive systems and others dont. Some babies/kids are OVERvaccinated while others aren’t. Unfortunately the current schedule is ridiculous. New parents MUST realize that all vaccines suggested are not crucial (we didnt get them 30 yrs ago) and some new ones are still experimental! Did you know that PREVNAR which is for some pnemmococcal prevention just came out in 2001? And do you know what it is REALLY protecting? Wanna know? ok. Ear infections!how many kids get ear infections anyway? Yeah, you see because i have a new dr. and i am in charge of my kids’ health i ask for the package insert from the box of the vaccines so i can read the FINE PRINT before i decide to give it to my 2nd son.
It says the biggest risk of the infection it protects is tubes in the ears. You see i read the fine print and studied the information like i was going to be tested on it and learned alot. I learned that the reason why they greatly reduced the amount of antibiotics given is because it was replaced with vaccinations!! How convenient for them- dont come to get antibiotics for your ear infection because they destroy the good bacteria in your baby’s system….but here’s a new vaccine filled with neurotoxins that will destroy the baby’s brain. I know many mothers, in addition to myself would rather have a child with speech/language issues as a result of tubes in ears rather than as a result of autism. Not to mention there is not only 1 form of a specific vaccine. THeres different forms of the same vaccine, some being combination vaccines which DO contain thimerosal (read the package insssseeeeeeeerrrrrrrrtttttttttt!!!)
and certain pharma. co. make it with a little bad stuff,some with alot! (Certain forms of the Hib do contain thimerosal…i read it…i have proof! I have to go but i could go on…I am ending on this note. THe ezcema my son had was a sign of an immune/allergenic intolerance to something being put in his system…the spit up/vomiting/reflux was a telltale sign that his digestive system wasnt tolerating the milk-based formula…his walking delayed by a hinderance to his motor system….his cying at night with pains was a reaction of his gastro system not tolerating the dairy and wheat/gluten foods he was happily eating during the day….not combing words by 2 was the result of his speech/language department of his brain being affected by all of the enviromental triggers, including the 5 vaccine combos plus 2/3 more at each 2,4,6,9 mo visit, mmr plus varicella at 1 and then the flu shot twice before age 2. All this to simply state his system was overloaded!!! My 2nd son is being vaccinated but very slowly and carefully…1 at a time, no combos, if sick no way wait a month, and only the important ones. He’s on soy formula and eats only plain fruits and vegetaables. Hes 10 months, happy, loving affections, starting to cruise,says dada, and sleeps all night!

heather on

Wow, I am really disappointed and suprised by many of these comments on here. Calling kids stupid??!! And being insensitive about someones whose child has Autism? Even if you are pro-vaccinations have some respect for these parents that have children with a serious condition. Our oldest was born with heart problems and had open heart surgery at 5 months old and still needs more. I know it’s not the same as autism or other conditions but having a child who has problems is incredibly hard and heartbreaking. Just have some respect!

Our oldest, 5 and a half, has had all of his vaccinations including flu shots every year because of his heart. I guess I’ve never thought twice about him not having them. We also have a 10 month old and reading all of this has me wanting to ask questions as she has a lot of vaccinations ahead. I’m even going to speak with her pediatrician, who I LOVE, at her 12 month check up about this. Anyway, if some of you Moms who have posted about not vaccinating b/c you’ve had kids who became Austistic at 12 months and you Moms who are doing a delayed vax schedule could answer a couple of questions that would be great! 🙂 It seems that the age of 12 months was mentioned A LOT for when your kids became Autistic. Is there a vax at 12 months that you feel lead to it and if so which one? I’m asking with all sincerity because I would like to speak to our pediatrician about it. Also what is a delayed schedule? Like how delayed is it? With our daughter being almost a year it’s probably too late to consider that option but I’d still like to learn about it.

Thanks so much in advance and God Bless you parents and your sweet little children who deal with a tough condition. They are angels and are by no means stupid! 😉

Janis on


Just by reading the previous comments, I can tell you that the 12 month vaccine that has raised question is the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella).

Other parents have expressed concern, not just about the MMR, but the RATE and the PACE of the vaccines.

All the best to you with your son and his heart problems. Sending good thoughts to you and all the other moms out there with children who have autism and other issues. There can be nothing more challenging, I’m sure.

erykiah on

I have a son who is beautiful, and amazing and has ASD. While I don’t believe vaccinations are 100% at fault, I do believe that there are children who are genetically predisposed to not being able to handle these shots, like others. I know what I saw, what I experience, and I feel Amanda Peete is ill-informed and is regurgitating what someone else spewed out to her. That is what I find to be so ridiculous!

I used to like Amanda Peet and supported her show, which she shared with Matthew Perry and many other very talented people. Now, I will not only have to boycott her career choices, but anyone who is involved with her in a movie or t.v. show.

She was selfish and cruel in her persecution of parents who are trying to love and care for their children.



Alex on

Wow…put the controversy aside…does anyone see how gorgeous that baby is? She’s beautiful!

heather on

Janis- Thanks for the well wishes for my son and the children of the other parents on this blog whose children have health conditions. 🙂 I was talking to my husband about this issue and the things I had read and I mentioned the MMR to him as I had seen that mentioned here a lot. Now that you say that I do remember another mother saying she felt it triggered her sons Autism (or something along those lines, I apologize if I’ve misquoted). I didn’t know if there was another vax given at 12 months that was cause for research or concern aside from the MMR. I get what they’re saying about being given too many vaccinations at once or as you put it the rate or pace. 🙂 I’m just wondering what you do to delay them? One at a time… two at a time…? I’m just really looking forward to discussing this with our pediatrician. I’m thinking back and my daughter hasn’t been given the number of vaccinations that some parents have mentioned so I’m praying that’s a good thing! I couldn’t believe that a vax is given to help with ear infections??? Crazy!!

Thanks again for taking the time to answer and send well wishes, you are very kind.

zaraB on

Maybe Amanda Peet would find it “humbling” to read some of these comments. Like many others, I used to like her a lot, but I think she has lost a lot of fans with her ignorant and obnoxious comments.

supermom67 on

Wow. Parasite. Okay. How does offensive, misguided and underinformed cow suit YOU?
What a way to gain popularity Ms Thang. :p

If this comment is unacceptable to the CBB staff, perhaps the comments that Amanda has made about parasites should also be edited.

Jo on

Someone who doesn’t vax is a parasite? You know, she looks EXACTLY like my sister and I constantly want to smack her too. Coincidence? LOL.

Her comment shows how ignorant she is and her intolerance SUCKS!!

JLR on

There were several people that mentioned (FDS, Sarah) that chickenpox and measles are not dangerous and questioned the need for a vaccine. I work in the health care field and I can tell you that they are both dangerous and rare cases can led to death.
Personally I think that CBB should stop publishing these articles or at least close the comment section. The misinformation (on both sides) is stunning and there is a more appropriate forum to discuss the topic.

Lucy on

There seems to be some confusion re: the difference between a cause and a correlation. Just throwing that out there.

Many physicians don’t keep up with current research. And even the doctors who do keep up have biases. We all have a bias. I tend to listen most closely to those who admit what theirs is and show readiness to revise their views as needed.

Lastly, how often is measles fatal? Anyone?

Paula on

Katherine – thank you for the links.

DanielMcfate on

So Amanda Peet is now an expert on children’s vaccinations after talking with two people who have a vested interest in selling vaccines. Maybe she should read some of the studies herself and speak with some doctors in the naturapathic community before condemning parents who opt not to follow the ‘schedule’. Anyone of you die of chicken pox? That’s now on the schedule. Any of your babies get hepatitis? That’s the first vaccine they try to give your child at birth! While everyone is entitled to an opinion, spouting it out in a national magazine is bound to draw heat. Seems to me she’s the parasite living off of the good will of movie goers.

Katherine on

No worries Paula 🙂 Although I was mistaken 😉 You can access the Vital Statistics for the US prior to the introduction of vaccines online:

I really dont understand why people have such an issue with this kind of debate?? I applaud CBB for allowing this debate to continue! Sure some people get their facts a little muddled but if everyone does their own research and come to their own conclusions, what exactly is the problem?? Although I am curious to know JLR, what exactly is the appropriate forum for such discussions?? Has anyone else noted that it is only pro-vax people who are jumping up and down about this debate being allowed to continue??

Oh and JLR how many of the people you have seen who died as a result of complications from chicken pox and measles already had compromised immune systems? Were the people you talk of completely healthy and well before they contracted chicken pox and measles or did they already have a pre-existing illness or issues with their immune system?

melissa g. on

my two cents: people who say measles is a normal, easily recovered from childhood disease need to look a little further back in history, specifically to Hawaii, where thousands and thousands of the native population died from the measles in the 1800’s. When I discussed this issue with my pediatrician, she told me (and I agree with her) that most people do not have any firsthand knowledge anymore regarding the ravages of childhood disease — 2 out 3 children wouldnt make it to adulthood. One needed to have 10 children just so a handful would survive. People have no experience with this type of infant mortality anymore and I think the whole thing has become a little “academic” if you will, and fun to debate — countless scores of dying children might change the minds of the non-vaccinators.

Katherine on

Melissa G – have a look at some of my previous posts. The death rate had dropped by around 95% BEFORE vaccinations were introduced. The reason the diseases had such a high death rate back then wasnt a lack of vaccines, it was because sanitation and hygiene was terrible. Clean drinking water and good, fresh food was hard to come by. Waste was not removed appropriately. Hygiene in hospitals was practically non-existant. Need I go on? They didnt live like we do back then. Check out the links above….

ParisApril on

There is a wonderful movie by the National Geographic Society called Guns, Germs and Steel which explains why germs are so harmful to some and not to others. I recommend watching it.

I would pay to see Amanda Peet take on Jenny McCarthy in a debate. Can we set that up?

Marcella on

Hello. I am a proud parasite. I made the decision to stop vaccinating my oldest daughter right before her 12 month shots. Something inside of me kept nagging at me to stop. I did lot’s of research and eventually convinced my husband that it wasn’t a good thing. As my daughter grew we discovered she has sensory integration disorder. I firmly believe that if we had given her those one year old shots, she would have been thrown into full-blown autism. No one can convince me otherwise.

My youngest daughter has never had one vaccination. She is very healthy and strong (both in body and will). We made this decision knowing that we’d have to make some changes in lifestyle. We keep our girls home from activities when they are sick and allow their immune systems to fight properly. We fortify them with good food and good supplements to give them the weapons they need to fight off disease. We also homeschool, although that isn’t because of not vaccinating, but it does help. My girls are not parasites and neither am I. I made a tough decision based on my children’s needs. It’s very, very sad that Amanda chose to use her voice to degrade other mamas. She’ll learn soon enough that being a mama is a tough job and we can disagree with each other, but we need to stand in support of one another. My sister spanked her children. I disagreed. But when I found out my disagreement hurt her, I had a long conversation with her to assure her I believed she was a wonderful mother…even with my disagreement. Amanda, I hope you learn from this and chose your words a bit more carefully in the furture.

emtroxx on


Emily on


Dr. Lewis Thomas, in his book, Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher:
‘Parents that do not vaccinate actually putting everyone’s children at risk.’

I was sitting on the fence with this one. Thanks for making me do some extra research, I truly appreciate where you’re coming from. But looking at history and fact as opposed to intuition and public hysteria, we have to start looking at other environmental or genetic factors. AND STOP PUTTING OTHER KIDS AT RISK.
I got all my vaccines 20 years ago, as did everyone else. There wasn’t that same amount of autism then- so what’s changed – it can’t JUST be the vaccines!!

I don’t expect to change your opinion Katherine, just ask that you be a little more respectful when in truth you have no more evidence than I or anyone else do.

Lori on

Wow, I’m so glad to know that I’m a parasite :o) Guess I can add that to all the other names I’ve ever been called. I need a bumper sticker now that says “I’m a proud parasite”. I’ll be scratching any Amanda Peet movies off my list. Which is fine, they aren’t funny anyways.

Parent to 3 boys…2 that were fully vaccinated and are now autistic and one that has never been vaccinated and is normal. Hmm, same genetics…yet oddly one of these things is not like the other? Wonder why Amanda?

Sarah on

It is easy for parents today to decide not to vaccinate children, because most of us have never had to live with the effects of the childhood illnesses vaccines prevent. A family friend recently described what it was like to grow up in the middle of the polio epidemic in the 1950s. Perfectly healthy children, including friends of his, were struck down by a disease that left them paralyzed or dead. Parents in first world countries don’t understand what that’s like, because we’ve never had to live with it.

It’s great that so many people’s non-vaccinated kids are completely healthy and have never been sick more than a day in their lives, but it’s also worrisome. If you believe that your child needs to contract childhood diseases in order to stimulate his immune system so that it will function properly, she should be getting those diseases. Kids need to develop immunity, because the symptoms of these diseases are often far worse during adulthood than they are during childhood. For instance, a male who develops mumps as a teenager or young man is likely to become sterile. And, as silly as the chicken pox vaccine may sound to some, varicella is serious for adults.

The reason non-vaccinated children aren’t getting these diseases is not superior immune systems. Before the advent of the measles vaccination, for instance, 100% of the population caught the measles during childhood. It had nothing to do with how healthy a person was. And, with all childhood diseases, there were people who recovered completely and people who had lasting side effects.

My aunt was a completely normal, healthy baby before developing pertussis around her first birthday. Afterward, she began to display autism-like symptoms, and it was discovered that her brain no longer functioned properly. In the days before vaccines became available, stories like my aunt’s were not uncommon. And if we all stop vaccinating our kids, we’ll find out why vaccines were considered such a medical advantage in the first place.

molly on

I agree with JLR. CBB is hardly the appropriate forum to discuss science with individuals who lack a basic understanding of how science is done and how to understand the results. As the aunt of a child on the spectrum, I am insulted by people’s reactions on anti-vaccine side. Ignorance of health policy and science isn’t really a good basis for making your opinions known. As for Peet, she needs some classes in rhetoric!

Jess on

I am a proud parasite!!! I refuse to poison my children. She can go on vaccinating her kids with the rest of the sheeple.

Lauren on

Amen, Molly. But you have to understand that to a large extent, based on everything they’ve displayed so far, the anti-vaccine crowd doesn’t want to hear the health field/science explanation of things. You’ve seen the reactions the scentists/nurses/health care professionals have gotten here-they’re the ones giving statistical evidence and hard facts to support their arguments only to be completely diminished and spoken down to by people who know little to nothing yet think they know everything. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again-while I am far from believing everything about the US health care system is perfect, it is abundantly clear to me that the anti epidural/c-section/vaccine/hospital crowd has their own propaganda to push and has zero problems doing so if it will feed their own egos (Katherine is exhibit A of that; I find her numerous posts far more disturbing and demeaning than Amanda’s immature, insulting choice of words).
So as far as entering into this debate further, it is utterly pointless as far as I’m concerned. Amanda may have been in the wrong to use the word she did, but the readers who wish that Jenny McCarthy “KICK HER ASS” cannot and refuse to be reasoned with. I’m certainly not going to waste my time doing so.

Colleen on

She’s a piece of work! I worked my butt off during my pregnancy with my son Brendan, who is now 2 1/2 to NOT eat Tuna, seafood, alcohol, smoke, use cleaning products, or be around any of those things to protect my child. Now, I sit as my son receives ABA twice a day, speech twice a week, and going to a special educational school 3 times a week. I would cry for days on end because my son was not reaching his milestones!!!! I also know some of my sons vaccines is what made him what he is!!!! Let Amanda do her research. They DO put toxic cleaning chemicals in vaccines, as well as mercury. I know they say they don’t, but are we really going to trust the FDA????? Amanda, my son has not received a shot since he was nine months old. However, I do have a lifetime of regrets, guilt, and hardships to overcome because he did receive some…..why does he need the hep. series? he isnt having sex, or getting tatoos, and if he needed a blood transfusion, he would get it from myself or my husband….AND it only lasts for 8-9 years anyway. My son is autistic, and I don’t regret bringing him into this life. He has showed me love I never thought possible, has brought out such overwhelming feelings I never knew existed….but I do regret all the shots. My opionion is this…it’s none of anyones business. if you want to do it, fine! if people choose not to do it, fine! However, come over my house and come see what parents like me endure on a daily basis and see what you say.

Colleen on

You know, this subject is a touchy one…but for anyone who does not have a child with autism (thank god you dont) you do not know what our child’s world, or our life is like. To receive a hug, kiss, some form of affection is RARE and truly appreciated from my end. I watch my son spinning everything he gets his hands on, screaming to the point where people think he is a “brat” and shoot my looks like I am a shitty parent, yet, it is because of his special needs. I would kill for a normal day of where my son talks to me, looks at me, laughs with me, and kisses and hugs me. Simple things can be easily taken for granted, and again, unless you dont have a child who has autism, dont comment. You as parents I am sure at one time or another have not always seen eye to eye with your childs doctor, because sometimes parents know best. So, are you going to believe doctors, the FDA, etc. when they tell us the shots are not linked? I was born in 1977 and you know how many shots we received then? A total of SEVEN!!!!!!!! thats all…SEVEN! Why dont you see how many there are now, and research what is put into them. All I know is I have seen children who were walking, talking, laughing, making eye contact, and on “target” and then regress where they couldnt do any of those things after some of these shots….not just the MMR. Please be sensitive to these mothers and fathers. We constantly worry about our children…on a very different level then “normal” kids. If I have offended anyone, I apologize. I just know that every night I sit and pray (as to where I never did before) that my son will be able to go away to school, meet a nice girl, get married, have a family, and god willingly not encounter on a daily basis ignorant pple/children who are going to torture him because of his disadvantages. And…..a hug and a kiss and him looking INTO my eyes telling me he loves me would be nice also. 🙂

chatty cricket on

I think Amanda’s apology is very eloquent, and I agree with her position 100%.

Wozzy on

While I sympathize with parents with autism, your personal stories do not scientifically support the anti-vaccination stance.

Liz on

I don’t have any worries about vaccinations although my husband does (his family has a history of autoimmune diseases such as lupus), but on either end of the spectrum I do find her use of the word “parasite” completely inappropriate. I have not seen anyone else on this website thus far who has called a pro-vaccination person a name, so I think that there should definitely be a quid pro quo action going on here. Do I agree that your children shouldn’t be vaccinated? No, personally I don’t. But am I going to berate those that are concerned about it? No, because I respect the opinions of others and so should she.

kati on

wow. just wow. while i respect Amanda’s position and champion her right to speak out on something that she feels strongly about, this “parasite” respectfully disagrees with her. i suppose i could go around calling her, and those like her, an ostrich because they’re burying their heads in the sand, or a lemming because they’re going along with the “flow” and not even seeing the cliff, but that would make me just as bad as she is.
and her apology stinks because she basically just used it to reiterate her position in nicer words, she was clearly not actually sorry for what she said, just how she said it.
my 9 yr old son autism and though the vaccines may not have caused it, i firmly believe that they were a contributing factor. my son also had a SEVERE reaction to the varicella vaccine, to the point that i decided that any further kids i had would be better off just getting chickenpox the old-fashioned way. my 7 wk old niece died of SIDS two days after getting her 2 month shots. did the shots cause her death? i don’t know. but it’s not the first case i’ve heard of, and i do believe the two are related in some way.
i, as a mother, have made a choice for MY children that we will not vaccinate anymore, because it has had dire consequences for MY family. maybe there’s some genetic anomaly that causes us to not react well to them. i do, however, make responsible choices, if there’s an outbreak of something, of course i will keep my kids home.
i do not tell other mothers not to vaccinate their kids, though i am a huge proponent of doing research beforehand and staggering shots – no baby needs that many vaccines at one time. but i would never presume to judge a woman for her choices in this situation, and i take great offense to someone thinking it’s ok to judge me. i have my reasons and in my heart i KNOW they are darn good ones.

Renee on

I’m glad Amanda apologized but I still agree with other things she has said. Some “research” out there is not correct or is just theory. I wouldn’t take a lot of these websites seriously. I still think people should really talk with their doctors. But Amanda does have a great point that the reason parents such as Kati can avoid vaccinating their children is because a majority do get vaccines and I hope that stays the same.

Kathy on

If you look at the information from a scientific standpoint, childhood morbidity went down significantly since the creation of vaccinations. It is irresponsible to not vaccinate your children because you are putting them at risk for a preventable disease. The only reason why your children are not getting sick is that everyone else is vaccinated so the threat that they will get one of the vaccinated diseases is low. However, as we have become a more global society, your children will run into other people who may not be vaccinated and who may be carrying a disease they have brought over from their country.
Just because you are related, does not necessarily mean that you have the same predeposition to a disease. If you understand basic genetics, there is a certain percentage that a child will inherit certain characteristics.
I understand the difficulty it must be to have an autistic child, but wouldn’t it be more rampant if vaccines were the cause?
It was true that the use of mercury in vaccines may have caused autistic like illnesses, but they have removed this agent out of vaccines.
I am just curious of how many parents of autistic children have not been vaccinated. I can almost bet that both parents are fully vaccinated. If you state that vaccines are an issue, why did it not cause autism in one of the parents?

kati on

I was fully vaccinated as a child, went to school with kids who were vaccinated, but i still got whooping cough at age 7. probably would have gotten it if i hadn’t been vaccinated too.
i also have an autoimmune disorder now. not saying it’s related, but not saying it’s, either.
i am not knocking all vaccines, not am i telling people who vaccinate their kids that they’re stupid or wrong or evil. i gave my boys their shots when they were born, but i learned the hard way that it wasn’t a good choice for us. i also have a general understanding of genetics, and i DO know about genetic predispositions. i made the responsible and informed and CORRECT decision for MY family, as is my right. you have a right to think i’m wrong or crazy or whatever, i am just thankful that your opinions cannot affect my children’s health.

kati on

oh, and Kathy? I have Asperger’s. So there went your theory.

“I am just curious of how many parents of autistic children have not been vaccinated. I can almost bet that both parents are fully vaccinated. If you state that vaccines are an issue, why did it not cause autism in one of the parents?”

Kelli on

I just heard of this comment last night.
For fear of offending others, I’ll curb what I REALLY want to say to Amanda Peet and say just this instead… The polio vaccine GAVE my brother polio. Amanda Peet – you digust me.

Erin on

Maria, what does MRSA have to do with vaccinations? Honestly? And also, I work in an Emergency Room and can HONESTLY tell you that I have seen more patients with vaccination side effects than with these “harmful diseases”.

carie on

Kati- you did just call her an ostrich and a lemming. Get real.

It’s good that she apologized. It’s ok for her to have a differing opinion, but she should try to do so without name-calling.

Marie on

“Here I was reading about all the suckers,” Amanda said, “and I was a sucker!”

Well said, Amanda — you are indeed a sucker (and a sheep) for instead of following your own instinct and all of the research out there, you’re choosing to just do what you’re told and what is “expected” to be done. Bravo.

I want Jenny McCarthy to have a face-to-face talk with her. Let’s see what Amanda has to say after that.

Danika Richardson on

For those of you disputing the vaccine/autism link: The supreme court ruled in favor of little Hannah Poling of Atlanta Georgia- that getting vaccinated did trigger her autism – Vaccines are not one size fits all–I’m not completely anti-vaccines, but I am anti- poisoning my child! GREEN OUR VACCINES!! TOO MANY TOO SOON!! Guess I’m a parasite….

zaraB on

“I know a lot of parents who secretly use as a justification, “Well, enough other people are vaccinating, so therefore, we don’t have to.”

I think that comment is grossly unfair. The vast majority of parents I have come across who choose not to vaccinate are highly educated about the issues, and are not basing their decision on the supposed safety-net of ‘herd immunity’.

I’m glad she apologised, but it’s clear that she’s not really come to her conclusions by looking at both sides of the argument.

AMC on

I just want to know where are the autistic amish children. There are none b/c they do not vaccinate their children. I am not 100% sure that vaccinations cause autism but I do believe that they can be a trigger. My son was developing way ahead of normal (walking at 8 months, saying words, happy) and then he received a MMR, flu shot and DTAP in one visit. The NEXT day he was covered with a rash and started to stare at the ceiling fans. I knew right away…that he was starting to become autistic. My doctor kept trying to tell me, “he is fine” and then the hand flapping started. at two years I put my son into early intervention and forced him to string words together…(he had a huge vocabulary of single nouns). He did OT, tomatis therapy and EI. he was considered PDD-NOS at 2 but now at 5 is no longer considered PDD-NOS. He still has visual stim behaviors but he is verbal, bright and social and I thank all his therapist for bringing him to this level.

I also want to note that after I delivered my son I was not allowed to leave the hospital unless I had a MMR shot. You see when I was pregnant with my son they found out that I did not have rubella immunity (despite being immunized/my mom had the records to prove it/ as a child). No one told me that the MMR vaccination enters into your breastmilk. I breastfeed my son until he was 6 months old. I read a study that was done on women that had MMR shots after giving birth/ breastfed and all of the children either developed autism or some autistic traits.

I have two other children. My middle child received all of his vaccinatins except for the flu vaccination and the MMR. He is four now and entering a public school so I am having him get the vaccination this summer and I will admit I am a little nervous.

I have a one year old who had his 2 and 4 month vaccinations but then I just got spooked and stopped. I will continue with the vaccinations when he turns four.

My child had been mildy affected by autism and people have no idea how hard it is. I literally worked my butt off for five years to try and fix what was broken. I love my son but it was tough to have your first born child not be like a “normal” child. It devastated me and then I see these people with the severly affected children and my heart just breaks into a million pieces.

This is an epidemic people….they were not hiding this many children away when we were kids (as someone suggested). Please support autism reasearch as this is our only hope to save more of our children.

amc on


My husband and I did not receive nearly as many vaccinations as my son (autistic traits) did. I was born in 1971 and my husband in 1969. Maybe if we did, we would have been autistic too. It has only been in the last 10 or so years that they have increased the vaccination schedule. They have vaccinations for rotovirus now and chicken pox. I had the chicken pox as a child and probably the rotovirus as well and I am still living.

amc on


Your post put tears in my eyes. I applaud you for being so devoted to your child. It is a lot to cope with (more than anyone should have to). I wish you and your son all the best.

kate on

I totally agree with comments Amanda Peet made! I have an 11 year old son with Autism and I firmly do not believe his Autism was caused by a vaccine. There is so much evidence showing vaccines do not cause Autism. I understand as a parent wanting to look for something to blame….example, what made my child have this! I’m just glad to hear someone else with this point of view.

Kim on

Hi all, I am originally from the Netherlands.
And I am just wondering with all the above discussions what kind of vaccins are being given to kids in the US?
When I was little I was given the standard vaccins like against polio etc.
I think I was been given 1 shot in each other at the same time (the horror!) and that was it for the rest of my life.
For as far as I know these are nessecary vaccins (well, back then they were) and I think these are still the only vaccins (for as far as I know) to be given to kids. I never heard of these vaccinations to be dangerous as they might cause autism. So I was wondering what the different sort of vaccins our countries have.
Thanks! Kim

steph on

How sad Amanda isn’t entitled to free speech and an opinion. No matter how insulted people are do they forget they live in AMERICA?
And how sad people get compensated for ‘vaccination injuries’. Did the Doctors ‘force’ these parents to vaccinate their kids? EVERY vaccination has a risk and if parents choose to vaccinate their kids they should not get compensated or have a right to sue. Ultimately the parents made the wrong decision in these cases. If they fail to do research first then shame on them.

Lenny on

I agree with Amanda, but not her name-calling, and am glad she apologized. I also read both of the doctors’ viewpoints on the subject (pro and against). I was really hoping for something scientific and hardcore from the pro-spacing/no-vax doctor. Is it just me, or did his responses seem overwhelmingly antecdotal and raised scientific issues already addressed in the other doctor’s responses? I had hoped for more so that I can see the merits of the other viewpoint, but I think Amanda’s doctor is right. When dealing with unexplained illness, people will forever be in search of a cause and cure, and cling to that belief in a desperate attempt to make sense of it rather than believe there is no control over the outcome.

Lenny on

Thanks for that link!! Pretty much explains why there was a decrease in these diseases before the introduction of the first vaccine, and why such a decrease does not in any way discount the evidence that vaccines are effective in preventing those diseases.

danielle on

I’m glad someone spoke out for the other side, all you every hear is the negative side for vaccines. I have had both my boys vaccinated and when they start school I hope that those around them have all been vaccinated too.

Leslie on

There seem to be various causes of autism. Some cases do seem to be caused by vaccines such as children with mitochondrial disorders. Some pre-teens and teens have died and one has been parilyzed after the gardasil vaccinations. Another major cause of autism is older paternal age, this is also a major cause of schizophrenia. Familial autism is common in other cases. It is important to have compassion for those who deteriorated after having vaccinations and their parents and siblings etc.

Rachel on

So Danielle how does the other “unvaccinated” children affect your two boys when they are well protected from the diseases you vaccinated them for?
That makes sense!

Katherine on


I’ve said it before and I will say it again – have a look at the statistics (not the intuition or new-agey “feelings” as many seem to be implying that we non-vaxxers rely on) they are not giving you all the information! Snippets of data do not give the whole picture! The link you posted Emily contains only part of the picture…again. Quite frankly the argument presented on that link fell flat on its face. We really do only see what we want to see dont we (and Im sure you can apply that to me too ;))

I have researched this topic for many years. In fact I have never stopped researching. Not just on the internet either (as many seem to also imply). I have a degree in statistics (since we have already laid the fact that some of us have degrees on the table). Im well aware of how the pharmaceutical companies who conduct vaccine studies present information in such a way that makes vaccines look like they are gods gift to humankind. You can all thing I am an uneducated hick if it serves your cause more.

Good on Amanda for apologizing. If she, or anyone else for that matter, wants to vaccinate her child go right ahead I say! Dont expect me to be grateful though. I dont for a second believe in the herd immunity propaganda or the notion that vaccinated kids are saving my kids. Amanda did prove yet again that she really doesnt have a clue (nor do many people here by the looks of it) about why most people dont vaccinate their children.

Oh and to the person posting about how our non-vaxxed children never having been sick is a bad thing – I just wanted to clarify my situation. I didnt said my child NEVER gets sick. I said she is extremely healthy and has never had gastro or ear infections. She has however had a few colds and chicken pox. However when she did get chicken pox they never erupted. Her body fought them off easily. The spots appeared over 48 hrs and disappeared over 48hrs. She never skipped a beat. In fact she was very proud of her “chicken spots” as was I 🙂 My point is that just because she doesnt exhibit symptoms in the same way that many other children around her do, doesnt mean she hasnt been exposed to many viruses and developed a healthy immune response to them.

Cali on

I also think that what Amanda said was wrong, but I am glad she apologized. And another thing, two wrongs do not make a right. She shouldn’t have said that, but no one is any better by calling her names or saying rude things about her either.

LisaB on

Katherine–having a degree in statistics does not mean that you know the numbers and facts better than anyone else. Statistics can be tweaked to say anything you want them to say and you know that. Throwing that out there does not make you smart or intelligent. If you are happy with your children not receiving vaccines, then so be it. I disagree with you and your reasoning, but if you can live with yourself if your child got ill and died, then you are a better person. Because I do EVERYTHING to protect my children.

Lenny on

Katherine, I would just like to point, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, that the graph you posted refers to DEATH rates, not disease rates. As was explained in the link Emily provided, there is a big difference between disease and death rates, the latter of which will likely always fall over time. Maybe it was an oversight. Did you have a graph concerning disease rates (as opposed to death rates) that contradicts or expands upon the information provided in the other link?

MiamiMaria on

As a parent of twins, one of whom is diagnosed with autism, I would implore any parent to read the following article, Deadly Immunity, authored by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Mr. Kennedy offers an unbiased perspective, that is substantiated by fact. If you or any person you know is affected by autism it will break your heart and wake you up to the corrupt, for-profit industry of pharmaceuticals in the United States.

maria on

While I do see both sides points, and I see both as very valid points worth much consideration, I’m leaning more to the no vaccination side, or even merely delaying them. I was raised by a mother who only had me vaccinated with the bare min. required for school and other activities. I never had a tetnus shot til I went away to summer camp around 10 yrs old, and never had a MMR until my highschool began to require it.

…however, the thing that really scares me is the fact that one of the biggest producers of vaccines, Sanofi Pasture, ships their vaccines by FedEx GROUND!! This is not the same FedEx that gets you your package the very next day, this is the GROUND service. The one that will get it there in a FEW days. No refridgerated trucks involved, and let me tell you what, on a hot day like today, the trailers these packages travel in become more like an OVEN. They do try to get these packages out ASAP, and when they cant be delivered because the dr’s office is closed or otherwise, they try to stick them into the fridge in the break room, and they do pack them with a small ice pack inside the box, but still. Do you really want your children vaccinated with something that sat on a disgustingly hot trailer for a few days before it even got into your local delivery area??

chantal on

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 | 2:07 PM ET
CBC News
A new Canadian study concludes that childhood immunizations do not cause autism.

The study led by Dr. Eric Fombonne, director of pediatric psychiatry at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, aims to dispel the theory that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine may cause developmental disorders including autism and Asperger Syndrome.

Researchers also found there was no link between vaccines containing thimerosal and developmental disorders.

“In the past, concern about a potential link between measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations and autism led some parents to take the drastic step of refusing to inoculate their children against dangerous childhood diseases like measles,” Fombonne said in a news release issued Wednesday.

“This action resulted in resurgence of the measles, which caused the deaths of several young children in Europe,” Fombonne said.

“We hope this study will finally put to rest the pervasive belief linking vaccines with developmental diseases like autism.”

The study, which evaluated 28,000 Quebec children, was published in the medical journal Pediatrics.

The researchers relied on reports of mercury exposure, rather than measuring levels in the blood.

Autism, a neuropsychiatry disorder that mars a person’s aptitude for communication and interaction, affects about one child in 155. Cases of autism were identified based on reports from school board officials.

Fombonne said that a wider definition, along with improved public awareness of the disorder, has led to the false perception that there is a rising autism epidemic.

The hypothesis that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine was causally linked to autism was first raised in a 1998 British study led by gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield. The study was published in the journal The Lancet.

The findings shook the public’s faith in childhood inoculations, and vaccination rates dropped dramatically in Britain.

In 2004, 10 of the study’s 13 researchers retracted their findings, citing insufficient data

tillysmom on

I was never really a fan of Amanda Peet’s but as a Cookie magazine reader and a strong believer in vaccines, I read the article and couldn’t have agreed more with Ms. Peet’s comments. I’m just glad that such a high profile mom cared enough to make such a bold statement about an important issue.

tillysmom on

P.S. to the individuals who talked about the Amish not vaccinating and therefore not having any children with autism, that is a myth. See this article:

Robert on

Here we go again another celebrity who thinks she knows about children and vaccines well tell Ms Peet this for me yes she is entitled to her own opinion but next time leave the parasite words for the drug companies my son was a perfectly healthy 2 year old when he received a vaccine the next day he was autistic tell Mrs Peet that vaccines are safe until it damages your child I hope to God you dont ever have to go through what parents with autistic children do never ever could you compare your life and experience to ours and listen you need to do more reserarch believe me in 20 years we will know that vaccines caused alot of damage.Quote me on that.

Melissa on

Why do actresses/actors think just because they are in the public eye their opinions matter. Doctors don’t critique actors and given their opinion on their performance to the masses… Amanda Peet should keep her opinions to herself. My son has autism and although I don’t think vaccinations alone caused it I do believe that it is a part of the equation. Amanda Peet is a new Mom who stupidly thinks because she read a few books and talk to a couple of people she is an expert. I vaccinate my children because Autism is not as bad as they portray it in the media…but small pocks is…anyway thats my rant…I am so mad…Amanda Peet is an idiot who should keep her thoughts to herself because what she said is so hurtful to those who are suffering through this illness with their children

Noonanmommy on

I have read a few posts, and I can intelligently say that those who do not believe that there is a link between Autism and Immunizations, has never sat across from a mom of an autistic child in an early childhood meeting, crying saying he was fine until his MMR. Do your research of independent studies and you find, that there is most definitely a link, not a clear cut answer. I have 3 girls, my first a micro preemie who is 6 and did a great deal of research and found that immunizing on my own schedule was effective and met with no regret from my peditrician. GO GREEN!

phoebe on

I have a beautiful nephew with autism. He is now nine and we have worked tirelessly with him to give him a chance at a future somewhat close to what he should’ve had, had he not had the MMR. I fully admit that I have bias in this situation, my family and I have spent so long fighting for our beautiful little Leo that it’s impossible to not have a bias.

Ms Peet, you are entitled to your opinion just the same as everyone else is, but when you are going to call my family parasites (and yes, by default, that’s exactly what you’re doing) simply because we want to protect Leo and our other babies from going through anything else than what they have already suffered, then you sure as hell better do your research first. Had you done this, you wouldn’t have used the language you did. Had you done this, you would realise we are not all out to get you and infect your little girl with our germs and diseases. Had you had ANY experience with autism, you would’ve shut up and respected the people that cope with it on a daily basis. No, correction, you would’ve respected the PARASITES….

I sincerely hope that little Frances never has health problems that require you to backpeddle and eat humble pie. I also hope that in time you are able to accept that you are not an authority on child health or parenting, and that your words being in a public forum means that your spiteful and spineless comments do carry. Please think before you speak.

I used to be a fan of Amanda Peet. Not anymore. Hollow apologies and false sentiments are not wanted. Thank you CBB for (hopefully) letting me have my say. Until attitudes are changed, people like Ms Peet will continue to believe that they have the right to offend people, simply because they themselves are misinformed. Seriously, how lacking in forethought must you be to accept the statements of people who make money from vaccines as gospel?! If Ms Peet’s comments weren’t so full of vitriol, I would feel sorry for her. Instead, I choose to feel sorry for her little girl. God bless Frances.

Tracey on

So let’s see, she’s talked to her brother in law who is a pediatrician AND an infectectious disease doctor. Wow, is that her only source of research? What an educated decision. She’ll think much differently if and when her daughter should begin to show developmental problems and/or medical problems. Everyone knows that vaccines are tainted with everything from bacteria of unknown origins, mercury, therisol, etc. I’d hate to see the effects on children injected with a vaccine that’s tainted with Borrelia Burgdorferi or CPn!!

Amanda Peet is the parasite.

emily on

Amanda Peet = Tom Cruise = Amanda Peet = Tom Cruise = IGNORANCE

Sunshine on

As concerned parents, we have been researching the safety and effectiveness of vaccines for many months. We participated in a presentation were the speaker was one of my favorite researchers and authors on the topic, Neil Z. Miller. He is a medical research journalist and natural health advocate and author of numerous articles and books on vaccines. Miller is also the director of the Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute. He has a degree in psychology (with an emphasis on statistical analysis) and is a member of Mensa.

The presentation was about two hours and only touched the surface on the extensive amount documented data he has discovered through government, medical and scientific journals. He started researching vaccines before his son was born over 23 years ago. What began as a parental endeavor for information turned into a public awareness crusade.

He tells us most of the vaccine information that the public is told is misinformation and propaganda. Accurate data is not released through regular media outlets.

During the presentation they polled the audience on various questions. We learned that the U.S. has more vaccinations than any other country in the world and we also have the 42nd worst infant mortality rate in the world.

Dr. Baylock, a well known neurosurgeon has documented damage in children’s brains due to toxic overload from vaccines. He wrote the compelling foreword of Miller’s latest book.

The “idea” that vaccines will keep our children safe is like playing russian roulette. Miller advocates parents being fully informed and know that they have freedom of choice, especially when it comes to the health and well being of their children. “Don’t count on your doctors to give you all he information.” Miller warns. He suggests looking at each vaccine independently and that is exactly was he has presented for all people in his book: Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners.

We live in a pill popping society where there is a drug for every ailment, but we have more chronic conditions and diseases than we have ever had before. Drug companies continue to make drugs and vaccine manufacturers will continue to make vaccines. They will put pressure on the FDA to say that they are safe and the CDC to recommend them to the schedule. Currently families that follow the recommended schedule are giving their children 36 drugs by 18 months of age. “We are injecting healthy people with unhealthy substances.” Miller said.

Miller says, “There are more vaccines in the pipeline”. The next big push is for adolescent and adults vaccines, even vaccines for those with addictions. There are no studies done on combination vaccines and how they react with one another. Not to mention any reactions with other environmental, drug or food chemicals or toxins.

“This is not hearsay. I have documented all of this information.” Miller says. The FDA and CDC have a 12-15 member panel. The FDA determines what will be licensed and the CDC will then recommend it to the schedule.

Congressmen Dan Burton held congressional hearings to investigate these committees. There were clear conflicts of interest including, members that owned stock or patent to a vaccine or they were paid consultants to the vaccine manufactures.

In June of 2000 there was a ‘secret’ meeting of top officials from Big Pharma, FDA and CDC. There they discussed the evidence that vaccines were harmful and instead of alerting parents they spent the rest of the weekend on how they were going to cover it up. Robert Kennedy Jr wrote and article about this story for Rolling Stone in 2005.

Miller also addressed some common questions including mercury being removed from vaccines. In 1999 AAP said mercury was going to be removed from vaccines; however it was not required for the current stock of vaccines to be returned or destroyed. Three years later to balance that out, it was mandated that children get multiple flu vaccines that had high concentrations of mercury (thimerisol the chemical that contains 50% mercury).

Many parents choose to space out vaccines or create their own schedule. Miller thinks there may be some merit to it. He gave a drinking analogy. The reactions are different if you have shot after shot of tequila or have 1 tequila shot that night out with your friends. He still warns that if you decided to space out or do single shots the vaccines still come with significant reactions. There is no testing or screening to know if a child has a predisposition or may have a reaction.
We do know that more and more children are having reactions and autism is on the rise. The good news is for parents that choose not to vaccinate there are either religious or philosophical exemptions available.

Miller tells us that Autism rates surpasses cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined. This is a true epidemic. He also mentions the flu statistics are false. “More people die in this country from asthma and malnutrition than the flu.” Miller also spoke of the link between vaccines and asthma, mercury and autism but was very clear that mercury is not the only problem. “All of this information is documented information,” he repeats.

We are conditioned to believe that vaccines are safe and vaccines are effective. If this was true children would not be having reactions and dying and people that were vaccinated would not get the disease. This is clearly not the case.

Another astounding bit of information was about the Polio Vaccine. There is an industry that raises monkeys and then kills them to use their kidneys to develop the polio vaccine.
Monkeys carry several viruses and one in particular, SV-40 is known to cause cancer. Numerous people were infected and cancer rates have increased 20-30% around the world.
This virus is also transmitted similarly to AIDS.

The Vaccine Safety Manual is the world’s most complete guide to immunization risks and protection. It includes pertinent information on every major vaccine: polio, tetanus, MMR, hepatitis A, B, HPV (cervical cancer), Hib, Flu, chickenpox, shingles, rotavirus, pneumococcal, meningococcal, RSV, DTaP, anthrax, smallpox, TB, and more. All of the information, including detailed vaccine safety and efficacy data, is written in an easy-to-understand format, yet includes more than 1,000 documented citations. More than 75 charts, graphs and illustrations supplement the text. This encyclopedic health manual is an important addition to every family’s home library and will be referred to again and again.

Thomas D. Taylor on

There are many GOOD ways to inform people and bring attention to autism.

Midnight In Chicago does it with their Autism Spectrum Podcasts at where people can hear the “Autism and Vaccines: Parts I & II” podcasts.

The podcasts quote sources which may be much more accurate than Ms. McCarthy’s opinion.

MIC also has the “Countdown to Midnight” CD that sends proceeds to reputable autism charities.

Spread the word. It is important we get the FACTS out on autism.

Vania on

I can’t believe Amanda Peet has the nerve to call those who do not vaccinate “parasites.” I have an almost 3 year old son with autism and I have been in hell the last few months…. a hell I very easily would have traded for the stupid measles!!! All of us want to do what is best for our kids. I have a newborn daughter and I plan on following a delayed vaccine schedule with her.