Victoria Beckham and boys land in London

07/09/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, 34, kept it fashionable while son Cruz David, 3, was happy to smile for the cameras as the pair, along with Romeo James, 5 ½, arrived in the UK on Tuesday. Dad is David Beckham.


Photo by Flynet.

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Natasha on

Awwwww they’re holding hands! So cute!

Romeo’s gonna be tall, he’s only 5 and looks pretty tall compared to victoria!

phoebe on

I thought photographers has agreed not to pap Romeo after Victoria told them he was epileptic and the flashing cameras affected him? There was an incident in an airport where Romeo was covering his eyes and apparently Victoria had shouted at the paps. The boys are cute though, I just didn’t think she allowed Romeo to be photographed as much.

Jacky on

Romeo looks just like his Dad! and phoebe that was like 2 years ago I think.

Romeo takes mediation for his epilepsy and he will grow out of it

Robin on

These are the most adorable little boys! It looks like Cruz has a missing tooth! What a cutie!

Lisa on

These kids are real lookers. Wow they are gorgeous. They look so happy, though I think victoria is going to try for one more kid because shes so into fashion and she looks like shes in love with her boys and would love for a baby girl. Also, I agree with the comments above Romeo looks very tall to be 5 years old. I taught kindergarden (5 years olds) and he looks much more mature and taller than the kids in my class. I find it funny that 5 year olds have trouble with math but know how to do everything for their ipods lol still the kids are gorgeous and i bet they are going to be quite the athletes when they grow up like their daddy

beatrice on

They’re gorgeous kids. I have an urge to offer Victoria a sandwich every time I see a picture of her, though.

Jacky on

I forgot to say that my cousin got an ipod when she was 9 and i thought THAT was young…kids really start early with those 😛

brooke on

She has some gorgeous boys, romeo and cruz look so much alike. She has a nice body for 3 kids in my opinion.

victoria on

The Beckham boys are sooooo cute!

I bet they were all very pleased to land safely in the UK after the incident on their flight from Los Angeles!

Krysta on

Haha he looks cute here but you should have seen the next pic- Cruz was sticking his tongue out at the papparazzi LOL.

jo.ann on

Her head’s a completely different color from her body. She looks so…….unnatural

Elizabeth on

How does she manage to always look like that when she’s running after little boys??!! I have boy DOGS and I can’t manage that!

Bruna Gabriella on

Those boys are the cutest boys ever! Everytime I see Cruz I have the urge to squeeze him!!! Such a pie, awww!!! I love Victoria, love her style and she seems a great mom! She proves that moms don’t have to grow ugly into aprons! These boys are gonna be huge among the girls, uh?

Marianne on

Man! I wish I looked that pulled together when traveling with my kids! Shoot, I wish I looked that pulled together just once! And, I’d like to know where she got that tan…she’s dark! (not orange)

Wendy on

wheres brooklyn ??

Allison on

Elizabeth…I personally doubt that she runs around with her boys. I know that I will get a lot of criticism for saying that but I have a boy (just 1)thats 2 1/2 and I cant ever imagine wearing the things that she wears and really being able to play with him the way he likes and needs to be played with. I just don’t see how its possible. Again…this is my opinion.

Jacky on

Well Allison obviously none of us are going to change the way you see Victoria Beckham. Nobody would be able to change how I feel about her either. I know for a fact Victoria does run around and play with them.

Michelle on

Allison, normally I would agree with you. And any other celeb mom that well put together couldn’t possibly be doing anything other than shouting instructions to a slew of nannies. But VB seems different. I still want to feed her and force her to smile, but you always see her with the boys and while I am sure they do have nannies, they are never photographed with them. I think VB might be a mom-bot. LOL!

rita on

They are so cute and Cruz´s smile just melts my heart. I wonder what kind of music is Romeo hearing? some hip-hop maybe…

carie on

Her kids are adorable. They also seem well-behaved, and they generally appear to be very protective of the family. They stay close together in these types of situations, so I don’t think she’s running after them too much in an airport. Don’t forget….when we see them, it’s in situations like these, we have no idea what she’s wearing at home, in privacy, while she’s running around after them. I do believe she’s a very hands-on mom.

Allison on

OK Jacky. I’m curious, do you know her personally? It was not a shot at her character but I just saw David on Ellen last week and he said that she was ALWAYS in heels. Never in flats. Im sure that she is a good mom! But the conversation was about running around with them. I’m wondering how you know that she does.

KElly-ann on


victoria has been pictured in the last few weeks at disney world, target and at the doctors surgery with her boys – wearing baggy jeans and flip flops.

in her a documentary she was seen crawling around on the floor chasing after romeo – wearing a dress and high heels. heres the video

thats just the way she is, she seems like a brilliant hands on mum who absolutly adores her children and she wears high heels and looks amazing whilst doing it – leave her be.


When will Cruz be 4??? Seems like he has been 3 forever! lol

Allison on

oh Kelly-ann please stop. I am so sick of not being able to share an opinion without someone like yourself trying to slam it. Go read my comment again. In no way was I saying that she was a bad mother. Take your own advise please and “leave me be”.

Jacky on

I know people who do know her and they have told me that she is pretty much the opposite of every stereotype out there of her. On top of that, if you’ve seen the Real Beckhams documentary she is very much a hands on mom.

Erica on

I think he just turned 3 the end of February Brittany! I always think he’s older than he is as well. Right now he’s closer to 3 than 4 though. It’s crazy.

manda on

Boy oh boy that smile on Cruz is priceless lol!! Romeo is adorable with his little ipod as well haha.

Colleen on

They are so cute! I think Cruz loves the paparazzi! He always seems to smile right at them. 🙂

Sarah on

Allison, I’m not sure that I understand your response to Kelly-Anne. You made your comment on a public blog. Kelly-anne simply offered a video of VB showing that she is hands on. If you don’t want anyone to disagree with your opinion, don’t make your opinion known.

anyways, Victoria, seems like an awesome mom, and the boys seem to adore her.

Ans on

An iPod at 5 years old? I know they’re rich, but how necessary can that really be?

Anonymous on

I used to like reading the comments but lately it isn’t fun anymore with people seeming to get into heated debates and just not letting comments be that…COMMENTS and NOT arguments. I have seen this on more than one post and I have to agree with the person who said if you don’t want someone to disagree with ones opinion then just stick to looking at the pictures and NOT post.

Jemma on

Why can’t she smile for once? We in the UK are glad to be rid of her!

emily on

Firstly the ipod might be to take his focus off the paparazzi- just a guess.
But coming from someone with epilepsy- i don’t care how much medication you’re on- that many flashes is still really bad.
Perhaps he has indeed ‘grown out of it’ That said, i haven’t heard of that either-course i could be wrong on that.

Not to get into the debate here, but i have also seen Posh on Ellen saying she NEVER wears flats.

stephanie on

I imagine an iPod would be quite useful to calm children down during long plane flights.

lizzielui on

What is wrong with an MP3 player for a five year old? Am I missing something? What’s wrong with listening to an iPod? Not only do they play music but you can also download the kids’ favorite shows and programs so they can watch and be occupied during long flghts or trips. Being rich has nothing to do with it as my kids use my iPod all of the time.

Cali on

Her skin looks like it’s an actual different color. She used to be kind of orangish and now she’s definitely brown. I guess that’s what happens living in California. The boys are really adorable.

Jacky on

lizzie I always thought that kids would turn the volume up to high and kill their ears at a young age but I know that ipod’s have volume limits and adjustments. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, I just don’t see it too often.

lenny on

I believe this photo was taken after they got off of a flight that had a bit of a scare and had to abort takeoff. people reported that vb was wearing the pyjamas that they issued in first-class, and slippers, when the scare occurred. they allowed passengers to leave by shuttle (without going to a gate) and then allowed vb to change clothes before putting her and the boys and her crew in a separate shuttle.