Shiloh, Suri and Violet play mommy with their Corolle baby dolls

07/09/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

Violetbebecharmeur1Whether cradled on the arm of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt or nestled in a stroller with Violet Affleck, Corolle dolls have been "adopted" by some of the most famous tots in the world. The paparazzi have photographed Shiloh, Violet and Suri Cruise carrying their Corolle dolls everywhere from the shops in Cannes to the Broadway shows of New York. Designed in France, Corolle dolls are known for their attention to detail and craftmanship and light vanilla scent.

Shilohbebecheri_2Both Suri and Shiloh have been photographed with their lifelike Bébé Chéri dolls. Designed to resemble a three-month-old baby, this doll can wear real baby clothes and accessories. With their famous "moms’" closets, these toys have the ultimate wardrobe! Seen with her around Cannes, Shiloh’s Bébé Chéri has worn everything from frilly dresses to t-shirts and shorts, all from her famous little Mom’s personal closet. 

CorollebebecheriMeanwhile, Suri’s Bébé Chéri caught a performance of Hairspray on Broadway with mom Katie Holmes as she vacationed in New York City. With bottle in hand, Suri held tightly to her Chéri, dressed in a white dress fit for summer. She also brought Chéri with her when she and her mom hit Madison Avenue for a little shopping.

Picture_3Violet brings her Corolle dolls with her whether out and about with mom Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles or Malibu or traveling to Toronto or New York. Her Calin baby doll, known for her cuddly “bean bag” body, has been spotted with her in Malibu, as well as her Bébé Charmeur, and Bébé Do has been seen in Toronto and New York. Violet also has Corolle gear for her dolls, like the floral print stroller she used for a walk through a nearby farmer’s market with mom Jennifer Garner and "Uncle" Victor Garber.

With dolls appropriate for every stage of your daughter or son’s childhood, Corolle dolls are a lovely choice for them to play at being mommy or daddy. They are sold nationwide and can also be purchased online at

Photos by DC/DS-ISM/Flynet, Splash, Ramey.

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finnaryn on

It is such a small thing, but I loved the line “With dolls appropriate for every stage of your daughter or son’s childhood…” While I have never bought my two sons dolls of their own, it has mainly been because their older sister has given her dolls to them. They also love to play with her old dollhouse.

Sadly, when our neighbor saw his son playing with my sons at the dollhouse, he freaked out and dragged his child away. I dont’ see why some parents have a problem with their children playing with what are preceived as gender specfic toys. A boy playing house with dolls will only help to make him a better father in the future.

melanie on

my daughters’ grandmother got them each one..they smell amazing!

Molly on

Where is picture of Suri with the dolly? I see Shiloh and two of Violet…??

Briar on

They are cute dolls!

Violet’s “uncle” is Victor Garber, not Vincent Garber.

sharon on

it’s Victor Garber not Vincent 🙂

Nicole on

Those dolls are lovely, we should be as a society encouraging our little men to play with dolls. It would help bring out their nurturing sides from an early age instead of being told by others that it’s wrong to.

I’ll never forget my first field placement (I have my Early Childhood Education diploma) and watching a father have a meltdown over his little boy singing to a swaddled baby doll.

That made me determined to give every little boy in my family a doll for christmas.

Allie on

we love these dolls, my daughter has received two as presents and its true, they really smell so good.

molly the suri one is a link that goes to justjared, at least what i clicked was. hope that helps you.

anonymous on

My daughter (now 13) had both babies. She named the Bebe Cheri doll “Big Baby” and the Calin “Christmas”. I am very worried about what she’ll name her real kids! They do smell lovely, kind of vanilla-y.

I’m going home tonight and find those babies!

Crystal V on


I definitely want my son(s) to play with dolls. But unfortunately I don’t think anyone else in my family is open minded enough to be ok with it! But I am going to do it! If I got them for my nephews my brother and dad would have freak-outs … unfortunately they are both rather old-fashioned 😦 and I don’t want my son(s) to be like that.

So I’m wondering did you already do this for any of the boys? If so how did their parents react?

Got to love field experiences!! I’m a Secondary Social Studies Education major!! 🙂

Crystal V on

Actually I shouldn’t say that no one in my family would be open to it. My mom, sister, and possibly my other brother and his wife would be.
But the biggest surprise for me was my future FIL wasn’t the biggest fan of it when I mentioned letting my future son(s) play with dolls. He is very liberal and open minded psychology teacher and raised a boy by himself (basically) so I would think he would be fine with it… but he was rather reserved about the idea!?!

kelly on

My son (4.5) and daughter (7) both have had Corelle dolls for the last 3 years.
I bought the dolls with the correct anatomy and “pee” capabilities when my son was 1 to help him potty train.
It worked. The dolls are cute too. Both of them still play with them although my sons doll takes a beating 😉