McConaughey's mom says Matthew is "very, very proud"

07/09/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

Mattmccoughpcn062108_02cbbIn a burst of grandmotherly pride, Kay McConaughey gushes to today about her son’s new baby boy, Levi. Born Monday evening, the baby reportedly "has curly dark hair like Camila — and of course he has that beautiful olive skin both of them have," Kay says.

Though she hasn’t yet met her new grandson, Kay has spoken to Matthew about the delivery. "He was nervous but he was just rooting for [Camila] all the time," she says. "He’s so proud of how brave and strong she was."

Of Matthew’s surfer-boy spirit, Kay says she has no doubts Levi will follow in his footsteps.

Can’t you just see that little boy following his dad on the beach inMalibu with a surf board over his head going, ‘I’m right behind you,Papa!’ That little boy’s not going to needanything. He’s not going to wear anything but a bathing suit — andmaybe not even that! 

"I hope he has Matthew’s love for life," she adds."Matthew and Camila are going to make sure that baby learns a lot aboutlife and love."

Source:; Photo by Flynet.


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Amber on

So amazing! I am so happy for them and I hope to see little Levi surfing with his daddy. I can imagine he is a beautiful little boy, as mommy and daddy are knock outs! Congrats to the family!

Jay on

That was really nice to read. Wish them the best!

Marianne on

Aw! I have always like M.M.! I’m glad to hear about the new baby! 🙂 That baby will be beautiful!

C on

I can’t wait to see what this baby looks like! I bet he is a cutie.

I don’t see an olive skin tone in Matt or Camila though. Is it just me lol?

Jacky on

Well C, they aren’t exactly pale white 😛

CTBmom on

Marianne, yes, Camila is very olive skinned. Matthew can get pretty tan, but I wouldn’t really say he has olive skin. Anyway, that’s beside the point…I bet the baby is gorgeous and I’m hoping we get to see pics of him soon.

CTBmom on

Sorry,Marianne….my comment was meant for C

carie on

i love the mom’s statements. everyone is obviously overjoyed. funny comments about the olive skin, i think that comes from Brazilian Camila, not sun-tanned Matt. 😉 I am sure they have one beautiful baby and can’t wait to see pics.

Ana on

Camila is Pardo from Brazil and the Pardo people are biracial ( if you want to know about the Pardo people you can google them up). She is golden brown because that is her natural color, and not from the sun.

Blue on

No, this woman is not olive skinned, she is much darker. Thanks for the info on Pardo, will research the subject after work today.

Alejandra on

I agree, I see Camila being much darker than being ‘olive-skinned’. When I first saw photos of her, I thought she looked mulatto. I see some black features in her…she is definitely of mixed/mestizo heritage which isn’t at all rare in Brazil. Matt is a caucasian white man who tans very well, but he is still considered fair-complected in my book.

Nina on

Does it really matter what color they or the baby is???? Geez, can’t we get over this skin color crap already????
Congrats to them!

Sarah on

Camilla is very dark, when I first saw her I thought she was black or biracial. I think the Mom was trying to be PC and didn’t want to use “dark” to describe her. Not that it matters…Camilla is beautiful and I bet the baby is too. I wish them much happiness.

kate on

aww, very sweet comments from a proud grandma. p.s. – well said nina, some of these other posters need to chill a bit.

Lauren on

“Does it really matter what color they or the baby is???? Geez, can’t we get over this skin color crap already????”

Obviously the pot calling the kettle black can’t.

Sounds like Levi looks like Camila. And the image of Levi following Matthew with a surfboard is very cute. Won’t be long before those pics pop up!

C on

Wow you make one little comment and look what happens…

For some reason I thought that olive skin meant pale (don’t know why lol) but now I see what everyone is talking about.

Can’t wait to see the little cutie!

brooke on

Sounds like the baby looks like the mom, which isn’t surprising darker genes are usually stronger.

beth on

i dont think race matters but i believe she is of latin roots so maybe thats why his mother said that i dont belive she is mixed with black shes just latin

carie on

I don’t think anyone was making a race issue. MM’s mom said a funny comment describing who the child looks like, and inferring the child had “olive skin” from the dad, too. Which is pretty silly, since children don’t inherit a suntan from their parents. 😉 Obviously, MM is tan b/c he spends a lot of time in the sun, he’s pale and caucasian otherwise. That’s why we all piped in and talked about Camilla’s heritage, and how funny the mom’s comment was. Don’t make it a bigger deal than it was. Camilla, like all of Brazil, has an interesting, diverse background. Discussing that, matter of factly, is not racist or being obsessed with race and color.

Mazy on

No, Camila is of Pardo roots, she is not just Latin. Brazil, although in Latin America, is quite different. The Pardo people are a mixture of Africa, and European and/or Amerindian. This latin roots doesn’t make any sense when you state it take way. The Brazilian society is decidedly African (Yoruba) for the Pardo, Afro-Brazilian people, so don’t lump them in with the rest of South America.

Lauren on

Carie, I recommend taking a closer look at where comments originate before addressing yours to the incorrect person.

Judy on

beth at Jul 9, 2008 11:36:27 PM: i dont think race matters but i believe she is of latin roots so maybe thats why his mother said that i dont belive she is mixed with black shes just latin

Um, Beth… “Latin” isn’t a race or even an ethnicity, it’s a cultural/linguistic group of nationalities with two common languages — Spanish and Portuguese. Brazil is a multi-racial society where most people are of mixed blood. And “just latin” sounds somewhat demeaning.

Camila Alves is a very beautiful biracial (black/white) young woman of Brazilian nationality and Latino cultural heritage. Does that help to clear things up?

Luna on

The culture of the Pardo, Afro-Brazilian people is more related to the culture of their Yoruba ancestors. Brasil is her nationality. People i America don’t seem to know every much about Brasil they should research that country because they will be surprised by its history and culture. It is an insult to lump all people together and to think they they share the same culture because of the region they were born into.

Stephany on

I feel like I’ve gotten a better culture lesson from these comments than I ever got in school! I had no idea how diverse Brazil was! Thanks for all the information, everyone.