Jamie Lynn Spears introduces Maddie Briann Aldridge

07/09/2008 at 03:00 AM ET

13569"Around here, everyone has the same focus. The focus is family, and that’s a good way to live," explains Jamie Lynn Spears, who introduces 3-week-old daughterMaddie Briann Aldridge on the cover of OK! Magazine this week. After an induced labor, Jamie Lynn gave birth to Maddie in McComb, MS on the morning of Thursday, June 19th, an experience which she refers to as "perfect" — Maddie came even faster than expected! Jamie Lynn admits she was nervous about the delivery, but "it all fell into place" when the time came.

I was right on schedule. They’d told me it would be an eight- to 12-hour labor, and I was readyto have the baby in three to four hours. I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. There was no c-section. There were no emergencies. She was perfectly healthy. I had a normal, natural birth. I was very blessed.

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Describing the first seconds with her daughter as "surreal," Jamie Lynn echoes every other new mother’s warning that "you can’t even imagine that moment" until you experience it yourself.

She just looked at me, and she didn’t really cry at first. I was scared, and then she stated screaming. It is the best feeling in the whole world.

As much as Jamie Lynn would like Maddie to look like her — "Icarried her for nine months!" — she looks exactly like her father, afact "he reminds me of … every day." The couple decided on theirdaughter’s name together, but fiancΓ© Casey Aldridge came up with the final choice forthe first name, Jamie Lynn revealed. "Maddie is a name that Caseythought of, and I really liked it." Briann is in honor of Casey’scousin and close friend, Brian, who was killed in a car accident inearly June, as well as Jamie Lynn’s older brother Bryan. The coupletweaked the name slightly by adding an extra ‘n.’

Nestled away, bonding with their daughter in Louisiana, Jamie Lynn and Caseyare getting settled and establishing a routine with their "very good"little girl, who sleeps in a bassinet next to their bed. "She’ll feedevery two or threehours. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, I’ll feed her andshe goes right back to sleep. There’s no screaming and crying," sharedthe grateful 17-year-old actress, who is nursing. "My instincts just wake me up when she’s hungry and she’s waking up too."

At first, I didn’t know how I was going to know when to do what, but it all just falls into place. We get up in the morning, and she gets herlittle bath. Then I get my bath. We have a routine, and I loveroutines. I’ve worked one out with her, and we’re happy going about ourlittle life.

Still, Jamie Lynn is realistic, exclaiming, "You wouldn’t believe what a workout it is just to take care of a baby! You are non-stop doing something." For Maddie, her main job is chowing down — Jamie Lynn explains that "I’m just trying to eat healthy for her sake and my sake." As a teenage mom, the actress knows some believe the deck is stacked against her. However, she is focusing on her daughter, telling OK!,

I want to better myself, so I that I can make her life better.


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SeanJay on

Aww…..I wished they had waited longer until Maddie filled out some more.

Mama of 1 son on

Maddie is so cute!! Very proud of Jamie Lynn!!

Hea on

So cute!

Dounia on

Awwwww, I was really looking forward for the pics.

Jen on

Congratulations to Jamie Lynn. She may be too young to have a baby and that’s what I used to think but I hope they’re gonna be great parents and they seem to be responsible for their little baby

stacey on

Awe, how sweet!! Sounds like they were blessed with a wonderful baby girl. I know it’s too early to tell but I think she looks like her daddy!

Lisa on

Jamie Lynn looks so mature!

Allison on

Ok I have to pick at her comments πŸ™‚ Just once can a celeb not pick an extreme to explain the first few months of having a baby? LOL Its either “blobs” or perfect angels. I think she has a good handle on things, but she makes it sound too easy. I am glad she is so in love with her daughter that she thinks its easy, but as moms I think we all know that it takes a ton of work no matter how easy go lucky your baby is.

Sarita on

The photo is too small to really see much. But I’m glad she’s feeling okay.

OK has a history of going all out with photoshop, I hope they held back with that this time.

PS being in OK, doesn’t seem like staying out of the lime light to me.

Laura on

Maddie looks like so much Casey πŸ™‚

Jaime on

I think mommy & baby are gorgeous! And that she is pretty filled out? I think she looks just like Casey!! I don’t see much of Jamie Lynn in her at all!!!

Laura on

Maddie looks like so much Casey xD

Mari on

Maddie is very cute! Very happy that it’s working out for this family. πŸ˜€

Clair on

ohhh i think she looks like Casey at the moment! sweet girl

Erica on

Sarita there is a bigger picture if you follow the ok link! I think she looks like Casey so far.

tink1217 on

Maddie is gorgeous!!! Glad she is having an easy time….right now anyway! LOL…it may be different later on! regardless…they both look great and everyone seems healthy and happy!

Lisa on

that is one cute baby!!

Aimee on

Aww she looks so much like her Daddy!

Marissa on

I think part of the reason celebs do photo shoot exclusives like this is to lessen the speculation/interest surrounding their child. It allows them to have some control over their introduction to the world. I love this interview, but I do HATE the picture. She is 17–we all know that. Why try to make her look like she’s 40?

Tracy on

Awwww! Such a cute baby girl!

I think she looks like her father right now, though they usually change as they get older.

Best of luck to their lovely family!

Laura on

Awww Maddie and Mama look great. I dunno, I personally kinda see Jamie in Maddie. I see it in her nose just kinda looking at the bigger picture.

I think it sounds like they will be okay. Having a routine is defo something good and it seems like its working well. Obviously things can change in a second but it sounds like things are going okay for it being the first month.

I wish them alot of luck.

melanie on

there’s a difference between doing a cover story to introduce your child and parading them around hollywood…i think jamie lynn has done a wonderful job staying out of the limelight and I wouldn’t say that doing this photo shoot changed that. as we all know (since we all read this site), people are interested in celebrity babies–particularly jamie lynn because of her situation–and I think JL probably did the shoot to ease everyone’s curiosity and to put the paparazzi at bay. In my opinion, she’s being a great mom-she provided pictures in a controlled environment early to stop everyone from trying to get the first “shot” of her baby. maybe “regular” moms don’t have that issue but celebrities do and I think jamie lynn is stepping up and doing the responsible thing for her child!

katy on

This is why teen girls are getting pregnant on purpose, because girls like Jamie Lynn say “Oh she’s so good and she doesn’t cry and night, and I’ve worked out a routine.” Even if that’s true, it’s so RARE. Young girls don’t understand how hard it is to be a mother, much less a young, single mother. Jamie Lynn is so lucky, definitely not the norm.

Max'sMom on

I agree with Marissa.
She’s only 17, why did they made her look so much older!

I see all Casey for the moment.

Max'sMom on

I agree with Marissa.
She’s only 17, why did they made her look so much older!

I see all Casey for the moment.

Max'sMom on

I agree with Marissa.
She’s only 17, why did they made her look so much older!

I see all Casey for the moment.

chris on

Maddie is cute! I also think she looks more like dad than mom right now.

I do have mixed feelings about the interview because of Jamie Lynn’s comments about her “perfect” pregnancy, everything being easy, etc. I can’t help but think about other teens who might read the story and get this super-sunny perspective on parenthood without also hearing about some of the real challenges. Maybe Jamie Lynn hasn’t experienced any of that yet but it would be nice to have her paint a more realistic view of teen parenthood. On the other hand this is a happy time for her as a new mom so I totally understand her comments. Perhaps it is more the responsibility of the magazine to provide supplemental information for teen readers. I know that’s probably an unrealistic expectation.

Anyway I wish Jamie Lynn and her family the best, and hope little Maddie has a stable and wonderful life in Louisiana!

SJ on

I think OK! Magazine should be ashamed of themselves.

Jamie-Lynn is 17 years old, the exact same as I was when I had my first child. When I had him, it was the best feeling in the world, I had very little money, enough family support, but I really struggled.

I did everything in my power to tell my friends, who were bowled over by my little bundle, not to be dazzled by how cute babies are because for me it was a hard job.

Telling the world “It’s the best feeling in the world” when she is a young teenage mother is not bright. She has a lot of teenage fans who look up to her.

Her baby is beautiful and I am glad the delivery was safe, but there is a fine line to cross when it comes to this situation.

Shannon on

I have three little boys. They were all angels as babies…and then they turned TWO. There is no such thing as parenting without challenges. She will learn that in time.

The baby is adorable and Jamie Lynn looks like she has matured a lot. I hope she sticks to her plan.

Amanda on

You know I am tempted to not read the comments anymore because someone always has to find something to pick at. Can’t people just be happy for her since she is obviously happy? Some babies do sleep great at night, I had one, I also had one that cried all night and didn’t want to sleep as soon as it was dark out. Should she lie just in case some teenager is stupid enough to think that having a baby is all roses? People are responsible for their own actions, 16 and 17 year olds are smarter than we give them credit for, even if there weren’t pregnant teen celebs or movies about pregnancy the ones who want to get pregnant would still want to get pregnant, period.

Amanda on

PS- I think Jamie and Maddie are both beautiful and wish them the best of luck and I hope Maddie continues to be a little angel for her parents πŸ™‚

Nikki on

The first thing I thought when I saw the cover was of the photos we have seen of Casey. I think that baby Maddie looks very much like Casey.

On one hand I see that if Jamie Lynn hadn’t released photos of Maddie everyone would be asking where they were and she would be hounded even in Mississippi.

On the other hand her talking about how delightful her time with baby Maddie has been will be seen as encouragement to the teens that are seeking a baby of their own.But in reality there is no way to stop a determined teen from having sex. Telling them how difficult parenthood is isn’t going to deter them and while positive statements on the ease of parenthood might be seen as encouraging to them, either way they have a goal and they will do anything in their power to reach it.

Congrats to Jamie and Casey on a healthy baby.

Ruth on

She’s adorable! Congrats to Jamie & Casey.

Gianna on

Oh dear, please let’s not turn this into another big argument. (And I know that’s not what you’re trying to do, Katy)
There are quite a few reasons, social and psychological, why a teenager chooses to get pregnant and I don’t think it’s fair to heap the blame solely on the celeb teen mom du jour. We need to examine why it is so many teen girls feel so unloved that they feel the need to create someone to love them (this is a frequent reason given).
We need to question why some parents allow the television to act as a babysitter instead of sitting and TALKING to their girls. That’s the reason girls like Jamie have so much influence on our girls, because parents (BOTH mom and dad) are allowing someone else to parent their children. So please don’t blame Jamie Lynn alone.

And on the other hand had Jamie Lynn come out and complained about sleepless nights, sore breasts and the other no so-pleasant aspects of motherhood, people would have jumped down her throat and asked “Well what did you expect?” and called her foolish. I applaud her for taking a positive attitude.

Can we just congratulate this girl on bringing another beautiful, healthy human onto this earth, for stepping up and taking responsibility, and wish her luck on the difficult road ahead? And can we try to parent our own girls instead of letting the media do it?

Amanda on

so happy for her and wish her and he little family the best…as for everyone else who is already disecting every word she is saying…give it a rest..she is a proud first time mommy..she doesn’t owe it to anyone to filter he words just because you think that some teenagers out there are going to read them and be somehow convinced that having a baby will be just like what jamie is going through. It’s a parents responsibility to raise THEIR teenager and to educate them about safe sex and the responsibilities of having a baby..it’s NOT Jamie’s responsibility. Her only responsibility right now is her little girl and being the best mom she can be to HER. Let her be a gushing new mom and just be happy for her.
And by the way…it seems like everyone thinks that teenage pregnancy is the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to anyone…i would be much much much more worried about my child getting an STD that will KILL him/her…like HIV !!! And I would also be more worried about my teenager seeing some of those tasteless, violent and nasty movies that our out there these days and being somehow affected by them.

brooke on

Wow she didn;t waste no time, selling the baby pics. I personally don’t think she will stay out of the spotlight at all. Maddie looks just like casey right now. Sean and jayden have such strong spears genes, I thought maddie would resemble them, but she is all the dad right now

jools on

While I see everyone’s point about Jamie Lynn’s comments appealing to some teenage girls, I certainly don’t fault her for being a gushing first-time mom. I think it’s just that sense of overwhelming happiness that new moms feel. I thought my two were perfect infants too. I mean she does say that Maddie eats every two to three hours at night, to most teens I don’t think that would be appealing. It’s a state of mind though–when it’s your baby everything they do is wonderful, even in the middle of the night. Let’s take the pressure off of Jamie Lynn, and direct it toward the parents of teens to prevent them from having babies.

Sarah on

no matter what Jaime Lynn says or does, people are going to find something wrong with it or something to pick at. i think she is doing a great job with the whole situation. she is a lot more mature than most 17 year olds. some teens may read this and think ok its easy for her, why not me but i really don’t think the majority will. honestly, if they are going to get pregnant, they are going to get pregnant, whether a celebrity does or not. the parents are the ones who should be talking to and influencing their teens, not celebrities.
jaime lynn is a happy new mother, let her have her moment just like any other new mother.

Heather on

I think that Jamie Lynn cannot win right now! She’s trying to do the very best that she can for her child right now, regardless of her age. I think it’s unfair to say her comments are wrong and what are causing teenage girls to get pregnant. She is absolutely entitled to feel that things with her baby are “wonderful” right now – she just had her first child and no matter what your age or situation is, that is a magical experience. I also think that before people start criticizing JL’s comments, they should really have the entire article to read first.

I am sure that JL realizes that she’s a role model to an extent. But it’s a parents responsibility to educate and guide their own child in the end. But I think that right now, JL should just be allowed to glow as any new mom at any age does. IMO, this is no longer about a teenage pregnancy, it’s about a new baby, and that baby deserves as much respect as any other baby out there.

Momma-Mia on

I just wish they hadn’t made her up to look so old! She looks middle-aged with all that make-up and the two-tone hair. Couldn’t she have been represented as she is….. a teenager with a cute baby?

J.M. on

I kind of have to agree with some posters. Although I don’t think Jamie lynn should have to lie in an interview and say, “oh it was a horrible pregnancy and the baby does nothing but cry” if it’s not true but I do think it’s letting teens believe that babies are just fun and pregnancy is just fantastic. As it may be for some it’s not for all. I have teen cousins who are sexually active and I just pray each day that they’re smart enough to not let this happen because I know they’re not ready. But I also know that they read up on all kinds of celebrity news as well and I would hate for them to get a message that teen pregnancy works out wonderfully when we know for many it doesn’t. But I believe it’s up to the the parents of teenagers to perhaps sit down with your kids and talk about sex and maybe even discuss this topic if they have questions! Becauase we all know that many teens are naiive to believe that if it works out for JLS it can work for them too!

I am happy though that JLS has taken the initiative to move away from LA and provide a some what stable environment for her child. And hopefully it all works out for her better then it did Britney. But let’s not sugar coat the situation. JLS has plenty of support (emotionally, financially and physically) to provide great care for Maddie unlike most people!

Kelly on

Aww…Maddie is very beautiful! I never thought Jamie Lynn would introduce her so soon. I guess she wasted no time selling for the first pictures. Jamie looks beautiful in the picture. I just hope that she and Casey can raise their child the way they want to and not let anyone interfere.

Aelys on

X17online.com posted a paragraph where Jamie-Lynn explains Maddie’s name

“Maddie is a name that Casey thought of, and I really liked it. Briann was because, a week and a half before she was born, one of Casey’s cousins, who he was really close with, passed. He was in a car accident. His name was Brian. She’s also named after my older brother, Bryan Spears. We just added another β€œN” to it and made her Maddie Briann.”

heather on

Amanda- Thank you for your comments!! I totally agree with you, it’s getting to the point where coming on here and reading the comments is just frustrating. I know we all have our own opinions and that’s fine, but people are constantly being picked apart on here. Our second child, she’s 10 months old, is the easiest baby!! From the day she was born she slept really well at night, she doesn’t fuss about much at all and is so laid back and easy going. I always joke that’s she’s one of those babies you hear about but don’t believe they exist. Now our oldest on the other hand… he’s a handful lol. But my point is there are babies out there who are just really easy babies and maybe she has one of them. There is nothing wrong with her gushing about her new baby and sharing HER experience. She shouldn’t have to lie for fear of what people, whether it been teens or otherwise, think. It is not Jamie Lynn’s job to teach our children right from wrong. Yeah I know people will say she’s a celeb and a role model for kids but parents need to be the driving force in their kids lives and teaching them right from wrong.

I’m really happy for Jamie Lynn and she’s taking care of her baby and seems to be very responsible. She sounds totally in love with that little girl and it’s great to hear.

I also want to that obviously I know kids are a HUGE responsibility and it’s not all flowers and sunshine. There are some really hard moments and it can be draining and you feel like you’re losing your sanity lol… but you know what… there’s nothing like holding your child in your arms. Keep enjoying that sweet baby girl Jamie Lynn and Casey! πŸ˜‰

heather on

Something else I was just thinking, why do people WANT her to be having a hard time? Why wish that on someone? People complaining about her comments on how easy it’s been for her like they want her to just be suffering. Doesn’t make sense. Another poster said if she talked about it being really hard then that would be a problem too. I can’t help but feel like if she was a 30 year old celeb saying how easy it’s been then people would be okay with it. They’d probably say, “Oh that’s great.. my baby…” and share stories or comments on their own experiences and bond together like us women and moms should.

Jeanine on

If a magazine printing a story about a 17 year old having a baby is “shameful” thats pretty sad.. I think if parents raise their children right – a magazine story, or a celebrity shouldnt have that much of a impact on a teens life such as “Oh Jamie Lynn Spears had a baby, now I’m going to have a baby too” if the parents of teens dont raise them properly, but if raised right with morals and support and a good family surrounding I dont think it should be an issue.

Maddie is beautiful. Good for Jamie Lynn. She looks so happy, and the baby looks really healthy.

I have 3 babies, and all of mine are on good schedules and have been since the get go… Good for her, congrats to them both! πŸ™‚

jo.ann on

She is gushing about her newborn daughter just like the way Keisha Castle Hughes gushed over hers. They both had a child at the same age. But yet, Jamie Lynn is being taken to task here for the millionth time. I feel it has more to do with her Spears last name that she is getting attacked than anything else.

Do people just want her to be unhappy and miserable just to validate their own feelings about her?

sophie on

I think obviously she lied in this interview.
it’s not because she has money and support of her family that raise a child with 17 years is easy.
I’m mom of a little girl and i’m 15, it’s HARD,I have the support of my family, my boyfriend and his family. i don’t work only my parents and my boyfriend do it.
When she started cry it’s me who need to breastfeed her, my boyfriend don’t live with me, I live in my home with my parents and he with his parents.
1 month only and I’m of proud of myself for do what i’m doing with my little girl and my life, she is a angel, yes she cry but all babies cry, my parents help me of course, but they leave home in the morning and only back in the night, I have some days that a stay alone in my home with her.
And for me, JL is encourage the teen pregnancy cause it’s not perfect, if she is a luck ok, cause she work on tv, obviously she can contrate a nanny 24 hours a day. But almost all the teen’s mom can’t have this ‘pleasure’.

Shawna on

The comments here are so ridiculous! She is loving being a mom but she is supposed to lie? She has an easy baby but she shouldn’t admit that? That is so ridiculous! Why should she make it sound as if she is having a horrible time when she is not? Worry about raising your own kids to not get pregnant as teens if you so choose. It is not Jamie Lynn’s job to worry about raising the teens of America. Let her live her life and be happy!

ekaterina on

katy -ITA with you and i think anyone can make it look easy with money to hire help and such to bad that the rest of the teens who decide to get pg will not have all those options available to them-

In adition in my work the pg teens i have observed all do well for the first ew months until the novelty wears off and the pressies stop arriving with visitors that is when you seperate the women from teh girls! =)

i dont agree with her pg’y and it being front page . but people want to see it and we all know that what sells gets on the cover not what is ‘right’

J on

Some of you will find any comment to fight about. It is like some of you wanted her to have a hard pregnancy and child birth. I also don’t believe her comments about everything turning out great will influence many teenagers. If some teenagers do get pregnant due to this, it is the parents fault!. Until someone turns 18, a parent(s) is responsible for that CHILD. Full stop! Also if a pregnancy isn’t wanted there are alternative options.

Aurora on

I can see both sides of all the above points being made… however, I always keep coming back to: Since when is it the responsibility of an actress (whatever her age) or a screenwriter/director/etc, to teach and monitor the values and ACTIONS of the public (ie, teenagers)?? I think that’s up to the parents/guardians and social services surrounding the teens, perhaps.

Jaeda on

I agree that Jamie Lynn will be criticized no matter what she says. She is a new mom, just like any mom at any age, and she has every right to feel that everything is perfect. No one should try and take that away from her.

HOWEVER, do her comments paint a pleasant picture of teen pregnancy? Yes. Some teen girls will be influenced by this. Is it Jamie Lynn’s problem? No. The only thing she needs to be concerned with is her family and new baby. Ultimately, parents need to step up and explain to their children that having a baby is difficult.

I think comment on here are taken too seriously at times. I don’t see any arguing, just people offering different opinions.

I also don’t think that anyone wants Jamie Lynn to have a difficult time with Maddie. I think they mean that every moment of every day with a newborn is not perfect, but by reading the article, teen girls will believe if they have a baby every day will be easy.

Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents.

Jess on

I don’t think Jamie Lynn could say anything to please everyone. If she came out & said, “Oh, I hate my life, it’s so miserable” everyone would talk about how sad it was for the baby to grow up in that enviroment. If she says it’s working out, which is GOOD news, everyone talks about how she’s making it look too easy for other teens. At the end of the day, I knew many teens who got pregnant in high school, not a one of them got pregnant because they thought it was easy, cool, etc. They did it because they had parents who, well, didn’t parent. Do some kids get pregnant because they think it will be neat to have a baby? Yep, I’m sure they will. But I don’t think it’s fair to blame Jamie Lynn. There were pregnant teens before here, their will be pregnant teens way after her. I’m proud of the girl for making things work out for her. Heck, I’m jealous her induced labor was so quick…mine at 42 weeks went over 24 hours & then 3 hours of pushing. Maybe she is lying about how easy it is. But not because she’s a teen mother, but because she’s a mother. Really, how many people with babies look at others when asked & tell them how great it’s going, how wonderful the baby sleeps, & how they’ve got a routine going? I know my husband & I both did, even when our baby was up all night & our house was a mess. And we were both married with careers & well into our 20’s when we had our son. People look at a teen & expect them to fail at parenting. I’m happy to hear they are doing well & continue to do so well.

Leslie on

My first thought is – what happened to her hair?

I’m glad she’s having a good start of things. I did and it saved my sanity – by the time the ‘running around getting into everything’ time comes she’ll be well rested!

Becky's Daughter on

Some of these comments are insane! I certainly hope that some of this negativity is from the heart or out of concern and not a wicked space. Has anyone thought that just maybe Maddie is an ‘easy baby’ at the moment. As long as Jamie Lynn keeps the same level-head, she’ll do fine once the tantrums start.

Lest we forget that a frightened, domestically abused, and impoverished 16 year old gave birth over 36 years ago to Lance Armstrong. While the circumstances of Maddie’s birth were not ideal for our culture, teen-aged mothers and their children are not always doomed for failure.

Becky's Daughter on

Some of these comments are insane! I certainly hope that some of this negativity is from the heart or out of concern and not a wicked space. Has anyone thought that just maybe Maddie is an ‘easy baby’ at the moment. As long as Jamie Lynn keeps the same level-head, she’ll do fine once the tantrums start.

Lest we forget that a frightened, domestically abused, and impoverished 16 year old gave birth over 36 years ago to Lance Armstrong. While the circumstances of Maddie’s birth were not ideal for our culture, teen-aged mothers and their children are not always doomed for failure.

Becky's Daughter on

Some of these comments are insane! I certainly hope that some of this negativity is from the heart or out of concern and not a wicked space. Has anyone thought that just maybe Maddie is an ‘easy baby’ at the moment. As long as Jamie Lynn keeps the same level-head, she’ll do fine once the tantrums start.

Lest we forget that a frightened, domestically abused, and impoverished 16 year old gave birth over 36 years ago to Lance Armstrong. While the circumstances of Maddie’s birth were not ideal for our culture, teen-aged mothers and their children are not always doomed for failure.

MommyB on

Congratulations to Jamie Lynn and Casey…Maddie Briann is a beautiful baby!! I really don’t think age matters…everyone “gushes” about their first baby!! Good for her that Maddie is an easy baby!! I think that Jamie Lynn has taken a difficult situation and handled it with class and dignity!! She has stayed out of the limelight for the most part…And made a mature decision to introduce her baby…so maybe there will be less papparazzi staking her out!! She and Casey have shown themselves to be responsible since the initial announcement!! They’ve bought a house and gotten engaged!! I hope they live happily ever after in the sweet little life they have carved out for themselves!! Enjoy Maddie!! Many blessings to all of you!!

J.M. on

I don’t think anyone is wishing for KLS to have a hard time!! I hope it all works out for her! But teens ARE influenced by others despite what their parents are telling them!!

Michelle on

Personally, I applaud JLS for staying home in Louisiana throughout her pregnancy and not parading it around Hollywood like her big sister did.

She has done 2 interviews. The one announcing she was pregnant and this one introducing the baby. I’d hardly call that selling out to the media. It sounds like a controlled release of information to protect her privacy. She is not the media-junkie her sister is and I think she takes a lot of heat for being part of that family.

If you are concerned about your teenage daughter thinking it is cool to get pregnant, then you have bigger problems to worry about than JLS.

Danyelle on

Why can’t people just be happy that there is a beautiful new life in this world and that Jaime Lynn is doing her best? It’s her first baby. Why shouldn’t she be allowed to gush and be happy about the birth of her child? Stop looking for things to pick apart and get over it. Maddie is here now and she’s beautiful! Congrats Jaime πŸ™‚

Jessica on

I never post but I just have to now.

Being a teen Mom is NOT ideal. I had my 1st child at 17 and my (then boyfriend) husband was almost 19. He supported us fully with no help from either of our parents. The only support we had was Medicaid and let me tell you even in the “non-ideal” situation pregnancy can be a breeze, labor can be a breeze and the baby easy too. I had no problems with pregnancy, labor or tending to a new born. My daughter slept through the night at 2 weeks.

Here I am 27 my husband and I now have 3 and my boys pregnancies were AWFUL, labor was horrid (emergency c-sections and one was a 29 week preemie) and they were very difficult new borns and still at 2 years old my youngest has NEVER slept through the night and my almost 5 year old who was my preemie still wakes almost every night too.

If Jamie was another actress I of course don’t think her pregnancy would have been accepted with open arms, but I don’t think another actress would have been bashed as much. I honestly think the “Spears” name is a hindrence to her in the public eye.

Jamie Lynn is NOT Brittani and deserves her own chance to have a good life and do what every other parent does…do her darndest to make the BEST decisions for her and her daughter.


If my daughter gets pregnant at 16 (which I pray daily won’t happen) then I hope she handles it with as much dignity and responsiblity as I did and as Jamie Lynn is!!

Kerri on

I definitely agree that she would have gotten jumped all over for whatever she said in this interview. Congrats to her and Casey on the baby! It really sounds like she’s handling it well.

Regardless of whether she’s a “role model” and in the limelight, it’s not her fault if some teenager decides to get pregnant because she said she was happy about it. It’s not her responsibility to watch out for the teenagers of America. And I think she’s done a remarkable job with being pregnant as such a young age in the limelight. Far better than I would have done at 17! I’m sure she’ll be a great, loving mommy.

babyboopie on

maddie’s beautiful and i love the spears-alridge family- regardless of their age, they have done a good job.

Grayson's Girl on

Maddie is all daddy! WOW. She’s a pretty little girl, I’m sure she’ll just get prettier as she grows. Congrats to Jamie Lynn and Casey!

Now as for her comments, here’s a novel idea, *gasps* maybe she has simply been blessed with a smooth pregnancy and happy child. It DOES happen. I get the feeling some posters here are disappointed because she’s not reporting back that while she loves her daughter, she should have waited or it was a mistake. It reads as if some of you would rather she report that Maddie is a cross to bear rather than a complete joy. If she were 35 and Maddie was a long awaited child people would gushing about how happy they were for her. Yes, she’s young. No, this isn’t the perfect situation. That doesn’t change the fact that like every other mother she deserves to be blissfully happy, even if it’s momentarily until Maddie starts to become more active, and tell the world she is.

To me it’s a cop out as parents to blame her (or anyone else) for any of our children’s actions. YOU, especially the same sex parent, are their BIGGEST role models. They use you as a model to either emulate or rebel against. Keep yourself circumspect, keep an open line of communication with them, and be as honest as you can and all should be fine. If for some reason your otherwise smart and responsible teen comes up pregnant, wonder what you might have done to prevent it or chalk it up to one honest mistake with big represcussions before you look Jamie Lynn to blame for doing what she can in her circumstance. If you’re being parents, Jamie Lynn carries no more weight than any other person off the street in your house. End of story.

Grayson's Girl on

Maddie is all daddy! WOW. She’s a pretty little girl, I’m sure she’ll just get prettier as she grows. Congrats to Jamie Lynn and Casey!

Now as for her comments, here’s a novel idea, *gasps* maybe she has simply been blessed with a smooth pregnancy and happy child. It DOES happen. I get the feeling some posters here are disappointed because she’s not reporting back that while she loves her daughter, she should have waited or it was a mistake. It reads as if some of you would rather she report that Maddie is a cross to bear rather than a complete joy. If she were 35 and Maddie was a long awaited child people would gushing about how happy they were for her. Yes, she’s young. No, this isn’t the perfect situation. That doesn’t change the fact that like every other mother she deserves to be blissfully happy, even if it’s momentarily until Maddie starts to become more active, and tell the world she is.

To me it’s a cop out as parents to blame her (or anyone else) for any of our children’s actions. YOU, especially the same sex parent, are their BIGGEST role models. They use you as a model to either emulate or rebel against. Keep yourself circumspect, keep an open line of communication with them, and be as honest as you can and all should be fine. If for some reason your otherwise smart and responsible teen comes up pregnant, wonder what you might have done to prevent it or chalk it up to one honest mistake with big represcussions before you look Jamie Lynn to blame for doing what she can in her circumstance. If you’re being parents, Jamie Lynn carries no more weight than any other person off the street in your house. End of story.

Grayson's Girl on

Maddie is all daddy! WOW. She’s a pretty little girl, I’m sure she’ll just get prettier as she grows. Congrats to Jamie Lynn and Casey!

Now as for her comments, here’s a novel idea, *gasps* maybe she has simply been blessed with a smooth pregnancy and happy child. It DOES happen. I get the feeling some posters here are disappointed because she’s not reporting back that while she loves her daughter, she should have waited or it was a mistake. It reads as if some of you would rather she report that Maddie is a cross to bear rather than a complete joy. If she were 35 and Maddie was a long awaited child people would gushing about how happy they were for her. Yes, she’s young. No, this isn’t the perfect situation. That doesn’t change the fact that like every other mother she deserves to be blissfully happy, even if it’s momentarily until Maddie starts to become more active, and tell the world she is.

To me it’s a cop out as parents to blame her (or anyone else) for any of our children’s actions. YOU, especially the same sex parent, are their BIGGEST role models. They use you as a model to either emulate or rebel against. Keep yourself circumspect, keep an open line of communication with them, and be as honest as you can and all should be fine. If for some reason your otherwise smart and responsible teen comes up pregnant, wonder what you might have done to prevent it or chalk it up to one honest mistake with big represcussions before you look Jamie Lynn to blame for doing what she can in her circumstance. If you’re being parents, Jamie Lynn carries no more weight than any other person off the street in your house. End of story.

Renee on

Congrats again Jamie and Casey for having a healthy baby. Do we have to have the same discussion about teenage pregnancy anytime there is a post about her. It sounds like a few of you really dislike her for just being a teenage mother.

Kate on

We have made this girl into Hester Prynne. Let’s let her live life. God bless.

michelleanne on

She is beautiful.

I love the name , I have 2 nieces one is Maddi the others middle name is briann… works for me..LOL

I pray and hope she is a good mom I am sure she will be , she seems to have good support from family and good head on her shoulders regaurdless of the circumstances of how little maddie came to be.

Mollie on

For goodness sake, some people really do need to get their heads out of the clouds. Most teens todays are having sex, no big secret there, and inevitably some lead to pregnancies a la Jamie Lynne.
Who are we to judge..??
I know I wasnt sitting at home reading at 16 along with everyone else I knew, and i wasnt particullary wild or anthing. She got pregnant, so what..??

And why shouldn’t she be allowed to brag about her gorgeous daughter, regardless of age its what all new mothers do!! People need to leave her alone to enjoy her baby. Shes a beauty!

jenny on

I don’t like to criticize celebrities, because there are some people out there who like to make nasty comments no matter WHAT they say or do. (jealous much? Of course most of us probably are. They live lives we only dream of.)
I agree Jamie Lynn has the right to show off her baby BUT I must say I do agree with the fact that she is 17 years old and she is glamourizing motherhood for every single teenage girl who picks up that magazine and says “look at Jamie-Lynn’s pretty baby, see it isn’t so bad, I want one of those”…
I would only hope out of this Jamie Lynn would put herself out there as some kind of advocate against teen pregnancy, talking to other girls and saying “yeah it’s great but not ALL the time”.
That being said, I wish Jamie-Lynn the the best, and I hope she is a better mother than her sister turned out to be. (no offense meant

carie on

cute pic. I have to admit, it does feel strange, to be viewing the photos and the story this way, there is a feel of “glamour” to it, which we all know doesn’t exist in regular world. It is hard to be a mom, let alone a teen mom. But what’s the other choice? For her to be ashamed and not want to show off her child? that’s not an option either. She has every right to be happy, and hopefully the money from the photo shoot will help her in establishing a normal life in Louisiana. As people have said, teens have sex, teens will misguidedly want babies whether Jamie Lynn has had one or not. I don’t think OK magazine putting a disclaimer out there will have any effect on teens. πŸ˜‰ If Jamie Lynn talks about the difficulties, then maybe her teen fans will hear it. But, who are we kidding, she’s not “normal” or has a “normal” life. The family has a lot of money, and that’s often another thing that makes teen pregnancy so difficult: lack of resources. Hopefully everything works out for her, and she will rise above all the problems of the rest of her family.

mrslizmc on

I think everyone needs to be nice, after all, there is a new little life in this world. Why does it matter how young JL is? She has money and can learn to do the best she can. Age does not define how good of a parent you are. I had my 1st at 17 and he is smarter than 75% of kids his age.

Julie on

How do any of you know OK! Magazine didn’t purposely leave out any negative things she said? It is well-proven that magazines of that caliber intentionally leave things out or make things out to be what they’re not. It is QUITE possible that JLS DID, in fact, mention that it is hard, but OK! didn’t include it so they could sell more magazines.

Give it a rest!

Coralee on

Congrats to the happy family. Is it just me or does JL’s hair look gray here?? Maybe it’s just the scan?!

LisaR on

I think it’s lazy parenting to blame a teenager’s choice on what Jamie Lynn does. What your children do is YOUR responsibility and no one else’s. Parents these days just want someone else to blame when their kids choose a path they don’t like and refuse to accept any sort of blame. Why is a celebrity a bigger role model to your daughter than YOU? Lazy parents need to get real and stop pointing the finger at this girl.

Tare on

I’m happy that she had a good experience for being a first time mommy! I wish them both the best as I would any one who just had a baby!
There must be a lot of unhappy people on here! Y’all need to stop being so critical and negative!

Ali on

I glad that she is happy with her baby but
I don’t think she should be in the cover of a magazine saying “how great motherhood is or anything like that” because teenager misinterpret stuff – age has nothing to do with being a parent (you can be an older bad parent or a younger good parent) but we are talking about teens getting pregnant. It is happening too much – she is rich – most of the girls who get pregnant are not rich and don’t have the best baby ever. Yeah, we could praise her for being a good mother but the bottom line is that she should have not put herself in this position. People always saying, that so good she is being good mother, and now that she has a kid she is going back to school. Is like punishing the kids who do right and glorifying the mistake of others. I have never seen OK, US magazine, People praising kids who graduate college or high school, and for doing what is correct. I know thing happen in life and we must no judge put we should not praise what is wrong. I am just saying we should not make such a big deal that she got pregnant and put her in front of a magazine cover.

magnolia711 on

I read on another site that she had a c section because of breech positioning. Is that true? I’m confused because of her comment that her labor was only 3-4 hours.

Lisa on

No, she did not have a c-section. She had Maddie vaginally.

Allie on

Magnolia she had a vaginal birth so no that is not true.

I think Maddie looks so much like Casey! I agree that if you are concerned with your kids imitating jamie lynn you have bigger fish to fry.

J.J. on

Maddie is such a cute baby!! I think she resembles more of her daddy πŸ™‚

FC on

Had trouble sending this..so sorry if it’s a repeat.

I’ll go a different route and say she is very lucky to have a support system behind her, and the means to care for her child. Some aren’t that fortunate. But I do wish her and Casey the best of luck.

But what’s up with OK!’s cover? I’ve seen better, and I’ve seen it where the females featured on the cover actually look their age. It does look like they’ve aged her. She looks like a very, very young grandmother. OK! has done better.

But, Jamie looks happy. The baby is healthy, and I’ll say Maddie seems to have Casey’s facial profile, but I can’t really say who she looks like for sure.

Dawn on

Aw cute baby! I wonder how long it’ll be until little Maddie is competing in Lil Miss Louisiana Baby Beauty Pageants? She’d probably do well!


I have no ill-will against Jamie Lynn and I hope that she does very well with being a mother because it can be tough, no matter what age you are. I think that my problem is more of the media’s portrayl of this teen pregnancy. This isn’t just any random child star, this is someone that girls look up to. I’m twenty-three and a mother of a seven month old; I have this idea that I will talk to her about anything and everything to make her aware of the consequences of having sex. However, I’m twenty-three and my teenage years were not too long ago. I had parents that were very honest and open with me… Still, I ended up being a teen rebel and I’m fortunate enough to not have gotten pregnant too too young.

So many teen girls feel the way they do because boys have changed, due to the media. There are movies that portray rebels and kind heart boys that just need a good girl – Truth be told, most jerks aren’t as easily ‘changed’. It’s great that we see that Jamie and Casey are engaged, but that hype sends this message that if you get pregnant – In the end, you too can end up with a home, your man and your baby… This is not true. I’m twenty-three and that didn’t happen with the father and I!

Gianna on

I agree with LisaR. It’s so convenient for people to point the finger at a celebrity when they can’t accept their own parenting failures. If my teen daughter decides to deliberately get pregnant I have no one to blame but MYSELF. I was the one who was supposed to be monitoring her and nurturing her self esteem and self worth, not some celebrity. She’s supposed to get her values from ME not Jamie Lynn. What’s going on in the outside world is not supposed to have that much influence on my child and it will NOT because I take responsibility for her and I wish more people would do this for their kids. Imagine blaming this girl for the potential reckless decisions of teenagers all over? Really? If that’s the case and your kids are so easily influenced, DON’T buy these magazines and DON’T let your kids watch television. Do YOUR part and be responsible for your child.

And for those questioning why GOSSIP magazines don’t celebrate the kids who do the right thing, if you have kids who are graduating and doing wonderful things, by all means they SHOULD be celebrated. But don’t wait for some magazine to do it. DO IT YOURSELF.

For the life of me I can’t get why some people are letting celebrities and the media parent their kids and then when something ‘distasteful’ happens they’re up in arms. Parent your kids!

kaylee on

The baby is darling, but I wonder why OK mag airbrused JLS hair gray, just saying… but goodluck with your new bundle of joy, JLS!

Amanda on

Oh please, is it so far fetched that she might have just been so lucky to have an easy pregnancy and labor? If she had said her pregnancy was horribly, awful, and she didnt want another child ever again…would that make all of you feel better? Let her enjoy the moment, and be blissfully happy with her little family.

I had my first child at 15 years old. She was not in any way shape or formed ‘planned’ but we did understand what could come from us having sex, we accepted that, it happened and we grew up,fast. I was blessed with a very easy pregnancy, not one complication, an easy 7 hour natural birth. My daughter was also really a pretty happy go lucky baby, she had colic for a while, and a cold twice but that was it. So when people ask about that time in my life, I have really only good things to say. My husband (then 17 yr old Boyfriend) and I have been married for 5 years, and together for almost 9 years. We now have two children, two cats and a dog. We live a normal suburban life, and I wouldnt have it any other way.

Let Jamie Lynn be happy too.

I think she had no choice but to appear in public with the baby, its not that she’s trying to STAY in the limelight. Do you all remember what happened to Suri, the press hounded them trying to get the first shot. I think its better she came out and did it this way.

Just because she and Casey are young, does NOT mean they wont be great parents or end up married and happy. Age does not matter, its about who’s ready to give that much of themselves and devote your life to another human being. I fully believe she and Casey will be great parents, and if they decide to get married I will be nothing but happy for them.

Baby Maddie is beautiful, I wish Casey and Jamie Lynn nothing but the best!!

phoebe on

My first thought was why had Jamie Lynn dyed her hair grey?! But I guess it’s either the lighting or she’s been unable to dye it while pregnant! But that said, Maddie is sweet, looks soooooooo like Casey it’s amazing! I also agree with people who say that Jamie Lynn isn’t helping her case when she’s saying things like ‘Maddie is an easy baby’ and the like. To teenagers wanting to get pregnant, that’s music to their ears! I doubt she meant anything by it, but it was a bit silly to say something like that when she knows she’s been in for criticism already.

kema on

what a beautiful baby, congrats JL:)

I’m sooo sick of this argument, I remember being a 15 year old mom… I loved it!!, but I was always told that I shouldn’t say that I loved it because it makes ‘OTHER’ girls think its a ‘good’ thing to do. FOR ME, it was a good thing to do! My life is wonderful and me becoming a mother has ALL the credit!
My family always bring up the things that would have probably have happened to me if I didn’t have a baby when I did. Its amazing how someone so small made such huge changes in this one wild teen’s life:)So Jamie, go ahead and love your baby and your life…. there are moms that are 40 and horrible just as well as moms like me that were a teen but excellent:) The child I had at 15 is a medical student today, and knows that all I am in my life I old to her and her bothers πŸ™‚

sarah on

She is cute!!!
I Love there family

Angel on

Jamie Lynn and her baby are adorable!!! She looks fantastic. It’s obvious that she did the photo shoot so that she could introduce her child to the world in a controlled environment. Look, she bought a home in Mississippi, not L.A., so she is not seeking attention.

Also, she has every right to be proud of her daughter and have a positive attitude. She is handling things in a much more responsible way than a lot of older mothers did, namely her sister. I think Jamie Lynn will be a wonderful mother, young or not.

If teenagers are so impressionable as to get pregnant just because Jamie Lynn did, then they are just plain dumb. I don’t buy that reason for one instant. How many teen pregnancies have occurred over the years before Jamie Lynn was even born? Now it’s her fault that teens are becoming mothers???? Get real, people. And I have to add, I am so very proud that Jamie Lynn took the difficult path and chose to give her child life. Who knows how many celebrities have been pregnant and no one ever knew about it? That would have been the easy road for her to take but she chose the harder road. God bless her and her beautiful little family.

chatty cricket on


A couple of things- I really give Jamie Lynn credit for taking responsibility. She comes across as a doting first time Mom, and I’m very happy that she can be enjoying this time with her little girl. Think about it from Maddie’s perspective- she deserves a healthy relationship with her parents regardless of how old they are. Parenting with a positive outlook is a GREAT first step.

Secondly, it is *quite* possible that Maddie is an easy going baby. Both of my children were very mellow, fed once at night, right from the get go. Now that my daughter is 3 years and my son is 18 months? Not so much, LOL. If Maddie is an easy going baby, and they’re all settling into their new lives together, then how can any of us look at that and say anything other than, “Thank goodness for that baby’s sake.”

Raising a child is HARD. Raising a baby as a teenager is uniquely difficult. The more smoothly this goes for them, the better.

And also, yes, WHAT IS UP WITH HER HAIR?? She looks photoshopped to within an inch of her life! Booooo, OK Magazine!

Autumn on

Those are nice pics. If JL dyed her hair gray, it was probably by accident and she’d just meant to lighten it. I’m surprised that she didn’t have a red or other color streaks in her hair, because hey she is still a teenager.

(Actually maybe she did, but Ok wanted her to look more mature, so they edited the photo? I wouldn’t be surprised.)

Sarah on

OMG!!!! I was so excited when I saw this post!! We’ve been waiting 3 weeks to see little Maddie!! But so far I think she looks just like her daddy!! Wow, I can’t wait to see more pics of this new family!! God Bless!!

LisaB on

Everyone has such strong opinions, I don’t know if it was really a wise choice to post about Jamie Lynn. However, I do realize that if this hadn’t been posted, people would have had extreme negative comments about that too.

I think it is wonderful that this young family have a beautiful baby girl. Babies are a blessing. Having had gone through infertility for 7 years I know that more than most.

I have three boys, my oldest is 14 and a half and youngest 9 months. My teenager and preteen have read about JL and they both agree that babies are hard work and a lot of responsibility. Maybe from seeing me with their baby brother, teething and up late nights. I believe that if you have the hard talks with your children early on and continue those talks, then they are less likely to get pregnant as a teenager and do drugs, etc. It’s about being a constant parent in their lives and never letting that go because of uneasiness. I thnk teens need to hear not about how hard it is to bathe and feed and take care of a baby, but rather what you give up and put on hold for that child. Dreams, school and plans.

I think JL and the family as a whole did the best thing for them and congratulations is all that needs to be said. Some babies are very easy, and some aren’t. I’m glad she gets to bathe once a day..I still struggle with that task. Good luck to them all, and I hope they let their baby grow up away from Hollywood, because the business is hard and brutal and no kid deserves that.

Good luck and god bless.

Ty on

oh she is soooo cute i hope she stays that way

dani on

yes she is 17 but only in body…she must older in the head. how can she not be living the life she has. and just because shes young doesnt mean she wont be a good mum.hell she’ll probably be a better mum then women twice her age and have more money then most of us so shes more then set up..yes she thinks its easy now..we all probaby did in the first few weeks and months of our first child..she’ll have her good days and her bad. shes probably already had bad days but you dont go around telling people your child is a lil so n so. n as for being on the cover of a mag …if i had the chance to show my sons to the world i would!

bethany on

I think OK magazine should be ashamed of themselves…they are the one’s glamorizing it! Jamie Lynn is just an excited mom, of course she wants to show off her baby and brag about how good she is….she is in love with her daughter, happy, and naive. The people at OK magazine should know better, they are the ones perpetuating this “trend”, and basically using a young girl who may not know any better!

bethany on

And I can’t help but say, that….I don’t like her hair at ALL. They made her look 35 with all that frosted coiffed nonsense!

KT on

Although I’m happy that Jamie Lynn is enjoying her experiences, I hope that the full article discusses some of the hardships of being a first time mother (at any age). It’s not all schedules and smiles…I’m sure that teenagers aren’t going to run out and get pregnant because Jamie Lynn has an easy baby, but it couldn’t hurt to lose the “sugar coating” a bit.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Jamie Lynn and Casey on their healthy beautiful baby girl! Awwww Maddie is such a beautiful, lovely princess… I hope we get to see pictures of her as she grows πŸ˜€ I’m glad that she had a great pregnancy and delivery.

Erica on

Maddie is quite cute! I don’t want to get into a teen pregnancy debate, but from everything I’ve seen, I think Jamie Lynne is doing a wonderful job. From her quotes it sounds like she may be nursing as well, which I was pleasantly surprised by. Looking forward to picking up the issue myself.

manda on

Wow I still see JL as a little girl in my eyes!!! Nevertheless Maddie is adorable and is ALL Casey as of right now.

Kate on

I really don’t think it is Jamie Lynn that is making teens want to get pregannt. Her fans are what? 12? It is people like Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Garner, and Angelina Jolie that make it look glamorous to 17 year old teenagers. No 17 year old girl is going to look at a single girl living in McComb, MS and feel envy. They see Shiloh and Kingston and Suri and want that. I’m in my early 20s and that is my opinion. I don’t know what a high schooler is thinking, but I know they aren’t fans of Zoey 101, they are fans of people like Reese Witherspoon and Angelina and possibly just can’t grasp that their lives will never be like that of a celebrity.



I think your comment is out of line. You do not personally know every teen-single mom. People like you really upset me with your stereotypes. Gimme a break!

Meg on

why is everyone picking on the “i had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery” thing? maybe she did. If she were a woman in her 30’s nobody would question it.
I’m happy that everything went smoothly for her and she is settling into life as a mother. She has a beautiful daughter and i wish her all the luck in the world.

Angela on

I have been reading most of the comments on here and I just want to (hopefully) say one thing… I had my oldest daughter at the age of 19, and just like Jamie Lynn’s daughter she was such an easy baby and immediately I had her on a routine and spent every minute with her. Now I have a second child at the age of 22 with an AA in Health Care Administration and I am working full time (so is my husband). Yet both of my girls are still on a regular routine. I have never had that hard of a time with one kid let alone two, and trust me I do pretty much all of it myself. I am proud (so far) of Jamie Lynn and wish the best for her and her family. Just because you have an easy time I don’t believe you should lie about it to avoid giving other teens the wrong idea, if they have sex or get pregnant it was something that was going to happen regardless of what they heard about it.

Doreen on

Congrats!! I’m glad to see she had a healthy, lil girl and she chose to give her LIFE!! Her hair looks gray in the photo! It makes her look ‘mature’ looking. I think she will do a much better job at raising a child at her age than *ahem* her big sis! Hopefully, NO drama, drama! πŸ™‚ We can only HOPE!!!

OnyxJones on

Wow…can’t we just be happy that another child has been born healthy and safe. Maddie is the spitting image of Casey!! All the best to the Spears-Aldridge family. Despite what everyone has to say about Jamie Lynn’s age, she and Casey have created a family with their child.

FYI – seeing a teen pregnant whether on TV, movies or real life doesn’t make another teen want to have a baby. I graduated HS (a private catholic school)and there were at least 6 girls pregnant. Prior graduating classes had at least 2 or 3 girls pregnant as well as underclass girls.

We need to teach our children about birth control and sexual health to avoid teen pregnancies and diseases. Sex education needs to be brought back to the curriculum of our schools. Some parents are in denial about the times we live in. Some parents feel uncomfortable having “the talk” with their kids. Some parents think not my child. These are all scenarios that can lead to teen pregnancy. I do understand that it will not resolve “the problem”, but at least our children will be well informed.

In my experience, children that have become pregnant as teens are doing so to fill a void in their lives, not because a celebrity (teen or adult) got knocked up.

Peace & Blessings to the Spears-Alridge Family.

Tem on

Yall need a Life-

Who cares how old she is, or what she’s doing . .

go and read a proper magazine that don’t have celebs in it.

she had sex- had a baby- get over it.

How she raises her kid, or goes on with her life…is her business- its only her problem, noone elses.

Sadie on

I’d sugar coat my pregnancy if I were in her situation too. Can you imagine what these comments would be if she said something along the lines of “its really difficult” or “it was excruciating pain”? Alot of these people complaining about her sugarcoating it just wanted the chance to say “I told you so! She is too young. Shes not fit to be a parent. She wasn’t prepared. She should have thought it through.” Thank God she said it was all perfect! Some of the commenters here would be having a field day with her if she had said anything different, because IMHO they’ve wanted her to fail since they heard she was pregnant.

Jeannette on

I have no ill feelings towards Jamie Lynn Spears and yes, it was shocking about her pregnancy but strangely not surprising since it DOES happen (to the average human as well as country legend Loretta Young who was also a teen mom). I do hope she’s fully aware of the big responsibility that Maddie is providing now and beyond. She does look happy with her baby and even sounds happy with her so I wish her and Casey all the best of luck.

CelebBabyLover on

Michelle- ITA! When Jamie Lynn was pregnant with Maddie, the tabloids were constantly making up stories about her being “out partying”. A few weeks ago, I saw a tabloid with her, Nicole Richie, and Christina Aguilera on the cover with the headline “Have they really changed?” and they actually referred to Jamie Lynn as a “party-girl” (or something to that effect).

The fact of the matter is, Jamie Lynn has NEVER been the party-girl Britney was/is (at least to my knowledge). She has, thus far, made better choices than Britney has (with the exception of having sex at 16 and ending up pregnant.). The tabs seem to want to make her out to be a clone of Britney, when in fact she’s not. Also, Britney has a mental illness, while Jamie Lynn does not (presumably, anyway). Therefore, comparing Britney’s situation to Jamie Lynn’s is a little like comparing apples to oranges.

Anyway, my point is that I wish the media would realize that Jamie Lynn is NOT Britney! I actually feel sorry for her for basically getting flak for something she didn’t even ask for (being part of the Spears family).

Sheila on

Maddie is cute. Jamie Lynn looks like she has aged about 5 years but pregnancy and sleepless nights do that to you– I have 2 under 2 so I understand looking old. LOL
And I can’t really jump in on the teen pregnancy convo b/c I was 18 when I had my first BUT you can’t blame her for gushing about her baby. That’s what all moms do– young and old.

olive oil on

Teen pregnancies should not be glamorized. She’s a minor.

Katy on

Wow. I’m a little shocked that so many people thought I was saying something about JLS that I wasn’t at all. I realize that teenage pregnancy does not rest in the hands of Jamie Lynn Spears alone. I’m 19 and I don’t have kids, so I see that I have no experience with the new-mom feeling. I just can’t help but feel that JL has an opportunity to reach out to her young, female fans and say, “Hey, I love my baby, but this is not all fun and games.” I wish more parents took responsibility for their teenagers, but let’s be realistic here: is a teenager more likely to be influenced by their parents, or by their role model and icon? We all know the answer to that. I am glad that things are working out for JL. I in no way want her to suffer, nor do I dislike her. I just feel that she can relate to a growing problem, and it would be nice if she would address it. That’s all.

Robin on

I agree with those who say the Jamie Lynn is in a no win situation. Yes she had a baby but in this day and age she should be applauded for having the baby and not having an abortion. She gave her interview to Okay last year to tell her side and not let it get ugly and distorted in the press. Also, her sister was having a breakdown and while her family was dealing with Britney in L.A., she was back home all alone getting her GED, taking parenting classes and turning her mistake into something positve. It was also agreed that when the baby was born Okay would have the first photos of the newborn and I say why not have her do it in a safe setting without the paparazzi shoving their lenses in their faces? Besides, if she didn’t do this, the press would be ruthless until they got those first photos of that baby. Not only that, but this baby does need to be taken care of and provided for and while I don’t think that she’s glamorizing teen pregnancy she is trying her hardest to correct her mistake and give Maddie the life that she deserves. I truly wish Jamie Lynn and Casey well. Maddie is beautiful and in God’s eyes NOT a mistake!

Mae on

She’s totally adorable!!

Although i’m 17, and I could not imagine having a baby right now! (nor wanting one!!)

I have 2 nieces, and 1 nephew. My nieces are 11 months, and almost 2 weeks old. My nephew is three in about 2 weeks.

Just watching my niece that’s 11 months, or my nephew is HARD! I’ve yet to watch my newest niece seeing as she’s so little still, but it’s amazing to me teen girls WANTING to have a baby — not saying that she planned this, or putting her down, because it happens, and she’s making the best of it, which I respect her for. But the girls who go get pregnant on purpose just blow my mind, it’s a BIG deal, they are going to grow up, what you do affects there life….I know that I am not ready for that, i’m starting college this fall, I graduated a year early, that’s all I can possibly think about at this point in my life.

She is a very cute baby though, and Kamie Lynn looks great!

Hea on

Jamie Lynn is NOT responsible for every dang teenage girl in America. How can you people even begin to put that extreme weight of responsibility on her shoulders? The teens parents are the ones who are responsible for their kids, not Jamie Lynn. I am glad she finds this easy for now. Maybe she really is a very capable mother. I wish her all the best.

KT on

My comment was more about the magazine’s presentation of the JL not JL’s exact comments. I know that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and pregnancy happens. She’s unfortunate enough to have a spotlight on her….Either way, I consider my baby to be really easy, and I still wouldn’t make it sound like it was no work at all. I find that to be dishonest, but it’s just my opinion. Everybody wants their baby to be the best or worst (depending on the conversation) so I guess OK! made that happen. I also think that if she wanted to be left alone with her baby then maybe she shouldn’t have put herself on the cover of a well known tabloid.

Christine M on

Why should Jaime Lynne have to hide her feelings on being a mother and her perfect little baby if it is true to her? Just because some teens out there will be stupid enough to think it is guarenteed to have a great experience?
I am a teenager and reading this makes me happy for her but certainly not wanting one myself.
It is the responsibility of parents to educate their children on the risks of unprotected sex. They can’t blame it on Jaime.
Let her enjoy her new arrival

serenity on

Congrats to jamie and casey on a beautiful little girl. im glad jamie is settling into motherhood very gracfully, Maddie does look like casey but they both have very good genes and she a luckey little girl to take after either of them.

Sami on

I can’t believe no one is commenting on the fact that she had a natural delivery and she was induced. I am assuming that she was induced with Pitocin, and I know almost no one who manages a natural delivery while on Pitocin. She is one strong and brave young lady!!! I had a natural delivery but I went into labor on my own. I can’t imagine having done it naturally if I had been induced.

Congrats to her and Casey. Maddie is beautiful!

Jen on

My friend just had a natural birth and they used Pitocin. She did just fine. πŸ˜€

Nicole on

As a 16yr old, my two older sisters got pregnant at 18 and i really dont think ‘wanting someone to love’ is a common reason for getting pregnant.
unprotected sex is the reason.

like adults, teenagers arent always responsible when it comes to protection.
and seriously, i dont see why anyone should be concerned about her age. just because she’s 17 does not mean she wont be a good mother.
my sisters are fantastic mothers, and my mum who had a baby at 16, is also an amazing mother.

age shouldnt define your capabilities.

and if anything, jamie is in a better position to raise a child than the majority of adults in the world.
she can afford to give her child the best upbringing possible, and can afford help if thats what she needs.

give the girl a break.

most girls/teens/women would’ve terminated the pregnancy, but yet she acted responsibly.

Diane on

Beautiful baby!!!! Jamie looks very happy and content.

Dawnette on

I personally think jamielynn is going to a very good mom reguardless of what people think of her being to young to have a child………but i give her the best luck and Maddie totally got u and casey good looks!!!!!from all ur friends in Exuma,Bahamas we love u!

terri on

Jamie Lynn sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. Maddie Briann is a lucky girl.

terri on

Amanda, I don’t understand your comment. By having unprotected sex she was at risk for acquiring a STD?

I noticed the weird shade of hair as well. It does look a little gray.

Erica on

If you see the pictures in the magazine, Jamie Lynn’s hair is dyed in 3 layers. The top is bleach blond, the middle is light brown, and the bottom is dark brown. It looks nicer in the photospread and not gray.

WOW on

Congratulations to Jamie-Lynn and Casey. Maddie is a beautiful baby. I wish them all the very best πŸ™‚

eve on

Let’s just glamorize teen pregnancy!

Jen on

What I don’t get is if a 30 year old woman had said her pregnancy and birth were easy and that her baby was as a good as gold there wouldn’t be an issue. Yes, she is 17 but that doesn’t make her a naive parent. She’s had to grow up and from what it looks like she’s doing a good job. As for the money thing, well she earnt it and is lucky in that respect.

I wish her the best of luck!

Abi on

So what if Jamie Lynn said Maddie was an angel. SHE WAS BEING TRUTHFUL. Don’t get mad at Jamie because she was asked a question and answered it truthfully.
And if a teenage girl is dumb,yes I said DUMB enough to read this and think all pregnancies are the same, and go out and try to get pregnant, then she has a rude awakening coming her way. Sure, some babies are prefect little angels. But then some are a little more rowdy. It all depends on the baby.
Congrats Jamie and Casey on your wonderful little girl.
P.s. and am I the only one who sees both Casey and Jamie in her??

Tanya on

I think most teenage girls will see her in a magazine and think to themselves “Oh how cute her baby is, I want one of those someday,but not right now! I can dream about my future baby,but I`m not going to do anything about it before I am much older.
So I think Jamie Lynn should enjoy her babygirl and not feel guilty about teens wanting to be moms.

Elle on

“I can’t believe no one is commenting on the fact that she had a natural delivery and she was induced.”

“My friend just had a natural birth and they used Pitocin.”

Sami and Jen (as well as OK! and JLS), you need to brush up on your terminology. A NATURAL birth is one in which there are no interventions whatsoever. No Pitocin, no induction, no AROM (artificial rupture of membranes). What Jen’s friend and JLS had was a VAGINAL birth. All natural births are vaginal births, but not all vaginal births are natural births.

I had an induced vaginal birth and had no pain medication whatsoever- not an experience I would ever endure again. Induction medication fools your body into labor, but it does not make your body release natural endorphins to help combat the pain of childbirth. Truly natural labor does release these endorphins- next time, it’s ALL natural for me!

tori on

i think that you should have waited but its okay now that i think about it because you can take care of her…she is beautiful

good luck
when are you gonna start back up on Zoey101?

KT on

I agree with Elle. I know a lot of people who claim to have had a natural birth with an epidural. Vaginal and Natural are both used to mean non c-section by a lot of people. It doesn’t mean that she didn’t use pain meds. Just an FYI….

However, if she did give birth without and pain management than that’s very impressive!

bubbles009 on

Awww so proud of Jamie Lynn she has a beautiful daughter. There will always be people out there supporting you Jamie Lynn never give up hope.

serenity on

I think Jamie Lynn is an awsome mom, yeah shes only 17 but she realized her mistakes she took responsbility for that mistake and She got her GED. now look she has a beautiful baby girl and great home and a wonderful bf that stepped up to do whats right for those two girls. so kudos to Jamie Lynn and Casey for being wonderful parent and doing the right thing. Most couples these days get pregnant, have an abortion and act cool or they get pregnant amd have the baby but the father walks out because “hes not ready to be a father” Casey manned up and helped Jamie he didnt run he didnt deny. Like i say a baby is raised on love not money it takes two people who truly love each other to raise a baby money is just an asset and helps you supply for a baby.

Sami on

Elle & KT-

When I said “natural” I meant no pain medication and I assume that’s what JLS meant, too. (Although given how hard an induced birth is without pain medication it makes sense also that maybe JLS meant “natural” in the sense of vaginal.) But you guys are right that the correct definition of natural is without any interventions.

Elle, I am completely in awe of you! And I guess I have to amend that I gave birth “naturally”… I actually used evening primrose oil for a couple days to help ripen my cervix, I had antibiotics because I was GBS positive, and after the delivery I had shots of local anesthesia for pain relief while I was stitched up and a shot of pitocin to help my uterus contract. And then I took ibuprofen for a week or so. But no pain relief during the labor and delivery… ouch! But I would do it again the same way, I think.

Jaimie on

Does anyone know where her Diaper bag that is on the chair in Maddie’s room in the pictures is from??? Im in love with it~!~

mimi on

For the people with the comments from a few days ago reguarding JLS saying that her pregnancy and labor and birthing experience was great … so what? Just because she had an overall good experience with both doesn’t mean she’s influencing other young girls to have sex and get pregnant. Its their choice to have sex and become pregnant! Jamie isn’t holding a gun to their heads saying, “have sex and get pregnant or I’ll kill you”! So you guys need to stop it! Seriously! And FYI, my pregnancy was great and I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy at 18 almost 19 years old. I chose to lay down and conceive my son! No one influenced me to! And my overall experience as a young mom has been amazing! Yes I said it! My child sleeps the whole night and has been since he was a month and a half. I’m not saying he’s not going to give me hell later on, who knows.. Because you know why they call them “terrible 2’s”! But I’m saying this, no matter how bad my son turns out to be, I’m still going to enjoy being a parent because he is a blessing from God and it IS wonderful being a parent! Young or old! Yes times get tough, but when you look into those beautiful tiny eyes, you can tell they’re telling you, ” I love you”. So bump all that yall are saying! I believe her when she said her labor experience was good bacause so was mine and she needs to enjoy that beautiful babygirl of hers because before she knows it, she’ll be sending her off to college! Jamie, don’t sweat these people! I am ABSOLUTELY PROUD of you and Casey! You don’t see couples your age who are new parents staying together, engaged to be married at that and taking care of their responsibilty so I’m proud of you guys! Keep it up and enjoy Maddie! Good luck sweetie!

Fae on

Yes, I agree. Teen mother-hood should not be painted like it’s easy.
I was 18 when i got pregnant, and my husband was 17. It’s not all rainbows and sunny skies. don’t get me wrong, I love little October more than anything in the world. πŸ™‚ But that doesn’t mean it was easy, and that doesn’t mean that everyone should go out and have a baby. lol
We had some super supportive family, on my husband’s side. Not everyone has one. It makes a world of difference!
October is 5 months old now, and it’s only getting harder (and more exciting!)… I don’t think that teens should ever think that they can afford to chance a baby, because they think it’s easy. πŸ™‚
Little mattie does look good! I’m glad that the delivery went well, and I’m glad everyone’s healthy.

Patti on

My grandmother once told me long ago that newborn babies always look like their dad as it is mother natures way of determining paternaty! I always thought that was an odd comment but every since she said that, sure enough, all my 4 babies did look like their father until later on only one took on my looks, the rest still have the dominant genes of their father. We are not here to judge Jamie, many a mother have had a baby at 17 and she will do just fine. Congrats to both of you and your parents and your sister must be so happy for you-ENJOY! And ignore the negative crap-how dare anyone say anything negative about a precious little sweetie pie like Maggie (or Jamie).

mimi on

Yes. I agree with Fae. I’m not making it out to be easy because its not! At all! But I have had great times being a mom but I’m not encouraging teens to get pregnant. I didn’t choose to become pregnant but it happened, if I could I would’ve waited but me and my boyfriend of 6 years chose to be intimate with eachother and we conceived a boy and we’re taking wonderful care of him. Its hard being a young mom but its not the end of the world neither. I’m enjoying my blessing and so should Jamie Lynn and Casey! Stop making her out to be a bad influence! She’s actually setting a great example for the girls who ARE teens getting pregnant by NOT getting an abortion! You guys would jump down her throat and call her a murderer if she had an abortion so shut up and be proud of the girl for giving birth to her babygirl and taking care of what she brought upon herself!

Taylor on


sean on

i dont give a shit if this isnt approved i just wanted to say i would tear that pussy up! i would fuck her till there is no tomarrow!

Lilly on

I am 16 years old and find that many of you feel that this is some fan club for a stinkin baby…..yes kids are having sex but why not learn to use protection and hey novel idea…..stay away from it all together….yes we may be teens and that is no excuse for teens to be going out and having sex….it’s something called self controle….I am glad that her pregnancy was blessed and that everything is going well…..but if you think about it….when her kid grows up and her mom tells her not to go out and get pregnant….what’s gonna happen then…..it’s hard to call Jamie much of a good role model for this nation and world….its just sad to me….

nicole on

the baby is cute,but jamie lynn should have waited longer to give birth to a baby,even when her boyfriend is nineteen!

jaisin camila on

hi your baby are bery bery cute ilu biie

Katie on

I feel so bad for Jamie Lynn. Everyone is giving her do much crap. I mean, yeah, she was seriously stupid for not having Casey wear a condom when they had sex, but still. Did she get an abortion? No. Did she give her up for adoption? No. Did she buy a house and get engaged to Casey? Yes. She did everything correctly. I mean, teenage pregnancy is pretty common, sadly. It just happened to end up that Jamie Lynn is a star, and had to be all over the news, and be critizied all over the nation during all of this. Give the girl a break. Stop giving her shit about this whole thing.

Billy on

When she says being a mother is the best feeling that could send the worst thing to say when being a teen idol. That sends the picture to all teens that hey if you get pregnant thats not that bad. But younger and younger kids would try and we don’t need that now. I will admit I am a teen and have had sex and prolly still will but I’m smarter then using no protection at all.

Chippy on

It isn’t just hard for the mother. It’s also hard for the families and friends of teenage mothers. Trust me, I know from experience. in Feburary, I found out that my cousin was pregnant. She was 17 at the time, and I thought that my parents were kidding. But they weren’t. I was supposed to keep it a secret, but, considering I was in Middle School and she was in High School, ehich is right across the street, people found out. And somehow, people knew we were related. I don’t know how, considering I’m a total math/band geek, and my cousin is pretty popular. But anyway, people started finding out, and it’s been rough on me, too. I don’t think that we should be giving Jamie Lynn such a hard time about all of this. Yes, she got pregnant. And yes, it was pretty damn stupid. But let’s face it, we’re all only human. We all make mistakes. And just because something unexpeced happens, it doesn’t mean you have to change you’re entire life.

Katie on

I am 13, and I support Jamie Lynn. No, I don’t condone teenage sex and pregnancy, but people need to face facts. Thousands of teenagers get pregnant every year. The fact is that Jamie Lynn, and thousands of other pregnant teen girls are setting a bad example, but also a good one. Teens WILL have sex. And some WILL get pregnant. But many of them do not tell their parents. Many either get an abortion, or try to kill the baby themselves by either not eating, or purposly hurting themselves attempting to kill the unborn child. Jamie Lynn and many other girls who get pregnant are irresponsible, and having a baby could help them be responsible. When you’re pregnant, you’re responsible for not just you, but another life. And whether you keep the baby or give it up for adoption, you still learn responsibility. I guess what I’m trying to say is that everything happens for a reason.

Aya on

Go Jamie Lynn! I’m proud of you. You kept your baby, and you’re making good choices now. No matter what others may say, I completely support you!

Tally on

go Jamie Lynn! u rock 4 keepin da baby!

zoey on

i am really mad at her she is not supposed to do sex at 16 and have a baby at 17

topsexycelebrity on

cute babe ………

claudia on

hey jamie,
are you planning to raise your child by your sefl?
did put casey at the door are you still togheter?

your daughter is really cute!!