Lara Logan "looking forward" to motherhood

07/09/2008 at 04:30 PM ET

Laura_loganCBS Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan, 37, is pregnant with her first child. She tells the Washington Post that baby-on-the-way is due in January, and that she’s "looking forward to being a mom."

The baby’s father is Joseph Burkett, a federal contractor working in Iraq, where Lara herself was recently stationed for four years with CBS. Lara shared that she lost a fallopian tube during a previous ectopic pregnancy and thought that she would have difficulty conceiving a baby; To that end, Lara revealed that the baby she expects with Joseph was unplanned. While the timing of the pregnancy has raised eyebrows with some, CBS News President Sean McManus raved about Lara’s skills as a reporter, adding that "depending on her situation with her child, I’d anticipate she’d be covering the war in Iraq again."

Source: Washington Post; Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty.

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Mousie on

I think reporting on this pregnancy in which the parents are both married to other people is much more tacky than the reporting of Jamie Lynn’s teen pregnancy.

There’s just nothing to admire here.

Naomi on

While celebrity babies are fun to read about I think it is sad that Lara Logan’s baby with Joseph Burkett IV will by celebrated while her boyfriend’s first child with his wife that he is still married to will not. Ashley deserves coverage as well. This article should have mentioned that he is married and that she is married as well.

I don’t remember censored coverage of Kristy McNichol and Lloyd Eisler.

I found family photos of them online.

Erica on

Congrats to Lara. I enjoy her reporting.

I didn’t take issue with how the article is written because it was made clear that the story is risque and you can click the link for more. To me, it was a tactful way to deal with a tacky situation. The Washington Post source link describes everything you need to know, if you want to know it. Celebrity Babies is only reporting the pregnancy news that relates, or that’s how I saw it. Maybe I am wrong.

Naomi I don’t know who the other people are that you mentioned so I cannot comment, but I don’t consider this censoring anything, the links to more info are right there and its quite apparent with “raising eyebrows” that there are dishy details if you want them. Obviously you could make it a gossip item or take the high road which I am used to this site doing.

Just my thoughts.

boy123 on

Wow, I’m so happy for Lara. She is a wonderful person and eventually everything will work out for all the parties involved.
I read somewhere that she was involved in a love triangle in Iraq. But clearly this is not a love triangle.
God Bless her.

Lauren on

I’ve always thought Lara was beautiful and a talented reporter, but the recent news of her multiple affairs while overseas appear to have revealed her true colors as person, which aren’t nearly as pretty as her exterior. I see nothing wrong with the way CBB reported this story and agree with Erica that they dealt with a tacky story in the most tactful way possible. That said, while I hope Lara has a safe pregnancy and gives birth to a healthy, happy baby, I do not think she deserves congratulations.

Jenna on

Congrats to Lara. I’m saddened by how judgmental some readers are being towards her. Let’s be honest, it is very easy to judge others when you are on the outside looking in. I respect her as a female journalist because her job is far from easy, particularly in the dangerous places she works. I hope she has a healthy and happy baby.

Renee on

I agree Jenna. Some people act like they are experts in celebrities’ lives. If you wouldn’t say it to Lara’s face, why say it on the Internet?

Mya on

Congrats to Lara! I love her reporting and she strikes me as a strong woman. I am also surprised at the judgmental attitudes on this site. No one knows what went on in these two individual’s marriages but the time line supports that the marriages were probably done long before their involvement with each other. In any case, it is none of our business.

berjoui on

It was Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler…Kristy McNichol doesn’t like boys. ;-D

Other Erica on

The thing about value judgments is that they can be both negative AND positive–even if you’re saying that Lara is a strong, great woman you are making a judgment. I don’t know enough about her or her personal life to comment except that I hope her baby won’t pay the price for his/her parents’ choices.

Sanja on

Why would you be separated from your husband for 2 years and have more than one affair and not get a divorce? I don’t get it. At least part of the problem could have been avoided if she’d just divorced her husband before starting to date numerous other people.

chris on

I’ve never heard of her but her life seems complicated right now. Hopefully her personal issues can be resolved before the baby arrives.

Shannon on

Maybe its just this picture but she looks an awful like that lady who played in Grace Under Fire.

Sarita on

I had never heard of her before reading this article but I don’t understand why many commenters disregard the fact that they were both already seperated from their husband/wife.

It’s probably difficult to get a divorce when you’re in Iraq.


if you read the full washington post article both parties were in the process of getting divorces before she became pregnant

I think its better for people to seperate and be happy with someone else than stay in a stale, unloving marriage

I say good luck to her!!

chloe on

Other Erica, Amen to you. Smartest and most succint comment I’ve ever read on this blog.

Aitch on

She is a slut and I WOULD say that to her face…..