It's a dog world for Famke Janssen

07/09/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Famke_janssenWho needs a child when they can have a dog?  That is actress Famke Janssen‘s question.  The 42-year-old admits she is perfectly content spoiling her 7-year-old Boston Terrier, Licorice, and has never planned on having children of her own.  The X-Men star wants people to know that the reason she doesn’t want to be a mother isn’t about her not loving children, but "it was just something I never looked for."  And although Famke hasn’t been looking for motherhood, she doesn’t deny that she may adopt one day.

Would I adopt a kid? Maybe one day. But would I adopt a baby? Maybe not. It might be a kid that’s a little older.

Famke can currently be seen in The Wackness.

Source: OK! Magazine; Photo by Bill Davila/Startraks.

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Robin on

It is sad to hear Famke does not want children. She is a beautiful woman and can only imagine if she did have children how beautiful they would be. My sister is the same way though. She loves her niece and nephew but kids arent for her. She has 2 dogs that she spoils.

P on

Why is it sad that she does not want children? There are a bazillion celebrities who do and a bazillion celebrities who don’t. She doesn’t hate children, she simply has no desire to be a mother. Better a child not be created than born to a mother who does not want to be a mother. I am sure if she accidentally became pregnant that she would love that baby, but nobody should be made to feel OBLIGATED to reproduce.

beatrice on

Good for her. I have kids, and I love kids, but I *wanted* kids. I have a dear friend who adores my kids, but never wanted any of her own, and her family just doesn’t understand it. Some women don’t have the drive to be mothers, some women don’t have the drive to parent a baby, and more power to them for taking the time to actually think about it.

Amanda on

I like it that she would consider adopting an older child instead of a baby. I was adopted when I was 3. I was lucky. Most people only want a baby, and pass over the older kids in need of a loving home. I currently have 2 kids. My daughter is 7 and my son is 9 months. I plan on in a few years adopting a kid that is 3 years or a lil older and give him or her a chance with a family that will love him as their own.

Dana on

Parenthood isn’t for everyone. I applaud women who are honest and admit it. I had a roommate in college who didn’t want children. She loved her nieces and nephew, and her fiance’s parents had divorced when he was younger and his dad remarried a younger woman who had a little girl and then triplets when he was in college. Being around them was great, but then she could always give them back. Shortly after they were married, they were both “fixed.” They have been married for 13 years now and couldn’t be happier.

I am the complete opposite, however. I would have a dozen kids if my hubby was up for it!

fuzibuni on

sad? please.

i say kudos to her! there are enough people on earth already and it’s good that not everyone feels the need to breed.

Pencils on

Hey, if she knows her own mind that she doesn’t want to have a child, that’s a good thing. Babies should be wanted and cherished, not something you have because everyone else is doing it or because you think you should at a certain age. BTW, I see her all the time in NYC, walking her dog. She lives a couple of blocks from my office. He’s a cute dog.

Molly on

Why is it so sad? I commend her for choosing for not having kids. Not everyone wants to be a parent.
I’m probably not going to have any kids. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t think I’d be a good parent. I have my niece and nephew to spoil. 🙂

Molly on

While I applaud her decision, like everyone else said, its better to not bring unwanted child to the world and have it suffer, I think that the comment is unfortunate as it suggests that there is something wrong with the women who want a baby when (or even if) they already have a dog.
Otehrwise i agree with teh rest of comments left by readers, i am only referring to the first sentence and its wording

Aiyana on

Well I think she doesn’t want kids now because she is almost 50 years old and regards to her beauty she is not beautiful she is naturally extremely beautiful with extremely beautiful features I have always thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world perhaps she needs to capitalise on her opportunities a bit more but then again she seems adamant in her decisions which is great but I do feel she would have made an excellent mother there is something really respectable about Famke Janssen.