Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas, fiancé "want to have kids"

07/09/2008 at 05:30 PM ET

Deanna_pappasWhen DeAnna Pappas, the 26-year-old star of ABC’s The Bachelorette, accepted the proposal of fiancé Jesse Csincsak on Monday night, she probably didn’t think that the conversation would turn immediately to babies. While they are standing by their promise to marry on May 9, 2009, DeAnna shot down rumors that she’s already pregnant. "I heard that and I thought, maybe I’m putting on some weight," DeAnna told OK! on Tuesday, "I’m happy and in love." Jesse added that the couple "definitely want to have kids" but they’re planning to "go and experience our relationship to the fullest before we go and have any little bambinos." How many are they thinking? Their opinions on number of children differ, Deanna explained, but it’s in no way a dealbreaker.

He wants four kids and I want three … but I am willing to negotiate!

Source: OK!; People, July 21st issue; Photo by ABC.

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carie on

good idea to wait before having children. maybe get to know each other a little longer! 😉
seriously! maybe it will work out for these two, but i’m highly skeptical. these people barely know each other! these shows are such a joke. I wish they’d stop with this nonsense and end this and The Bachelor series.

tami on

Thanks 🙂 I was waiting for a post about them. I know that they both said on the show that they wanted to be young parents. I think they are really cute together and I was happy to see her pick Jesse over Jason, even though I thought she was going to pick Jason. I am just addicted to the show.

Stacey on

I think they are great together and they truly seem in love. I hope they do have kids tgether one day, not anytime soon! They definitely need to establish their relationship! I love the show. My opinion, if you don’t like them, don’t watch them!

The ween on

I really like Jesse. I think the two are really cute together, although the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” shows are pretty unrealistic and downright silly.
I do have to say I’m glad she didn’t pick Jason. He totally creeped me out. Is it just me, or was his signature smooch move, the grabbing of her chin, really gross to watch? I cringed everytime I watched him pull that move…

lacrosse on


they do seem in love though..

Michelle on

I agree lacrosse, I was hoping she’d pick Jason. I hope they make him the next Bachelor.

As for Jesse and Deanna, smart of them to wait and get to know each other, since pretty much every single Bachelor/Bachelorette couple seems to break up. (Trista and Ryan being the exception) I hope they do find happines and true love.

alana on

I totally wanted her to pick Jason too…..but now he can most definately hop on over to my place lol. I can’t complain tho as Jesse was my second pick!

Jess on

Carie, I doubt either Trista or Ryan Sutter think The Bachelorette is a joke. Maybe things will work out for these two as well.

Mel on

All I wanted to say is that I love these 2…I’m soooo happy she picked Jesse.

Molly on

Carie, you dont have to watch the show. But there are thousands of other people who enjoy it and you shouldnt be wishing they cancel cuase others do like it. While its rare for pairs to stay together, there are two pairs who did. And its fun to watch the dates, destinations, islands…

I hoped for her to pick Jesse although at the last moment I switched to Jason. I think with Jason she’d have more stable relationshiop, but again, i dont see inside neither of them, only from what we’ve seen on tv. Maybe Jason will be next Bachelor..??? I really liked both so Id be happy for either

ellie on

I really like deanna becuase I met her a few months ago adn she was super friendly.Besides she looks like a size zero out…I cannot believe anyone thought she was pregnant.I too was not crazy about jesse- but oh well!

Starr on

They are both so young and barely know one another yet.They need time to find out about daily life together as a couple before they ever bring children into it.Being a Mom myself, it is hard work, and will change their lives in ways they have no idea, until it happens.They need to separate the fantasy from the reality.It will happen in time, especially if they find out they have less in common than they originally believed.I wish them the best, with some caution in there.Take your time, there is no rush.If this is your true soulmate , you have the rest of your lives together.

Janie on

I was shocked that she did not pick Jason but Jessee is kind of cute. Hope the relationship lasts but I doubt it!

LadyL on

i was so heartbroken she didnt pick jason, i hope it lasts for the 2 of them but i just dont see it, good luck!

Suzianne on

Jason was not the right one for her because she would be second in his life to Ty. Two people need time to grow in a relationship and this would not have been a good start. Besides at the final rose get together, he didn’t appear heartbroken in the least and rambled on till I switched channels-boring. on

I was hoping she’d pick Jason too and then I suddenly realized that she’s a free spirit and probably doesn’t want most of her life planned for her so I was happy she picked Jesse.

And my first thought was that Jason would be the next backelor too, but then I realized that it would be a little creepy to have women competing to be a little boy’s mommy.

J on

Hope they give it awhile before they have babies. Seems a bit rushed in my opinion. I thought Jason was great and hope he finds a great love!!

silentgirl on

I hope that she doesn’t have kids with him right away. I think they are a terrible match and you could tell her sister and father did as well. I mean if your family that you love and trust doesn’t like the guy shouldn’t you think twice? I married a Jesse type, had a baby and then a fun.

carie on

Believe me, I don’t watch the show. It became pretty obvious after the first couple of seasons how ridiculous the concept was. And I don’t take it seriously. ….Nor does it seem any of the contestants do. C’mon, 2 out of how many couples have lasted more than a couple of months?! And one of those two still aren’t married years later and have had drunk, domestic violence situations in their relationship!! How can you take seriously all these women/men sobbing and crying over losing their chance with their soulmate, that they just met two drunken hours before for the first time?!!!! And based on all of that, and the odds that are against any of these relationships working out, as time has shown, I find it a scary thought that people would be encouraging them to discuss children….with someone they barely know, whom they got to know in a contrived, controlled, unrealistic environment, while dating 20 other people at the same time. I simply think she is making the right decision by not thinking that far ahead. And I don’t think this series has made that many people (only 2 couples) very happy. That’s my opinion. 😉

MyPitBullTank on

No matter the naysayers, these two have found love. Celebrations are in order!

As to having three or four children? Start with one, then have two. When you realize that the work is exponential for each one, you’re in a better position to figure out if you want one or two more.

Good luck, Deanna and Jesse!

Jen on

I also thought of the two DeAnna would pick Jason, boy was I surprised. It’s almost like she totally changed what kind of guy she was looking for at the very end.

Something in the water in Colorado?? Isn’t Ryan (Trista and Ryan) from Colorado like Jesse?