Usher and son Usher Raymond V pose for Essence

07/08/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

Seven months after his birth, Usher introduces his namesake son, Usher Raymond V, on the cover of Essence‘s August issue. Sharing his belief that having a child "is a responsibility," the R&B star says that he will be there for his son in ways his own father was not. Struggling throughout his life with an addiction to crack cocaine, Usher III was unable to provide support for the 29-year-old singer. Usher vows history will not repeat iteself, as he has "evaluated what I feel like I missed from my own father — knowing that I was accepted. That I mattered. And hearing that he cared enough to put me before himself."

I don’t judge my father because I forgave him for anything he’d everdone to hurt me unintentionally. My father and I had a very shortamount of time together throughout my entire life, but the mostvaluable time was during his final days. He asked me to forgive him fornot being there.

Although he granted his father’s wish for forgiveness, Usher stresses that men must "accept [their] responsibilities as a father, regardless ofwhether [they are] with the mother of the child."

You should never abandon thatresponsibility, which is to be there, reading with your child, beingsupportive of your child’s growth. That is communicating. That ismaking the choice to put your child before your own vanity.


Cover for use on CBB courtesy of Essence. For more from the interview, visit!

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amanda oddson on

Oh what a cutie!! And I really liked everything Usher had to say. He has definitely matured a lot and sounds like an awesome dad. I think his son looks like him but I see a lot of his wife in him too. So cute though! Congrats!!

Tara on

what a cutie!!! he looks just like his daddy.

melissa on

He is adorable!

Crystal on

Finally! What an adorable little boy!

Robin on

Thank you Usher for FINALLY letting the world and your adoring fans see Usher V. He is adorable!

Lucy on

Just curious…maybe someone can advise, but didn’t he and Chili (from TLC) break up a few years back because he cheated and got another woman pregnant? That song Confessions spoke all about it?


Finally…I am almost certain Halle will go the same route as Usher with her baby pics…God bless him and what a cutie pie…=)

LL65 on

OMG what beautiful baby!

brannon on

He’s hands down the cutest baby I have ever seen (besides my son 🙂

Sasha on


tink1217 on


i think on

I think he looks like any other 7mo old baby. I dont get how people say “he loks just like mom/dad”. I think all babies just look like babies. As the get older their features grow.

@lady T: Halle has said there will be no photoshoot. Unless she has changed her mind?

Philippa on

beautiful little boy

Mrs. Garcia on

He had said he would never “pimp” out his baby in magazines like every other celebrity. I guess he couldn’t say no to that money. But he is an adorable little boy. Why wouldn’t he want to show him off?

Erica on

I think, NEWBORNS it is often hard to tell who they look like, but certainly by 3 or so months you can start seeing distinct features. To me, Usher V clearly looks like his dad, the whole lower half of the face.

jacky on

too cute!!


Thanks “I think” I didn’t know that…

I guess to each its own but I don’t see it as pimping their child(children) whether they accept money for the pics or not…The papparazi will get the pics eventually whether you are out at a park, going to the store, traveling, or just getting in and out of a car so why not have the say on how that first pic gets out there…

I agree that most babies just look like themselves with hints of mom and dad. They evolve so much esp at this age but I am sure momma and daddy and even grandma can see a little of Usher and Tameka here and there…

Ash on

OMG! I’m so glad Usher finally showed us him…. hes soooo sweet! Get that cute little face! AW!

i think on

@mrs.garica : Was Usher paid for this? I think eh is doing it for promo bc his cd so far hasnt/isnt matching up to his 2005 opus.

@erica: What do you see? I dont see it. Ush5’s lower face looks like any other babies lower face. U5 has a cute baby nose, and purple lips. U5’s chin dent is def from his mother Tameka so that is 1 feature that I do see.

For example, look @ early pics of Violet Affleck compared to now. Now at almost 3 she looks very much like her mom but as a baby she didnt.

Jess on

Too cute!

irene on

He is one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever seen. I see mostly his mother in him/especially the nose/mouth area. But like others have said, he’s young so it’s hard to tell distinct features. Love his hat too!

Jacky on

Wow I swear Usher said he was mad people even asked about his son…?

Whitney on

He did announce in a interview earlier in the year that he was going to do this cover and that he was NOT paid to to it. So I wouldn’t really call it “pimping out” his son.

LadyL on

He is a GORGEOUS little boy, so glad we can finally see real pictures of him!


Is anyone else extreamly disturbed at how incredibly photoshopped the photo is…especially the baby? That’s insane…they don’t even look human. Since when did Usher have eyes that slant down in a circular fashion?

Molly on

Oh wow the baby looks so cozy !!!

Jay on

Little Usher is definitely a cutie and looks just like his Daddy. Love the picture!!! Wish the family the best!!

Other Erica on

Usher V is a cutie! I love his little outfit. I actually think the baby is much (MUCH) cuter than his dad, ha.

brooke on

Usher didn’t get paid for the pics, so I wouldn’t call it pimping out. His son is cute, looks just like him.

Daisy Kay on

Oh my gosh, what a cutie! Squeal!!!

jasmine on

aww…he’s so cute he looks like a little man 🙂

Emmy on

OH MY GOSH! He is so cute!!! I love his chubby little cheeks!

Linda on

I think only tabloids like People and Star pay for photos. I can’t imagine monthly legitimate mazagines like Essence and Vogue paying for photos. For the most part I don’t think selling baby photos is pimping. I think celebrities like Tori Spelling are pimping their kids because it’s obvious they do it for the money. But a lot of A list celebrities do it to get the paparazzi off of their backs and to prevent them from making millions of dollars. I would rather the celebrity or charity get the money than for it to go to the retirement fund of the paparazzi.

Erica on

Essence and People are both published by the same company. I don’t think I’d compare it with Star either? I do not know about paying for photos, but I’d much rather see a nice shoot with happy parents and baby instead of harried paparazzi photos where parents haven’t given permission.

Chloe B on

HE IS SO CUTE!!! (Both Father and SON) 🙂

FC on

He’s a cute little thing! I love how he’s playing with his foot. So adorable when babies do that.

That’s my two cents. 🙂

SeanJay on

Noway would I compare Star to People.

I think I disagree that every baby looks alike. That’s hardly the case. At 7 mos or younger a lot of babies a how features from one family member or another. You don’t have to wait until the kids 2 or 3 years old. Even though they are babies they’re still people with their own distinct features.

My sister just got a 3D sonogram & we can see the baby looks like it’s dad.

alero on

I really don’t see any difference between what Usher is doing than what Tori did. Both had photoshoots with their baby. The paps are not going to chase after Tori more because she got paid for her photoshoot. The baby is cute.

Faith on

Lets say for the sake of argument Usher was not paid by Essence for the first pictures of his son. Usher, whom I am a fan of, is essentially doing this photoshoot/interview as part of his promotion for his new CD. So imo he’s getting “paid” for the pictures of his beautiful son. The only difference between Usher and Tori Spelling is that Usher’s “pay” day is down the road while Tori gets one big check on the day of shooting.

vhickombottom on

wow he is really cute look just like daddy usher must be so proud.good luck to you and your new wife.its so sad people are hating on them as a couple he married who was right and who he was i love with hope tey stay married for years to come.

Sherry L on

Very cute baby, but I think the kid looks nothing like him since Usher is pretty distinctive looking. Hm…

Mia on

The baby is adorable, I think he looks more like his mom, but I do see a resemblance between him/Usher as a baby. Very cute. Baby/Daddy look very happy.

nikki on

He is so cute!! he looks just like his dad.