Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves welcome son Levi

07/08/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

Camila_alves22804pcn_mccon17_cbbActor Matthew McConaughey and model Camila Alves, 25, have welcomed their first child, a son. Levi Alves McConaughey was born on Monday, July 7th, at 6:22 p.m., weighing in at 7 lbs, 4 oz. In a statement, Matthew, 38, revealed,

A healthy baby boy was born. Camila and I were side-by-side the entire time.We are both tired and elated, and are so happy to have created thegreatest miracle in the world β€” Having a child and making a family.Now comes the greatest adventure β€” raising one, together.

Releasing their son’s name to OK!, Matthew explained that Levi is another name for the apostle Matthew in The Bible, and shared that his birth time holds special significance as well.

Our son was born at 6:22 pm, and this particular time represents my favorite verse in the book of Matthew in The Bible: "If thy eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light."

Levi’s middle name is Camila’s last, as "we wanted to incorporate her family name," stated Matthew.

The couple announced the pregnancy in January, sharing that they wanted a delivery surprise. The baby had been due in early July. Click here for our look back at Camila’s breezy SoCal style!

Source: OK!; Photo by Gaz Shirley/

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Kate on

a boy!! Congrats to the new parents! Can’t wait to hear the name…. what do we think a traditional or new age name???

Natasha on

Awwwwwwww “tough guy” Matthew has a baby boy πŸ˜€ How adorable! Can’t wait to see pictures!

Jaime on

Ah, I can’t wait to find out what they named their son! For some reason I feel like I always knew it was going to be a boy!!!

Hopefully he looks just like his daddy!!!!


Mari on

Congrats to them both!

Michelle Z on

Please don’t name him Bud Light, please don’t name him Bud Light, please don’t name him Bud Light…

Erica on

haha i read that in people about his brother calling his son miller lite!

Congrats to Matthew and Camila! FINALLY!! πŸ™‚

steph on

i was wondering if they werent gonna have a boy. I hope they tell the name.


L on

Looks like we’re set for a few announcements this month!!

Congrats. I was thinking a girl. Looking forward to hearing the name πŸ™‚

Philippa on

aw congrats to them!
i have a feeling they’ll go for a traditional name, and not a wacky one…

Evie on

How great!! Congrats to them!
Healty baby Boy. Matt JR… πŸ™‚
With al the baby news, I get so jalous.
My baby comes also any day now…..I am waiting and waiting for it.

Lola on

She’s Brazilian.. wonder if she’ll name him a traditional Brazilian first name or give him a Brazilian middle name?

Congratultations to the new couple!! Never thought he’d have a baby to be honest and I always thought he and Kate Hudson had something going πŸ˜‰

Amanda on

I had a feeling it would be a boy for them. I think he would’ve been really sweet with a little girl but he’s such a mans man that I just saw him with a little guy. I think they’ll have a couple kids though so it’ll be heartbreak city when they have a little girl. I’m sure they’re baby boy is adorable and I can’t wait to hear what they name him!! Two huge annoucements.. how exciting!

Alana on

Conratulation to a happy Matthew and Camila(love her name) on healthy baby!!! All the best and good luck in raising him!

Happy news, it looks like this month will be full of baby news! they come one after another: recent Nicole and Keith news and Matthew and Camila now! :)))

Much patience to all new parents, less of sleepless night and wish their babies to settle well in new world!

Stephany on

YAY! FINALLY! Sheesh. I’ve been waiting forever. πŸ™‚

I KNEW it was going to be a boy! Haha, my first sex I got right! Yay.

I can’t wait to hear the name.


Namesake Treasures Personalized Gifts on

Awww congratulations to Matthew and Camila on a healthy baby boy!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to find out what they name him.

chris on

Matthew: Please let Camilla name the baby! πŸ™‚

MB on

I was wrong again!!! I thought for sure they’d have a girl. I’m sure it’s a beautiful baby, being half-Brasilian (not that I’m biased or anything, being half Brasilian, haha). Here’s to a Brasilian name! πŸ™‚

LL65 on

Yay a little boy. Congratulations to Matthew and Camilla.

JK on

Congratulations! Hey…maybe they should get together with Nicole and Keith and start making plans for an arranged marriage for Sunday Rose and this new little boy…they have the same birthday and everything. Blessings to both families on their new additions!

Emily on

I’m thinking a surfie sort of name, masculine, not too out there, like Kai or Brody, zane, keegan, Ash.

Something like that, perhaps with a brazillian twist or middle name.
Of course i could be way way off.

Lola on

I love the way Matthew keeps emphasizing that they are a family. I hope he keeps that committment.

babyboopie on

awww congratulations! I knew it’d be a boy! Sunday and baby boy McConaughey were only about a day apart! Bet Gwen’s next!

say1031 on

After I was wrong about Nicole, I doubted if I was right about Matthew. I was right! I guessed a boy from the beginning.

I think they’ll give the baby a name like Finn, Reef, Rio, Ocean – something like that.

Elle on

babyboopie, weren’t Sunday and their baby born on the same day?

sil on

Congratulations to the new parents!!!! can’t wait to hear the name, i’m thinking maybe a Brazilian name….

Melanie F. on

Awwwh Congratulations, I bet that is one beautiful little boy. =)

Melanie F. on

Awwwh Congratulations, I bet that is one beautiful little boy. =)

Rebecka on

Congratulations to Matthew and Camila…. I am sure there baby boy is SO cute! Wow, one day…. two celeb babys!

Jen on

Congrats to the family.

Congrats to the people who just KNEW it was gonna be a boy. ;P

Sylvana on

Congrats to Matthew and Camila with the birth of their little boy. Can’t wait to hesr the name.

annie on

Wow! I’m surprised. I kept checking this site over and over again yesterday to see if they had the baby! I thought for sure that Matthew would have a girl and Nicole would have a boy. Congratulations to them!

Kellie on

WOW! Congrats to them! I bet he is a handsome boy! I am very curious of the name!

Judy on

Congratulations to the ecstatic parents! This baby is going to be so beautiful, just like Chris Noth’s little guy.

Doreen on

Yahhh, congrats to Camilla & Matthew on their Son! Can’t wait to see pics of Nicole’s daughter and Matthew’s Son! We still haven’t seen any pic’s of Halle Berry’s daughter!!

brannon on

yay! I was hoping for a boy – still betting on Ocean! πŸ™‚

Shelly on

Aww, congrats to them! Can’t wait to see what they named their son!


Congrats to them!!

I’m so glad she had him because she was starting to look incredibly uncomfortable.

J.J. on

YAY!!! It’s a boy!! I felt they were having a boy too! Congrats to the Alves-McConaughey families on the arrival of a little boy! Can’t wait to hear what the little guy’s name is going to be! Find it awesome that Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey had their babies on the same day!

Amy on

I’m glad that they had a boy. For some reason I just think Matthew needed a boy. I’m sure he would be a great daddy to a little girl too, but he just needed a son! I’m betting the name will have a slightly surfer/new agey type theme. I don’t think it will be as wacky as his brother’s kid though!

Danyelle on

Yay! I bet their little baby boy is absolutely adorable! Congrats to the lovely new parents πŸ™‚

sarah on

congrats to them!!!
i thought they would have a girl b/c it seems like a lot of celeberty’s are having girls!

daisy on

MMMMM, yummy! A mini Matthew in the world…could today GET any better??

Becky on

Dang it!!! I have checked this site literally every 5 mins to see if his name has been released yet. Grrr! I want to know!!

Also, I KNEW she was having a boy too! I just never pictured the baby to be a girl. I love being right!….just ask my husband πŸ˜‰

ME on

wow a boy…

didnt see that one coming.

god help us all if he turns out like his father.

J.M. on

I really thought they’d have a girl and Nicole would have a boy. But I am not so sure this was a delivery surprise about 2 weeks ago it was rumored they ordered baby onesies that said, “hunk” or something like that. I mean perhaps they didn’t know and got them anyways but I think they may have had an ingling as to what they were having!! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Lisa on

LOVE the name Levi!!!!! Its very fitting!!

Lisa on

Wow! Finally right she had a boy! Levi is a cute name! Congrats Matthew and Camila!

erin on

awww i like that name alot! congrats!!!

Sylvana on

Levi is a lovely name.

Brooke on

I can totally see him with a Levi….I think it fits them perfectly….

brooke on

Can’ wait to see the baby, I always found matthew so hot, so I hope the baby looks like him. I knew it was a boy though, at their baby shower their were a lot of blue things, and last week both matthew and camila were buying just boy baby stuff.

Courtney on

I really like that name! I’m not a huge Matthew McConaughey fan and to be honest I was expecting something weird but Levi is very classic yet unqiue.

Garry on

I hoped they had a little girl. I loved to see Matt with a little girl. Congrats! Levi is a very cute name!

Becky on

What a cute, normal name! Yeah! I love it! Hope we get to see baby Levi soon!

tink1217 on

LOVE the name Levi!!! It fits!! Congrats to Matthew and Camila!! I knew she was having a boy!!!

Jennifer on

It’s nice that the name was more traditional and has meaning. I’m a little tired of hearing all the “out there” names.

Heather on

Love the name. Looks like there’s another new daddy out there totally softened by a brand new little one!

LadyL on

i have been checking the site ALL DAY LONG since i got to work at 8am, right when i am about to leave the name gets released, how fitting!!! I thought they would pick something a little more unique but its a cute name, Cant wait to see this gorgeous baby!!! Congrats to Matthew Camila and welcome Levi, God Bles!!!!

Dierna on

Levi!!! How fitting!! I love it!!! πŸ˜€

Sheila on

I LOVE the name!! Can’t wait to see what he looks like!!

Kaley on

Ooh I like that name! Congrats to Matthew and Camila!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Matthew and Camila! A little boy …… I kept going back on forth on this one …… I hope they decide to share a picture of him with us πŸ˜€

Katie on

Aww this is so exciting! I’m thrilled for Matt and Camila that baby Levi is safe into this world.

FC on

I saw that he’d had his baby as a headline on another site and had to come over here, of course! I love the name Levi Alves. It’s cute and goes well with McConaughey. Congratulations to Matt and Camila. πŸ™‚

Kimberly on

Is he religious?

zaraB on

Congratulations to them!! I’m sure Levi’s gorgeous, and I love the name!!!

katie Hoffman on

Thank God it is not after a beer!
I love the name Levi!

think people think! on

@jennifer: I knew the name wouldnt be anything crazy like pilot or miller lite. Camila is Brasilian and we dont go for that!

Apparently so since he said matt 6:22 is his current fav bible passage.

DLR on

Oh that is fabulous! Both Nicole & Keith and Matthew & Camille have their babies on the same day (July 7). Levi is a cool name, and hey, it actually won’t be difficult to spell considering it is the name on millions of blue jeans! Very interesting the religious aspects per 6:22 and the meaning of Levi.

Now who is next? Gwen and Angelina?

Aitch on

Congrats to the couple! I love the name too!

Grayson's Girl on

Oh congrats to them! I bet little Levi (lurve his name) is a heartbreaker like his daddy! Matthew will probably only get infinitely hotter after softening for fatherhood!

Melanie on

Alright…I’m not gonna lie, I totally thought “surfer guy” Matt was gonna pick some hippie, off the wall name…boy was I pleasantly surprised when I heard Levi!! I absolutely LOVE the name!! After Sunday Rose (which is beautiful in its own right but DEFINITELY not my cup of tea), I was anticipating another wacky name. Levi Alves is gorgeous and I love that they incorporating Camila’s name as well! They are such a beautiful family!

Rachael on

Congrats to the entire family! I may be a bit biased, but my son’s name is Levi and I love that name! He’s 10 and we don’t know another single Levi, unlike so many of the other kids in his class.

This little boy is lucky, they will be great parents! πŸ™‚

irene on

Sorry if this is a dumb question…but are they pronouncing his name Lee-vye (like the jeans) or Lehv-ee? It’s a cute name either way. Thanks!

say1031 on

I knew a Levi in high school and he pronounced it like the jeans.

Melanie on

I’m assuming Levi like the jeans. That’s the typical pronunciation of it anyways. I’m surprised you asked though–I had never heard of it pronounced the other way until I went on a cruise a few years ago! Our waiter’s name was Levi (pronounced Lev-ee)–I thought it was such a beautiful name but I had never heard it before! Either way, it’s a great name and I can’t wait to see pictures!

Philippine Celebrity on

Congrats to Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves!

Megan on

A boy… congrats to the new parents. I love the name Levi. It is actually my nephews name. It is so different… a name you don’t hear very often. I love names that are very unique. A friend of mine is having a lil boy in September and is thinking of naming him Asher; beautiful name I think.

Congrats to Matthew & Camila; I am sure the baby is beautiful!


Congrats to the new parents.Levi is gorgeous
P.S I also thought Nicole with a boy and Matt and Camila with a girl!I was getting wrong again!

tammy l on

I love the name and Im very glad they went the traditional portuguese/brasilian way of giving the child the mothers last name as a middle name. My husband and all three of his sister share their mother maiden name as a middle and I think it is a fantastic tradition!

nursemom on

leyv-ee is the traditional hebrew way of pronouncing it. i know many people with this name. levi (like the jeans) is much more popular in american culture.

Joanne Justis on

Amazing what the name assigned on the birth certificate truly means. In this case, Levi Alves McConaughey reveals that he has a “6” Destiny or the Lover/Cosmic Parent with a Soul/Heart’s Desire of a “5” or the desire for change as in he cannot be bored as he grows up. Levi’s Personality is that of the ambitious “8” liking the best money can buy along with the image. His Purpose in life is to become a leader who is creative and very structured as a builder who is always exact in whatever he pursues.

Levi has two Karmic lessons in this lifetime; one to overcome his sensitivity in standing up for himself and the other, to learn how to make money, manage money and to balance the spiritual side with the material world. Intellectually, Levi will be a smart little boy but he will have some hurdles to overcome in his first two Birthdate Cycles.

This might sound like a mighty big blueprint for Levi but he will grow into his birth rightβ€”based on the name his parents bestowed on himβ€”the most important gift a parent will give their child.

Joanne Justis
Chaldean Master Numerologist
Baby Naming Expert
Numbers R U


WOW! LEVI… have a beautiful mom and a hotty dad!!!!! When we will be seeing the next baby, they look like a nice couple GET MARRIED!!!!!!! WE WANT TO SEE A GIRL NEXT; how about Mattey.


M on

What a beautiful name!! He’s bound to look great, just look at his mommy!!