Expecting a baby any day, Keith Urban dedicates song to wife

07/06/2008 at 09:00 PM ET

Nicoleandkeith As his wife Nicole Kidman waited in the wings, singer Keith Urban took the stage Saturday at a concert in his adopted hometown of Nashville, before a crowd 50,000 strong. The couple expects their first child together this month — a point driven home by Keith, himself, when he dedicated the song ‘Better Half’ to his "very, very, very, very, VERY pregnant wife!" 

Keith, 40, and Nicole, 41, know the sex of their baby, but are keeping it private.  The baby will join Nicole’s children with ex-husband Tom Cruise: Isabella Jane, 15, and Connor Antony, 13.

Source: People; Photo by Splash News.


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Max'sMom on

Although I’m such she doesn’t look “very, very, very, very, VERY pregnant” :O)

Molly on

Hurry baby hurry !!

CelebBabyLover on

Max’sMom- LOL! I’m guessing that’s actually part of the reason Keith said that-To drive home the point that she is extremely pregnant, despite how small her bump looks! 🙂

Ana on

I dunno!, i saw a pic of her in a recent aussie mag and she looked very very pregnant!

Sheri on

His comment rather surprised me, too, seeing how small Nicole still is — but I think he meant very pregnant as in the baby is due any minute now 🙂 I’m so happy for them and so excited to see what they have and what they name the baby.

emma on

I can’t wait to see their baby! Is Nicole in Nashville too? I had thought she was going to have the baby in Australia to be near her parents & sister? If Keith is in the US alone I hope he has a plane on standby, just in case!!

emma on

Having just re-read the article, I see Nicole IS in the US with Keith. It looks like she must be having the baby there then instead of Australia.

Michelle on

I was surprised too that she is due any day now as all the pics I’ve recently seen she seems to be carrying so small. I’m sure they’re super excited and hopefully all will go well with the delivery.

Jess on

I didn’t even look pregnant until my 3rd trimester…but trust me, I still FELT very very very very VERY pregnant. So even if she still looks so fabulous & small, I’m sure she’s feeling like any average term pregnant woman. 🙂

Mia on

in most pics she wasn’t showing forever-and then the past month she really “popped”.

I’m really happy for them,can’t wait to hear all the info.

nosoupforyou on

Connor Antony, not Connor Anthony.

Heather on

I think that is just adorable! They must be on pins and needles with anticipation. Best of luck to them!

lily on

I guess he wasn’t kidding!! 🙂

babyboopie on

I was really huge when I had my son but he was 6lbs 9oz, quite small but there you go!