Heidi Klum's daughter Leni plays dress-up

07/03/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Grandma Erna Klum and nannies took Princess Leni, 4, Henry, 2 ½, and Johan, 19 months (not pictured), to visit model mom Heidi Klum at Industria in NYC, where she was doing a photoshoot. When Heidi, 35, was done, the group met at Barbuto for lunch. Dad is singer Seal.


Photos by Jason Winslow/Splash News.

Click below for a photo of Henry and and info on where to get his shoes and trike!


P3674577p275wHenry rides a Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Deluxe Trike ($71).

PaaaiaehmlfcfkectHe wears Disney Kids Cayman Crocs in sea blue/lime ($30).

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Sarah on

Those kids are just gorgeous I can’t get enough of them! I was wandering if Erna was living with them? Does anybody know? She seems to be pretty involved in their lives…

Rimmie on

Why is Seal always mentioned as Leni’s dad? It would be nice to see her father’s name listed like it is done on every entry with Kate Beckinsale’s daughter. Is there something I am missing about Leni’s biological father?

Allie on

^^^^Flavio dumped Heidi while she was pregnant and has never had anything to do with Leni. Heidi and Seal spoke about it last year. While he’s her biological father, Seal is her dad.

Allie on

here is the article i meant, i found it


Lisa on

Rimmie..Seal is her Dad as her bio father wanted nothing to do with her. I think you should do your homework before passing judgment. I find your comment very dis-tasteful.

Sarah on

i saw no judgment in that question at all. how was rimmie’s question distasteful? she was asking a question because she didn’t know. last time i checked, that was allowed.

p.s. at no time did heidi, seal, or flavio say that he “wanted nothing to do with leni.” all they said is that flavio is not involved and seal is her father figure. in fact, seal praised flavio for keeping his distance and not disrupting leni’s life.

Philippa on

henry looks so much like seal!

Émilie on

I find Rimmie’s comment distasteful aswell. If Seal is always mentionned as Leni’s father, it must be because there’s a really good reason.

Heidi and Seal never said directly that Flavio doesn’t want to do anything with Leni, but it’s pretty clear to me.

Bb on

I don’t find Rimmie’s question at all distasteful. She didn’t know the situation, therefore she asked. I don’t see what could be wrong with that. I also agree with Sarah that Heidi and Seal have never said Flavio “wanted nothing to do with leni.” Who knows what words have actually been spoken between them. People shouldn’t assume that Flavio just abandoned Leni, it paints him in a bad light when actually nobody knows the situation. All we know is what we’ve read from magazines, the family have never talked at length about it.
This children do melt my heart, so beautiful. I love Leni’s costume!

Felicity on

Princess Leni’s dress is at EverAfterStore.com for $58 and it’s on sale over 4th of July weekend.

brooke on

I don’t find rimmie’s question disrespectful, she might not know the whole story, of heidi, seal, and flavio, which is why she was curious about seal being called the dad. There’s a lot of stepdads are very much involved, like travis barker who is often seen more with atiana than her bio dad oscar de la hoya is, yet in every thread her bio dad’s name is mentioned. Elizabeth hurley’s son is never pictured with his bio dad too nor is his dad involved which elizabeth has admitted, yet cbb still mentions him as the dad, so it’s normal for someone to ask a question like that, especially when in hollywood, you know how parents are broken up and remarried.

rimmie on

Thank you to Allie, Sarah, Bb, and Brooke for letting me know and understanding that I meant no disrespect in my comment. I think it’s great that Seal is her dad like that. They are such cute little kids. They seem like such a nice little family.

Lauren on

Wow. God forbid Rimmie not know every detail of the Klum/Samuel family’s personal life and ask a harmless question to clarify.

SS on

It was just a question, we should be allowed to ask a question.
Also, IMHO, Seal is her Dad- period, there is no need to mention the bio father. I don’t know the reasons her bio father is not in her life but I can’t imagine what they could be. Seal is the one who is there for her day to day. He should be listed as her father, HE IS!

Kelli on

I may be wrong but I think that Seal has actually adoped Leni. Because he has been the one there her whole life; he and Heidi got together while she was pregnant with Leni. I really think he has adopted her so then he IS her father legally. But I agree with the others; he is her dad. Her biological father has never been there so far as I remember.

brooke on

Henry is a clone of seal, no heidi in his looks

Jennifer on

I see a Heidi in Henry’s eyes and brows, but I agree, he has alot of his father.