CBB reader Melanie spots Keri Russell and Michelle Williams

07/03/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

CBB reader Melanie was out and about in Brooklyn on Wednesday when she ran into not one, but two of Celebrity Baby Blog’s favorite tots and their famous mothers! Spotting Keri Russell with almost 13-month old son River, and Michelle Williams with 2 ½-year old Matilda, Melanie sent us an email detailing her experience.

Kerirussell_241298_cbbAs I was waiting to cross Atlantic Ave., I turned to my left to seeKeri Russell, with little River in a stroller, next to me. She smiledat me kindly, and she really looked absolutely beautiful (wearing oneof her straw hats). River was adorable! They went on ahead of me, butabout 10 minutes later, I ran into them again while shopping in UrbanOutfitters!

About an hour or so later, I was on my way to the subway, when Irounded the corner as Michelle Williams, Matilda Ledger, and her nannywere leaving their house.


Michelle was so pretty, and little Matilda,while truly looking the spitting image of her dad Heath, cracked me up,because she was having a mini tantrum about something, and Michellejust spoke to her calmly, and held her hand as they walked down thestreet. At one point, they stopped so that Matilda could get into herstroller. It just made me chuckle, because I guess 2-year-olds are2-year-olds, celebrity babies or not!

I didn’t want to intrude on these two moms, so I didn’t approach them. I just thought you and others might like to knowthat Michelle and Keri were being regular moms in Brooklyn yesterday, andtheir kids are every bit as cute (cuter, even!) in person as they lookin the pictures I see on Celebrity Baby Blog!

Photos by Flynet; INF.


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Michelle on

How nice!
Thanks for sharing the story!

Lauren on

That’s a nice story. I remember seeing a TMZ video right after Health’s death of Keri literally being harassed by tabloid reporters and photographers asking if she had any comment. Keri truly looked upset and distressed, but every time she tried to walk away from them, they cornered her. It was so awful, especially since she worked with Heath when they were young and was probably very sad. But she kept her cool.

Thanks for sharing!

Bren on

aw thanks for the story! I went to NYC and was hoping I would see someone famous. Its just neat when you see them on tv or what not and then in person. I love these two moms. They just seem so sweet to people. I am glad you didnt go up to them in a way because when they are with their children I bet it is a little bit more difficult because they may be running late or what not.

Susan on

Whenever I run into a celebrity I like, I always give a little smile, make eye contact and quietly say, “I enjoy your work.” They always seem to appreciate that, judging by the smiles and heartfelt “thank you”s I’ve gotten in return.

J.M. on

I wonder did you spot paparazzi around these mothers as well??

I have met a few famous people on movie sets but the only celeb I ran into while visiting nyc during the holidays was Oliver Platt. Me and my friend were standing on the corner and he turns to me and nudges my arm and goes, “Is this Oliver Platt standing next to me?” I lean over, take a look, and go “yes it is!” lol
Anyways my friend didn’t want to say anything and I really didn’t care one way or the other. But my friend just turned and said Hi and he said hi and how are you doing back and then said have a nice holiday. Nothing special. But everytime I’m in NYC I rarely spot celebs even though my cousin who lives there says that you probably walk passed them all the time and you just don’t take notice!! Guess I better pay attention a little bit better next time I go 🙂

Thanks 4 sharing!

Emily on

Keri and River look so sweet, but I don’t understand why she has such an old baby facing front. As I understood it, babies get turned around at arounf 3-4 months. My daughter LOVED it when I finally turned her around.

I mean, to each their own. I am not passing judgment.

brooke on

Thanks for sharing your story. I love keri russell, I probably would have said hi to her, she seems so sweet

Maria on

Thanks for the story. I have a question though: how come it seems like Michelle Williams can’t step foot outside her house with Matilda without the nanny? Everybody else copes with one kid, why can’t she?