Peter and Katie Price André beat "particularly offensive" allegations

07/03/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

Peterandre_p_b_gr_04_cbbBritish model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price and her husband Peter André, 35, had much to celebrate yesterday as they stood on the steps of the High Court in London after winning a drawn-out libel court battle that began last February.  During an interview — conducted by News Of The World — with the couple’s former nanny, Becky Gauld, allegations were made that the two were "shocking and uncaring parents who put their own needs above those of their children" — allegations which were "particularly offensive" to the couple as the tabloid report was 100% false.

Ordered by the judge, the Sunday newspaper has officially retracted all the statements made in the published article, and instead praise Katie and Peter as decent and responsible parents.  In addition to the public apology, the company was also responsible for paying the couple "substantial damages," which will be split between charities and trust funds for the three children involved — Harvey Daniel, 6, Junior Sawa, 3, and Princess Tiáamii, 1 — all per the parents’ request.

Katie — who told the press waiting outside that "Pete and I love our kids and would do anything for them" — wanted to make it clear that legal action was taken "to see that justice was done and that our names were cleared."  And the 30-year-old is confident that the ruling of the court accomplished just that, adding that "now that the paper has accepted the story isn’t true, apologized to us, and paid us damages and costs, we believe the record has been set straight and our names have been cleared."

In fact, Katie and Peter’s spokesperson Mike Brookes reminded the press that it was actually a bit ironic, since both have won celebrity parenting awards on separate occasions.  As for his client’s parenting skills, he reveals that "Ms. Price and Mr. André pride themselves on a very loving and caring relationship with their children."

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stephanie on

How ironic that this offends them so much, Katie has practically build her career by spreading gossip about other celebrities.

Kirsty on

Um, Stephanie.. you sure you’re talking about the right person?

Emily on

Yeah, Stephanie are you talking about the right person?

Jacky on

I agree Stephanie, she talks badly about a lot of other celebrities.

carrie on

Shes made a comment here or there but she’s never questioned their parenting skills so it’s understandable she would take offense.

I know I would…

Ruthella on

I agree Stephanie, Jordan doesn’t have a good word to say about anyone.

Maybe she knows how it feels to be slated now, rightly or wrongly.

Louise on

Couldn’t agree more with Stephanie.
Katie never misses a chance to take a shot at Posh, amongst others. It is rare for her to say anything positive about anyone who might be considered competition for Katie.
I don’t doubt that Katie is a good mother and she seems to handle Harvey’s issues very well, but I personally think that she is one of the most negative people out there.

brannon on

I think there is a line between talking about someones dress and talking about Someones kids. This crossed the line and I’m glad they won. I’m sure we have all been guilty of gossip but none of us would like it printed we were bad parents for the world to see.

Chloe on

Yes, Katie has said some bad things about other celebs, but never about them as mothers or their parenting skills. What was said about her and Peter crossed the line and I am glad that they won their case.

Louise on

I disagree, with respect.
Katie has made some awful comments on the state of various other celebrities marriages for example, which goes a bit beyond ‘someone’s dress’.

SJ on

I have followed Katie Price and the only people she has publically slated was Victoria Beckham after St Victoria said some pretty vicious things about her and Jodie Marsh who has also been vile about her, and her first son, Harvey when he was born.

Katie is a very defensive person and will defend herself to the ends of the earth.

Not that this matters. What matters is, that Katie and Peter are wonderful parents to their three children and thanks to their kind donation, other children will be better off.

brooke on

I agree stephanie

stephanie on


“I have followed Katie Price and the only people she has publically slated was Victoria Beckham after St Victoria said some pretty vicious things about her and Jodie Marsh who has also been vile about her, and her first son, Harvey when he was born.”

Not true. Victoria only talked about her once, in her documentary, after Katie called her “vile” and was a bad role model for wearing a fake lip ring. Completely rude and uncalled for. She’s never said a word about her again in public, even after Katie spent practically every week on the cover of OK! saying Posh this and Posh that.

Katie herself later said that Victoria wasn’t the one who infamously sang Who Let The Dogs Out at her (apparently Victoria was just in the same room), and admitted that she said all that because she was jealous because Victoria was working with her then boyfriend Dane Bowers and spent so much time with him.

tiette on

agree with stephanie