Gwen Stefani's park playtime

07/03/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

Gwen Stefani lets the paparazzi know that she’s spotted them while out in a London park with 2-year-old son Kingston James McGregor (not pictured) on Thursday. The 38-year-old singer expects her second delivery surprise later this month.


Photo by Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin.

5340bGwen wears A Pea in the Pod’s splendid halter dress in black ($150).

The stroller seen pictured is a customized Bugaboo Bee

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Crystal on

I dont think she would like this picture if she saw it. I think she looks great but I think the angle is slightly unflattering..she looks bigger than she is in areas other than the stomach.

phoebe on

Wow, that is one brave lady to be out in the London heat wearing black while pregnant! I’m in London as we speak, and the temperatures have been absolutely scorching at points in the day recently. Looks like Gwen has found a good resting place on Kingston’s buggy!

Amanda on

I respectfully disagree with Crystal…I think pregnancy curves are beautiful, and I am sure she embraces them too..especially because she is always so super fit and lean when she is not pregnant.

Phaedra on

Love her hair – it’s so old school No Doubt!

Jess on

Gwen got some booty to match her tummy! She looks good to me.

Nina on

i know pregnancy curves are beautiful. but if somebody would show me like this i would be realy angry. its a really bad angle.

Selena on

i would be pissed if somebody would show me like that. it has nothing to do with her pregnancy curves which are great. but this realy is a BAD angle and i would take it away from this page.

Tracy on

Considering she’s from southern California, I don’t think the heat would really bother her. But I could be wrong.

steph on

I wonder if she is having a girl this time.


iluvallbabies on

She is so beautiful, and a bad angle cant take that away. She has a good sense of humour too (from interviews Ive heard) so I doubt she would even be concerned.

Why on earth would CBB take the photo away?! Strange thing to request.

phoebe on

I always thought Gwen had such beautiful pregnancy curves, so I definately agree that this is a terrible photo and if she sees it, I don’t think she’ll like it very much! And on the subject of the heat, I was actually more commenting on the colour of the dress being a bad choice for the heat.

Bb on

I’m sure she’s used to the occasional bad angle photo simply because she’s a celebrity. If it were me, as a non-celeb, i’d be so upset.

Sarah on

What, it is like 70 degrees at the most in London in July? At least it isn’t 100!

J.M. on

Yeah not a great angle but she looks so cute! I really want to see her have a girl but like I said before she just looks like one of those moms that would have a house full of little boys running around! So I don’t know I think it’s another boy. I still think it would be funny if she and Angelina gave birth really close together again!

frenchlas on

This is what a very pregnant woman really looks like! Kudos to Gwen for keeping a sense of style while coping with what most of the pregnant population has to deal with…all kinds of new curves!

rb on

Her bum looks great and perky!

Ang on

I think what everyone is trying to tactfully say is: “holy crap her butt looks huge!”

steph on

did she have kingston in england?


Leigh on

I think she is having a girl this time. I hope so! She will be a beautiful baby!

sadie on

Lol I just read the high for London today was in the 70s(F), if that temp is correct I think she was just fine in black. Los Angeles was in the mid 80s. I’m jealous, here in Houston it hit 96.

Nata on

I’m sure Gavin loves everything in this picture!!

Caitlin on

Hehe, if 70 degrees Fahrenheit is “scorching”, I’m surprised I haven’t melted in Austin, TX lately – we’ve been over 100 most of the last month!

kendrajoi on

She is SOOO having a little girl this time! I think Kingston was born in Los Angeles, BTW!

@ndie on

why are we discussing the weather?
Gwen is hotter!!
she looks GREAT!!!
pregnacy suits her…..

jk on

I love her hair…not everyone can pull that off. If I did that with my hair…my head would become another toy for my children to play with. As for her bottom…she’s hot! And, really people, personally, I love the way she looks. I wish just one of my cheeks looked that good! Can’t wait for this little one to arrive!

Gianina on

I think she looks BOOTYLICIOUS and it’s beautiful!!

@ndie on

sorry typo….
pregnancy suits Gwen!!!!

Shelby on

So what if her behind looks big–she’s 9 months pregnant!!

cindy on

What is “unflattering” about this photo? She is a pregnant woman, flowy, curvy, and she looks beautiful. I don’t see the oddness in this angle.

Danielle on

I’m sure even Gwen when would say that the angle of her butt looks unflattering. If she wasn’t leaning on the carriage in the picture her butt wouldn’t look so big. Its not about pregnancy curves or anything like that. She looks beautiful otherwise.

Isabel on

I think her butt looks great!! It’s looks nicely toned…I’m sure Gavin thinks it’s great! LOL

sheba on

I think she looks really cute. She’s knows the angle of the picture as she is looking right at the camera. I don’t take a candid picture and think…I have to look great at every angle…that seems ridiculous, vain and takes the fun out of taking a picture and I’m sure Gwen feels the same way. To be angry with a photo documenting your pregnancy, a cute hairstyle, and a great smile….not me. There are more important things to be angry about. I’d be showing off that picture and saying….look at my sexy a$$.

I say show off and “shake what your mama (or rather baby) gave ya”.

Molly on

I agree, even though pregnancy is beautiful the angle is unflattering, but each person and each celeb has some of some unflattering pictures, it doesn ‘t matter though, they are all very pretty> it’s not that the photo is unflattering, just the angle, and agree or not, it is unflaterring

Ggirl on

Let’s Just Say She Has A Hell of A Future “Behind” her!

Born Fab on

Wow – check out her booty! She looks great!

Crystal V on

She looks great for 9 months(ish) pregnant!!

Oh and about the heat … I’d gladly take 70* “heat”!! It was high of about 110* where I was today. Scorching!

brooke on

Not her best picture. I’m so curious to see if she is having a girl or boy, and the baby’s name which I am sure will be unique

liza on

she looks amazing! Gwen has some junk in the trunk!! LOL

I think she is having another boy..either way, can’t wait!

A List Girl on

Im glad they did show her junk inthe trunk….its nice to know that the celebrities we love to watch pregnant are not all bizarrely thin and drop weight instantly. She looks human…gotta LUV that!!

Cee on

Wow….wish my butt looked that juicy and perky at 9 mos, instead of the wide load I was carrying! She looks absolutely FLAWLESS! She is a confident woman with a great husband who I’m sure loves the junk in her trunk!! I wonder if any of us could look as half as good as Mrs Rossdale looks?

Lilly on

It has been in the 90s and low 100s here in Los Angeles, it’s very common here in the Summer.

phoebe on

Again, I was commenting on the colour of the dress in the heat, rather than than the actual heat, but it has been scorching in London recently and Gwen would know this, given that she lives here at the moment. Some people seem to be making a point of this more than of Gwen, who, while this is a bad picture, looks beautiful and seems to be very much enjoying her pregnancy.

Bri on

Adorable hair! She looks cute from top to bottom.

I don’t know what part of Los Angeles you live in Lilly – but it’s been in the mid-70’s here for the past week. lol Nothing higher than 80. Plus, she’s in London right now..

Lisa on

So she should be mad because she has a booty? I don’t understand what the problem is with having a booty. I don’t think she looks unflaterring at all. I don’t get why people are so obsessed with not having a booty. Have you seen females such as JLo, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson?

Gwen u look gorgeous, booty and all!!

April on

Kingston is one of the most beautiful celebrity babies ***ever*** – I hope she’s having another BOY!!!


I really hope she has a baby girl.Kingy is one of my favourite celebrity baby.Gwen is looking gorgeous

babyboopie on

Lovely pic 🙂 Kingston was born in England.

Erica on

Actually Kingston was born at Cedars-Sinai in LA…

I think Gwen looks GREAT!

Donna on

Gorgeous woman with a gorgeous husband and son. I haven’t ever seen her with roots before. The material of her outfit (looks like jersey) makes her bottom look bigger than it is. She is wonderful and I wish her the VERY BEST on this soon-to-be birthing.

Natalie S. on

I simply love this picture of Gwen! She’s pregnant and freakin’ gorgeous! I can’t help but laugh at the comments about it being a bad angle? It’s a fantastic angle, i’m glad Gwen is being shown as a real pregnant woman looks..REAL. Frankly there is nothing wrong with the picture. Gwen is confident and Beautiful!

Daniela Smith on

….Sigh… I wish my booty looked like hers when I was preggers! Heck I’d take it now, even not being preggers! LOL! 🙂 You go Gwen – looking HOT like always!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

After reading all the comments about where Kingston was born, I decided to find out the answer the easy way: By looking through CBB’s archives for his birth announcement post! I quickly found it….and he was indeed born in Los Angeles! Here’s the link:

I don’t know why so many people are convinced he was born in England. Although I do think they went to England shortly after his birth. Perhaps that’s where the confusion comes from!

queensland100 on

She does look good,saw her on TV with her hubby watchin Wimbledon final, she looked so bored. Obviously not a tennis fan, more concerned with her hair and makeup!!! Wish I had her seat at such a special sporting day….

Laura on

I saw the family at LAX yesterday – in the customs line – after arriving from the UK, I think. While she’s very pregnant – she does not look huge. And – she was extremely gracious to all the young girls that wanted to have a photo with her. Not sure I’d feel the same way after a 10 hrs. flight with a toddler.

Shirelle on

I Think it’s a girl!

Luciana Caczan on

I’ve heard rumours she’s having another boy and I agree. I’ve noticed a kind of slightly swollen face in women expecting girls and she doesn’t look swollen whatsoever.

I think she looks pretty pregnant and I love her family’s pictures. They look extremely happy! Bless them!