Ulrika Jonsson says her "instinct is to mate"

07/02/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Hellocoverulrika Moments after welcoming her fourth child, 3 ½-week-old Malcolm Charles Trip, British television presenter Ulrika Jonsson, 40, says her thoughts turned immediately to baby #5.  In a new interview with Bella magazine, Ulrika — who feels it is her "instinct is to mate" — says that as Malcolm was delivered and placed on her belly she recalls thinking "Oh my god, I want to do this again." She adds,

I just love this feeling of having a child. As any woman consumed by the need to procreate will vouch, it’s not an emotion you can brush to one side.

Ulrika went on to echo sentiments from an earlier interview with Hello UK., in which she revealed a laid-back approach to postpartum weightloss.  She tells Bella that she plans to begin exercising again in September, but not "manically" and instead hopes to lose the baby weight "in a reasonable way."

Malcolm is Ulrika’s first child with husband Brian Monet; He joins siblings Cameron Oskar George, 13, Bo Eva Coeur, 7 ½, and Martha Sky Hope, 4, from Ulrika’s previous relationships. 

Source: Daily Mail via Bella; Cover courtesy Hello!

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chris on

I’ve never heard it put quite like that before but I guess she knows what she’s talking about considering this is her fourth child and she’s already thinking about #5!

Erica on

I don’t understand what she’s saying. So is she saying she planned on having a child with every guy she’s been with? Why would she feel such a rush to keep getting pregnant when she’s already got several children who need her attention (especially the two little ones)? I love the name Malcolm.

poppy on

Ugh…I find that sentiment something that should be controlled. You aren’t creating babies you are creating entire people.

Allison on

Erika…I agree completely! My god what a strange thing for this woman to say! Poppy, I agree with you as well. You are only pregnant for 9 months and they dont stay babies for very long! The REAL work is after all of that! Focus on the 4 kids you already have at home!

cc on

I totally get what she is saying. I feel like that everytime I give birth . I think it’s the hormones talking. I was so overwhelmed and terrified when I found out I was pregnant with #3, and then the second she was born all I could think about was getting pregnant again. Thankfully I was smart enough to get my tubes tied!

Hea on

Erica – How on earth do you get all that from that short quote?

Erica on

Hey Hea,

I remember an older post on this site about Ulrika where it stated that all four of her kids come from different fathers. I had no idea whether or not this was a planned thing for her and didn’t comment on it at the time, but now with her saying that it’s her instinct to mate and how she immediately feels she wants another baby before even enjoying the one she just gave birth to…well, I don’t think it’s farfetched to think that maybe this was her way of saying that she did and does plan on having kids with every guy she has a relationship with.

brooke on

I agree with you erica, how odd

CelebBabyLover on

What’s wrong with having lots of kids? Looking at Angelina and Brad-They’re about to have six kids! Also, who’s to say that Ulrika’s future kids won’t all have the same father-Brian?

Terralynn on

I absolutely understand her feelings..I felt like that on each of my boys..I had them all after a few years of infertility treatments and a month of bedrest..My first was a 31 hour labour..And I remember once he was laid on my chest all the pain faded and I felt totally like I could do it again..It was euphoric feeling and after losing a 3rd baby in 2006..I totally appreciate the ability to have a child and feel it grow in your body..And raising them is wonderful too..So why not if you have the ability to provide for them? To each his own..Who are we to judge?