Suri Cruise is all about the Benjamins, baby

07/02/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

Suri Cruise shows the paparazzi the money — a fake $100 bill — while the 2-year-old and actress Katie Holmes visited a Los Angeles studio on Monday. Dad is Tom Cruise. Katie, 29, will make her Broadway debut in All My Sons this fall; the show begins previews September 18th and will officially open on October 16th.


Photo by Moneyshots/Flynet.

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Jacadimenthol_2Suri is wearing something close to Jacadi Girl’s Menthol Smock Dress ($54).

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colleen on

I love you, CBB, but isn’t that a $20? She’s all about the ATM, lol!

PardyHardy on

Oh. My. God. She’s beautiful.

brooke on

Suri’s so beautiful, great mix of tom and katie. Dannielynn and her are the prettiest toddlers IMO

Brandi on

Wow, Suri face has matured into quite beautiful little girl. Seems we haven’t seen her in a while.

Sarita on

Suri looks cute, beautiful colour dress.
Playing with a 100 dollar bill? I guess that shows how rich they are.

samantha on

Are you not familiar with US currency? That is a 20 NOT a 100 dollar bill.

Malya's Mommy on

Such a pretty child. Although she probably could see better if they pinned her bangs back.

Michelle on

She needs her bangs cut she will go cross-eyed

Allie on

Ha! I just keep picturing the scene from “Mad Money” when it shows who all has handled your money before you…..

I LOVE Katie’s hair. She looks a lot like a taller, brunette Michelle Williams right here.

Susan on

Thats a 20. I recognize it because that is the highest denomination I ever have in my wallet!

Allie on

coleen, the money is not real, i saw the pics on celebtopia and it is play money it says 100 on the top, has the 20 picture, and the back side is blank.

I wonder if they are growing out her bangs it looks like it.

Diane on

She’s really growing up fast. She could use a hair cut.

MB on

Does look like a $20 to me. But regardless, I don’t think I’ll let my little children play with money like that. Maybe $1, but $20 is a lot of money for it to get torn up or tossed into the wind….

MB on

oh just saw that it’s fake, so nvm i guess haha

Maggie on

Yes I was just coming to post the money is not real, i knew because it says 100 but has the wrong face picture! I don’t usually let my kids play with money, but if they are having a fit I will try anything!

Autumn on

Cute pic! But, lol, if that bill bore a pic of Benjamin Franklin, it would be ripe for comments such as this by the press (or bloggers) “The Cruises are so rich they give their two year old daughter C-Notes to play with…”

chris on

Wow Suri looks so different all of a sudden! I don’t know what it is, maybe that she has a very mature face for her age. Or maybe they just need to cut her bangs (or pin them back until they grow out). Anyway I love Suri’s dress, the color is beautiful on her.

babyboopie on

They need to cut Suri’s hair! She needs to be able to see!

brannon on

She does look different (what I can see of her!) She never looks like a toddler though.

manda on

She’s adorable but I agree they def need to cut her hair just a bit. At least the bangs would get away from that beautiful face of hers!

phoebe on

What a lucky little girl, she’s looking exactly like her beautiful mummy lately! I love love love love her fringe, although it’s probably a bit irritating for a child of that age. She’s just simply gorgeous!

Jennifer on

It seems we haven’t seen too many photos of Suri as of late, and she really is growing into a beautiful little girl! 🙂

Kim on

Am I the ONLY one that sees a BUMP under the hips of Suri on Katie? Maybe #2 on the way????? I hope so. Maybe she has been with morning sickness as to why we have not seen them of late. Lets hope!

Catherine on

Is it me or does she look alot lyk Rihanna now =0

I love Suri she’s a doll

x x x x

DLR on

Oh such a pretty child! It looks like she can barely see out behind those thick bangs! That is a very nice, summery colour of dress, and look at those shoes! How cute. Katie sure dresses Suri lovely.

Kim, I think you’re the only one that is saying “baby bump” Katie is supposed to be starting work on her Broadway show in a couple months. If she is pregnant now, she’d be even more pregnant in September and I doubt Katie would plunge into a daily rigourous Broadway schedule that far in her pregnancy.

Brittany on

I think Suri looks like Camille Belle

Bee on

Suri is Beautiful!
I really like her gold colored Mary Jane shoes. Very adorable

Bb on

Suri is beautiful. I’m loving the longer hair on her, makes her look much more like a little girl than a toddler.

Kelsey on

I defintly see the bump that you’re talking about, but I think that it’s just the way that she is turned. I don’t think shes preggers..

That drives me crazy when these adorable little girls have their hair in their faces!! They can’t see, pin it back!!

iluvallbabies on

Kim I was thinking the same thing re: baby bump. I know, I know it could just be a meal of pasta in her tummy(!), but she normally has a very flat stomach.

Jen on

Allie I thought the exact same thing!
Katie really does remind me of a darker Michelle Williams in that pic 🙂

joe on

I don’t think that you have the correct dress.

Sheila on

She has a really mature face too. She looks like she should be 3 or 4. LOL

Becky on

They really need to cut her bangs or if they are growing them out they need to pin them up or use a headband. Poor thing. If my daughter’s hair is in her face she is constantly pushing it back. She is such a pretty little girl to be hiding behind those bangs!

Kim on

I did not know Katie was going back to work. Too bad for my hopes. Oh, I would LOVE to see a Suri sibling. She is GORGEOUS!

Allie on

But it says it right in the caption. i guess some people must not read them though. love the dress.

Natasha on

Kim, Suri already has a brother and a sister….did you really not know?

Denise on

I just love this little girl. She’s so cute. However, her hair could do with a trim…but aside from that, she’s gorgeous!

phoebe on

spoiled rich kid! can’t wait for this photo to resurface when suri’s a teen in rehab from her crazy parents.

Emaline on

I’m sure Katie’s just growing out Suri’s bangs and perhaps she’s like my little girl who yanks hair clips immediately out! She is very beautiful, as is her mom. In this pic, Katie reminds me of a young Janine Turner (from Northern Exposure).

I’m very excited to hear about her stage performance, what a treat would that be to see her perform live!

Ang on

Suri’s hair gets longer while Katie’s gets shorter! 🙂

Kim on

Natasha, NOT biological sibling. I would like to see that.

Sarah on

Maybe Katie is growing Suri’s hair to all one length? Suri is probably refusing clips or a headband…reminds me of my daughter!

J.M. on

Suri is cute but those bangs!! If they want them to grow out they really should pin them back and if Suri doesn’t let them do so then they should be cut. It’s really not good to have bangs covering your childs eyes!! Sorry but I grew up with a mother as a hair dresser so I’m picky about hair!

Donna on

It’s so hard to grow out bangs but I’m sure it will be well worth the wait to see Suri in a ponytail with her whole face showing, forehead and all. She is a beautiful child.

terri on

Suri is a beautiful little girl. Her hair is so beautiful as well.

CelebBabyLover on

DLR and Kelsey- ITA! I, too, see the “bump”, but, I like Kelsey, think it’s just the way she’s turned, as well as the fact that she is probably leaning back a bit to support Suri’s weight. I saw a picture of her and Suri on DailyMail a few days ago, and the “bump” wasn’t there.

As for Suri’s hair, I’m guessing they are growing her bangs out and she is like Zahara Jolie-Pitt and takes her hairclips/headbands off right away (Angie said in an interview last year that Zahara does that!)!

FC on

She really is a cute little girl, and I love that her hair is finally growing out of that awkward bowl-cut they’d given her. But I wish her bangs weren’t covering her eyes. I don’t know how she sees, lmao.

Imagine on

OMG Suri looks like Katies ex Chris Klein…I think the eyes.She is a beauty!!

Maria on

Suri is super cute that everytime I see her, I think she has grwon cuter. I never get tired of saying how cute she. I can’t wait for her to grow in to stunning woman. I hope after broadway they have another cute one. I want to see what their son would look like.

michelle on

That is a $20 bill, not a $100. That is Andrew Jackson on the bill not Ben Franklin!

Cali on

She looks like a spitting image of Katie.