Jennifer Garner smiles in the sun with Violet

07/02/2008 at 06:00 PM ET

Violet Anne Affleck, 2 ½, squinted in the sun while out in Los Angeles with actress mom Jennifer Garner on Wednesday. Jennifer, 36, and husband Ben Affleck recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary.


Photos by DC/DS-ISM/Flynet.

Click below to see where to pick up Violet’s doll and those pink kicks!

K6766Violet carries a Corolle Bébé Charmeur doll ($55).

Rgbar243272_137062_jbShe wears Superga Torino sneakers in pink canvas ($40).

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Rosy J on

Violet is not happy. She is still angry with the paps. That little girl is way ahead of time. Hope to see her smiling again real soon.

Cee on

*****BREAKING NEWS****** This just in, we have the first ever reported sighting of Little Violet Affleck NOT SMILING!!!! What next? Gas prices going back down?

Megan on

Look at these two…haha I love it–it’s 2/3 of my favorite family–adore the Garner Afflecks–that seems to be Vi’s favorite dolly =)) She is always just so darn cute it’s not even funny =)))

lisa on

Haha Cee, for the most part she is an extremely happy and luckyy girl i actually think the sun is in her eyes but she looks content no mad or anything. I think that picture put pregnancy rumors to a rest she doesnot look pregnant which i was wondering if she was. And Cee lets hope ur words come true so im not paying $4.40 for gas every fillup. =]

Sheila on

Holy cow Lisa where are prices that high? I live in the Keys and they’re still about 4.30 here. The last time I filled up I paid 4.11 but that was about 2-3 weeks ago!
Violet is so cute. I love how she has her moms dimples!

Kat on

Gas is 4.50 where I am in CA.

Jen’s gotta be preggers. She just looks like she is in the last few photos I’ve seen.

I get that face from my 2 year old all the time!

kerr on

Where did Jen get her dress? I LOVE it

janie on

They are both absolutely adorable!

lisa on

Sheila, I live in New York, and the gas price on my corner is $4.37 for regular, its rediculous. All for that no more kids bc i have no more money. My step-daughter madison is 5, my step-son ryan is 2, and my daughter sierra is 2 months, and now im done! Kids are costly!

Jess on

I love this family, they are all adorable. Does anyone have any idea where Jen’s top comes from? It’s very cute.

charlotte on

i think i may see a teeny tiny bump shes either preggos or gained weight

Julie on

Jennifer is such a natural beauty! They always look cute together….I do hope the paps ease up a bit though as Violet gets older

violet's Auntie on

Other pics show Violet smiling, sort of. She is still a cutie. I just love those ears too.

And yikes, I filled up this morning at a station near Minneapolis for $3.90. I feel for you guys who have to pay more.

Melissa on

Does this kid walk anywhere? She’s 2.5 years old and I never see her walking. Her parents carry her everywhere.

JJS on

I love her expression: “Who are you and why are you taking my picture…again!?!?”

Elisa on

Too funny on the “Breaking News”….. tee hee…… Just paid 4.16 in Cincinnati!

visitor87 on

I just had to comment on them finally. They’re both beautiful in all their pics. I think little Violet is going to grow up to be such a healthy teen and adult. She just has that happy, healthy disposition about her. Always seems relaxed and full of life. I don’t think I’ve seen a kid seem happier before. I’m sure Jen is a great mom too. You can tell from the pics how much she loves her daughter.

bethany on

Man, I love them. I just can’t believe that Jen is 36, she doesn’t look a day over 25! They look so real and happy and i’d love to see her have another baby!

bethany on

Do ya’ll seriously see a bump, I mean you can’t even see her stomach?!

a on

i live in BC and the gas is $153.9 a litre (CAN$)and we just got a carbon tax put on

J.M. on

haha I love Violet’s face. Like, “geez not them again!” So cute!!

Jona on

Little Vi is the spitting image of her mom.I just want to pinch her lil’ dimples!

In my neck of the woods(northeast tennessee),gas is 3.86.

terri on

Cute picture. I love seeing pictures of these two.

tiffanyyy on

Ha at Cee…here in Central Cali its at 4.60..oh well gotta get paid!!

Jen on

I think Jen is pregnant too. She’s been wearing a lot of dresses lately which is unusual for her. The dresses can easily hide a bump.

Rosy J on

Violet’s expression her is is absolutely priceless. She looks just like her dad. You can just see Ben Affleck looking back at those paps. She has that same scowl on her face that her papa gives them.

CelebBabyLover on

Charlotte- Jen has been very open about the fact that she still has some leftover baby weight from Violet. That is probably what is causing the “bump”. I sure hope Jen doesn’t read this blog. How hurtful for her to see comments about her possibly gaining weight! And for what it’s worth, she looks a lot less “pregnant” in these pictures then in the ones from the last few weeks.

Also, I have said this at least twice, and I will say it again. Jen apparently has a very busy schedule this Fall from what I’ve read. I highly doubt she’d having such a busy schedule if she were pregnant.

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to add that Jen actually said last summer that she is sick of the constant pregnancy rumors. Please, for her sake, can we put a stop to them?

Brandi on

$4.43 is the cheapest I have seen in the Bay Area. It ranges from there to $4.65 on the same street.

brooke on

Jen’s very pretty, violet is a mini jen lol.

Crystal V on

She is so cute!! The breaking news thing was funny!

As for gas… I think we are at 3.75-3.80/gal. But I’m from Oklahoma and last I heard we were the/one of the lowest in the nation! I just wish it would go down like you were saying Cee 😉

Kinsey on

She looks so cute! Where I live in Oklahoma, gas prices are about $3.75

Amy on

They have the EXACT same eyes!!

You think petrol prices are bad in the US?? Try living in Australia!!

sharon on

Jen looks so beautiful in this pic 🙂

Kati on

I agree, I think I’ve never seen an picture in which Violet isn’t smiling, bur she looks cute anyway. Those three are such a great, down to earth family.

As for the gas prizes, in Germany, my homecountry, you have to pay about 6.00 $ at the moment, it’s crazy

iluvallbabies on

Amy my thoughts exactly about prices in Australia 😦

kiki on

okay, totally OT but after stating, that even scowling lil Ms Affleck just looks cuddleworthy I will tell you that here in Germany we pay like 1,57 € per liter which is like a quarter gallon…

tania on

I say Jennifer is definitely pregnant this time
I don’t know why those breakup rumors about them came out.They’re one most stable and private couples out there.That’s why I love them .They don’t use their family for publicity like some others do.

melanie on

Jennifer looks so pretty in that dress. I live in DC and am “only” paying 4.25-ish a gallon. We are selling our SUV. Any buyers?

abz on

They both look adorable!
Gas Prices are under $4 dollars for me!!! It was $3.97 last time! NJ rules and if we pumped our own gas it would be cheaper!
I have a feeling Jennifer Garner is pregnant! I have a VERY STRONG feeling.

Alice on

Does ANYONE know where Jennifer got her top? I LOVE it and want it!!
I love seeing Jen and Violet they’re both so pretty!

sharon on

guys check Jen- fans they have new pics of Jen(not in a dress) from yesterday as well and she is def pregnant 🙂

sharon on

btw I forgot to mention we pay $7.19 a gallon in Israel.

Stephany on

Aw, little Vi! So adorable.

Sharon, I checked out the pics on jen-fans and I am SO not the one to say someone is pregnant but she sure looks like it’s more than a little extra baby weight from Vi.

ang on

why r we talking about oil prices? poor violet. she is having 1 of those days, i guess. but i’d still rather have her day than mine, having to walk ( & work) and stuff, argh lol.

Lisa on

I absolutely ADORE these two!! Love the face on Violet, and how NORMAL she is being raised… SO CUTE!!

I think the OT conversations about gas prices are interesting. I knew we were among the lowest here in NJ. Just another reason why I love living here!

Lisa on

Ergh, and I forgot to say… I don’t think Jen looks pregnant AT ALL in any pictures. Maybe they’ll have another kid, maybe not. I’d love to see them have another one as great as Violet, but it’s up to them. Guess what? They get to decide whether to tell us or not too!

CelebBabyLover on

Why would she be pregnant when she supposably has a very full schedule this Fall?

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just checked out the pictures at Jen-fans…and while she DOES appear to have a tiny bump in some of them, she looks pretty flat to me in others. I’m guessing it’s one or more of the following things:

1. A baggy shirt

2. Leftover weight from Violet.

3. Bad posture.

4. The camera angle.

5. The lighting.

All of that said, there are pictures from last Spring and Summer where Jen looks more “pregnant” than she does now.

For example, these:

Anyway, if she really IS pregnant, I guess we’ll find out eventually. 🙂

Autumn on

Violet’s cute, she just has the sun in her eyes uin this pic. I can also see trakts of both of her parents in this pic, which is cute too.

Who knows if Jen’s pregnant again yet, but it’d be cool if she was. (Follow along with the rest of the 2008 Celebabies. ;))

As far as gas prices, it’s currently $4.09 around my way in OH, although I recently heard on the news that experts were predicting $7 – $10 a gallon by 2010!?!

T on

I thought the site didn’t publish pics of children unhappy. I must admit that this one of Violet is just to precious!!!

Erica on

T shes just squinting in the sun i think she looks fine in the other pics i saw.

mindy on

Does anyone know where this dress is from? This dress is adorable and I would like to buy one! thank you in advance for your help!! my email is

Elyse on

Gosh I am just blown away by Jennifer’s beauty every time I see her. Little Violet sure is following in her footsteps!

Boy do I feel lucky, I just moved to Iowa and gas is at $3.95 here. It was at $3.85, but it just jumped up, not that that compares to what everyone else is paying. I can’t even imagine! 😦