Nicole Kidman setting the scene for peaceful birth

07/01/2008 at 05:30 PM ET

Nicoleandkeith When Nicole Kidman gives birth — due in late July with the first child for her and husband Keith Urban — she’ll reportedly be doing so naturally, in a private suite at a Nashville, Tenn. hospital to the soothing sounds of Sir James Galway.  A source tells the Daily Mail that Nicole "has been putting together CDs of music to listen to during labor," and the Irish flautist was at the top of her list.  A longtime fan of his music, the 41-year-old actress is particularly fond of Sir James Galway’s classical albums, the source adds.

Source:  Daily Mail; Photo by Splash News.

Did you play music during your labor and delivery?

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brannon on

nope. can’t say i would have even noticed!

Rachel on

Nope, I brought some, but didn’t ever feel like listening to it.

Jess on

I actually did, but the nurses wouldn’t let me turn it on if I wanted to. I had a dreadful birth experience, this is just one of the many issues, but they nurses didn’t want to to play because they “wouldn’t be able to hear each other talk.” They were, I kid you know, talking for the first 2 hours I was pushing about which one of their home towns were “more redneck.”

And as I spent those hours in labor & the hours after, I planned how my next birth would be so much better & so very different. Part of the reason I can’t wait to have our 2nd child. :b

Star on

The flutist’s name is actuall James Galway… I love his stuff, very relaxing and a perfect choice for birthing.

nicnic on

i had planned to, however, since I wanted a natural birth I labored at home as long as I could. When I got to the hospital I was between 8-9cm and they kept me in triage till they could find an available room for me. They eventually had me give birth in an old operating room…no cd player available in the sterile room for my totally natural child birth…

good luck to her though! I’m sure they will find a room with a stereo!

Stephanie on

Pre-labor, I made a playlist specifically for labor that included some of my favorite calming/inspirational songs. My husband pulled out his laptop and pushed “play” at one part, but I was in too much pain to notice.

JK on

When my best friend was in labor, I brought some “distracting” DVDS to play in her room, and one of them was Keith Urban’s music videos on DVD. I don’t know if it distracted her during her labor but I enjoyed it immensely!

SH on

I believe it’s spelled James Galway.

Looking forward to seeing pics of Nicole’s baby!

carla at on

sorry to say that I never got it together to bring along music. Both were emergency c-sections (the second one — the young intern was arguing with the L&D nurse after the intern offended the nurse.)

Sara on

I had the acoustic Foo Fighters album, it really helped, but now I can’t listen to it without getting very emotional! 🙂

Jasmine C. on

I had a water birth with my daughter. It was the best expierence. I didn’t have music but the doctor did put on some white sounds like the ocean waves, and birds chirping after a while though those birds were getting on my very last nerve, I asked him if he could turn it off. LOL

stacey on

Yes, My daughter was born to “Sunsrise” by Norah Jones. I always think of her when I hear the song.

kwo on

I brought music for my first two labours.
It was a dumb idea, your mind is running a million miles a minute…it’s fight or flight stuff. The pain is INSANE.
I think it’s funny that she’s releasing this info I doubt she’ll find the music so soothing while she’s screaming it out naturally.

I’m due in a few weeks and I will not waste my time with music.

Molly on

If/when I have a baby I would want some soothing music playing, like James Galway or Enya. I think a lot of Celtic music is very relaxing.

Molly on

No I wouldn’t. It would make me want to go out and dance and shake my body and I don’t think I’d be able to at that particular time !! (if i would though I would take Nawal Zoughbi or Alabina or something Latin)

Shelby on

I had waterbirths for both my sons, with music playing each time–I believe it was Elvis Presley singing gospel songs for the first one. (One song starts out “Oh, I’m tired and so weary . . .” and it just seemed so appropriate :-)) and Jars of Clay singing old hymns for the second (probably “It is well”, but I don’t remember for sure.) I thought it was helpful. (Stacey–Sunrise by Norah Jones sounds like a perfect way to welcome a new baby!)

Julie on

uh, music was the last thing on my mind after 72 hours of back labor and my baby being on top of my bladder and no sleep…..the sound of my doctor telling them to get me my epidural was music to my ears!!

terri on

I guess the rumors of her father delivering her baby in Australia may be wrong. I’m so excited to hear that Nicole’s had her baby.

CelebBabyLover on

I am very confused! I thought for sure Nicole would want to have her baby in Australia, since that is not only her home country, but also where her parents and sister live. I thought she’d want to be with her family for the birth. Any ideas why Nicole chose Nashville over Australia (one guess I have is that she might be more famous, and more sought-after by the paps, in Australia. Any Aussies know whether this is true?)?

Teena on

Dr Kidman is a Psychiatrist, so he wouldnt be much help helping his daughter have a baby. Although I am very surprised she is not giving birth in Sydney with her family all here. Her sister and her are very close and her sister is also the ambassador for the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney and has her down parenting show called “From here to Maternity” – its surprising with her knowledge (and the fact she is the mother of 4) that she hasnt convinced Nic to have the baby there.

Raebees on

I didn’t really have time to listen to music. All my babies (I have three)were born with in 2 hours after getting to the hospital. Listening to music during transition was the last thing on my mind. I labored at home for the most part and watched movies instead… and come to think of it Moulin Rouge was one of them! 🙂

SouthernBelle on

Unfortunately, music wasn’t allowed in the delivery room for my children’s births. There was a stricter policy in place back then and not as much care was given to the mother’s emotional or psychological needs as there is today. I bet Nicole has her baby at Baptist Hospital’s Childbirth Services Center. More Middle Tennessee mothers choose Baptist for the birth of their child than any other hospital. They recently spent $16 million in renovations. Nurses helped design the new facilities, with valuable contributions from moms and dads. You can see and feel their special touches everywhere: the natural and incandescent lighting (no fluorescent) with dimmers in every room, the open and inviting floor layout, the easily accessible nurses’ stations, the soft, elegant colors and curved flowing lines throughout. The total effect is to create a welcoming space that soothes, comforts, and nurtures. Spacious birthing rooms are designed with the family in mind. Each room is equipped with a television, VCR, CD player, dataport and built-in sleeper/sofa. There’s also a dedicated entrance with reserved, covered parking, and a comfortable waiting area with spacious seating, a child play area, even a coffee bar. I know I sound like a walking advertisement, but they really are the best. I can’t imagine her giving birth anywhere else in Nashville (with a close second being Vanderbilt University Medical Center.) Congratulations to the Urban/Kidman family on their upcoming “production!”

Marilyn on

when Nicole Kidman gives birth — due in late July with the first child for she and husband Keith Urban …

It’s for her and husband Keith Urban, not “she”

Me on

My husband watched movies while I was in labor, but the nurse (without even asking me) gave me something through my IV which put me to sleep for the entire 14 hours I was in labor. When it came time to push, I was so out of it that music wouldn’t have done anything for me.

sil on

“the sound of my doctor telling them to get me my epidural was music to my ears!!”

LOL Julie!! 🙂

Angie on

It is interesting she is not going to give birth in Australia – given her and Keith are Aussie & family here – however I guess her baby will automatically have American citizenship if born there – so I guess it makes sense also given the fact they don’t live here anymore!

Simone on

With my first daughter there was no music,with my 2nd I listend to a CD i had brought to the hospital,while i took a bath but that was only while i had contractions,with my 3rd last summer my midwife had turned on the radio but the only song i remember was right after she was born James Blunt 1973 (one of my favs and a lot of what he sings in that song like Simona since my name is Simone,the year 1973 i was born 72) and everytime I hear it I smile because it brings back memories of that night.

Camilla on

My oldest daughter was born to the Jurrasic Park soundtrack. I didn’t even notice my husband had the music on. Someone told me sometime later.

Bancie1031 on

I wouldn’t have noticed if there would have been music playing in the delivery room but no I didn’t and I didn’t plan on it. I hope her birth goes as she plans.

Sarah Paige on

I didn’t play any music with any of my births which is three of them. I was pretty much thinking of when I should get the epidural. lol. I don’t believe in being in pain when you don’t have to be, especially since it doesn’t hurt the baby.

Soreeta on

I had been watching The Sound of Music. When it was time for me to deliver my son, my doctor came in and took one look at the TV and he said, “Oh hey I took a date to see that movie!”. Now why you would take a date to see The Sound of Music is beyond me but it was a peaceful birth. The love song between Maria and Captain Von Trapp. Funny thing is now my son can’t stand that movie!

alabama on

During our son’s birth, we played Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” CD. It’s really mellow and several nurses and doctors asked about it (I haven’t listened to it since because I know I will turn into a mushy mess). However, music was soon forgotten as I pushed for 4 hours with a failed epidural, but I distinctly remember that Columbo was on TV at the time!!! We didn’t even bother with music during labor with our daughter, and had the TV on as a distraction, which helped a little bit with another failed epidural (why do I even bother?) She was born as the NY Giants were winning the NFC Championship!!!

Reppiks on

I played Enya… it helped me hold off on the epidural until 7cm

Kate Shelton on

During my first child’s labour, I listened to Norah Jones’s Come Away With Me for hours on end. It was quite soothing. I’ll probably do the same this time, and maybe add Ray Lamontagne in as well.

Nicole on

SouthernBelle-Do you work at Baptist or something? Cause you sound like a walking ad for them. 🙂 You couldn’t pay me to deliver at Baptist. I had a fetal loss (of a twin pregnancy) last year and my doc only had priviledges there. So, I had to go there to be checked out. While I was in my most vulnerable state, even though they knew I was coming and was supposed to have a bed for me, they didn’t. They sent me back and forth from desk to desk while I was bawling my eyes out not knowing what end was up. Then, they stuck me in a tiny exam room for over an hour bawling my eyes out while they figured out what to do with me. Centennial, on the other hand, is a wonderful place to deliver. It is where I delivered my son and they were great. And when I lost the 2nd twin 9 days later, they were there for me in a way Baptist couldn’t even compare.

As far as the question, I didn’t listen to music during my 1st labor, but on the way to the hospital, my husband put in Green Day’s American Idiot to try and get my mind off of what was happening. The only song I could listen to was “Give me Novacaine” because it was a pretty mellow song. So, now I think of my little boy whenever I hear that song. I am just a few weeks away from delivering again and I doubt I’ll have music this time either…