Nicole Kidman stays fit with yoga

07/01/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

Nicole Kidman smiled while waiting for her ride after a yoga class in Nashville, TN on Monday, June 30th. The 41-year-old actressexpects her and Keith Urban‘s baby later this month — they know the sex, but aren’t sharing!


Photo by FAME.

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steph on

I wonder if she will have the baby in Nashville or Austrila.


RW on

WOW! Her belly is small for being so close to term! She is so tall I bet that baby is just standing up! lol. I am almost as tall as Nicole (5’10”) and I HOPE I can look this fabulous at 8-9 months prego!

Sarah on

I heard from somewhere she had given birth on June 30th. But this photo puts that rumor to rest. Thanks

Autumn on

Nicole is due by the end of the month and still looks like that?! :O

Good for her, though hopefully she has a reasonable sized baby, whenever he or she is born.

Elissa on

Wow, she looks great for being due now….I wish I looked like that when I was ready to have my baby. Mine is almost 2 and I am still trying to loose the last 25 to 30 pounds.

Much love to you Nicole & Keith, with wishes for a happy healthy baby. P.S. I think it is a girl.

Ella on

She is almost there and yet is still so small. I bet it is a boy!

amanda on

I like the serene look of joy on her face. It makes her even more beautiful.

P on

My friend Emily didn’t even look pregnant at 38 weeks and had a normal sized (and now quite round) little boy. I think I looked more pregnant than her, and I wasn’t even pregnant nor have I ever been and Emily and I are both short. Some women just carry differently.

manda on

She doesn’t look pregnant at be due at the end of this month? Wow lol!

Philippa on

wow she looks fantastic! she hardly has a belly, i bet many people are jealous of the way she looks right now lol

nikki on

Last week’s Country Weekly magazine stated in a caption under a picture of she and Keith that they are expecting a little boy. Wonder if they let it slip or if they meant to publish it since Keith and Nicole have been so outspoken about keeping the gender to themselves?

Dunn on

I think b/c she is so tall and thin, she just looks a long way from due. I bet she’s gained over 20lbs, and we just can’t see it on her frame. It doesn’t appear as though she has dropped yet. Perhaps another 4-5 wks to go?

tink1217 on

she certainly is small even for her height. But I guess everyone is different. I can’t wait to see their baby!

Tracy on

Anyone read the book “Elvis and me?” by Priscilla Presley? Anyways, when Priscilla was pregnant with Lisa Marie she only gained 15 pounds and nobody thought she was nine months pregnant and there are pics of her and she was smaller than Nicole but Lisa Marie was still at least 6 pounds or more.. its been a long, long time since I read that book, but I totally remember her stating that she only gained 15 pounds and didn’t look pregnant at all and stayed totally fit and active the entire nine months.. so it is totally possible, all bodies are so different:)

kiley on

Isn’t katie holmes also quite tall? I’m jus askin bc I remember how PREGNANT she looked when she was this far along with Suri…I am barely 5 3 and was huuuuge with my son at 8 months so I am admittedly jealous that her bump is so compact!)

tink1217 on

kiley, actually yes, Katie Holme s is 5’8″ or 5’9″ I think and I remember her looking much bigger when she was PG with Suri!

Stephany on

OK. SOOOOO jealous! I think I look more pregnant than her and I’m not even pregnant! 😉

She looks great. I can’t wait to see what she has.

Keila on

Wow, you guys pointed out something quite interesting here with the Katie comment… I remember her last days shopping somewhere, she was a blimp! Maybe it was her dress or something but Katie was HUGE indeed… Everyone is different though.

jk on

Come on!!!!! 9 months pregnant? Really?????
I agree with Stephany. I look more pregnant than she does and I’m not! (hee hee)
Because I had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies, I only gained 19 lbs with baby #1 and 17 lbs with baby #2. I was on a really restricted diet through a nutritionist but I still looked 9 months pregnant when I was 9 months pregnant for crying out loud! Bless her heart…can’t wait to see this little baby!

Jasmine C. on

Wow, She barely looks five months! I can’t believe she is actually due to give birth this month!

Tracy on

I was just remembering as well, when my best friends sister was 8 months pregnant, I didn’t even know she was pregnant and I remember some family members asking her if she was going to give birth to a baby rabbit and I was like “she is pregnant?” and she never did look more than 3 or 4 months pregnant if that and her son was over 7 pounds… totally unfair.. I got HUGE with all my pregnancies.. but I ate like I was eating for a football team too:)

Catherine on

It’s not your height that would make you appear small, it’s your torso height. If you have long legs that won’t make more room for bubs, but if you have a long torso then there may be more room for bubs to go up instead of out. She looks really good! And it’s great to see she’s taking care of herself.

finnaryn on

First off, I am not sure that is a compleatly recent picture. I am sure I saw her in that exact same outfit, hat and scarf included, a while ago and it is pretty rare that you see a celeb in the same outfit twice. I could be wrong though.

Second, weight gain has nothing to do with baby size. I gained 25lbs with my frist who was 7lb 2oz. I gained 15lbs with my second who was 8lb 6oz. and I gained 11lbs with my third who was 8lbs 15oz. 🙂

Erica on

Finn, she is wearing the hat and scarf in the older pic on the front page, but different shirt and no jacket.

I can’t believe she’s due so soon! I carried the same way though. I am 5’10”.

amy on

I think she is just a superfit person – always focused on exercising and eating small portions.

Sheri on

In answer to one of the gal’s questions here, I believe she and Keith plan on having the baby in Nashville. She looks SO great … and I’ve kind of been hoping they will have a girl 🙂 God bless all three of them either way. And Isabella & Connor, too!

M on

Have you even thought that she can hide her belly wit that large t-shirt? No?

Bancie1031 on

It really just depends on the woman’s body. My cousin’s wife looked like she was maybe 7mths pregnant with their first son and he weighed right at 7 1/2 pounds or a little more when he was born right around her due date (I think she was just a couple of days shy of her due date), then with her second son she looked like she was maybe 4mths, no more than 5mths (seriously she was just starting to show) pregnant when she gave birth to another 7 1/2 pound son on her due date. Both were around 21 inches long. So in another words not exactly small babies.
I on the other hand looked like I was carrying triplets when I was pregnant with my daughter and I had her at 35 weeks and she was only 6lbs 7.2oz and 18 1/2in. Big for how far along I was but small for what I looked like I was carrying. Seriously people used to ask me things like “Do you know what THEY are” and “When are THEY due”.
Every pregnant woman is different just like every pregnancy is different.

Alana on

It’s great picture of Nicole. She looks so happy and i’m sure she can’t wait to meet a litle person they’ve(Nicole+Keith) created more than anyone. I wish her happy time delivering her bundle of joy and as much as it’s possible – the privacy during that joyful time! She knows what is like being a mom, now she’ll know what it’s like to give a birth to your child, truelly magical experience for most of the women

Mary on

Hey people, have you ever thought she can hide her bump with that large t-shirth?

Dorothea on

Wow… when I was 8-9 months I looked like ready to pop!!! I think she looks very unpreggers for the close due date! 😉

brooke on

There were so many tall women brooke shields, katie holmes, cindy crawford, who looked way bigger at 8-9 months, nicole is defintley one of the smallest bellies that far along that I’ve seen lol. She looks like she just had a big lunch, not even really pregnant.