Forget a baby shower, Laila Ali is going for a celebration

07/01/2008 at 01:30 PM ET


American Gladiators host Laila Ali is gearing up for the birth of her son Curtis Muhammad and for most, that means one thing — a baby shower.  However, the 30-year-old has decided against the tradition and will have a "baby celebration" instead, hosting a co-ed group of close family and friends with "great food and music."

I don’t use the term "baby shower" because there will not be a bunch of baby games and baby-themed center pieces like most traditional baby showers. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Laila is trying her hardest to prepare for the birth of her and husband Curtis Conway‘s first child together, which she is finding more difficult than she expected, as there are "so many different brands" of products out there.  The decision is made even harder because she declares "all of the products claim to be the best, so it is hard to decide with confidence sometimes."  However, the ex-boxer is sure of two things:

I also plan to buy organic skin care products and flushable diapers. They may cost more but they are better for the baby and the earth.

Click below to read why Laila feels "blessed and lucky."

The former Dancing with the Stars’ alum feels "blessed andlucky, because everything seems to be falling into place" as she movestowards her due date of early September. So much in fact, that she hasfound out that one of her dreams is coming true.

Igot another ultrasound last week. My son looks just like his father. Ihave always said I wanted a boy and I wanted him to look like myhusband Curtis.

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Jay on

I’m finding more and more women doing co-ed baby showers. I think it’s great!!! The traditional baby shower is good…but having all parties involved just makes the celebration that much more fun. And plus some people just like Laila don’t like the baby games and all the frills.

stéph on

Finally is the baby’s name Curtis Muhammad or Muhammed, cause every other time you wrote his name, you wrote Muhammad and this time it’s Muhammed and I always found that it might be Muhammed for Laila’s dad.

Muhammed or Muhammad?

esperanza on

Most baby showers I’ve been to were co-ed. My friend had a crazy party for a baby shower, they were blasting salsa all night dancing, eating, drinking ( noo not the mami) it was great and everyone was included not just the ladies.

brannon on

I had a champagne brunch (none for me:) and skipped all of the games and diaper pins — perfect for me! The best part was knowing my family and friends knew me well enough to plan the perfect party! So cute that she thinks the baby looks like her hubby — unless people have seen the new ultrasounds that probably sounds crazy.. but I could tell my son was my mini-me right away! (and he is!)

Aya on

The baby shower is a huge debate for us right now.A lot of foreign people believe that celebrating a baby before it’s birth is bad luck.You normally invite people after the baby is born to meet the baby and everyone gives the baby and your family blessings (from prayers,to money,to presents).My grandmother has said “why would you want ill will on your child,so many things can still go wrong ?”. Yes,sometimes I laugh because she still does that “thing” over our heads and makes us jump on one leg to protect us from the “evil eye”. I would love to do it the way Laila has (and maybe stash the presents before the relatives show up lol).That way my friends from here don’t feel weird for throwing me a shower.

Montoya on

Laila always seems to do things in a slightly different way.

Sanja on

Aya, I agree.
I don’t get why someone would want to have a party for a baby that still hasn’t been born. There are so many things that can go wrong and can you imagine if you lost the baby or the baby died (a friend of mine had a stillborn baby at 8 months). You’d always (at least I would) feel guilty, like you’d jinxed it or something. (We also don’t decorate nurseries before the baby is born).
I guess it’s a cultural thing.

Aya on

Sanja, I know what you mean.That happened to my friend.It was so sad, she went into a deep depression and then she tried to take her own life by swallowing pills. Her whole pregnancy was fine, but then the baby didn’t make it.I feel bad, because you know how old world people can talk (“oh its because of that party she had” or “oh it’s because she brought bad luck”)or for some old fashioned people we know “it was because it’s dad was black”.They never believe things like medical science and that.It was bad because when news of the birth came she was getting presents and flowers sent to her and everything,and that made her even more sad. I get mad when I hear people say PPD doesn’t exist.