Jennie Garth and daughters enjoy a walk

07/01/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Actress Jennie Garth, 36, went for a walk with her dressed alike daughters — Luca Bella, 11, Lola Ray, 5 Β½, and Fiona Eve, 21 months — and their nanny on Monday, June 30th in their Los Angeles, CA neighborhood.  Dad is actor Peter Facinelli.


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More photos below.


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Susan on

I think it looks like she may have a small baby-bump!

mmh on

I don’t usually get into the ‘bump’ discussions, but….

L on

I don’t know her but is she pregnant?

Crystal on

I was thinking baby bump too because she got so toned on DWTS. Maybe she is just allowing herself to relax though and not maintain as strict of a diet that she was probably on when she did that. Not to mention the dancing itself toned her and she may not be doing it anymore.

I love Fiona’s haircut! All of the girls are adorable!

IG on

The stroller is a Peg Perego Pliko P3 in toffee fabric

gigi on

it is so cute how she dressed them alike.

aNNA on

They are all gorgeous girls. Did you notice they are all wearing the same blouse? Too cute!

Isabel on

I love that they are dressed alike! they look so cute!

PardyHardy on

I love the matching shirts.
I would have thought Jennie would have been getting in shape for her return the Beverly Hills.

Teanna on

My goodness, why are we women always so catty? I think that she looks GREAT! NORMAL attitude, NORMAL “mom” as far as H-Wood goes, reminds me of another favorite of mine- Jen Garner- “NORMAL”. So much more of a relaxed “attitude” towards body-image, looking/feeling “healthy” NOT starving, such as some very poor, poor examples out there, when that’s very obvious that’s ALL they care about- “IMAGE”, i.e. Victoria Beckham.

brannon on

wow ladies πŸ™‚ let’s hope she is either pregnant or not reading this blog πŸ™‚ i love little Fiona’s haircut (and name) though I can’t for the life of me figure out why you would dress them alike (i have to hope it’s at the request of the older girls?)

Allison on

I can see why people might think she’s pregnant, she has said she wants a fourth child, but I think she just looks like a “normal woman”, a little out of shape.

finnaryn on

brannon, my husband hates the “dressed alike” look too, and while I am not compleatly fond of dressing exactly alike, I often will put my three kids in the same color top if we are going out somewhere where there are a lot of kids. All in blue, green, whatever. I find that it helps me keep a better eye on them. I also try to wear the same color top myself so my littler one can find me easier. πŸ™‚

Recently we went to the zoo with my kid’s former daycare teachers and their students (I am a SAHM now) and it turned out that we chose the same color! It made the whole group really easy to spot. πŸ™‚

Perhaps Jennie has the same thinking. That and maybe it makes it easier to get them ready. If the little ones want to dress like their big sister all the time, buying matching outfits would help stop squabbles in the morning.

Bren on

I am so glad I am not an actress and I don’t have paparazzi taking pictures of me, you guys would think I am pregnant with twins 24/7…lol

Jenni has the cutest daughters, and I LOVE how they are dreesed the same!

Anna on

brannon: I have two boys’ (6 and 3) and I like to dress them alike on occassion. (1) Because I know that there is only a very short window of opportunity to do so. (2) They look quite adorable dressed the same and (3) we use it often when attending very public places where there will be large crowds. i.e.: amusement parks, etc. Some parents’ like to do this, others do not. It’s very individual. If at anytime either one has a “problem” with dressing the same as his brother, I’ll quit it. My preference for dressing them alike, on occassion, will not come at their expense. I don’t see a “problem” with it, if the child likes it and is ok with it.

Penny Lane on

Cute kids. Find it a bit odd their all dressed alike, when I was 11 I wouldn’t have wanted to dress like a 1 yr old.

Jess on

If that’s out of shape, I’d love to be out of shape. lol

BRITchick on

she looks ‘ a lil out of shape’ ??? no way!

Tracey on

Jennie said that she never changed her diet as she ate ‘super healthy’ before DWTS, the extra working out is what made her super toned. Since she’s not doing that anymore, it makes sense that she’s going to look the same as she did before DWTS. Honestly, I think she looks excellent! Just a healthy Mom out for a walk with her kids.

Sara on

If she is so “normal” why is the nanny pushing the stroller and not her.

tink1217 on

she got sooo toned during DWTS, so it does look like a small bump…but who cares! She still looks amazing!!! All the girls are gorgeous!!

Nicole on

my daughter has the same haircut at Fiona…it is shorter in the back a bit layered and longer in the front, so cute on little girls!

MB on

if she’s out of shape, i’m really overweight!

valerie on

Where do people see a bump? I see no bump at all. If that is a bump, then I must have looked pregnant for the last two years!

Kris on

Im not seeing a baby bump?!!

Doreen on

I too immediately thought she may be preggers!! πŸ™‚ I know she said she wants more childrens so anything is possible! Time will tell….or she will! πŸ™‚

brooke on

I don’t see a bump at all. People said the same thing 4 months ago when she was out with lola walking I remember, just like how jennifer garner always looks pregnant to some people. I am one that will say when someone looks a little chunky, but not jennie at all IMO

Amy on

Wow, I can’t believe people think she looks out of shape?!? I think she looks great!!

stephanie on


Ironic much? *rolls eyes*

Nata on

aaaww beautiful girls! If only her eldest would be a little older, she could be on the 90210 comeback!

Teanna on

Stephanie: Why don’t you spell out the irony for me, eh?

L on

Wow, some of us ask if she’s pregnant and suddenly we’re on her case and saying she doesn’t look good. Talk about twisting people’s words. I also thought what MIGHT have been a bump could also be muscle and she’s just bent forward making a firm stomach look more protruded.

kmb on

i think she looks beautiful and happy.

tara on

I really don’t get this family and their matching outfits, especially, since that magazine spread with the whole family in crocs. Not my style at all and if I saw them out in public I would think it was too weird.

Jill on

She looks great!! Her children are adorable! Bella is stunning.

Bb on

My mum used to dressed my sister and i alike, i thought it was cute!
I’m not a fan of Fiona’s short haircut, but to each their own. Such lovely girls.

Leah123 on

I can’t believe people are saying she has a bump! I look just like her bodywise and I do have a little bit of belly flab that I just can’t get rid off. To me she looks like a normal, “doesn’t have all day to exercise” but healthy mom!

I-dra on

pregnant or not, she looks lovely. as for the dressing-alike thing, i can totally picture the scene at home: luca comes out of her room wearing a nice outfit that she wore for maybe a family portrait, then lola says “i want to wear my outfit, too!”, then the little one gets in on it & before you know it, it’s a lookalike family outing! i dunno, that’s just my silly imagination. i know how little sisters can be.

Philippa on

wow luca is nearly as tall as her mum now!

sally on

HUH?? I don’t see a bump at all. For having three kids – that stomach is pretty darn flat!!

ang on

cute pic.i doubt she’s pregnant. the 90210 spinoff producers would be tearing their hair out if tori slimmed down for filming only to have jennie swell up LMAO.

manda on

Wow there must be something severly wrong with you people if you think that’s a baby bump. She looks perfectly fine. Not all people in Hollywood have to HAVE a tone looking shaped body. Geez!!!

On the other hand her girls are beautiful! Luca is VERY tall which means I guess she took after Peter since Jennie isn’t short what so ever.

Kait on

She is beautiful, and I love that her children are all matching in a way that isn’t over the top. As for the baby bump speculation, I think it’s kind of rude to judge. You know how harsh someone would take that if they weren’t pregnant? I’d be devastated. Respect her and any other celebrity. They don’t need to be judged by the weight they’ve gained. Some celebrities don’t want to work out, they want to have freedom and relax and eat some junkfood once in a while without speculation of pregnancy. So unless she announces she’s pregnant, I really think people should really steer clear of the bump rumor.

Stephany on

L, as someone having been asked if pregnant FOUR times, that is SUCH an insult! You are, in a sense, saying that she is out of shape!

I remember her on What I Like About You and she wasn’t super skinny. She actually looked like a normal woman – shapely and beautiful! Sorry if all women are not going to look like Victoria Beckham.

DLR on

Cute to see the three sisters wearing the same top. I gotta say I am surprised to see Jennie’s weight has gone up quite a bit since her time on DWTS. She looked so toned and slim. I guess when one isn’t in training every day the weight comes back on. Not that she doesn’t look great, she does, but in Hollywood she’d be called “plump” especially if she’s going to be filming 90210.

michelle on

i have noticed that every time there is a Jenny Garth post people comments stating that she is pregnant. I think she has a great body and looks not pregnant at all. Maybe theres some distortion because so many other celebrities are so thin?

Michelle on

wow her oldest looks JUST like her!!

Sarita on

I am so glad I don’t know the commenters on this site personally! I would be accused of being 3 months pregnant my whole life….

I don’t see enything wrong with dressing the children alike. It looks cute! If they didn’t like it I’m sure they would object.

stephanie on


You complain about women being catty then randomly slam Victoria Beckham for being a “poor, poor example”? What does this post has to do with her anyway?

brooke on

Luca looks just like her, same mouth and nose

brittany on

i think the girls are so freakin cute.I can’t believe how tall and old luca looks she only 11 and and she looks like she could be between 13-15 years old.I also think that jennie’s outfit is what makes her look like she has a bump,because she doesn’t look that great in that skirt with that shirt,but other than that I think she has a rockin body wish I looked half as good

jespen on

It’s really sad when a person needs a nanny just to take a walk. Are moms really THAT busy??? I DO NOT CARE how wealthy a person is, they dont need help in raising a child. Mowing the lawn, picking up drycleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning, etc. I can understand, but anything to do with taking care of someone’s children disgusts me.