Giada De Laurentiis has "gained a lot of joy" since becoming a mom

07/01/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

Giada She’s missing her sleep and — to some extent — her freedom, but new mom Giada De Laurentiis is quick to point out that since welcoming Jade Marie, 3-months, she’s also "gained a lot of joy."  The 37-year-old chef and Today contributor says her daughter is "starting to become a person," adding, "I see her character and personality coming out."  It’s that personality that Giada says she’ll miss most now that her maternity leave is coming to an end.

I thought I would be so excited to get back to work, but I feel bad that I’m leaving her.  She’s out of the ‘blob’ stage of just eating and pooping….And now I won’t be around that much.

Jade is a big fan of watching Giada cook, even if she’s still too young to partake in Giada’s cooking.  Giada revealed that Jade, whom she calls her "little partner," often "hangs out" in the kitchen in her swing — an experience which Giada said warms her heart "like nothing else."  Watching her daughter grow and develop is something Giada compares to "watching a plant or flower bloom, but 20 million times better."  Adds Giada,

She’s been alert since day one. it feels like she’s looking right into my soul. She’s intense that way.

Jade is Giada’s first child with husband Todd Thompson.

Source: Today; Photo by Startraks

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i think on

Blob does descibe newborn as they dont do much but move fingrs, blink, yawn, drink milk, and bowel movement.

I remember all the neg press Ajolie got for saying Shiloh was a blob.

Congrats Giada!

I think the baby, baby Jade, swinging in the kitchen is a great idea.

g on

“the blob stage”?? i would feel so ashamed if i called my child that-let alone in a public forum. and then she goes on to say that now “she won’t be around that much” for her child. pretty blunt….

i think on

I spoke to soon. It seems many still dont like the word blob.

Yes Giada was pretty blunt, and HONEST. Newborn dont do much, so as/when they’re older you can actually interact and have fun with them.

Leah123 on

The “blob” comment doesn’t shock me: I know what she means. Motherhood gets so much more rewarding when the first smile comes! I hope that she meant to say that she won’t be around AS much and it came out wrong though… The way she said it sounds like she will be travelling for weeks at a time without seeing her daughter, which I doubt is the truth!

M on

i have plenty of fun when my babes are newborn..cuddling with them, talking to them, reading to them, sleeping side by side, nursing them. it’s wonderful. and i feel newborns are far, far from being ‘blobs’ just because they are not yet very mobile..guess i’m one of the blob comment haters (no matter how ‘popular’ it seems to be getting :p)

Heather on

I see nothing wrong with her comment – it’s something that you are reading in print second hand, you cannot know her true feelings behind her words – for all we know it could be their little “term of endearment” for their baby.

Anyway, Giada seems very happy and I can’t wait to hopefully see pictures of Jade soon!

Loren on

Totally with i think
yes the blob stage, I still don’t understand why this is so offensive. Didn’t understand when Angelina was accused of calling Shiloh a blob. We did not say blob, didn’t think of it at the time:) I do remember when my son’s Godmother was so cute saying “oh look the baby is not boring anymore” So boring, blob newborns are precious but I love it when their little selves begin to show through. I love Giada and I find her honesty refreshing. She has a career and she will join all the other mothers balancing work and child rearing. All the best to Giada and Todd

Molly on

I could never understand why people get so uptight over the term “blob” when describing a newborn? That’s what they are really. I think it’s kind of cute.

Natalie S. on

I am so happy for Giada and Todd, I hope we get to see pictures soon. I love Giada and oddly enough I will be making some of her dishes this coming 4th of July! Congrats again to Giada and Todd!

wanda on

If she’s so upset to be leaving her baby why doesn’t she just stay with her? Im sure the family won’t suffer too terribly without her income.

g on

my thoughts exactly wanda. some celebrities want you to think that they feel so guilty about going back to work right away. but it’s a choice and especially for people like her who could afford staying at home for a year or two. many of us average people don’t have a choice, we have to go back to work, or the rent/mortgage will not be payed!!

for people like giada, the pull to get back to her career is stronger than staying home with the kids for awhile .

tink1217 on

I knew the “blob” comment would get some flack! Newborns are pretty much eating and pooping blobs for awhile. Doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them just as much! I know I did. As for Giada returning to work…I am sure she probably has a contract she is bound to for her show. And what is wrong with wanting a career? As long as she is ok with it and her child is taken care of and everyone is happy I guess its their decision. Maybe she will bring Jade with her to work sometimes.

wanda on

there is nothing wrong with having a career at all.As G says, not all of us have the choice because of bills having to be paid etc. All I meant is that she was talking about how sad it was that she had to leave her baby and how she will be missing the next stages, so why doesn’t she just have a little longer with her child to experience these unique months before rushing off back to work, it’s not like she desperately needs the money.
Then again she might have a contract which really is a shame that it coincides with her new found motherhood.

MB on

I’m sure she has a contract that stipulates how much time she can have off. Many people with jobs do! And yah, you could say that she could just quit, but it would be nearly impossible for her to get her career back to where it is now, if she skipped out on a contract. Why is it so wrong for a woman to feel conflicted? Can’t she be allowed to feel bad about leaving her baby but also be glad to work? We’re not one-dimensional and celebrities aren’t, either.

As for the blob comment, I think it’s fine. We just got our first ultrasound last week at 7 weeks and when I emailed our the pictures to family and friends, that’s how I referred to he/she: the little light blob in the middle of the dark blob. :-p Not sure if I’d call my newborn a blob, but I can see how it would be a term of endearment. I certainly wasn’t trying to disrespect my baby by using that term!

Becky on

People are seriously upset over the word blob?! Come on! Really? Wow. People are too dang sensitive. It’s true. Babies, although very cute as newborns and sweet as can be, are blobs. Yes, you can read to them, lay with them, nurse them, etc etc, but they are not interacting. They don’t do anything except laying there…like a blob.

terri on

I don’t consider babies blobs even at a young age. They come out with personalities right off the bat. The term doesn’t bother me, I just don’t agree with it.

ewok on

i do not think she meant anything by it. i call my baby ‘fat-fat’ well, becasue she is! and giada is a woman that works and earns great money to provide for her child, so she won’t be around as much as usual. good for her for not losing herself. parents nowadays become slaves to their children whick IMO is not right. always keep you in tact, otherwise you will be miserable. its okay to do both.

Tela on

g and wanda, it really isn’t fair to make those kind of judgements right off the bat. Have you never heard of contracts? It’s actually pretty rude to act as if she doesn’t care about hr child. Please don’t try to make her out to be some sort of career-obsessed workaholic who has no time for Jade. It’s not as if you know the woman in real life, so there is no need for the accusations.