Faith Hill and Tim McGraw keep a tight grip

07/01/2008 at 06:00 PM ET

Country stars Tim McGraw, 41, and Faith Hill, 40, held hands with their daughters —  Gracie Katherine, 11 (not pictured), Maggie Elizabeth, 9 ½, and Audrey Caroline, 6 ½ — after taking them, along with a few friends, to lunch at Cafe Med up on Sunset Plaza on Monday, June 30th.


Photo by Matt Symons/

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carla at on

What a fun photo. I love the girl’s Rolling Stone t-shirt.

Molly on

This family is adorable and I love Faith’s pants

Heather on

I absolutely adore their children’s names – so classic and beautiful! Lovely family!

jillyen on

I like that they named their youngest daughter Audrey. usually I don’t like people giving a girl her mom’s name,but it works for them since Faith doesn’t go by Audrey. and it’s a pretty name. I can’t believe how old the girls are

Gigi on

when she was around our town, filming ‘the stepford wives’ they came into a childrens boutique i worked at and they were just so pleasant, you’d never know they were celebrities at all! she had no makeup on and he talked baseball with everyone. lol
lovely family!

terri on

I’m not crazy about the naming of kids after their parents, but with a girl it’s a little better. I like Audrey’s name and she does have a different middle name, as well as going by her first name unlike Faith who goes by her middle name.

annoymous on

wow had I not read they had three girls I would have thought the one in yellow was a boy!I thinks its the hair that threw me off…

B on

I agree with the above comments. Everyone should have their own unique name, but since Faith doesn’t go by Audrey, I think it works out quite well for their little one!

Awesome family!!!

Kait on

Too cute of a family!

Lisa on

What a great family. Nice to see a photo of them and their kids. Their kids are getting big.

Oakley Sunglasses on

I love the girl’s t-shirt….

Bancie1031 on

This is the first time that I have seen pictures of their kids. …. does anyone know where I can find a picture of their oldest daughter? Very lovely girls btw.

Maddie on

I adore the name Audrey 🙂

Alexa on

Lovely family. I like seing pictures of them out and about because they are so normal.

Michelle on

What I love the most about them? You don’t really ever see their kids, which is a good thing IMO, I know they had always made sure there wasn’t too many photos of their kids out. I would love to meet them! They seem so sweet, their girls are so cute and I can’t believe they are that old already! Of course I also have a 6 1/2yr old and say the same thing!

nannette on

I LOVE this family! And I really love Tim and Faith’e relationship. No relationship is perfect, but theirs comes pretty close 🙂 SO sweet and romantic together; he really, really adores her!

And gosh what long legs Maggie has, she is going to be a tall stunner like Faith!

J.M. on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen pics of these girls maybe as babies but surely never of Audrey! The middle daughter seems like she could be somewhat of a tomboy 🙂

I like that you don’t see them out with their kids often. It’s nice that some kids parents try to let them lead normal lives away from the paparazzi! And I’m surprised Tim and Faith are smiling. I would picture them as the type that would get pissed off at the paps!

Jennifer on

Love seeing photos of Tim and Faith with their girls! Maggie and Audrey are both beautiful girls! 🙂

Ordinarily, I’m not too fond of naming a daughter after her mother, but in this case, I think it’s rather sweet and does work, since Audrey has her own name, and Faith goes by her middle name. Not to mention, I simply adore the name Audrey! 🙂

Emaline on

I never see pap pictures of this family! I just adore them, and they look great! What cute kiddos!

jasmine on

Aww they’re so cute – I think I’ve only seen them once before. I don’t see the harm in kids sharing the same names as their parents.

brooke on

Their girls got big, They look like a mix of both both parents

Myra Robinson on

I love and admire this family so much. as good looking as Faith and Tim are they must have people wanting to be around them constantly. They are so devoted to each other and you can tell that. he is currently on tour with his wife and kids. he said on weekends they fly out together,no more buses. makes it easier since he has his pilots license. Faith was always wanting to ride a buss,but guess he convinced her it is easier and less expensive to fly now. so he stays close to his family. they will always be his no 1 priority.they are such a nice couple and so respectful of each other.