Ron Perlman surrounded by family at Hellboy premiere

06/29/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Actor Ron Perlman, 58, felt the love of his family as he was joined by his wife Opal and children Blake Amanda, 24, and Brandon Avery, 18, at the premiere of his new film Hellboy II: The Golden Army on Saturday, June 28th at  the Village Theater in Los Angeles, CA.


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

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emmalee on

His son’s hair is hilarious!

I think the son looks like him and the daughter looks like their mother. I’ve seen other families where the kids seem to resemble the same-sex parent.

Although the site is, it’s nice to see grown-up “babies” too πŸ˜‰

gigi on


Jaclyn on

What a gorgeous family, but I really have to say what a stand out Mom is! Something about her smile and her whole look is just really striking.

michelle on

Man Brandon is TALL. Especially since Ron is tall himself. They are a beautiful family.

Gemma on

holy moley, his son is a giant. for comparison, according to imdb Ron is 6’2″.

tink1217 on

Nice to see him! I absolutely loved him in Beauty and the Beast (series with Linda Hamilton). One of my all time favorite shows! I had no clue he even had kids!!

joy on

What a gorgeous family!

Natalie S. on

Great looking family..Holy they’re all so tall..WOW!

Elyse on

My brother can hardley wait for this movie. He’s been trying to get me to watch the first Hellboy for a week, but we are moving across state, and life is just to hectic! Maybe after we move, geehz! πŸ™‚

MP on

My hubby and I are both fans of Beauty & the Beast, and he’s crazy about the Hellboy movies, so I called him over to the computer to see just how tall Brandon was. Neither of us could get over it. And I’m so old I remember him talking about Blake when she was a baby with Carson on the Tonight Show. Ahhhh! Gotta go pull out my gray hairs now.

Michelle on

His daughter is beautiful and his son looks so much like him! And I like the funky hair. πŸ™‚

Becky2 on

The original Hellboy was the first movie my boyfriend and I ever saw together over four years ago. We’ll definitely see this one for nostalgias sake, bonus that its supposed to be good!

And I agree, the son has awesome hair!

WickedMama on

Ron reminds me of Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. I think he is adorable!

For those commenting about the son’s hair, look up Yahoo Serious! That is some funny stuff! Cute family!

Vlada on

What a gorgeous and very tall family. lol at his son’s hair, I think I remember a pic of him where he had dreds.

Namesake Treasures Personalized Gifts on

What a nice looking family!! I loved him in Beauty and the Beast tv show and was upset when it ended. I wish they would show reruns on tv.

Cassandra on

Gorgeous kids. I love his sons hair, so funky. He must be really tall, he looks about 6’4″ or 5″ in the picture and he’s hunched over! But he def looks like his dad and the daughter looks like her mom.

Eleonora on

Oh my his son’s hair is hilarious!!!

Rowling on

His son looks hilarious and I mean that in a really good way. His outfit and that hair, I have a feeling heΒ΄s a fellow with a lot of humor :-). Werry Jim Carry looking!
(and IΒ΄m from Sweden som pardon my spelling!)

shanamac on

Cool looking family.. And to the person who asked about nationality. I’m sure they are American.

Dina on

OMG. I freaking love his hair! If i could do that to my son’s hair i totally would! Love it! What a cute cute cute family. I can’t wait to see hellboy either – *sigh* since the baby there has not been very many movie nights!

essie on

I remember Ron Perlman from way back in the “Beauty” days. I knew he had two children but I had never seen them before. They are both beautiful and his wife is still a beauty and still a fashion plate!!! Great to see them again. Hope the movie is a big hit!!!

Rachael on

Lol, loving the son’s hair!!

crankers on

i wonder if his son also has a similar voice… Ron’s voice is awesome!

this family is gorgeous!

Stephanie on

Wow , what a nice looking family!! His wife has such a beautiful smile!! THey are all lookers!! I love Brandon’s hair!!

I like their names πŸ™‚ How the letter are switched..


Marianne on

Hell-oh! OMG,what a gorgeous family. OOPS… Ron’s son is the tallest guy now! But that doesn’t matter. Both “gents” look good. And yes; Ron’s voice IS the sexiest, I have ever heard. I love his Vincent-voice, too. OMG, it’s so soft! I think of silk or velour/ velvet, when I hear it. Hope, somehow, that his son’s voice is that soft. His daughter and wife also look good. Have you seen the interview with Ron and Selma? Try Perlman pages. There is a link. Ron’s daughter is in that clip, too, and it is a very sweet Ron, who talks about “his beautiful daughter.” He says that DIRECTLY. :-):-)

Marianne on


I have read, once, that Opal is from Jamaica. (Reggae, marn!) And yes; Brandon’s hair IS funny. But funny the GOOD way. I have seen a picture from when he was a bit yonger. Maybe 12-13? His dreads reached the shoulders. Please pardon my English…I am Danish. You know…HC Andersen’s country.

XXX to Ron’s family from

abdullah on

A very happy family>>>>>>>>>>>>

gina on

love the pic of ron and his family ron is sooo fine and sexy his son brandon looks just like him. my goodness his children have grown up quick i remember seeing pics of them when they were younger. my how time passes so quuckly the movie is great i saw it twice. it’s a realy good movie there’s talk of ron being in the hobbit movie as well i hope so cant; wait to see that and hopefully hellboy 3

Stephanie on

Oh, wow. What a GORGEOUS family! I have loved Ron Perlman for more than twenty years, and I am so proud of him and his beautiful family! *runs off to Perlman pages to see the interview about his daughter* πŸ™‚

Taylor on

I just curious as I am a African American woman, what Ron’s wife thinks of the new role in “Sons of Anarchy”, because the N word is used…, not by him, as of yet…..