Antonio Banderas and family gather for LA Film Festival

06/26/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

Actor Antonio Banderas, 47, brought a collection of family members — Jesse Wayne Johnson, 25, Dakota Mayi Johnson, 18, wife Melanie Griffith, 50, and mother-in-law Tippi Hedren, 78 — to the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Una Noche con Antonio Banderas screening on June 24th at the Hammer Museum in Westwood, CA. Jesse’s mother is Patti D’Arbanville, while his and Dakota’s father is Don Johnson.


Photo by Valerie Macon/

Thanks to CBB reader Carol.

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Chalsey on

Beautiful family!! Tippi looks fantastic at 78!!!!!

Alisa on

Jesse is really cute. He’s a clone of his dad.

Lola on

Wow! Maybe it’s just me, but Dakota strongly resembles Evan Rachel Wood in this picture!!

Jesse is very handsome and just two years younger than me! I’m single 🙂

fay on

Jeezum Peace young jessie looks exactly like his father!!!!

jillyen on

Jesse does look like his dad. he took his step-daughter and her half borther? that’s different,but nice.

irene on

Cute shot. Dakota looks just like her dad! Even more so than Jesse. Tippi looks amazing!!

tink1217 on

Jesse looks just like Don! Great looking family!

Alicia on

Don Johnson’s son, Jesse, looks EXACTLY like him! Jesse’s the spitting image of his dad! He’s a cutie. Dakota Johnson looks more like Melanie and her family. I don’t see the resemblance to her dad at all. It’s nice that Melanie and Antonio include Jesse in their family events. I’m sure Dakota has a closer relationship with her brother because they’re so open to things like this.

S on

Tippi looks at least 20 years younger than she really is

J.M. on

At first when I looked at Dakota the way the dress flows out and she’s standing makes her look very pregnant! I didn’t know who it was at first. And I agree a bit of an Evan Rachel Wood resemblence!

mamaria on

dakota does look pregnant.

Elyse on

Wow, Jesse really does look like his father, and boy is he handsome! I agree with everyone else Tippi looks amazing! I would never have guessed she is 78. A very nice family shot.

Erica on

How do you pronounce Mayi?

Ann Berrios on

Don Johnson Jr, lately? Like he fell out of Don’s back pocket!

Sarah on

i know antonio has mentioned how he sees dakota as his daughter and not step-daughter. and it’s great to see them involve dakota’s brother in family events too. if only all blended families were this open and loving.

Becky on

I think Jesse looks just like James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek. What a neat family. I have heard Antonio talk several times about “his children” and he is referring to Jesse and Dakota. I thought that is sweet. Not his step kids, but his kids. They must have a good relationship.

Jen on

While I think Jesse does resemble his father, I think he looks most like his mom, Patti.

carla at on

They are a very attractive bunch indeed.

Leela on

Jesse looks just like his dad. And have to agree about the Dakota looking like Evan Rachel Wood.

Roise on

Becky, I think Antonio was referring to Melanie’s kids, Alexander and Dakota, as Jesse is not her child. At least, that’s what I remember reading from a previous CBB post where he mentions that they are “his kids”. But it is nice for Melanie and Antonio to include Jesse. I would’ve liked to see Alexander and Stella at the event, just to have everyone there.

Jeannette on

I think that’s a really nice thing, a real family gathering going for the Johnson/Griffth/Banderas party.

And Jesse is really cute! He does look a lot like his father, Don though.


wow jesse is a hotty!…as soon as I saw him I thought he looked like someone I’ve seen before but didn’t remember the name. It’s been a few hours so I came back to look again and realized that yes he looks like his father but he looks ALOT like James Dean.

He’s gorgeous. What a great looking family

Rebecca on

Tippi needs to let Melanie in on who freshens her up, she looks amazing! (Melanie’s been going a little overboard.)

Jesse is the spitting image of Don, it’s amazing! It’s nice to see extended families like this getting along, even if it’s just for a picture!

Becky on

Rosie – You are right. I was thinking Jesse was her son. I just remembered that she had a son and daughter with Don and was thinking jesse was her son. But yes, that was neat that he refers to them as his kids.

brooke on

Jeese looks just like don, he is handsome. Dakota is cute, she is a mix of both parents

taegan on

I love Tippi Hedren. She’s still beautiful.

Natalie S. on

LOL Wow when I first glanced at that picture, I was thinking Don got plastic surgery and looks great..then I actually read who it was.. You know..Miami Vice very well could make a

ang on

did they adopt james van der beek? LOL

doeadear on

Alexander is Melanie’s son by her second husband, actor Stephen Bauer. When she and Don re-married, they had Dakota. I think it’s great they brought Jesse. We see Stella, who is still very young, but we don’t see much of Alexander. I imagine he’s in his early 20’s now, somewhere between Dakota and Jesse. Patti D’Arbanville had a bunch of kids with her present husband, so there’s a lot of family to go around, half-siblings, and step-siblings, and so on!