Fountain fun for Madonna's children Lourdes, Rocco, and David

06/26/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

Madonna‘s children Lourdes Maria, 11 ½, Rocco John, 7 ½, and David Banda, 2 ½, spent Wednesday afternoon frolicking in the fountains inside Central Park in NYC, under the watchful eye of their nannies. Lourdes’ father is Carlos Leon, while Rocco and David’s is screenwriter/director Guy Ritchie.


Photos by Ramey.

Another image and stroller info below!


Maclarenvoloblack David’s stroller is a Maclaren Volo in Black ($115).

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phoebe on

What has Lourdes have around her head? It seems far too low to be a hairband and looks like black electrical tape! Lourdes and Rocco look so like their dads recently, I don’t see a whole lot of mum in them at all. All three are really cute :).

Bren on

LOL LOVE IT! They all look so cute and I just love how whenever you see them they look like such well behaved children. David has gotten so tall. I think its kind of nice that all the kids have such different looks and come from a different place so to speak to give them a feeling of individuality but also similarity that they are all from a different place (I believe Rocco was born in England? and Lordes America, right?) either way they all look very different too so I think that would be kind of neat to have a sibling who looks so different from you, my sister and I looked like twins and it was kind of annoying because we were always “the girls” or dressed alike or asked if we were twins so I always love how families can look and be so different!

mudnessa on

aw such a cute family. david looks so excited to be playing in the water, or about to in the first shot.

Sara on

Bren, I believe both Lourdes and Rocco were born in Los Angeles. But you’re right-all three kids have their own individual look!
It’s really sweet to see Lourdes acting like a little girl-she always looks so serious and grown up in most photos.

lia on

Is Banda David’s middle name? Or is that the last name of his bio dad? If it is his bio dad’s last name, I don’t get why he is still being called that.

Erica on

It’s his middle name, all the middle names are listed. Those are some cute kids!

Nikka on

These pictures are so cute. David is chubby and definitely looks happy !!! I wish all children of the world could get a second chance

Nikka on

Lia, I think that it was his original name and they kept it as his middle name as a keeper of his heritage

fay on

david is so fat… i wanna zrbrt his belly… but he’s probably too big for that now… (lol)

Chrystie Delancey on

David is such a cutie. He looks like he is enjoying being a child.

I have great respect for what Madonna and Guy have done.

s on

Lourdes has her mum’s smile

Also Rocco is wearing AC Milan FC shorts

J.M. on

I think I would be just as star struck to spot Madonna’s kids at the park as I would Madonna herself!! I mean come on that would be like the closest of ever getting close to Madge!! LOL

So cute and all getting so big! I remember when Lourdes was born and it was all over the news and I was only about 13 years old!! I can’t believe she’s going to be 12!!

Lilly on

Lola’s tape is making me giggle. She’s so creative, it’s great to see. David looks like he wants to get in the water, but isn’t entirely convinced. I’m glad Madonna takes her kids with her when she travels, you can tell they’re all close.

Nan on

I highly doubt that Lola has “tape” on her head – that would really hurt to remove it from her hair! It’s some sort of 80’s style headband…..

brooke on

Lourdes looks just like madonna, rocco like guy and david got big.

Jess on

Normally, whenever I see a picture of Lourdes she always looks so grown up. I’m so happy to see she is just a ‘normal’ 11-year-old. I hate seeing youngsters with fake tans, fake nails, make-up and revealing clothes. They should be acting like children not little grown-ups.

Note: I am only 15 years old, myself.

David and Rocco are so cute. David seems very happy and settled in with his new family. =)

Jess on

Such a cute family. Lourdes is cute, i like that shes trying to set trends instead of following them… although I’m not sure how comfortable a headband around my forehead would be!

Maria on

Both Lola and Rocco look so similar to their dads. I can see a bit of mum in Lourdes too.

These are lovely photo’s. Nice to see Lourdes playing like a little girl.

Sweet dress she has on too. Anyone know where its from?

Kim on

Actually, Banda is a surname, unless they decided to use it as a middle name. His biological father uses that as a surname and generally it is a surname is malawi, zambia and zimbabwe.

july7nyc on

I know that playground. I was just there last week and would have gone today but the stupid storm caused too many downed trees and I didn’t feel like going in case it was closed. Lourdes is gorgeous.