Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump's sandy stroll

06/25/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

Marla Maples, 44, took walk on the beach with her daughter Tiffany Ariana, 15, on Tuesday in Malibu. Dad is entrepreneur Donald Trump.


Photo by Louise Barnsley/

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Nata on

She really took after her dad. Her mom is much hotter than her!

fay on

Tiffany is so tall, and really pretty… i hope she has the same levelheadedness and work ethic that her older sister has…

Chrystie Delancey on

I noticed Tiffany’s height too. She is going to be tall just like her half-sister Ivanka – who is just beautiful and a real lady.

Say what you will about The Donald, but his children seem to be polished and respectable.

Manda on

Marla looks GREAT! And I agree with you Fay Tiffany is beautiful and very tall. She def looks like a Trump.

Jelly on

Wow. She must be really tall. Her mother, Marla Maples, is 5’8″! She’s a good 2-3″ taller than her and she’s only 15!

carla at on

Tiffany is so tall and destined for the runway.

DLR on

Yups, that’s a Trump kid! Even though they have different mums, enough of the Donald’s genes have passed on to the kids so all five of them look like full siblings down to Barron! Lovely young lady she is, and so tall. Legs go on for miles.

Susan on

About her height:
it could be the camera angle. she is on a higher part of the slope than her mom, and she is closer to the camera which makes her appear taller than Mom. Not saying she isn’t, just that you can’t tell from this photo.

phoebe on

Wow, doesn’t she look just like her father? But she must have enough Maples genes in her somewhere, because she’s pretty like her mum. I wonder how multimillionaire Donald Trump got such beautiful women to make babies with him….? Oh wait….lol. I do like seeing his kids though, they’re all beautiful. Do you think they see a lot of each other?

Chrystie Delancey on


I see your point about the angle, but if you look at Tiffany’s limbs – they are long. Plus her feet are larger.

Plus, I don’t think Tiffany is completely standing straight up, so it looks to me that she is taller than her mother.

Marla looks amazing too.

Roise on

Ever since Melania got pregnant, and Donald Jr. had his first child, I’ve been wondering about Tiffany! It seemed you’d only hear about Barron, Junior or Ivanka. Now I’d just like to see/know what Eric Trump has been up to.

I used to live in the town where Marla grew up, but I never saw her or Tiffany there. And with how small that town is, you’d know if either came to town! My understanding from the locals is that Marla’s family still lives in the area.

And Phoebe, I read an interview of Donald’s where he said that Tiffany lives in California with Marla most of the year, and he sees her in the summer (I guess when she comes to New York), so I don’t think she sees her siblings that often.

terri on

I want to look that good at 44. Heck, I’d like to look that good now.