Jennifer Garner and Violet all smiles

06/25/2008 at 06:00 PM ET

Jennifer Garner, 36, and daughter Violet Anne, 2 ½, smiled for the paparazzi as they visited the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, CA on Wednesday, June 25th. Dad is Ben Affleck.


Photos by Flynet.

Shoe info and more images below.



Violet wears Superga Torino sneakers in navy ($40).

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DLR on

Oh look! She’s got a gap in her front teeth. Could that mean her baby teeth are falling out already? Those dimples are just too irresistible!

Megan on

WAHOOO my favorite toddler! Look at little Vi in her adorable sweater and shoes! haha and in this picture especially I see so much of daddy in her…those eyes are totally Ben–at least in this picture–she really is the perfect combination of both of them and I don’t know that I’ve seen a generally happier kid…adore her…and her parents =)

Julia A on

Aww looks like Violet got a boo-boo. She still looks so happy though. =)

Brit on

i’ve got to say… I really think jen is pregnant!!!

SY on

DLR, no I don’t think she is losing teeth, she just has plenty of room in her mouth right now. Maybe she’ll be one of the lucky ones who won’t need braces!

Brandi on

I think the gap in her teeth just means future braces….sorry, kid!

Kelly on

good gosh did this little girl ever go through the terrible twos? i dont think ive ever seen a picture of her where shes not smiling! shes such a sweetheart

Rosy J on

These two are so adorable. Yes, she has a boo-boo. I think that’s why she is very often seen in pants. I’ll bet she is a very active little girl and probably falls and scrapes her knees a lot. My little niece was such a tom boy, her mom had to dress her in pants just to protect her knees from scars. Am I the only one that thinks Jen is sporting a little barely there baby bump?

Emily on

LOVE Jennifer Garner. She and Ben seem so happy and Violet looks like a delightful, very un-Hollywood kid.

Eleonora on

Jennifer Garner is really beautiful e Violet is just adorable!

Lilly on

Violet’s always so happy, it always makes me smile.

sharon on

they were definitely not smiling to the paps you can see very clearly on x17 video site that she really just wanted to get away from them.
poor Jenny she is such a great mother to V and I hope that there is another one on the way 😉
I love them!

Lauren on

Wow, that’s a beautiful pic of Jen. She’s been dressing much more girly lately instead of her usual jeans and tees; I like it!

Crystal on

DLR: As far as I can remember Violet has always had the gap between her teeth as a lot of babies do. It’s called a diastema.

I love to see that Jen and Violet are smiling even amist the rumors the paps are spreading about a spilt for Jen and Ben. I think the story has no merit so it’s go to see her be able to smile through it. Violet always seems to be smiling! She seems to be a happy little girl!

lee on

from what i remember of a thing i watched on jennifer garner, she had a lot of orthodontics when she was growing up, so maybe the gap in violet’s teeth is just a trait she picked up from her mom.

Karen on

Just when you think that photos of Violet cannot get any cuter – she wows us again!!! I recall reading a magazine article in which Jennifer was asked what traits she hoped Violet inherited. Her response was; Ben’s inquisitiveness and her happiness. It’s obvious that the latter has come to fruition. Having been a Jennifer Garner fan from the first episode of Alias, I am thrilled to see her having such success in both her personal and professional life. It’s wonderful to see that great things do happen to great people!

Ashlee on

I love the fact that she is always with her daughter, and she is not with a baby sitter!!

ashley on

As much as I like seeing pictures of them, the papparazzi is getting out of control. Asking Jen if she and Ben are breaking up in front of Violet. Have a little decency

KAW on

There are some other good ones from this set at Just Jared … one in which she looks like she might be pregnant … which would totally thrill little Violet … she would be such a fun big sister!

Sarah on

My grandmother, father, sister, cousin and me all have had gaps in our front teeth. We never had braces because our teeth were straight and not overlapping. Well, we didn’t have the money to fix it too. Although, I am sure Violet will have something done once her adult teeth come in. I think it looks cute and in my family, it means you’re mischievous!

Lisa on

I had those exact same teeth as a kid, gap in the middle and all. In elementary school, kids would always asked if I was missing a tooth! It took three years of braces as a teen to finally close up, which I was happy about because by then I was really self-concious of my smile. Having said that, some people embrace the gap, like Madonna and David Letterman…Hopefully Violet will know she is a beautiful girl regardless…

Chris on

I can’t think of one time where Violet hasn’t been smiling! That little one is always a happy girl. In a way, I think it’s great that Jennifer and Ben don’t hide her under blankets or not take her out in public like some celebs do with their children. They just go about their business, although I do agree the paps are a bit out of control these days.

gigi on

her teeth are exactly like ben’s teeth before he got them all fixed. go back to his ‘good will hunting’ days. that is exactly her fathers mouth. otherwise, she’s all jen.

Emaline on

I agree Brit and I so hope she’s pregnant!

My first was born a month before Violet and we’re expecting #2 this January, I know it’s weird but I’d love to be preggo ‘with’ her again lol!

The only reason I’m not sure is b/c she’s got a crazy schedule coming up this fall (from the last I’ve read) so who knows if she’d sign up for so much when she’s pregnant. Time will tell! 🙂


I want her purse!Violet is adorable, as always!

Melanie on

I hope all is well with this family. Rumors are flying todsy that Ben & Jen are on the rocks. If true that would be a shame. They make such an adorable bunch!!

Erica on

Melanie those rumors are from a dumb E! story earlier in the week, they were denied yesterday

Bee on

Violet is one of the happiest celeb babies I ever seen. The Affleck-Garner famile is one of my fave celeb familes.

Elyse on

I love Jen’s whole outfit, so very chic. And Violet, can’t get any cuter than that! I agree with the other poster, has Violet ever gone thorugh the terrible two’s? She always seems so happy, and has that big grin on her sweet face!