Heelarious: High heels for your baby

06/23/2008 at 12:00 PM ET


If you’re the mother of a baby and can’t wait to go for your first mother-daughter manicure, get her fitted for her first bra, or give her a makeover, you might get a kick out of Heelarious infant high heels. "Her first high heels" are crib shoes for infants under six months old. The shoes ($35), which come in black patent leather, black satin, pink patent leather, hot pink satin, and zebra and leopard prints, are meant as a joke and not intended to be walked in (the heels collapse if pressure is put on them).

Co-inventor Britta Bacon came up with the concept when her daughter turned four, saying, "It would have been hilarious if I could have brought Kayla to a party in high heels when she was a baby."

What do you think of Heelarious? Hilarious or disgusting?

Which celebrity parents could you imagine loving these?

Thanks to CBB Reader Hayley who wrote, "I’m an avid CBB reader and usually have a lot to say, but when it comes to this I am lost for words!"

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Sara on

They’re kind of cute if you were going to a party or something. A baby usually isn’t walking at 6 mos. so I don’t think that part would be a problem.
As for Moms, I can see Tori Spelling or maybe Nicole Richie putting them on their girls.

Grayson's Girl on

To each his own I suppose. Personally, I wouldn’t buy them because I’m one who feels that a girl’s first pair of high heels are one of the rites of passage into young womanhood, at least they were for me. I remember how excited I was when my mom let me buy my first pair and I wouldn’t want to rob my daughter of that experience. I’d love for my little girls to STAY little girls and enjoy all that entails for as long as possible. They have all the time in the world to get caught up in stilettos, pumps, and boots, let them enjoy the shoeless period with the adorable socks and then princessy kid shoes while they can. I get that this is a joke and that the heels collapse, and admittedly they are cute, but it’s still a no for me. At the end of the day, it’s up to each individual mom to decide what she’s okay with.

Crystal on

I was also thinking Nicole Richie! I think they shoes are cute and if I had a daughter I would probably buy them just for picture taking sake!

Colleen on

I love these! I just purchased these for my friends DD who is 6 weeks old, and I also got her Birkensocks. Her mom is such a fashionista and I thought she would really like these. They’re innocent and meant to be funny. It’s not like they are lucite stripper shoes for a 4 year old!

erica alayne on

I have a funny feeling that this topic could potentially turn into something ugly, but I am really hoping that it won’t.

I think that they are meant to be taken in the most UNSERIOUS way possible. I don’t think in any way shape or form this product is supposed to do anything else but be more than a funny little joke. Don’t forget, these are for babies under six months, and it isn’t like they will be walking around in them, or anything equally dangerous and ridiculous.

As long as people take it for what it is, then I don’t see the harm in it.

Tracy on

Way too inappropriate IMO!

Heather on

I agree with Colleen, these are very funny! However I would not by them if they were made of hard plastic for a toddler. I hate all the prostitot clothing they have out now for these little girls. But these are more for moms enjoyment and quite comical in my opinion and yes if I had an infant girl I would buy these for some laughs.

Kelly on

I don’t really find them overly distasteful but I do think they are BEYOND silly. Then again I don’t really like shoes on babies anyway.

Nicka on

I think its a funny idea, but in practice I wouldn’t buy these for my kids. It smacks of pushing them to grow up too fast, IMO, and continues gender stereotypes.

I already think that too many girls are wearing shoes with some kind of lifts (platforms, little heels) at ages 4-7, and that makes me uncomfortable, too. Let little girls be girls and play and get dirty still!

In other words, cute in the store but I would never let my child wear them in real life.

Amy on

Train them to destroy their feet at an earlier age. What a grand idea! Let babies be babies – why dress them like adults?

The Nanny on

I think they’re very cute and I’d let my under 6-month-old wear them (but just on special occasions).

Christen on

Honestly…I find these to be creepy. I wouldn’t put them on my child, waaay too weird! I don’t understand what the point is in putting these on your kid, but I guess whatever floats your boat.

Tammy on

If I want funny, I can think of more interesting ways to spend $35! I mean, $35 for this? I’m sorry, but it’s a gimmick gone mad.

Cassandra on

These are so cute for like a photo op. but not like a real pair of shoes, I think that’s what there meant for.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy them. If I want a silly photo of my little girl, I’ll use my heels, not $35 for a pair she’ll wear two or three times tops. That’s a tad ridiculous.

nikie on

Seriously? It never fails to amaze me how some people have absolutely NO sense of humor whatsoever. I am pretty sure a 6 month old BABY doesn’t understand the concept of high heels, and she probably isn’t gonna try to grow up too fast just because her mom thought the shoes would be cute for a special occasion. Honestly, does the way your parents dressed you when you were 6 months old affect the way you dress today? Can you even remember what shoes you wore at that age? Also- a right of passage? The kid can’t even walk, the high heels aren’t real! Geez. Lighten up.

Brandi on

I think these fall into the same category as other made-for-adults things that people dress their kids in – bikinis, pants with writing across the butt, etc. Parents choose the way they want their child perceived, and if this is what you want your child to look like, then that is your choice.

There is no harm in dressing up, just appropriate times. There are high heels made for little girls all the time (i.e. Disney Princess, which I have repeatedly had my kindergarten students wear to school). These aren’t going to hurt the baby.

I think they look weird, though.

Stef on

As a great lover of shoes, my opinion is this…

I don’t find them offensive at all. Most baby clothing borders on costumey over functional (like baby girl dresses need THAT many frills). I honestly think they’re just really ugly, mainly because they look exactly like the shoes Minnie Mouse wears–same shape, color, and all and I would feel that my baby looks like a big ol’ cartoon.

I do, however, like the pointy toes and would buy baby shoes with toes like that.

tara on

These are funny, but I can’t imagine putting them on my baby unless it were for a joke, costume or funny picture. But who knows, my daughter is too old and this next baby is a boy. I would certainly get a kick out of seeing these on a baby girl.

Amy – high heels don’t destroy your feet, poor quality, poor fitting shoes can though.. my opinion.. I never have a problem in heels but I have a high arch so flats kill my feet and I guess I am just too vain for orthopedic shoes.

Jenn on


I saw your comment on the Heelarious post and I was wondering what Birkensocks were? I love the Heelarious heels and am always looking for cute, funny baby items for myself, family and friends. Can you get Birkensocks online? Thanks so much!


lele on

gross …. totally gross.

Jen on

Ew, no thank you.

I’m sorry if that gives me no sense of humor or it’s a sign that I need to lighten up. Putting other issues brought up about them aside, they are just not cute to me.

KW on

Not a fan. There is absolutely nothing cuter than sweet, pudgy baby feet with 10 little piggy-toes.

Why on earth would someone choose shoes like this? There are already the socks and Robeez that look like (little girl’s) dress shoes. Isn’t that enough?

kristina on

I think that they would make a funny shower gift for a mom that is into shoes… I would get them for my sister in law..her husbands parents buy the kids everything, (bugaboo etc.) so she is hard to get gifts for. But this would be fun. I wouldn’t mind a pair..just to hang from my mirror in my car. 🙂

Alba Shy on


MB on

i think the shoes are a funny idea, but i don’t think they are that cute. also, $35 for infant shoes? not in my budget.

while i think some of the clothes out there for little girls are way too adult (i wouldn’t dress a 4 year old in heels), i agree with nikie in that a 6 month old isn’t going to know one way or the other. if my baby turns out to be a daughter, i don’t think i’ll have a problem dressing her up for a cute photo shoot, but once she’s an older toddler i’m going to hold off on makeup and heels and such until she’s a teenager.

brannon on

I find these as funny as Bratz. I at least take comfort in knowing these are only for comedic purposes. The dolls on the other hand… (sorry, issues with stripper baby dolls.)

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk on

Sooo not cute and sooo not funny.
Sorry if that makes me humourless but there is no way on God’s green earth I would have ever put those on my baby girl. They are BABIES, not dolls.

S on

I don’t understand the point of babies and toddlers that unable to walk as yet wearing shoes. Should be booties all the way. Seeing Nike and Addidas baby trainers for $50 is too much

Amanda on

I think they are hilarious! I can never understand the ‘making them grow up too fast’ it’s not like someone is going to put those on their baby every single day, they are meant to be a funny ‘gag’ gift and such. Wearing them to a fancy party or wedding would be IMO kind of cute.

Nikka on

I think this is a good and funny idea itself, but I dont like this particular model, it doesnt seem to be tasteful and skillfully made. They dont look cozy, but the idea itself seems funny

DLR on

Way too silly and totally inappropriate considering children are growing up way too fast these days. Don’t need a baby girl wearing high heels before she’s 1 year old! Gah!

M on


Mervion on

Honestly, when I first saw these I thought, “this is too much” and my feminist side got all up in arms.

But then I remembered my friend in her mid twenties who is having her first baby and adores high heels. And then I thought, “This would make a really cute and funny shower gift.”

I think for the right person it’s a really cute, silly gift. How is this different from dressing up baby girls in insanely frilly dresses and tutus exactly?

Lighten up, people. I did!

Denise B. on

They’re just “fun fashion” is all. I don’t think there’s any bad intentions of these other than a sense of “cuteness”. I could totally see Tori Spelling, Nicole Richie or Gwen Stefani,if she has a daughter,digging these !!

nikie on

I am almost 24, and when I was little, I loved to play dress up. After reading some of the uptight and humorless (I’m sorry, my oppinion) I am so greatful that I have a mother that let me play with shoes, jewelry, and *GASP* she even let me try her lipstick when I saw it and I was curious. It’s NOT the end of the world. The premise that this can “steal their childhood” or “make them grow up too fast” is absurd. I am a normal adult. I don’t dress like a slut, and I didn’t miss out on my child hood just because my mom let me dress up and play with makeup. I think some people here are over-reacting a LITTLE too much. Kid’s not the kids like me that turn into “prostitots” In my oppinion, it’s the kids with these UPTIGHT moms that have to control every little thing their kid does or wears even at 6months old. THOSE are the little girls that rebel, and start wanting to dress too racy in Junior High.

Lilybett on

There’s a huge uproar in Australia at the moment about sexualising children (particularly through advertising and the media). One of the things they were talking about were little bra-lettes aimed at four year olds and g-strings/thongs for 10 year olds. I think these high-heels are much the same sort of thing. Kind of funny and silly but not sending a great message to little girls.

Monika on

Honestly, I just find them ugly. They’re not cute for a baby. The idea is funny though, and I’m sure their sales are threw the roof.

marla on

tacky, tacky, tacky. and i have a great sense of humor (and style) and these are awful. and i’m not even getting into a discussion beyond the esthetics. yuck.

J.M. on

okay they’re funny……….LOOKING!!

I so would NEVER let my baby girl wear them even if it was a joke! I don’t like to be the center of attention and I don’t think I need my child to be either!!

These look like something that should be put on a build a bear not a baby!!

Melanie on

Sheesh. No one has a sense of humor? I think these would be GREAT for Halloween… think of what you could dress your little girl as! Also, they look like a funny gift for a shower.

I dont think anyone seriously wants to put their child in these for day-to-day wear. This is TOTALLY different than bra tops for four year olds, which are meant to be worn not as a costume but as actual clothing.

When I was a child, I had a bra-top thing that I wore over a leotard – with my mermaid tail costume. ONLY as a costume, and over a leotard. And I was not overly sexualized, I was a kid in the 80s who wanted to be the little mermaid. If I had worn the bra top, even over the leotard, in every day wear? TOO much. But as a costume,ya know, it was fun.

Sheesh. People get so up in arms over the smallest things.

Julia A on

I don’t think these shoes are inappropriate since they are meant to be funny. However, I don’t find them funny at all, they look tacky and ugly to me.

Nita on

Don’t care for them, a bit too grown. I love to see babies and little girls dressed as just that babies and little girls.

KF on

Not my cup of tea and I personally think they’re ugly, but to each her own!

You know what first crossed my mind when I saw the picture, though? The size and shape of these shoes look a bit like the shoes worn by Chinese women who have had their feet bound (long ago)… for that reason alone I couldn’t ever bring myself to buy a pair!

I-dra on

three words: jamie. lynne. spears. (and tori spelling)

Michelle on

I think they are Tacky with a capital T!

They look awful and to put them on a little baby is just wrong.

nora on

Very tacky and I wouldn’t want my baby to be dressed like an adult anyway…

What’s next? Tiny g-strings?

Audrey on

More than funny, I find them ugly. There is so many shoes out there that are super cute and I rather spend on some of those for my daughter.

The only possible way I would put this on my DD was to complement a witch outfit for halloween. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this shoes.

ParisApril on

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

It’s pretty sad that as a society we see this as a funny gag gift to give even if the child’s feet will never even touch them.

Think about how many resources and energy are wasted just for a little laugh.

Jessica on

I think it’s cute as long as they’re not actually walking in them. I’m disgusted by stores that sell anything with a heel on it for little girls, but this is just a fun cute thing for babies that can’t even walk. No biggie.

Helen on

I have seen boob tubes for 18 month girls. This is worse

Hayley Cook on

Besides the price, how they look etc I find them to be absolutely pointless. $35 for what? They don’t serve a purpose so I would definately be spending my money elsewhere!

Marie on

Forget about the whole “pushing them into womanhood” thing… they’re just UGLY and that’s the reason I wouldn’t ever purchase them.

Adelex on

Both my daughters wore bootees at that age. I would never have bought anything like that for them. Th ugliest shoes ever!!

L on

UGLY! And just… stupid! Sorry, they’re not funny.

Lori on

I think these are totally freaking cute! I would definitely put these on my baby! Its cute to dress them up every once in a while. Lighten up people!

Malori on

I think that they are adorable. I have a cousin that is fixing to have a little girl and I will so by her a pair. They are not meant for any other purpose but for fun. I think that there are other things out there much worse, and if she wants to put her daughter in a pair of heels then why not.

Patti on

Stupid. You would be better served to donate the $35 to a worthy charity…

Janet Lane on

These are just the cutest thing. I loved putting my baby in socks that looked like shoes so these are so cute I bought a pair on Amazingaccessories.net

cant wait to get them

Stephanie on

I think these are indeed hilarious, and it’s true that to some, they’re cute, and to some, they’re not cute.

To the woman who said “they’re babies, not dolls” – well, I think you’re only half accurate. They’re babies in the sense that they’re living, breathing, little humans. I find it interesting that no one has pointed out that parents dress their babies according to their tastes, and oftentimes, that taste reflects their own sense of style. I, for example, love shoes. High heels, flats, wedges, etc, so I think these baby heels are cute and funny. My sister, who would rather be barefoot in winter than wear heels, would hate these baby shoes. But both of our choices have nothing to do with how fast we do or don’t want our children to grow up. Babies have no opinion on what they wear, and putting them in any outfit is no more or less playing dress up then if it’s a Halloween costume, or a church dress. You’re dressing up your baby to suit your tastes, and your opinions, and your idea of the dress for an occasion. For the record, I also think it’s incredibly ignorant to say that teen pregnancy results from children playing dress up, as was mentioned in the “three words” post.

Cathy on

I can understand purchasing something that may be cute or a bit funny. However purchasing something such as heels even if they are meant as a joke isnt something funny to laugh at. Do you forget that although we may be in the right state of mind that there are quite a few individuals in society who are not. Why would we want to fuel those evil minds with thoughts of our own children at their expense just to laugh and parade them about.

Tia Danielle on

I think the shoes are ugly! They look like witch shoes for babies…maybe they just need a little work, new design. I don’t know, I think it’s dumb to have shoes on someone who can’t stand let alone walk but whatev….they need work!

Cate on

oh cmon… it’s just like putting elastic headband on a bald baby :o)

it has no use, no effect but merely for accessory

it will not affect how your daughter will dress in the future … LOL aren’t we just sooo uptight!

Dana on

REDICULOUS-PEOPLE, THEY ARE HUMOROUS BABY SHOES THAT FEEL LIKE LITTLE PILLOWS. They arent teaching your daughter to dress like a prostitute-(do you really think she’ll remember wearing them). I mean seriously-dont pair them with fish nets and a leather mini for gods sake!!!
Thats whats wrong with this world-no sense of humor. Stop taking things so seriously and over-analizing things people-there cute , silly, joke baby shoes-little babies will not start turning tricks, taking drugs, and flipping off thier sunday school teachers because they wear a pair of novelty baby heels!
Get a Grip!!!