Matthew Broderick says son is 'already curious' about smoking

06/20/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

Brodericks Actors Sarah Jessica Parker, 43, and Matthew Broderick, 46 — parents to 5 ½-year-old James Wilkie — are occasional smokers, which Matthew told New York magazine he recently picked up again after having quit a "long time" ago.  Their son, however, is "already curious" about the habit.  Said Matthew,

He’ll see a cigarette butt and say, ‘What is that? Why do people smoke?’ I can just see the little budding gene of a smoker in there.

James is the only child for the couple, who wed in 1997.

Source: New York; Photo by Ramey.

Thanks to CBB readers Mary Beth and Kate.

What topics are your kids curious about?


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tink1217 on

maybe not smoking around him or quitting again would be a good idea? Just a thought!!

stéph on

Yeah totally with your idea tink1217. I wouldn’t be proud of it. It’s not like ” I see a little gene of an actor in there”, not it’s about smoking. I am totally against parents smoking around their kids, it’s okayt if a person wants to ruin their health, but please think about the kid. I find it so frustrating when I see parents smoking in the car with a little baby on the back seat of the car, sometimes with all the windows close. So selfish and unintelligent.

Anyway it’s their kid, they raise him like they want, but I am proud of not smoking and I’m proud of everyone who never smoked or stopped smoking.If you did I’m proud of ya!!


That’s something to be proud of passing onto him! WOO! *eye roll*

Amanda on

This one is going to start a debate for sure 😉
You can not smoke around your children and they’ll still know. My husband is a smoker and he only smokes outside, never around our kids and our oldest, who is almost 4, is still curious about it, even though our term for them is ‘icky sticks’ She still pretends when she’s playing house to smoke them 😦 but really she sees people at restaurants or other public places smoking them more often than she sees my husband doing so.
One thing that my oldest is really curious about is pregnancy. As in, she asks when she will have a baby in her belly all the time. My answer was always, when you are a grown up and get married. But lately a lot of people we know that aren’t married are having children ,such as her aunt, and she’s really getting confused about that.

Yonni on

Kids notice everything. They know so much more than we give them credit for. Kids mimic their parents, and that is why I try hard not to curse, or show them any behaviors I wouldn’t want them to emulate. We all slip as parents form time to time since we of course aren’t perfect, but I really would not want my child to smoke, or drink excessively, etc.. Children learn from their parents.

Jenny on

My dad has smoked since he was 11 years old, but quit while my mom was pregnant with me and when I was a baby, and the same thing for my brother. He also never smoked inside the house and never smoked in the car when we were with him. In fact, I barely ever saw him smoke until I was an adult. I wish that he would quit for good, but all I can do is tell him that. I don’t think there’s any excuse for smoking around your children, its just unhealthy…but I also don’t think that a parent that smokes breeds a child that will smoke. I’m 26 years old and I’ve never even held a cigarette. on

Yes tink1217, I agree!

My 4 year old son just found out yesterday that smoking exists…we moved tables at an outdoor cafe to get away from a smoker. So now he knows it’s a terribly unhealthy thing to do. Not sure how to answer the question, “then why would anyone do it?”

Or better yet, in Matthew’s case, why would someone start it up again?!

SY on

We try to tell our kids to make good choices, whether it’s about playing with friends, smoking, etc. They see people smoking and we tell them it’s their choice, but that smoking has its ramifications. Our oldest is 7 and he told his friend in the car the other day that he’s not ever going to smoke because he doesn’t want to get black smoke in his lungs and possibly die from it(maybe we’re going over board!).

marla on

that is such a strange quote. i can’t figure out if MB thinks it’s cute that his son may smoke one day…cause lung cancer isn’t all that cute.

Jenny on

I have an idea to help you quit again Matthew- everytime you want to buy a pack of cigarettes, buy me a tank of gas instead!

Renee on

I doubt any of us know him personally or all of his habits. He’s talking about a cigarette butt, not actually smoking around James. Also, walking down the street a child can see a random person smoking and be curious.

a on

mabe thats why matthew has been looking so fit these days

finnaryn on

Stress is often the key reason a person who stopped smoking for a pregnancy, starts smoking again. And just because they admit that they are occasional smokers does not mean that they smoke around James Wilkie.

I quit for all three of my pregnancies and continued smoke free for the length of time that I nursed each of my kids. But stresses from my job led to me start again, away from my kids. I never have smoked in the car, the house, or when we are playing outside together.

Ekaterina on

Oh man. My parents were smokers before they had me and my brother. And so was my father’s mother who ended up with adult on-set asthma, which is so serious that instead of common colds, she just gets pneumonia. She hates big tobacco so much now that she won’t even buy products sold under the Phillip Morris brand (ie Kraft and Nabisco) She even has a list on her refrigerator! I grew up learning how bad it was. I frankly think it should be illegal to smoke around anyone under the age of 18. They proven that second hand smokes affects us the same as smoking does and you are not allowed to smoke until you are 18, therefore shouldn’t it be illegal to smoke around someone under 18?!? I always want to say something to a parent I see smoking around their child. It is so wrong!

Diane on

This is not a good thing!!!

tink1217 on

no, I also don’t buy into a parent smoking breeding a child that smokes. My mom smoked while pregnant with me and still does, I picked up the habit when I was about 21 and smoked off and on for about 10 years. Never around my kids, but yeah, they still knew. My husband finally threatened to divorce me if I didn’t quit so that was it. I quit cold turkey and haven’t looked back. Now…my daughter is 19 and she hates smokers. she leaves the room if someone lights up.

Kids will be curious. I HOPE they don’t smoke around him. But no…it doesn’t mean he will want to smoke. I just didn’t think Matthew’s comment was a good one.

Tracey on

Ummm why would be be proud enough to share that?

Bren on

I have a feeling he probably said it with the tone of voice where he is disappointed but the wording is strange and I like both of them but come on, quit smoking! I am not trying to judge people who do but you should do what is best for your health for your child because one day you aren’t going to want to see your kid smoking because it worries you and in my opinion when I see my sister smoke it kills me because she could get cancer and I know if my parents smoked it would give me the same feeling so hopefully smoking will become less and less of a bad habit because it is hard for people to quit smoking so lets keep our kids from starting.

hilde on

Oh, come on.

Smoking is bad. Ok, it really is bad, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.

I don’t smoke, but I don’t think it’s ‘illegal’ or ‘awful’. I just think it’s unhealthy: we avoid getting my children near people who are smoking and we tell them that it’s a choice which could have serious consequences.

However, I don’t want to judge smokers so quickly. We should also forbid drinking, then – no beer/wine/liquors in front of kids or they’re going to be drunks someday!

Matthew didn’t say ‘how cool is that, my son will smoke!’ he just made a comment about his son.

Britt on

I’m imaging him saying it with a sarcastic voice. He probably just has a different sense of humor and is sarcastic then actually being excited!

dickie on

Poor Matthew. I knew everyone would slam him for the quote. At no point did I hear him say he was proud of this fact. I thought CBB was not printing judgmental comments?

Clair on

i missed out on one set of grandparents, and they missed out on their grandchildren because they both died early from illnesses caused by smoking, i remebmber them vaguely but my parents couldn’t let me stay in their house too long because my eyes would puff and turn red, caused by the smoke. The only thing i really remember about their house was pain. I’m not saying everyone has this reaction to smoke, but it’s a good enough reason for me not to smoke.

oh and a topic my god daughter is asking about a lot recently is why some poeple have big bellies and some people don’t – a little bit embarassing when you’re in a restaurant!! he he



ashley on

As much as I love SJP I cant believe that they as parents would say something like that. He see’s the budding gene of a smoker? That is a horrible thing to say about a child..if he is curious they should tell him its a horrible habit and to never do it! Not something you want to pass down to your child!

Mousie on

In the article he didn’t say SJP was an occasional smoker – not sure why you word it like that – he said she was worse than he is.

Maybe it helps her stay skinny, but it explains why her skin is not in very good condition.

Emily on

I agree, the tone of his comment was probably frustration/disappointment – less likely to be one of pride or laughter! But, whatever the tone, I agree that it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I admire people who choose not to smoke, or people who have smoked and then quit. If someone does insist on smoking, I admire them if they can control their habit enough in order that their kids are never exposed to it.

I find childrens’ exposure to passive smoking – or even the sight of cigarettes – deplorable. Not all children will of course emulate what they see; as an example, my grandmother used to, and still does smoke, at least a packet each day. She even had a little room to the side of her bedroom, which is the ONLY place she ever smoked. When I was little, my sister and I used to go and stand in the doorway to talk to her, but she would always encourage us to leave because the smoke was bad for us, which is something we took on board.

The other thing is, that it’s hard to draw the line between harmless curiosity and a deeper curiosity. Most little kids (including myself) use those Fad sticks and pretend to smoke, but it’s a question of how many of those take up real cigarettes in their later years?

Now, I have a massive aversion to the act of smoking – as well as the smoke). But some children will follow the example their parents set them, which is the worry and why it’s so important to be careful!

I think that Matthew Broderick and Sarah JP might want to look at their ‘occasional’ smoking and decide what they want to teach their child. I’m not trying to judge (too much – I guess I am a little!) – but I do worry for kids and our future generations!

Kate on

My 4 1/2-year old daughter JUST “discovered” smoking at preschool — they were reading the nursery rhyme “Old King Cole” and when they got to the part “He asked for a pipe,” all the kids asked the teacher what a pipe was and the teacher explained that smoking pipes was very unhealthy and nobody should do that.

They THEN went so far as to make a huge chart with the “Old King Cole” rhyme printed out, circled the word “pipe,” crossed it out, and substituted “healthy alternatives!” It was very admirable and amusing at the same time.

(For the record, my daughter’s “healthy alternative” was “hummus!”)

Tricia on

Wow. First off, parents–if they want to continue smoking–can do it out of sight of their children–if only for their sake.

Let me say that I was a smoker for 20 years, until I got pregnant with my son. Nothing else ever enticed me to quit, but when I saw that first sonogram, at 6 weeks, I quit, cold turkey. But it’s only been for the last 2 or 3 years that, when I was around a cigarette, it didn’t smell good–and I quit 15 years ago!!! That’s how powerful the addiction can be. But nothing could make me go back now, since wanting to see your child graduate high school, go to college, get married, have children, etc. is the best reason to live as long as you possibly can. My husband quit a few years before me, and as he said, “You don’t know what you’re not missing!”.

Rachel on

But smoking doesn’t reduce stress, it actually exacerbates it!

Angie on

I’d like to see the entire interview–I highly doubt Matthew sat down with The New Yorker, delivered those couple of lines on this topic and that was it. It’s really hard to judge a person’s intentions or tones based on not even 3 lines of dialogue.

Sam on

I doubt James will find it cute when he sees his parents struggling to breathe with emphysema or lung cancer. To this day I still remember my Pop in hospital with emphysema struggling for every breathe and I would have been younger than James is now to this day I have never smoked.

Lauren on

“i missed out on one set of grandparents, and they missed out on their grandchildren because they both died early from illnesses caused by smoking”

Same here. My paternal grandparents both died of illnesses caused by heavy smoking that they did regularly in the house in front of and around their children. My father and his brother grew up with horrible asthma and allergies, and while it could have been a coincidence, I find it highly unlikely that their habit didn’t contribute negatively to their childrens’ health. As a result, I find smoking around children inexcusable, just as I find nothing cute or funny about Matthew “seeing the little budding gene of a smoker” in his young son. I really like him and Sarah Jessica (also a heavy smoker at who stopped at one point-not sure if she’s taken it up again as well), but this is nothing to be proud of or brag about.

Susan on

Why do people start smoking? Are there any smokers here who can answer that? I have tried smoking a cigarette 2-3 times and I didn’t like the smoke. Does anyone like the taste of smoke going down their throat and into their lungs?

teenyz on

To Sarah –

The same reason most people enjoy caffeine. The head rush that comes with addiction – to any substance.

teenyz on

Sorry, I meant to Susan.

Long day!

amandamay on

my 5 year old son calls cigarettes “smokeders” and has been known to lean out his car window to tell a person smoking (either in their car or on the street) that “smokeders are bad!! they aren’t healthy!!” hehe we were in beverly hills once (we live in los angeles) where we happened to see a celeb who was smoking and my son ran right up to him and said “you are being very dangerous and not healthy!” it was hilarious.

i personally don’t smoke and have taught my son from a very early age that they aren’t healthy, but i do respect the right of people to choose if they want to smoke or not. to each his/her own.

oh, and i really think we need to hear the tone of this comment before passing judgement.. i’m guessing it was said sarcastically. i doubt he wants his son to grow up to be a smoker.

Renee on

Mousie, what does SJP’S skin have to do with this topic? I think your comment was harsh

Jamie on

Mathew Broderick is well known for a twisted sense of humour, I’m rather sure this was either out of context or meant as a joke. Whether people find it funny is a different matter, but he’s a very intelligent man, I for one do not believe he is looking forward to his son smoking, no parent does.

And FYI, as a smoker I can guarantee that smoking DOES reduce stress if one smokes. The addiction is not just a psychological comfort thingy, there’s a physiological basis for it because we have inbuilt nicotine receptors and we breathe in deep. So yes, sadly.

Bek on

– Susan

The same reason anyone gets addicted to anything; sex, chocolate, food, drugs, medicine, exercise, gambling, etc… It’s an addiction. It gives you a rush. It calms you.

As a smoker, I know exactly how his son feels. My mom smoked around me and I always found it to be something exciting, thrilling. When I was 5, my mom gave me a puff on her cigarette and I immediately threw up. She told me that that would always happen so I should NEVER start. Which I didn’t…until I was 18. At the doctor’s office, my doctor told me that one of the reasons I probably started up was because of older people smoking around me and me being influenced by it. I do believe that, at times, smokers can breed smokers. So I hope that Matt and SJP sit their son down and talk about how bad smoking it and how he should never start or even think about it. And then they need to both quit for good.

As much as I love smoking, I also hate it, in the sense of the smell, the effects, the cost, but mostly, the jeers and sneers I and many others get from people. I mean some states have already made it illegal to smoke anywhere, which personally I HATE! The reason why I hate it!? I am the one being punished for an addiction that starts FROM THE ADDITIVES in the cigarette. So instead of going after Big Tobacco and the chemicals they put in their cigarettes to keep people addicted and the chemicals they put in that end up killing people everyday, everyone goes after me and the other smokers. I hate it. I wish the government and others in power would start to crack down on the cigarette companies and make them pay more and tax them more so maybe we can figure out a “safe” cigarette, if there ever could be one or start the process of getting rid of cigarettes for good and getting people on the road to a better healthier less addicted to cigarettes life. Stop going after the little guy, GO AFTER BIG TOBACCO!

Jen on

Smoking is such a horrible, dangerous, unhealthy habit. I should think they would both not smoke around their child and tell him that it’s not a good thing to do. “A budding smoker”…it sounded as if he’s almost proud of that fact! Ugh!

Campbell on

Matthew, cigarette smoking is a drug addiction! Please be a set a good example for your son and encourage him not to use drugs. You can be drug-free again!

Jen DC on

Be sensible, folks: I don’t think he’s “proud” of the fact that he may have a budding smoker. It was probably more chagrinned than anything, his comment. Like, “Yeah, we hoped it wouldn’t happen… but now he knows…”

In any event, both my parents are non-smokers, and I am an on-again-off-again smoker. I’ve quit up to three years at a time… and come back to it. My trigger is “overwhelming” stress. It’s not the best fix, nor the cheapest fix, but with some suggested alternatives being prescription drugs (um, not that serious) or something worse and/or illegal (also no thanks) make smoking the easiest, reasonably priced alternative to dealing with a short term angst.

James Wilkie might or might not start smoking, but if he does, it won’t be simply because his parents smoke occasionally. Like Matthew said: There are butts on the street; people are now smoking on sidewalks because they are forbidden to smoke inside. They might be his closest and most influential smoking representation, but certainly not the only ones.

Susan on

It doesn’t really matter if James Wilkie Jessica Parker Broderick smokes or not, in the grand scheme of things. It’s his choice to make. I’m sure he will make the decision that is right for him when the time comes. Matt is just observing his son and making comments.

And all of the smokers out there are making a choice to continue smoking. Addictions can be cured or at least controlled. In this day and age there is absolutely no reason to continue smoking if you would like to be a non-smoker.

Amy on

Susan- You asked why people start smoking in the first place, while I am personally not a smoker, because I do not have an addictive personality, so I never got addicted, my boyfriend is a smoker, and he told me the reason he started smoking as a teenager was to cover up the pot smell on his clothes. Which I then told him was a horrible reason to start smoking, because honestly I would be more angry about my child smelling like cigarette smoke than pot smoke, but maybe that’s just how I was raised.

Shay on


Huh? Safe cigarette? The ONE way to SERIOUSLY get the attention of the tobacco companies is to STOP BUYING THEM….period! As long as those companies KNOW that people will CONTINUE buying their products REGARDLESS of any health complications from doing so….they will NOT stop selling tobacco products! Hit ’em where it hurts & do your part to STOP ‘funding’ their millionaire/billionaire lifestyles!

My question is this: How can one even AFFORD to buy cigarettes with FUEL & GROCERY prices spiraling out of control these days???

suzanne on

You’re proud of the fact that you have a ride child? Regardless of the fact that someone is smoking, a CHILD has no business going up to a total stranger and lecturing them. Seriously…You find this acceptable?

Chicki on

Campbell, coffee drinking is a drug addiction too! Come on and lighten up with your judgements, people. People start smoking often for the dumbest of reasons, I did because I moved to France as a student and “everyone else was doing it” so I did it too to fit in – I smoked cigarettes for 10 years and quit recently due to health issues. And I’m very proud of myself for doing so. I hate the smell of smoke now and I find myself getting “judgy” with smokers – all of the bad traits I used to have, that I now see in others makes me sick, but I have to realize that everyone makes their own decision to do what they want to do. Granted, when you have children things should change, but MANY times it’s hard because it’s an addiction. If both of James WIlkie’s parents are smokers it’s a FACT that they probably passed along a smoking gene to him – if not smoking, some other addictive trait – and I think that’s what MB’s talking about. It doesn’t mean he’s proud of it, it’s just the reality of life.

brooke on

Of course he is curious about smoking, both his parents are heavy smokers. They seem like a weird couple and always share weird stories about james IMO. I think smoking is a disgusting habit, I thank god I was never into that. Too many people die of cancer, why higher your risk by smoking is beyond me. Plus for vanity reasons it makes you stink like smoke and ruins the color of your teeth. I notice at least with people I know non smokers usually come from non smoker parents, as in the case of my brother and me. And than I know a lot of people whose parents smoked and they do too

Mousie on

Renee, my comment wasn’t harsh – it was just a fact. Comments are referring to the effects of smoking. It has as much to do with this post as all the cancer comments do.

SJP is a smoker; smoking is known to make skin age. Therefore, it explains why her skin looks older than someone who doesn’t smoke.

amandamay on

suzanne – my child is far from rude. people actually comment on how polite he is! he says please, thank you, excuse me when he burps etc. i also always tell him not to say these things about cigarettes to people, but he tends to say it anyway. and when he does it i calmly tell him to leave the person alone – but he has his own mind and gets very upset when he sees people smoking. he also tells people not to litter and will go up to someone littering and tell them not to. this is just how he is. no offense, but you’re the one who seems rude with your comment.

Bek on

Shay – I’m sorry you missed the entire point of my post.

csc on

Well I hope Matt & Jess advise James NOT to smoke and that their son’s curiosity will make them quit permanently. If stressed, go jogging, read a book, sleep…you dont have to smoke!

hilde: Smoking IS awful.

mousie: I agree. SJP already gets criticism for her nose and mole, and now those cancer sticks are hurting her even more!

tink, your mom smoked while pregnant with you and you were born full term with no defects?

bek: there is no safe cigarette. The best thing for you 2 do is quit.

Bek on

Seriously, how hard is it to understand my point? I didn’t think I made it that hard. I said that if Big Tobacco cannot figure out how to make a “safe” cigarette, see how I put safe in “”, to emphasis that there probably never could be a safe cigarette, then they need to get rid of cigarettes for good and get people on the road to healthy living.

How hard is it to understand that the reason why people continue to smoke after starting is because of the chemicals that the Big Tobacco companies put in them, to make them taste good but to GET YOU ADDICTED. I know there is no SAFE cigarette, but I’m sure getting rid of the 4,000 chemicals they put in (some of which are poison) would make them a little “safer” and a lot less addictive. I’m sure not buying cigarettes (by the way, I am almost 3 months clean and sober, cold turkey) would be a way to say “Hey Big Tobacco company, I don’t need your product” but when you are an addict, you need that fix, you want that fix because that fix has additives in them that tell your brain I NEED A CIGARETTE!

Also, I have to wonder about the safe cigarette gimmick. I watch TV, I see those anti-Tobacco commercials, but not once have I seen the commercial tell me that the TOBACCO itself is what is harmful. I’m told over and over that the chemicals put in are what kills you, gives you diseases, lowers your baby weight if you smoke, etc… So that is why I’m pissed when people crackdown on smokers instead of the companies that make the cigarettes. It is the stuff THEY put in and they don’t get punished, I do.

*gets off soapbox*

Shay on


Maybe I did misunderstand….but with that said smoking, amongst other things, is a CHOICE that one makes for THEMSELVES! I personally grew up around HEAVY smokers and a VERY emotionally abusive parent….of whom I constantly PRAYED would get DRUNK whilst at home…only because said parent then did a complete ‘180’ & was NICE to me!

It’s tough for me to admit that as a child I actually WANTED my alcoholic parent to be constantly DRUNK!! Those drunken episodes were pretty much the ONLY time that said parent was EVER ‘approachable’, showed me ANY (much needed) parental affection, OR said that they actually LOVED me! Based on those issues alone one would think that I’d be a RAGING alcoholic or drug addict by now, huh?!

A LONG time ago, I made the choice for MYSELF to be a NON-smoker & NON-alcoholic period! I’m honestly VERY surprised that I’ve actually managed to stay true to that & shockingly AVOIDED any type of ‘addiction’ thus far…knock on wood…Ha-Ha! I’ll admit that I still have a few ’emotional’ scars remaining….but for the most part I somehow managed to emerge from my childhood unscathed & became a responsible self-supporting adult!

Yeah, I openly admit that it CAN be one of MANY tough addictions for ANYONE to break! But YES, it can be done if one only sets their mind to it! My hubby was a chain-smoker before we met & after our FIRST date he made the CHOICE, of his own accord, to quit cold-turkey! As TOUGH as it was for him to do, to this day he has NEVER looked back!

One of the first steps in overcoming ANY addiction is ACKNOWLEDGING & taking OWNERSHIP of your active role in it! It does NOT help ANYONE trying to overcome an addiction, if they’re always pointing their fingers at and/or blaming everyone else for THEIR addiction?! It just doesn’t WORK that way! Again, you have to OWN your active role in ANY addiction if you EVER want to be successful in overcoming it! It all boils down to a CHOICE that one chooses to make for THEMSELVES, period!

Sorry for getting off topic a bit in my reply! I just want you to know that it CAN be done if YOU just set your mind to it! I’m sincerely NOT intending any ‘ill will’ towards you whatsoever & THAT I promise!!

no better than anyone else on

WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP WITH THE HOLIER THAN THOU SPEECHES?! honestly, the topic CBB asked was WHAT TOPICS ARE YOUR KIDS CURIOUS ABOUT. NOT criticize the choices or comments of Broderick.

melanie on

yea i kno kids are exposed to everything but you can’t hide things from them b/c they will eventually find them out, you know. my mom never smoked or drank but 3 of my siblings have grown up to do both. i think the more you shelter your kids the more they’ll want to rebel against you. but i just think our peers have a huge impact on us, more than our parents. it is just basedf on the individual. thats just my opinion, nobody freak out okay, lol.

Chrystie Delancey on

The article went on to say that Matthew said Sarah is “worse than me” when it comes to the occasional smoking. Matthew said “every now and then I will fall off for a week.”

I could not tell from the article whether Matthew was worried that James will start smoking, but this from Nathan Lane (in the same article) was interesting:

According to longtime pal Nathan Lane, who showed up for the after-party at the Soho Grand. “If ever you wanted someone to have an intervention for you, it’s Matthew Broderick, because he’ll probably bring liquor.”


As far as smoking goes, people should be allowed to live their lives as they please. And I do believe that children will make their own choices.

Personally, I detest smoking and I do not have much compassion for smokers either.

The smell of second-hand cigarette smoke gives me a migraine immediately (and I am not exaggerating). I don’t much see the point of making people smoke outside when they do it in front of building entrances – we still have to walk through it anyway!

New York State does an excellent job with its anti-smoking campaign. There is this PSA that sometimes runs during my baseball games. It shows a doctor getting ready to amputate the foot of a smoker because of gangrene. Then there are others that show the effects of second-hand smoke on children. I don’t know how anyone could watch that and continue to smoke but I guess it is an addiction like anything else.

I’m just glad I didn’t grow up around smokers and that I do not smoke myself. My future children will not be raised around smokers either.

Lesley on

Chrystie, I am like you, very sensitive to smoke! Not enough publicity is made of this although here in the UK it is now banned in pubs and restaurants since almost a year ago so I can go out which I could not before. I don’t actually get a migraine but I do get some kind of a headache and a bad cough and phlegm even from a small amount of smoke. I put this down to my mother smoking around me, a toxic overload which caused the allergy to smoke I now suffer. Smoking around kids should be illegal especially in a confined space such as a car!