Angelina Jolie: An involved partner "makes all the difference"

06/20/2008 at 11:00 AM ET


Though she refuses to confirm her due date, Angelina Jolie, 33, opens up about preparing for her impending arrivals this week in USA Today. The screen siren — already mom to Maddox Chivan, 6 ½; Pax Thien, 4 ½; Zahara Marley, 3 ½; and Shiloh Nouvel, 2 — says she is concentrating on family time in the months ahead.

We’re expecting two, we have four, so my focus now is on the four we have. We’re spending enough time with them individually, so they seem special. That’s a lot of balance when you have a lot of children.

When asked about the parental role of her partner Brad Pitt, Angelina says he is a great source of strength, sharing that she’s "very lucky."

I’m with a man who makes me feel very sexy pregnant and loves children. He’s anextremely hands-on dad with all the kids and really, really supportive. Any woman knows that when you’re pregnant, if you have a partner who is embracing it with you and excited with you, it makes all the difference.

For now, the family plans to remain at home in their vineyard castle in the South of France, Chateau Miraval, anticipating the birth of the Jolie-Pitt twins. "We’ve made a point to, both of us, not be working," she says. "So we’ll be home together with the kids."

Angelina’s latest movie, the action-thriller Wanted, opens Friday, June 27.

Source: USA Today; Photo by Dominique Charriau/WI/

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SJ on

I am a single mother of three and my ex-husband ran off with a woman he met at work, when I was 5 months pregnant, I put all my energies into my children and had support from family. A partner might make a difference, but given Angelina’s constantly advocating of single parenthood and independence, I find this comment she has made to go against everything she stood for.

It makes no different how your children come into the world, so long as you love them.

Kaye on

Angelina sometimes chooses her words poorly. I think I know what she means when she says “…so they seem special,” but the use of the word seem is unfortunate. It’s nice that she’s open with the press, but she sure does say some questionable stuff every once in a while.

sil on

she always says the same things in all interviews….we know you have a “perfect husband” Angelina…. it seems to me that she NEED to let everybody know that she’s the perfect mother and Brad the perfect father…
And I totally agree with you, SJ.
p.s. i don’t mean to be rude with my comment, i can’t find the right words in english to express myself… hope you get the idea of what i meant.

Faith on

Surprise. Surprise. Angelina didn’t say anything even remotely negative but is still being criticized. Oh well. I ike her. I think she has her head on straight and her priorities in order. I remember when it was just she and Maddox and how at times she wished for someone to share his firsts with. Now Angelina has that someone in Brad. I’m happy for all of them.

Renee on

I think if any other actress said the comments Angelina made no one would have an issue with them. Anyhow, good for Angelina and Brad taking time off from working to be with their children. I’m sure that will be one busy household when the twins make their appearances

layla on

Angie has never “advocated” single parenthood. Not that there is anything wrong with being a single parent but when Angie adopted maddox, she thought she would have a partner in BBT.

I have had two children, one when I was with someone who did not support me, was ambivalent at best when it came to my pregnancy, and the other, my last, with a man who also thought I was beautiful and sexy when pregnant, and who was just as excited about every stage of the baby’s development.

I agree with Angelina, it makes all the difference in the world.

loris on

Every child should have that feeling of being special and not just part of a group. I was born in a family of just 3 kids and I would have loved it if my parents spent just a few hours a week with only me. That makes perfect sense to me and I admire Angie as a mom. Her kids are so lucky in so many ways.

Mary on

I think with Ms. Jolie, it is sometimes not good to put down just a few words from an interview because everyone seems to like to nitpick and analyze everything she says, especially when it is not in full context of the entire interview.

I guess I don’t see anything wrong at all in what she said. For her, having a supportive partner has made a difference for her, nothing wrong in that. She is now in a supportive relationship, which she also acknowledges. She was a single mother for awhile with Maddox and was doing fine, she also acknowledged that.

They have always spoken about making sure each child feels “special”, also, I don’t get what is wrong with that. She will have to spend much more time with the new borns breast feeding and just taking care of them, so the time with the older children is special now for all of them. I guess I admire her for being honest, so that it is hard to dig up dirt on her, since she already has spoken about it.

She just seems to get more grief than any other celebrity, no matter what she does or does not say. Of course, this is all just my humble opinion and everyone else is free to voice theirs.

I also like their commitment to each other and their children. Thank you.

anna on

Well, I again am amazed at criticism based on these statements from Angie. I agree with everything she said and it seems odd to me that anyone would find them objectionable.

I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through my pregnancy without the love and support of my husband…ok, I would have somehow, but it would have been much harder.

And nowhere have I seen Angelina advocate single parenthood. She was a single parent though not by choice originally. If that is your choice, fine, but everyone, whether they have a partner or not, needs some kind of support when a new baby comes home.

Is it just jealousy that makes some find the negative in everything she says? Just wondering.

Kim on

Wow! I read the whole ‘so they seem special’ in such a different way than the above posters.
I thought or think she meant that all kids would feel (extra) special themselves when their parents give them a bit ‘one on one’ attention.

Not as in: Because we spend enough time with them individually, they are more special than other people’s kids.

I also think that because of the lack of attention Angelina got from her own dad, she speaks so highly of having such a great partner in Brad.
Yes, in the past she was all about single parenthood. But she probably never though she would meet such a god match who made her more open to really have a good steady relationship.

Really try to read the ‘So they seem special’ in a different way.

Fynn on

Give the woman a break. She’s doing publicity for a movie–part of her job–and having to answer the same personal questions over and over. Think how some of what you try to articulate on the fly might come off to others in print. Instead of assigning negative implications to her comments, why not assume the best of her as a woman and mother–the way you might prefer people respond to you.

I think Angelina and Brad are role models as people and parents–real, honest, and as perfectly flawed as the rest of us.

agatha on

Well, I dont know, it makes sense to me. I havent any children yet, but when I do, I certainly hope that I have a partner as supportive as Brad. I too think she is quite lucky and so is he.

Great family. Wonderful parents the both of them.

carolina on

SJ, I partially agree with you. Yes, Angelina was/is an independent women who was raising a son on her own, and I’m sure she was an inspiration to many single moms. However, just because she’s saying that it helps to have a supportive partner (which I think is true), does not mean that she has changed. Also, it could be that a reporter asked her how Brad was supporting her through the pregnancy, and she was just replying. Then I think this was a very sensible answer.

Oh, I just can’t wait until the day these twins are born and we know their gender and names 🙂

barbie on

As a long time Angelina fan, I have to take issue that she has been an advocate for single parenthood. Why do people put these labels on her? Odd. Anyway, Angie was married to Billy Bob Thornton when she adopted Maddox, BBT was listed as the adopting father. SAdly, he didn’t seem to be as supportive of the adoption and they split.

I remember reading interviews she gave afterwards of how much joy Madd had brought to her life, but also how she wished she had someone there with her to enjoy the milestones, and share in the exhaustion.

She did say that she wouldnt bring a man into her life unless he would be accepting of Madd, and if not, she would prefer to stay single..but that isnt the same thing. She obviously would have preferred to have a sharing partner and HOW LUCKY FOR HER, she met someone who she loves and who loves her and who loves kids. Adopted or natural born, he accepted them all without reservation.

Lucky? Yes I would agree with Angie, and very blessed as well.

I dont get it. on

Angelina says she is happy she has a supportive partner who makes her feel beautiful and sexy during her pregnancy, who is just as excited as she is about the upcoming births, and says she works to make each of her children know how special they are… and people have a problem with this?

ashlee G on

my Boyfriend left me when I was almost 7 months pregnant. I am glad for the family support I had, but I would much rather have had a supportive partner. I don’t feel jealous that she has that…well, maybe just a bit. LOL but I certainly know what she means, and I agree.

Pearl on

Angie and Brad seem to be aware of their roles as parents. When you have many kids I think it’s wise to curve out time for each individual kid so yes they feel speacial – you don’t want to treat them as a collective bunch as each as their own personality and sometimes need to operate individually.
In as far as saying an involved partner makes the difference, well doesn’t it? I think all moms whose husbands are the same way can appreciate that and most moms I know who don’t have that wish they did and want their partners to be more involved. It doesnt in any way take away the role of an involved single mum, but you have to realize that Angie has been both a single mum and now she has a partner so she knows what she is talking about.

cm on

when i was pregnant I was dumped and went through it alone. I always tell my friends that yes, you should hope to be with someone that loves you and supports you throughout the pregnancy but if that is not what happens and you find yourself alone, try to be happy for yourself b/c it is a special time and you should try to enjoy it. I wish that i would have focuses on the amazing thing my body was going through and not the fact that i was going through it alone.

So yeah i TOTALLY agree with her. I truly believe having someone a partner (be that romantic, friend, family) totally makes a difference. Having been a single mother i can relate to what she is saying

jillian on

I dont think she has a NEED to say she has a perfect husband or family or perfect ANYTHING. Actually it was Heidi Klum who recently said her life was perfect(but of course no one even remotely complained)

She is happy.. this is a happy time in her life. she is asked questions and answers them honestly. She IS LUCKY…and I am glad that she recognizes that.

Personally, as a Brad fan, im glad he is with someone who appreciates him, finally.

nestle on

Angelina recently said in an interview that “a lof of media tries to find the most negative side of everything that I do.”

I would add everything that she SAYS also, and not, apparently, just the media.

She was giving answers to an interviewer. The interviewer asked how Brad was handling the news of the upcoming births. She answered by saying he is happy and excited about the births, is a loving partner and father…

Why is this a bad thing?

And I dont get the complaints about trying to make sure her 4 kids realize how special they are,by making sure to spend plenty of time with each one before the twins are born.
Very smart and sensitive of her to realize this.

Angelina seems to be a very smart woman and mom.

Faye on

This is from USA Today and hopefully with the proper context people will understand what she meant. I actually love this portion of the interview.

“We’ve made a point to, both of us, not be working. So we’ll be home together with the kids.”

“At the same time we’re expecting two, we have four, so my focus now is on the four we have. And these are some big times for them, big moments n their lives. So every day is just about making sure that their schooling is going right and their manners are intact and we’re disciplining properly and we’re spending enough time with them individually, so they seem special. That’s a lot of balance when you have a lot of children.”

As for how Pitt is handling it all, she says, “I’m very lucky – I’m with a man who makes me feel very sexy pregnant and loves children. In the last few months it’s hard for me to pick up the other kids, so he’s there to help lift them up to me and things like that. He’s an extremely hands-on dad with all the kids and really, really supportive. Any woman knows that when you’re pregnant, if you have a partner who is embracing it with you and excited with you, it makes all the difference. I’m very lucky to have him.”

twila on

My sister had twins, a boy and girl, 4 months ago. She was already the mom to two little girls ages 4 and 7. Before the twins came, she spent a lot of her time in making sure her girls realized how special they were; she knew once the twins were born, a lot of time and attention would be placed on the babies.

I thought that was a really cool and smart thing she did for her girls,and naturally, I think Angelina is also being a smart and cool mom.

ivy on

Surprise. Surprise. Angelina didn’t say anything even remotely negative but is still being criticized


I know, right? If Angelina was to say ” I love green peas” she would probably be accused of having an affair with a vegetable. LOL

wyld on

she always says the same things in all interviews….
Um, ever thought it was because she is asked
the same questions over and over? If it is the same answer, it is because it is the truth.
If it was true one day, it probably will be true the following day.

She did a lot of back to back interviews while in Cannes recently. This was because she knew she would be out of the public eye while awaiting the twins.

I love Angelina. She is a great woman,mother,humanitarian and actress.

Angie is right on

An involved partner DOES make all the difference, at least that has been MY experience.

Can’t believe anyone would argue with this.

Britmama on

We get it – she loves her kids, she loves Brad, she loves the world.

And the Brangelina lovefest continues…

DLR on

Very nice comments from Angelina. Not sure what the fuss is about judging from the comments, but she makes sense with regards to making sure each of her children have special time with her and Brad. As anyone in a large family knows, it cam be difficult to get attention from your parents when your siblings are all vying for the same attention. So good on Brad and Angelina for realizing that they are in a very privileged position they can take time off from work and just focus on their family.

As for Angelina’s comments about how having a partner during a pregnancy makes a big difference, she is right. I am sure she compares her life before and after Brad. She certainly was a very capable and loving parent to Maddox, and I remember some comments she made how she did not need someone in her life, but I would think she realized solo parenting is very hard work and at times lonely even with her brother and mother around. So when Brad came into her life (yeah, the way he did wasn’t exactly endearing to Jennifer Aniston fans, but that was years ago so let’s move forward), and he was with her when she adopted Zahara and Pax and gave birth to Shiloh. So Angelina now has a before and after experience to be able to tell the difference and it is clear she supports the presence of the other parent when it comes to children.

Jen on

Ivy, you made me laugh 🙂 You’re right. And after she was accused of having an affair with the pea, she would be criticized for not giving enough attention to the carrots and corn, and for projecting an unattaiable perfect pea-filled life.

Kaye on

My problem was absolutely not in Angelina trying to spend as much quality time with her kids before their lives get crazy with new baby twins. I just thought she worded it poorly. If it were me talking about spending time with my kids before giving birth to a new sibling, I’d say, “We’re spending enough time with them individually, so they *know how special they are*” or something. I understood what she meant and commend her for it, she just has a bad habit of wording things in a way that comes across as cold.

“So they seem special,” syntactically, implies that they’re not. It’s not what she meant, and I know that, it’s just a bad choice of words.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m a bit confused as to why she refused to confirm her due date. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand not wanting the crazy media blitz around the due date. However, first of all, they are currently in France, where privacy laws are much stricter than the U.S. (and therefore, when it comes time for the birth of twins, they more than likely will be able to have their privacy).

Also, during the Cannes Film Festival she apparently told a reporter that she’s due August 19th. Why is she suddenly so relectunt to say so now? Or why not just say “August” or something?

I am not at all trying to criticize her. I am simply wondering why she clammed up about the due date.

heather on

Personally, I really enjoy reading her interviews. She speaks so highly and openly about her children and her relationship with Brad and the love between them all is so obvious. She’s a happy woman, life is good as she’s got children and a man she adores. Kinda like that expression “shout it from the rooftops” when you are that happy you are going to express it and it just flows out of you. I also give her kudos for speaking so highly of Brad, we are supposed to speak kindly about our partners/spouses out of respect. I don’t mean if they are a jerk or abusive or something crazy that you have to talk wonderfully about them. But when you have a good man in your life they deserve that acknowledgment and praise. I do the same thing with my husband, he’s an amazing husband and father and he deserves the credit for being one just as he speaks highly of me. I’m sure Brad has his hands full right now with the kids too.

I agree with everyone saying that she gets asked the same questions over and over so she gives the same answers and how gracious of her to give these long answers to the same questions over and over. It must get exhausting!!

She gets picked on so much and one day she may stop answering so honestly and openly and then people will tear her apart for not giving them the scoop.

Also I totally got what she meant about seem special. In fact I didn’t even think there was anything wrong with what she said until I started reading the comments and had to go back and look at it. I still don’t think she’s wrong…. I’m sure she meant so they feel special or know they’re special but geez what she was getting at was pretty cool. We had our second child last September and all summer was just filled with fun things for my son and I as I knew things would be changing for him. I stay home with both kids and I knew it would be an adjustment for him to have me be busy with a newborn too. And that’s just one kid! They are trying to do that with four!!!! Good for them for doing so.

I think they are a lovely family and I wish them nothing but the best! Hopefully everyone else can start doing the same too.

nora on

She never told anyone her due date. She said she wanted to keep that private and I can’t blame her.

It was a reporter who said that Dustin Hoffman told HER that Angie’s due date was Aug. 19th. Maybe he was joking, maybe not, but Angie never mentioned a date.

What she DID say was that she had a few months to go, and that was back in May.

LaurenT on

I enjoyed the interview. As is usually the case she answered the questions asked of her. Given that I don’t know how many press junkets she sat through before she gave this one, I’m not going to hold syntax errors against her. I get the general meaning of what she said. It was pretty straight forward. She’s pretty clearly an intelligent woman; even intelligent people don’t always put every word in just the right place to fit everyone else’s sensibilities.

CelebBabyLover- I believe one of her co-stars give the Aug. due date, not Angelina. I figure, along with the it being something that would intensify the coverage of them (if that’s even possible), given that she’s having twins, it’s probably not necessarily going to be right anyway. Not that twins don’t ever come on time, but I do see why she’s not eagerly confirming a due date. True, where they are is a bit more protected, that doesn’t stop the shows from using whatever new angle they can to milk the situation. Plus, plenty of celebs give either just the general season (late summer, in the spring) or just the Month (xxx is due in June). I think it’s fairly common to not give specifics about due dates.

**visions of the daily countdown to the birth Twinbralinas’ running like a stopwatch in the bottom of the screen on every entertainment show from now until whatever due date was given***…shudders…

DT on

CelebrityBabyLover, Angelina was not the one who revealed the August 19 date at the Cannes Film Festival, it was her co-star Dustin Hoffman.

She said in a Vanity Fair interview that she didn’t want to reveal the due date because a few people go overboard with it. And she was right, as soon as it was revealed she was having twins and she was due in a few months, the media freaked out and made it a bigger deal than it was.

On a different note, Hiedi Klum was quoted on this site saying she has the perfect life right now. No one found that annyoing but if Angelina expresses she’s happy in her life, then suddenly it becomes overbearing. Funny how that works.

robin lee on


That was Dustin Hoffman who said her due date was August, some think he was just joking, but I think she could be due in August but probably will deliver the end of July.

Just a guess.

Angelina has never given a due date.

alba on

“So they seem special,” syntactically, implies that they’re not. It’s not what she meant, and I know that, it’s just a bad choice of words.

Since most of us understood what she meant with no problem, and you admit that you knew what she meant..why the criticism? Over semantics? Seems unnecessary to me.

CelebBabyLover on

Robin Lee, DT, LaurenT, and Nora- Thanks for clearing that up for me. I’d forgotten that it was actually Dustin Hoffman that gave the August 19th due date. I also had not seen the part of the Vanity Fair articule that DT was referencing. I don’t think CBB posted that part of it.

Anyway, your reasons for her not revealing it also make a lot of sense. LaurenT’s point about most celebrities not giving a specific due date is very true. The reason I was confused was because Angie has never even mentioned a general time frame (although obviously we all know she’s due sometime this summer!). However, now that I have seen your thoughts on why she isn’t revealing it, I agree with you.

Come to think of it, she never gave a due date or even the month she was due with Shiloh either. The most specific she got was saying at one point that she was almost eight months pregnant. Honestly, I don’t know why I was so surprised she isn’t revealing the twins’ due date!

All of that said, I think and hope that she will give birth in July. July is an excellent month to be born! 🙂

Sasha on

Thanks to the earlier post with the full USA Today quote. I think she referring to as special, her DAYS lately, as she awaits the arrival of her twins with her older children, as they also satrt their own exciting milestones in life. I believe “they” refers to days.

terri on

I’m so looking forward to hearing that Angelina’s had her babies and what she has had. I don’t know why, but I just love hearing and reading about this family. I wish them the best.

SJ on


The wonderful thing about Celebrity Baby Blog is that the opinions here are moderated beforehand. To me, what you said, sounds like something someone at JustJared woul say.

“I am glad Brad is with someone who appreciates him, finally.”

Simply because Jennifer Aniston never went to the press, when one of her movies was about to came out, and broadcast her private life, doesn’t mean, in any way, shape or form that she never appreciated him. They were together for seven years, no one can write that off, no matter how many children he raises with his new partner.

Nicole on

I think everyone needs to remember the whole point of this… the babies. Lets try to keep your personal attacks to a minimum huh? None of us know these celebs, or how they really are. Or who they are,for that matter.
She said nothing negative.

They are happy. Leave them alone 🙂

Judy on

SJ, where in the world did you ever see Angelina advocating single parenthood? She has constantly spoken about the joy she found in parenting Maddox after she adopted him but she never advocated single parenthood as an ideal.

Angelina endures enough negative press without people twisting her words around and saying she said something she never said.

Judy on

Most definitely, having a sympathetic and understanding partner during pregnancy makes all the difference. My pregnancy was a joy from beginning to end — no morning sickness, no moody spells, and some of the best times were those I shared with my son’s father, like the times he would put his hand on my belly to feel our baby kicking, or when he held up a tiny little undershirt and cracked up laughing at how small it was.

At a time when a lot of women don’t think they look very sexy, it’s nice to have your partner let you know he thinks you’re still sexy, even if you feel like Shamu the Whale.

Faith on


“Simply because Jennifer Aniston never went to the press, when one of her movies was about to came out, and broadcast her private life, doesn’t mean, in any way, shape or form that she never appreciated him.”

You clearly have not read any of Aniston’s interviews while she was dating and married to Brad and promoting a movie. I don’t know if she appreciated him or not but she was never private about the intimate details of their relationship.

Anyway, imo some people don’t want to see Angelina happy and the happier she seems the unhappier some people get.

Judy on

SJ, you sound more than a tad bitter there. No one is trying to write off the (actually) five years Brad spent married to his ex-wife. They are a fact of his past life. But it is also a fact that during those five years his ex-wife would not give him a child, nor did she seem to have any intention of doing so, and no one can write that off either. His ex-wife said they would start a family as soon as she finished with “Friends”, but immediately upone finishing “Friends” she signed up to do four movies in a row. This is not the agenda of anyone who plans on starting a family.

The bottom line is that Brad is finally with a partner who shares his goals and interests, with whom he has created and is raising the family he always wanted. He’s happy. She’s happy. The kids are happy. I’m happy for all of them.

I think it’s time for everyone to leave this juvenile “triangle” stuff buried in the past and move on.

Sasha on

Sigh…watched Ocean’s 13 tonight, Angie, you lucky girl 🙂

Sandy on

How fortunate for them that both are able to opt to stay at home.

Not everyone is in a position to choose to not work.

I am certain that it is immeasurably easier to share the responsibility of children with a partner.

I believe that Angelina Jolie would be equally as positive if her circumstances had been different or were to change. She seems the type to embrace her life at every turn.

Embracing life, whatever the circumstances, is really as much as any of us can do.

SJ on

I just resent people saying Brad finally got a woman who appreciates him.

We don’t know what went on behind closed doors. We have the media and endless bloggings from a rather cruel blog site to go on. And whoever said they were reliable sources.

And FYI, Brad and Jennifer were together for seven years, married for four (not inluding the year they divorced)

Sandra on

I totally agree with you, Judy. 🙂
I’m happy for them.

Amanda on

Of course it wouldn’t be an Angelina Jolie topic without some people twisting her words. Why do some people have such a problem with another person being truly happy that they have to criticise every single thing they say or do.

What you say reflects you as a person and whenever Angelina speaks, I hear a happy, gracious woman who is thankful to have a supportive man by her side who is helping her to to raise their children to be happy, thoughtful and grounded. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about some of the posts on this topic.

And no, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors but for the last 18 months/2 years of the Pitt-Aniston marriage, it was clear to anyone who paid attention that all was not well. Brad was clearly disillusioned and who can blame him? Like someone else pointed out, Aniston quite clearly put her career before Brad and there’s only so much a person can take before they walk.

I for one, am glad that he and Angelina found each other
and I wish them much happiness together with their family.

Loren on

” Embracing life, whatever the circumstances, is really as much as any of us can do.”
I agree with Sandy about Angie and how she seems like she would embrace whatever life handed her and be fine with it.

tired of the Brangelina craze on

Amanda, you contradict yourself in your post. you tell us not to criticize Jolie, but then you criticize Aniston…common, to take your logic, youre showing yourself by saying such things.
I dont like Angelina and I have a right to, you can believe what you want, but not everone sees it your way. so please a little respect for others opinions…

Judy on

SJ, why should you resent anyone saying they are glad Brad finally found a woman who appreciates him? Aniston clearly did not appreciate him. If she did, he would still be married to her. Don’t make the childish mistake of thinking Angelina is some kind of wicked temptress who lured Brad away from his wife. A marriage that is happy and healthy cannot be broken up by anyone.

He is with a woman now who has given him a family, is totally supportive of him, and considers his needs as well as her own. They are completely involved in raising their family together; when one works, the other stays home with the kids. He’s finally found a soul mate. What’s to resent about that?

I think what you resent is you think the J-P fans are trying to belittle his marriage to Aniston as if it had meant nothing. That is not the case. The J-P fans recognize that his marriage was an important fact in his life. But it’s OVER. Whether he was with Aniston for four years, five years, or seven years is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that the past is history.

NLT on

Judy: I totally agree with you. No matter how long he was with Jennifer, it is now part of his past, and does not need to be revisted.

CelebBabyLover on

Judy- I couldn’t have said it better myself! Clearly, both Brad and Jen have moved on. I’m sure they wish the media and the public would, too.

Jasmine on

I agree, it helps to have a supportive partner during pregancy and throughout the life of the child. My husband made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world with each pregnancy. More importantly, he still thinks it after 23 years of marriage, and I agree! We always made time to spend with each child and it does help them feel like the special people they are. However, I find it hard to believe ANYTHING Angelina says. She lied about being involved with a married man and seems to have an addiction for having babies and/or adopting. It’s great that she can financially afford to say hey, I want a boy from Africa, and its done. However, I think these kids will have trouble in their lives because I think she is not genuine and has some serious mental problems. I don’t think she warrants the positive publicity she gets. People are divorced everyday, I don’t have a problem with that, but I continue to have a problem with Brad and Angelina and the way the exposed their affair. Both may be good people, but I’m not buying it!